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— Week of April 20-26, 2012   —

April 20

*News –  “Scientists detect blast at Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano” 

*CBS Morning Watch – “Mexico raises volcano alert level”

*Ynet – “Hamas won’t honor peace treaty with Israel” 
As we see almost daily, much focus is on the Middle East &
exhaustive efforts by many nations has been put forth to try & find a
solution for peace …. but rest assured, there will be NO peace in the
land of Israel until the beginning of the Tribulation period at which
time the new world leader (the anti-christ) will force a 7-year peace
treaty, only to enter Jerusalem & desecrate the soon-to-be rebuilt
temple in the middle, which kicks off what we call the Great
Tribulation. … This, of course, will last for 42 months and then the
Lord will return with His heavenly army and destroy all the forces of
evil …. and then begins the millennial reign of Christ.
*Ria Novosti – “Syria on brink of civil war” 
I keep mentioning Syria because of the prophecy spoken of in Isaiah
17:1 which predicts the total destruction of Damascus, Syria’s capitol.
 Never in history has this happened, but I firmly believe that we will
witness this event in the very near future.
Review – “Is Fukushima’s doomsday machine about to blow?” .. The
following is a brief excerpt:   ‘Mounting troubles at Japan’s hobbled
Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant now pose a real threat to human survival.  Any
kind of seismic upset “could collapse the entire fuel pool structure,
and massive doses of lethal nuclear radiation will be released into the
The story goes on to say that
possibly billions could die from this disaster! …. Think for a minute
about the pale horse of Revelation 6:8 (the fourth horseman of the
apocalypse).  This scripture says that this rider, named “death and
hades”, has the power by sword, famine and plague to kill a fourth of
the earth’s population, which at this moment would translate to
approximately 1.7 billion people!  … Now I know that this takes place
during the tribulation period, but hey, that could start at any time.
 Also remember that earthquakes are prophesied to increase in number
& intensity as we draw nearer to this time …. and didn’t the
article say that “any kind of seismic event” could trigger this mess?
… Also, if we look at Revelation 16 and “The seven bowls of God’s
wrath”, we again see signs of human suffering which earlier generations
could not even begin to fathom but with modern technology, now seem
possible.  ….. Could this be one of the contributors to the end-time
*EU Observer – “Ministers ponder creation of European Union super-president”  

 Wow!  … This jumps out at me with tremendous impact!  … We know
that globalism & a one-world government is on the way, and much
sooner than most people think ..  Now look at Daniel 9:26-27 where he
prophecies of a coming world ruler out of the old Roman empire … Also
remember that the countries that make up most of the European Union used
to be part of that empire.   Need I say more?!  …. To me, besides
Israel, this is one of the leading stories to follow closely as a sign
of the closeness of our Lord’s return.  
April 21

*Rapture Ready – “6.6 quake rocks Indonesia”

*Ynet – “Vatican embracing anti-semitism”
 Why is this important (besides the fact that its not nice)? … I’ve
mentioned, and will continue to do so, the fact of a coming one world
ruler, which we Bible people know to be the anti-christ ………  and
with him will also come a false prophet and a one-world church. We who
follow prophecy call this the “unholy trinity.” .. When we study the
17th chapter of Revelation, most agree that this false religion/world
church will be based in Rome (vs. 9 mentions the seven hills) … and
who & what is there right now?  …… Just think about it

*Fox News – “Vanderbilt says christian club can’t require leaders to be devout christians” 
 I don’t even know what to say about this one ….. First of all, who’s
set of rules are they going to use to describe “devout?” … But the
main problem lies way beyond this ….. the freedoms that we’ve enjoyed
as christians in this land are rapidly disappearing.  Mark my words …
it won’t be long before the government starts dictating to the churches
what they can or cannot say or do.  Let’s face it, most every church in
this land has an agreement with ‘caesar’ for tax exemption status, etc.,
so ……………………..   just sayin’ ……………

*Bay News 9 – “Vietnam seeks help with mystery illness; 19 dead” 

 Luke 21:11 says “There will be great earthquakes, famines and
pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from

*BBC News – “Mexico’s largest volcano (Popocateptl) spews burning rock”

*Ria Novosti – “Russian warships arrive in China for joint drills”
   Isn’t this interesting!  The “king of the north” playing with the “king of the east” …………….. Isn’t this fun? ……
*Reuters – “G 20 doubles IMF’s war chest amid fears on Europe”
 The actual amount was $430 Billion which won’t even touch a country
like Spain or Italy’s financial problems ….. Just another band-aid in
the continuing rapid decline of the world’s economy. ……………..
 Won’t be long …………….

