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June 19, 2012

First of all, I want to thank Joel Rosenberg for the title of this commentary … and will soon allude to its full meaning. Having said that … last Saturday morning my Church hosted a Joel Rosenberg simulcast which featured him, of course, discussing his newest book entitled “Implosion” … and man was it interesting!

First of all, Joel is a Christian jew who’s written several best sellers of which mostly focus on Bible prophecy and how it relates to the days we are living in.  He also, in the past, worked on several political campaign committees and has met and talked with many national leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as well as American presidents, congressmen and senators.

I had the pleasure of not only hearing him speak once here in the area but also meeting him and having a brief discussion on our shared passion …. Bible prophecy.   As I stated prior, this past Saturday’s program was based on his latest treatise … “Implosion” …  In a nutshell, it was a discussion on how much trouble America is in as he sees it and if there is really anything any of us can do about it.

The title .. “Implosion” ..  says exactly how he feels concerning America’s fate.  Joel truly feels America is coming apart at the seams, as do I.  … He related it this way … America is the Titanic and sooner than later, we will hit an iceberg that will capsize our nation. … What are those icebergs?  … National debt (almost 16 trillion & counting) … moral decay such as gay rights,  pornography (which grosses more $$$ than CBS, NBC, and ABC combined),  abortion (53 million murders & counting),  the family unit disintegrating (divorce, parents killing their entire families), and on and on …..  

… And where is the Church?  According to Joel, the “light” has pretty much gone out.  Think of this … 84% of Americans claim to be Christian … so how can this all happen, if that were the case?  … God talked about the last days church.  Here’s a couple of examples … To start, ll Timothy 3:1-5 says, “But mark this:  There will be terrible times in the last days.  2) People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3) without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4) treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God – 5) having a form of godliness but denying its power. …”    … Also, Revelation 3:14-22 talks about the rich and lukewarm Church of Laodicea, which many prophecy watchmen, including myself, believes represents the final condition of the earthly church just prior to Christ’s return.

So we claim it, but we obviously don’t live it! … We read what the Bible says but we apparently don’t much care.  Joel says that we have been lulled to sleep. … He used this great analogy to explain our dilemma (and hence, the title of this commentary).  … He says that we are like frogs in a big pot of water.  The fire starts under the pot and the water slowly gets hotter & hotter …. until it comes to a boil. … Now during this process, the frog doesn’t realize the temperature change and slowly boils to death … he dies almost before he realizes what is happening! 

People claim to be worried and concerned, but like the frogs in the pot, they are soon to face catastrophe and are seemingly unaware. … Look at this event as an example  … we had 19 people show up! … Now I know it was Saturday … and the sun was out … and … and … I rest his and my case.

Continuing, some here in America really believe we can still solve our serious national issues through the political process.  Joel said, and I agree with him 100%, that Washington will NEVER save this country … maybe it can help avoid an iceberg or two along the way, but ultimately, it will not be the answer.

Let me share an excerpt from a comment I wrote to a so-called conservative christian website who, at the beginning of the Republican campaign, was not a Romney supporter because of his Mormon affiliation, but now, since Mr. Romney is the apparent candidate, is spouting all things wonderful about him … The excerpt reads,  “The article may be correct in all the wonderful things Mr. Romney has accomplished in his life … but the part that bothers me is the ‘compromise’ people are willing to accept.  Anyone who reads and understands even the basics of scripture knows that the man is a member of a cult.  I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t want my president taking advice and instruction from some self-appointed cult leader and prophet in Salt Lake City.  Jesus is very specific when it comes to the consequences of compromise in any shape or form …. Now, the real dilemma … Obama is NO better!  In fact, he claims to be a christian but supports everything contrary to what scripture teaches.  … So what do we do? …There is no such thing that is acceptable to Christ in the form of the “lesser of two evils” … they are both evil! … My suggestion to all who are trying to justify either of these two candidates is this ….. focus more on saving souls and a whole lot less on trying to find some flawed human being to take us out of our ‘worldly condition.’  … It has to be prayers instead of petitions, people!  Voting for either of these two choices … and knowing what they stand for … and you knowing what you’re doing .. to me .. is compromising your faith.  … I, for one, can’t live with that.”     …Needless to say, I obviously agree with Joel when he says the political machine will not save our country or our world.

So what can we do?  … As Joel said, and I once again agree …. America is slipping … sliding back into the pack. ….. How will it happen?  … Economic collapse … war or terrorists … natural disasters … who knows for sure, but rest assured, it will happen.  … We just don’t know exactly how far she will fall and exactly when …

In closing, Joel made some of the most powerful statements one could make concerning each of our individual decisions relating our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   He said very plainly that everyone’s decision would determine where they would spend ALL OF ETERNITY (that’s forever) …   in a fiery hell where there would be no possible escape … or a paradise where we will live with those we love in joy & good health FOREVER!  … When you think just for a moment the consequences of a half-hearted effort toward God … when we think about those we really care for who don’t know Christ and know their eternal fate … It’s really mind-blowing!

