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October 25, 2008
As we are witnessing in these final days leading up to America’s Presidential Election, change has been promised by both candidates. John McCain, in his speech at the Republican Convention in September mentioned the word ten times. His counterpart, Barak Obama, has been promising change from the beginning of his campaign. He mentioned the word sixteen times in his convention speech.
Of course, we don’t expect any candidate to campaign on keeping things as they are. From the beginning of time, all leaders have promised change and a better world. “Vote for me and we’ll get in there and shake things up.” “We’ll get this country going again.” “Utopia is just a vote away!” — Fact is, no leader ever sets out to create a legacy of same-old, status quo failure.
Simply put, not one of the primary forms of government in human history such as monarch, democracy, republic, despotism, tyranny — nor system of political economy such as capitalism or communism has ever sustained or had any real semblance of peace and prosperity for the masses over the long haul.
None have made good on their promises. All have been plagued by failure and corruption.
With so many years of history to look upon, why do we still cling to the hope that the solution is right around the corner? The prophet Isaiah described it nearly 3,000 years ago. “We wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness.”
So what about today’s landscape and all the rhetoric of promises?
Like every presidential hopeful, John McCain is making some big promises. He has pledged to combat hunger nationwide, win the war in Iraq, end the dependence of mid-east oil, capture Osama, and expand the military. He also promises to restore people’s trust in government, secure America’s borders, fix FEMA and balance the budget. A few added attractions are to save the Everglades, rid Africa of Malaria and help smokers quit. Oh, and he wants to stop wasteful government spending, rescue Medicare and save Social Security without raising taxes – and this is just the short list!
As astounding as these promises are, they don’t even touch those of his opponent.
Obama has promised to, among many other things, to safeguard all nuclear material worldwide within his first term, stop nuclear weapons development, finish the war in Afghanistan, rid Pakistan of Al Qaeda, end the Darfur genocide, and create a Palestinian state that will exist side-by-side with Israel. He also will cut the world’s extreme poverty in half and boost international aid. He will revitalize inner cities, over-haul immigration laws, outlaw discrimination against transsexuals, ban racial profiling and put more doctors in rural areas. He will also provide free college education for those wanting to be teachers, provide healthcare for every American, and preserve Social Security – all while slashing federal waste and cutting taxes for 95% of working families! Oh – and he pledges to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050 as well as solving America’s energy crisis once and for all! And this is just picking a few from a much larger campaign list.
So, I wonder how many Americans really believe these mere mortals could actually keep these promises. Hard to say, but one thing I do know for sure, these promises are about to be cut to pieces.
We also know that the next president will face a dramatically altered economic landscape. His term may well be consumed with trying to survive the sagging stock market, falling home prices, record-setting job losses and failing businesses. Also, the recent bound in the dollar, not caused by a stronger U.S., but by a weakened global economy, will prove temporary. Inflation will increase!
In addition to all this, consumer spending will slump. To finance all of these promises, the next president will need cash. But where will it come from? He will face ever-increasing miserly foreign lenders, not to mention the loss in tax revenue from either promised cuts or less corporate production. Essentially, he will find it impossible to ‘spend’ the nation out of recession.
I could go on and on, but you get the picture.
Now let’s move to the social problems he will face — unemployment, inflation, recession, food shortages, fractured families and neighborhoods. This will lend to increased substance abuse, domestic violence and crime.
Also, we are now seeing the increasing up-kick in environmental disasters, which are taking extra revenue that previously was used for other societal needs.
So – these two well-intentioned candidates, though differing on specifics, will soon find out that they will be taking the reigns of a country with problems that are worse than ever.
The reality is that the next president will be taking the helm of a ‘cursed’ nation.
When we look at what has taken place in recent years in this country, it is no wonder that the curses progressively befallen this nation are increasing. It is obvious that this nation has turned its face completely away from the god who had given it such abundant blessings.
This nation, which once exalted our Lord, has now made it ‘illegal’ to pray in public places. This nation has allowed at least fifty million murders under the guise of legalized abortion. This nation has enabled homosexuals to openly practice a lifestyle described as an abomination in the Holy Scriptures. This nation is trying to talk Israel into dividing its land that was given to them by god Almighty Himself. This nation now supports the division of Jerusalem, the Holy city of God! And we wonder why it is cursed?!!!
As surely as the Bible prophesies these coming events, it foretells of its ultimate replacement by a righteous government that will – at long last—fulfill that perennial promise of politics. Change is coming! “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ, and He shall reign for every and ever.” (Revelation 11:15) That truly is the change you can believe.
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