April 22

Believe it or not, I didn’t see one headline this day that caught my ‘prophetic’ eye … you won’t see this happen very often.
April 23

*Fox News – “Proposed Kansas law would force churches to host gay weddings”
 See!!  I told you so just a couple of articles back.  …. If we
continue on the political path that we are currently on, it won’t be
long before we will have to completely compromise …… or go
underground.  (People’s homes, outdoors, etc.). … Think I’m crazy?  
…. I wish I was wrong ….
*CBS Miami – “Florida church offers drive-through prayer service”
 I know we are in a hurry, but this is ridiculous!!!  ………. a
‘holy latte’ with a pastry wrapped in a scripture- filled napkin ….
….. I wonder if it will be served “Lukewarm” ……
*WND World – “Is middle east trying to explode:  Syria provoking neighbors, hoping for war”
 Once again, we see Syria front & center …. and this is just a
diversion to take the world’s attention away from it’s own internal
strife  …. 
April 24

*Reuters – “Worse: Greek economy to shrink 5% — Spain, Italy borrowing rates soar”
 We’ve already spoken of the serious world economic situation.   …
Just wait until summer … we will see massive civil unrest all over the
world, but especially in countries with major economic problems.  …..
The hoofbeats are only growing louder …………………..
*UB Alert – “Deaths of 877 dolphins washed ashore in Peru shrouded in mystery – 3rd such incident in last two months”

April 25

*CBS New York – “Controversial website offers $1 million for proof of sex with Jet’s Tim Tebow”
 Once again, this is the enemy trying to ruin the witness of a
Christian … isn’t it interesting that they just can’t leave it alone?  
…. If he was a Muslim or an atheist, no one would care ….. but a
christian?  …. the devil can’t stand to see a good testimony that
represents his greatest enemy … that being Jesus Christ.  … We all
need to pray for Tim because the pressure is only going to get worse,
especially in a place like New York City …

*Joel – “Are we on the economic equivalent of the Titanic?” – Recent headlines:

   -Federal debt nears $16 trillion (ABC News)
   -Obama’s budget would add $6.4 trillion to debt says CBO (CNN)
   -Senate leaders refuse to pass budget for third year in row (Washington Times)
   -Social Security heading for bankruptcy sooner than previously expected (Bloomberg)
   -Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hits record high (AP)
   -U.S. futures slide on economic tremors from Europe (AP)
 This certainly is no surprise, but I just wanted to show just a few of
the problems all at the same time to give you just a glimpse of what
the “real deal” is. …. I don’t like saying this, but I believe that
America is in a rapid decline and is quickly fading on the international
scene as a super power. … But then, if we stop and think about it for
a minute, it makes ‘prophetic’ sense.  … In order for a global leader
to come to power and “have all the answers to the world’s economic
& social problems”, a reigning super power would only get in the way
…… and since our churches have, for the most part, lost sight of
their first love … and since we’ve begun to turn our backs on Israel,
are we dumb enough to think that God will continue to bless us?
April 26

*Mail Online – “Did NASA satellite capture giant UFO surfing the hellish surface of the sun?”
 Watch out!!!  All the UFO, comet & alien ‘people’ are going to
have a field day with this one!  …. You know what I think?  … The
rapture of the church is going to take place really soon, I believe, and
with all this talk of UFO’s and aliens and such, it will be ‘spun’ into
the reason why so many of us disappeared all of a sudden. …… We’ve
all gone home to Jupiter!!!  …. sorry, I’ll try & pull myself
together …..
*The Blaze – “Pastor Joel Osteen: Romney & Obama are christians and I see mormons as ‘brothers in Christ'”
 Wow!!!  Can you possibly believe this?!   …… I’m not going to say
too much about this right now, but will follow up on this discussion in
my next commentary, which will be posted next Tuesday.   …… But just
a brief comment for now …. It is very difficult for me to share in
this with Mr. Osteen. … My question to him, and others that share this
view, is this – how can we call mormons, or any one for that matter,
who do NOT believe in one the most important and basic tenants of our
faith, and that is “The Holy Trinity.” … Simply stated, I believe that
Joel Osteen’s comment is false teaching …………. … 2 Peter 2:1
says, “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as
there will be false teachers among you. ”  … Also, 2 Timothy 4:3-4
states, “For a time will come when men will not put up with sound
doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around
them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to
hear. 4) They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to
myths.”  … And finally, for now, 1 Timothy 4:16 says, “”Watch your
life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you
will save both yourself and your hearers.”  