So quit wasting time and start spreading the good news of Jesus Christ!  …. The cost of waiting or procrastinating is just too great … for both you and the ones you love.

Until next time, 

June 8
*Reuters – “New Danish law lets homosexuals wed in Church”

Just another step ‘backwards’ concerning God’s law … and we wonder why Europe is having such a tough time right now ……

*Volcano Discovery – “Katla volcano (Iceland): Earthquake swarm under ice cap”

Why may this be important? … Katla is the BIG one in that entire area. … We certainly don’t want to see this one ‘blow her top” …..

*BBC News – “Honeybee virus:  Varroa mite spreads lethal disease”

Honey bees you say?… ‘Red” has finally gone over the edge …..  but wait!  Lots of people just don’t realize that honey bees … yes, honey bees …  play a major role in the pollination of much of the planet’s food source.  Scientists say that as much as one-fourth of the Earth’s population could starve without them.  …. So we need these little guys! 

*The Extinction Protocol

-Mainland Australia rattled by 10th tremor in less than 7 days …
-Awakening? Earthquake swarm reported at San Pedro – Pellado volcano (Chile) – Eruption would be 1st in history …
-Cholera outbreak worsens in Democratic Republic of Congo …
-10,000 fish die from unknown cause in Missouri’s Blue Springs Lake …

June 9

*The Chicago Tribune – “One death reported in Ecoli outbreak that now spreads to six states”

*Volcano Discovery – “Strong activity reported in Italy’s Stromboli volcano”

*The Extinction Protocol – Earthquakes

   -6.0 magnitude quake strikes off the coast of Taiwan
   -5.1 quake strikes in western Turkey
   -Double 4.2’s rattle towns in Australia’s southwest
   -4.5 quake hits northern Italy:  Area continues heavy activity

June 10
*BBC News – “Nigeria violence:  Seven dead after Boko Haram attack”

Boko Haram is an Islamic organization (not the rock group) …. Once again, muslims killing Christians ….

*Google – “Italy’s bank reportedly takes a ‘Roman Holiday’ leaving depositors holding the bag”

Roman holiday means ‘entertainment or pleasure derived from observing the suffering of others’  …   In this case, I don’t think the author used the correct term.  I don’t believe for a minute the bank wanted their depositors to suffer … they were taking a ‘holiday’ to protect the onslaught of investors wiping out their remaining reserves of cash … or … slowing down the ‘bank run’  …… Trust me when I say that this measure is only temporary.  The runs will continue until there is nothing left.  We just don’t quite know how soon.

*New Zealand Herald – “Powerful 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Dodecanese Islands off Greece”

June 11

*Drudge Report – “Net worth of American family falls 40% in three years”

As I’ve been saying, America will “fall back into the pack” as we move ever closer to the return of the Lord.  … I know this is difficult for many people to accept, but global government can’t evolve with a lone superpower standing in the way …   and a global government is coming, and very soon …….

*The Guardian – “Spread of ‘Baby Boxes’ in Europe alarms United Nations”

First of all, I’m surprised the United Nations noticed anything … they can barely walk & chew gum at the same time.  …  Having said that, do you know what these ‘baby boxes’ are?  … They are hatches in which unwanted newborn babies can be left … they are usually found outside hospitals.  …  Can any of you believe this?!  It is truly amazing how fast this world is spinning out of control … It is quickly evolving into a global cesspool. 

*Natural Society – “Indiana radiation spike triggers elevated levels in other states – Media stays silent”

What’s this!?  … I guess they are silent!  It’s the first I’ve heard of it … have any of you? …  And no one seems to know the source.  To give you an idea, radiation readings which are normal are 5 – 6 counts per minute (or cpm’s) … but the recently discovered levels drastically increase to as much as 7,139 cpm! … without warning!  Wow!!! This is amazing!  If any of you know anything about this, please let me know ………..

*BBC News – “Flooding and storm warnings across England & Wales”

*UPI – “Massive Colorado and New Mexico wildfires raging out of control”

*Money – “Eurozone break-up will be more disastrous than 2008 economic crisis – Will hit U.S. hard”

*The Extinction Protocol

   -Kashmir rocked by four earthquakes …
   -Guatemala’s  Fuego volcano erupts for 2nd time in 2012 …

June 12

*Yahoo.News – “Chinese city covered in mysterious haze”

No one seems to know for sure, but speculation runs from straw fires to chemical plant explosions …

*MSNBC – “U.S. deficit doubles in one year”

*Irish Times – “Storm of the Century:  Europe talks about limiting ATM withdrawals as crisis threatens to unravel Eurozone”

This is essentially the same thing we talked about in the “Roman Holiday” comment concerning the Italian banks.  … Do they really think this will stop the onslaught? …. But then again, what else can they really do?