 I want to say much more concerning both Romney & Obama and their
‘assumed’ christian condition.  Rest assured, I will not be the judge of
their final salvation, but I can certainly compare their stated
positions against the scriptures.  This is the only way I know how to
reveal a person’s true position. … Once this is done, then each of us
can make up our own minds …………….  More to come next week ….
Until next time,

April 24, 2012

For this time, I have decided to re-visit a commentary that I originally
posted on May 1st of 2009.  I’m doing so because it has become clear to
me that its message is so very important to many people. ….. As some
of you are aware, I am involved in worship music as a singer, songwriter
and guitar player. Besides playing on the worship team at Chehalem
Valley Baptist Church in Newberg, I’m also involved with the worship
team “Faithful To One.” (There is a link to the group’s website on this
site).  …. Anyway, the point is this …… Every time we do a night
of worship, one of the songs we play I wrote some 25+ years ago. It is
titled  “Ballad Of A Lonely Soul” and was written about my son’s
‘spiritual’ condition – and the fact that he is not saved.  …. At the
end of the evening, people invariably will come up to me and ask for the
lyrics because it reminds them of one of their own children’s
condition.  I tell them that it is on our just released CD entitled
“Rain Down” (which you can get by going to our website –
…. end of commercial, I promise). Then I always ask to pray with them
and their lost child … and always, the burden on their hearts are so
heavy, just like mine.  ……. So, in re-releasing this writing, it
will give those of you who share in this burden just one more way of
trying to reach your lost loved one.  It is my greatest desire that we
NEVER give up!!!

So, here it is …………
–  Second Chance –
my daily process of reviewing world news websites for signs of
prophetic fulfillment, this particular article really jumped out at me.
 It’s from ‘The Independent’ and I quote, “G-8 set out to fight Famine,
War, Pestilence and Death.”  … If I hadn’t known better, I would have
thought this was a prophecy newsletter discussing the ‘Four horsemen of
the Apocalypse,’ revealed in Revelation, chapter six.
of us who study the prophecies of the Bible know that the end of the
age is coming quickly.  We hear the hoofbeats of the four horsemen
growing louder with each passing day.  
for a moment quickly review the sequence of events leading up to our
Savior’s coming reign.  First, we will see an increase of the
aforementioned famine, war, pestilence and death.  … These are part of
the ‘birth pains’ mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke
Next, those of us who are
pre-tribulationists believe that the rapture of the church will take
place.  1 Thessalonians 4:17 tells how we believers “will be caught up
together” to meet the Lord in the air and be with Him forever.  (For
more teaching on the ‘Rapture,’ go to the ‘teaching tab’ on this
website). …… Right after this occurs, there will be a seven-year
tribulation period spoken of in great detail in Revelation, chapters 6
through 18. … Then, after its completion, the Lord comes back to earth
to defeat satan and his hordes in the Battle of Armageddon and then
rule this earth for 1000 years (Revelation 20). … The rest of the
story takes place in Revelation 21 and 22.
to the point of this week’s commentary …. let’s go back to the
rapture of the church for a moment.  While we christians await this day
with great anticipation, it has also created a dilemma for many of us
… and that is …  what about our loved ones who are not yet saved?
 …  ‘Yes Lord, we want you to come back, but would you please wait
until my children are all saved?’!  ….. In 2 Peter 3:8-9, scripture
says that “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish ….”
….. but let’s be honest, some will be left behind.
what can we do?  Just this past week, a close christian friend
mentioned this worry and asked what more could be done ….. was there
anything more she could do to reach this ‘lost’ child …………….
needless to say, I, along with many other brothers and sisters in
Christ, have wrestled with this same worry.      …. Besides the son, I
have a daughter who is not saved and, trust me …. it has caused my
wife and I great anguish.
While we pray and
hope for the best, we need to prepare for the alternative.  The reality
is, there will be those who will be left behind ….. and if it is our
daughter, we want to be sure she knows what happened.  ……….. So
what we’ve done is tell her about our Lord and Savior and that He is
coming for us … and when she gets up one day and we are gone, there is
a letter waiting for her in our top desk drawer.
letter says, …….. “To our baby girl … right now you are very
confused.  No, there has been no invasion from outer space! ….. You
are reading this because mom and I, along with millions of other people,
have disappeared … babies and children still innocent in God’s eyes
… have vanished.
“There is much to fear but
NOT for those who are missing.  They placed their faith in Christ Jesus
alone and have all been taken to heaven.  … 1 Thessalonians tells us
that the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout … with
the voice of the Archangel and with the trump of God that the dead in
Christ shall rise first, then we who are alive and remain shall be
caught up together with Him in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air
and so shall we ever be with Him.
“But there is
still hope for all of you who have been left behind.  There is
approximately seven years before the final battle and the ultimate
destruction of the evil one.  If you turn to the Lord Jesus Christ you
can and will be saved from the final judgement of hell.  ….. With all
our hearts we hope that this is your decision so that we all can be
together with our Lord in everlasting happiness and joy. …. May our
God protect and bless you in this difficult time of tribulation.  
…… We will eternally love you.”
Mom & Dad
I know our daughter thinks we are a bit kooky, and certainly crazy ….
but she loves us anyway … and when the rapture takes place, she will
have an explanation of what has happened.  ………….. And here’s the
GOOD NEWS!  … She will remember what we told her and she will know
that we weren’t so crazy after all!  … And then the GREAT news … she
will accept the Lord and will be saved along with millions of others
during this last seven years of great tribulation.
…… it will be a horrible time ………  but remember that it is
short and they will join us in victory for eternity!!! ……
So … keep witnessing to those
you love, even if you meet resistance.  The more they know when the day
comes, the more chance there is for their salvation.    
…………………  DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!!
Until next time,
PS – If the Lord takes us home before the rapture, it will just be another opportunity to witness to her.