*The Telegraph – “Spanish bank deal will fall apart in a month:  Banks downgraded, yields rise”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Deep 5.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Sunda Strait”

June 13

*Fox News – “Violate faith or pay fine”

A New Mexico photography studio, owned by a Christian couple, was sued by a ‘gay’ couple for refusing to photograph their ‘commitment’ ceremony. … It went to court and the Christian couple lost.  They appealed ….. it went to the high Court of Appeals of the state, and they lost again!. …. This, once again, is a sign of things to come.  It’s bad enough to be ridiculed and criticized for a decision concerning your faith  …. but to be forced to do something that is completely against your Christian values is something else again.  …… It won’t be long before we will be arrested and/or fined for just saying we are Christian.   … I wonder how many of us will succumb to the pressure ……….

*EU Economy – “Fears rise over EU handling of debt crisis”

*CNBC – “Greeks withdraw $1 Billion a day ahead of vote:  Banks teetering”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Intense earthquake swarm rattles Alaskan peninsula”

June 14

*CNBC – “Dread and uncertainty pervade life in a diminished Greece”

One comment said, “It’s the last days of Pompeii” …. How sad for a once proud and productive nation … yet they also turned their backs on the one and only God of Heaven and are now paying the price … just like it will be for any and every other nation that follows in the same footsteps …   Why is it that we humans NEVER learn from history?  Example after example of ancient nations falling for the exact same reasons, yet we still allow the same terminal conditions to invade our societies … But then God said it would be this way …..

*CNN – “Chaos in Cairo:  Some cry ‘Coup” as Egypt’s highest court annuls parliament – military extends power”

*Mail Online – Pestilence

   -Plague of locust hits California town …
   -Woman pastor dies after contracting flesh-eating bug in 6th case of deadly bacteria in America …
   -Oregon man struck with Bubonic Plague …

*King World News – “We are within months of this crisis blowing wide open”

A comment from this article states, “All the political leaders and policy makers are frantically trying to put their fingers in the dyke.  The Euro is on its last legs.  It’s very late in the game to expect anything like a coordinated action that would be necessary to restore confidence.  People are moving to the exits.”  It continues. “You’ve got slow-motion bank runs taking place.  … You’ve got rot in the periphery of Europe that’s spreading to the core.  The core is Germany and ultimately, the U.S.” ……………….  The interesting line in this comment is  “people moving to the exits.”  But where do the exits lead? … Are people naive enough to believe that just because where they are isn’t doing well, that it’s going to be any better somewhere else? … This is global,  people! … and the only true escape is through salvation in the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ!

*Fox News – “Parents furious after school teaches graphic sex class – To 5th graders”

Comment from article: “Parents in a small Washington State community are infuriated after their 11 year old children were given graphic descriptions of oral and anal sex during a sex education class led by an elementary school principal” …… Wow!!!  This guy should be arrested!!! … And we wonder what’s wrong with our nation …….

*The New York Times – “Nightmare unfolding:  Bottom falls out of Spain’s housing market – Prices decline by lowest level on record”

*The Extinction Protocol – Pestilence

   -Sun unleashes another CME blast which should hit Earth on June 16th …
   -5.8 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey …
   -Shallow 4.1 quake rattles downtown Los Angeles …

That about wraps them up for this seven day period … and once again we are seeing just a bunch of prophecy-related signs taking place.  …But the BIG one continues to be the rapid decline of the world economic condition.  Man, it’s accelerating at a break-neck speed! ….  However, I think we still have a bit of time before it all comes to a raging head.  … Yes, we will see isolated wars and countries in terrible financial and social unrest, but for it all to come crumbling down, that probably won’t take place until sometime after the U.S. election.  There’s enough big money out there to hold it off, even if it is just temporary. … Do, however, pay close attention to the September/October time period.  There will be some major ‘hits’ about then.
Once again, I want to thank each of you who are looking in on us …. It makes all the efforts worth it … and I pray that something … anything we say or write might turn someone’s heart to the Lord …  and be sure and tell your friends about our site … the more, the merrier!
Until next time,

12th June 2012

Amos 8:11-12 which says, “The days are coming, declares the Sovereign Lord, when I will send a famine through the land – not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord.  12) Men will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the Lord, but they will not find it.”

Also, Ezekiel 33:30-31 says, “…. Come and hear the message that has come from the Lord.  31) My people come to you, as they usually do, and sit before you to listen to your words, but they do not put them into practice.  With their mouths they express devotion, but their hearts are greedy for unjust gain.”

Might as well get right to the point… The other day I was at Fred Meyers , my social networking site, and I ran into a young christian couple I hadn’t seen for some time.  After a short chat, they asked if I was attending any church, and I told them that I had joined a Baptist fellowship here in town. … After a somewhat surprised look, the young lady said something like  “well, at least they teach right out of the Bible.”  …..  Since that encounter, I could not get that statement out of my mind.  Why did it have such a profound impact on me? .. And then it finally dawned on me! … She is absolutely right!  Everything we do at our church is right out of the Bible .. literally!

For the past 12+ years, I have attended a fair number of churches only to eventually leave each one of them for various reasons.  Along the way, being involved with teaching and worship teams, I met quite a number of people, many of which I am still acquainted with.  Also during this 12 year journey, I spent a great deal of time studying scripture so as to learn as much as possible about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

So why was I having such a hard time finding a church I could call ‘home?’  Something was always nudging me … an unsettling feeling that something was wrong … that something was missing ………  In fact, I had reached the point to where I felt there was no ‘church home’ out there for me.  ……

….. And then, last fall, we walked into our current church … and even though it wasn’t large and the building wasn’t fancy, it had a feel of ‘simplicity and honesty’ about it.  There was no entertainment … no teaching series on ‘how to be a better me’ ..  it was simply pure, straight-forward teaching right out of the Bible. … Somehow I new we were “home.”

OK – so let’s now go back to that statement … “well, at least they teach right out of the Bible.”  This is the key to the whole thing!  This is what was missing in all those other places I couldn’t come to terms with.  Their focus was on things of this world and not of the Kingdom. … Church growth in numbers, bigger buildings, entertaining worship agendas,  and on and on …
The tragedy is that so much of the world is in the church and so many of the churches are in the world that there is no difference between the two … and when referring back to the opening scripture of this commentary, this is exactly what is taking place in the vast majority of our churches today!  We have allowed our leaders to ‘water down’ the gospel so it fits into our degenerating society, thus not offending anyone so as to chase them away. 
So why are we so afraid to speak the truth? … Some folks call it  “judgement” preaching, or , the “Hard Gospel.”  Truth is, this is not a popular concept in today’s compromising world.  … Consider this … Samuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Paul, and Jesus all preached judgement in their messages.  In fact, no one in scripture spoke more of judgement than Jesus.  No pictures or illustrations of judgement are more intense and sobering than those Jesus portrayed.  … Can or should we do any less?!

Dr. D. A. Criswell reminds us of the true character of a prophet of God: … “Whenever there is a true prophet of God, he will preach judgement.  These modern so-called ministers of God speak all things nice.  Modern pedagogical (or the art or science of teaching) methods admonish never to mention things negative.  Ignore them and they will not exist.”  He continues, “There is not any hell and there is not any devil and there is not any judgement of God.  All that is now intellectually passe.  We have evolved beyond that … so we stand up and speak of the love of Jesus, and we speak of peace, and we speak of all things pretty and beautiful. … But the same book that tells us about the good, tells us about the bad.  The same revelation that speaks to us about heaven, speaks about hell.”

It is true that America is suffering a ‘famine’ of the true word of God.  Our hearts should be breaking over the church’s tolerance of easy ‘believism’ and watered-down doctrine.  It is truly tragic the lengths of which many of our leaders will go to achieve popularity … and when it comes to ‘judgement’ teaching, it’s mostly ‘off the table’.’ 

One thing I truly believe is that the church is making a great mistake by trying to make Christianity popular and pleasant.  As Billy Graham once said, “we have taken away the cross and substituted cushions.”  … But didn’t Christ say the world hated Him, and He predicted that it would hate us. As Brother Billy also said, “He invited us not to a picnic but to a pilgrimage.  He offered us not an excursion but an execution.”

In closing, I thank God that I have found a church that takes the Bible literally, and where the pastor can and will speak against a sinful lifestyle .. and that there are serious consequences for it …  Some may call this the “hard gospel” … and while consequences for sin may seem hard and harsh, isn’t it better than the “Soft gospel” that leaves people in their sin and tolerates milk-drenched, undernourished, immature Christians – Christians who know little joy because they know little of gospel truth?

Too many Christians have geared their program to gain worldly favor.  We argue that humanity is more Christian and civilized now, that we need not suffer as our forefathers did. …. But times are not brighter.  Christians … those of us who follow the uncompromising word, are becoming the extreme minority in this heathen world.  If the church is acceptable to this present age and is not stirring up trouble or suffering reproach, then God have mercy on the Church!  … If we are at peace with this world, it may be because we have sold out to it. ……….. I pray that not be you ……………..

Until next time,

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