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April 20, 2012

Once again, it’s time for this week’s international news headlines which I believe relate directly to biblical prophecies.  I hope to bring you these topics weekly as we go forward.  I hope you will learn and benefit from these stories and that it will broaden your over-all knowledge.  Any and all feedback on what we are presenting is always helpful in determining where we are to go in the future ……. 
(Note – First, I will state the source of the story, then the headline, and occasionally a comment where I feel appropriate)
April 14                           
*The Jerusalem Post –  “Syrian forces shell Homs, breaking ceasefire”  – Isaiah 17:1 says, “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.”  Never in history has Damascus been destroyed, so it must happen before our Lord returns.  Considering the turmoil going on there as well as the entire middle east, it probably won’t be long ……   
*Yahoo.News -” Life-threatening storms feared in midwest” 
*AP –  “Severe U.S. weather: Why this warning is different” – This type of warning is a rare occurrence. It is only the 2nd time ever … and are only sounded when conditions are very dangerous and unusual.  … As I’ve said before, we are only going to see more & more of these ‘unprecedented’ events occurring as we move ever closer ………………. “birth pains” ……………     
*France 24 – “War raging in Yemen – Hundreds killed in just last five days” –    ‘ There will be wars and rumors of wars’ ……
April 15
*Drudge Report – “Storm weekend: Tornadoes swarm across central plains … 5 dead”
*The Guardian – “Web freedom under attack: ‘Very powerful forces have lined up around world'” – … Another sign of globalism on the march.  We see it in almost all aspects of life … the powerful looking to seize control … the perfect scenario for some powerful leader (the anti-christ) to step in as the world continues on it’s current suicide path … (See Daniel 9, Revelation 13 as well as the rider of the white horse in Revelation 6 – the first horseman of the apocalypse) …
*The Times of Israel – “Israeli TV report shows air force gearing up for Iran attack … says moment of truth is near” … We know that Israel has very few friends in the world.  In fact the prophet Zechariah said in chapter 12 of his book that Israel would be surrounded by enemies set to destroy her  .. looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it?
April 16
*The Extinction Protocol – “Two volcanoes in Costa Rica now reporting increased activity”
*The Extinction Protocol – “Mexico’s sleeping Popocatepeti volcano awakens”  — Man, there is an UNUSUAL amount of volcanic activity all over the world as of late ………….
*The Weather Space – “Death ridge to form, another tornado event before end of month in the plains” ….. Wow!  I feel sorry for these people!  It just keeps getting worse & worse ……………
*Business Insider – “Joe Stiglitz’s presentation: Why the entire global economic system will fail”  … He’s not the only one that sees this coming.  Huge debt is mounting all over the globe and no one seems to have the answer …. Some European politician said (sorry I can’t remember his name) that the world needs a strong leader right now to help solve the catastrophic economic calamity that is facing us on seemingly all fronts ….. Remember the first horse I mentioned earlier that would come soon?  Revelation 6:2 says.  “… I looked, and there before me was a white horse!  Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.”   Most all of use ‘watchmen’ believe this to be a depiction of the anti-christ at the beginning of the tribulation period.  Notice that he has a bow but no arrow ….. This, we believe, represents a ‘bloodless’ takeover of world government.  An economic collapse would certainly afford this leader the opportunity to accomplish this …    just sayin’ …..
*Wall Builders – “America’s most biblically hostile U.S. president” … Duh!!!  Not only is he hostile to the Bible but also toward Israel.  I believe that one of the reasons that America has been so blessed is because of our friendship and oversight of the welfare of the Jewish state.  I also believe that once this goes away, LOOK OUT!!!  … Why, all of a sudden, do we see so many calamities befalling our great nation? … Its simply a no-brainer …
*Fox News – “Lady Gaga most followed ‘twitter’ person: Over 25 million visitors” – This is wonderful news!!. … Now this is a role model I want for my kids & grandkids!!!  ….. and we wonder why our youth are struggling morally today ……..
April 17
*Croatian Times – “Quake expert: Earth cracking up” ….    Does he mean physically or mentally??
*The Extinction Protocol – “Russia’s Shiveluch volcano spews ash up to 31,000 feet: Most powerful eruption” 
*The Extinction Protocol – “49th volcano erupts in 2012” ….. I think I just mentioned how many ……..
*Earth Watch – “6.8 magnitude quake strikes off coast of New Guinea:  6.5 quake strikes Valparaiso” … Lots of these lately also … (Matthew 24:6-8)
* – “Spectacular solar flare erupts from the sun” … Luke 21:25 says “.. There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars …”
*Arutz Sheva – “Hamas war on Israel: 1100 missiles a year” … The prophet Zechariah said that Israel would be surrounded by her enemies in the last days (chapter 12, verse 3) …. Well? ……
April 18
*Washington Post – “Debauchery: An American specialty” … Wow!  That says it like it is!!!  The definition of debauchery is:  Sensual pleasure;  orgies;  leading astray morally. … Do I need to say anything?
*Fox News – “Kirk Cameron criticized for his position on homosexuality” …  Good for you, Kirk, for NOT buckling under the social pressure …  We know that some today think that we need to begin to change, or ‘alter’ our views on certain subjects because of the current culture …. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.  If we start ‘picking & choosing’ what we like, or don’t like, soon it will all be corrupted.  (Scriptural references for homosexuality being a sinful lifestyle are: 1 Corinthians 6:9;  Romans 1:27;  Jude 7;  Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; 1 Timothy 1:10.)

April 19
*Fox News – “Pop artists turning to satanic imagery to drum up controversy, sales” … Its an age-old image in Hollywood that sex sells, but with consumers finding themselves over saturated with sexual imagery, today’s top acts are turning to something even more sinful to get our attention: satan. … Here’s just two quick examples of this truth: 1) Nicki Minaj’s “Grammy” performance that showed exorcism on stage, & 2) Lady Gaga’s pagan ritual on “American Idol” where she & others are falling into a live volcano …  and once again, we wonder why our youth are running rampant ….. (You can look at 2 Timothy 3:1-5 for a quick biblical view of ‘last day’ conditions). … This fits right in.
*The Christian Post – “New English translation of Bible omits ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘Angel’: Also prefers ’emissary’ over ‘apostle'” …. Here we go again!  Trying to make things ‘modern’ and selling out doing so … I would stay away from this one …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Israel, Cyprus gas finds spur Mediterranean Race” …. One of the prophecies that always garnered much discussion as to its accuracy was the fact that Israel would be a wealthy nation near the time of the end.  (see Ezekiel 38:12).  Well, with recent discoveries in gas & oil, I think this pretty much wraps up that discussion …. 
*The Guardian – “Eurozone crisis deepens and tensions rise within European Union” …  Once again, we see the same thing happening that we talked about in the April 15th “Guardian ” article.  The economy will help usher in a world leader to ‘stabilize’ the world and ‘save’ it from itself (Daniel 9 & Revelation 13). … Watch this part of the world closely as this is where the anti-christ will rise from.  Remember, Daniel 9 talks about this leader coming from the old Roman Empire, which encompassed the land mass that now includes a large part of the European Union.
*Space.Com – “Earth unprepared for super solar storm” ……. (Luke 21:25)
*UPI.Com – “Belief in God found in decline” …  2 Timothy 4:4 says, “They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” ….  One after the other!  How many signs do people need to see what the truth is?  … … But I do know why … Not many are aware of Bible prophecy … very few are teaching it.  ….. So, once again, I encourage each of you to forward this website to as many people as you can. .. It could be just some one thing that will trigger their hearts to begin to search for the truth.  .. Let us help if we can ……
We are receiving a good number of ‘hits’ and I want to personally thank each of you for your interest.  My one & only desire is to touch a lost soul’s heart so that they might reach out for the salvation that as so richly rewarded me & changed my entire life. … May God richly bless you all!
Until next time,
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