June 15

*Drudge Report

   -Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hits record high …
   -Britain to give banks $200 Billion to kick-start economy …
   -Ireland needs 2nd bail-out …
   -Germany sounds crisis alarm as Italy, France demand progress …
   -Greek health system crumbles under weight of crisis …
   -Moody’s cuts Dutch bank credit ratings relating to Eurozone crisis …

Fun times in the European economic situation continue……..

*The Star Online – “6.3 magnitude earthquake jolts Mindanao (Philippines)”

*Alert Net – “Drought in Zimbabwe leads to increase in TB-related deaths”

*MI News – “Indonesia’s Mount Gankonoba unleashes 3000 meter-high ash cloud”

*Voice of Russia – “Shiveluch volcano on Kamchatka spews ash 6 km high”

*Terra Daily – “India’s capital in water crisis after supplies cut in searing heat”

*UPI – “Water the next flash-point:  Tensions rising in Middle East over shrinking water supplies”

*The Extinction Protocol – “2nd massive fish kill off the coast of Japan: 10,000 sardines found dead in south Kanagawa”

June 16

*Drudge Report 

   -Greek candidates make final pleas before Sunday vote …
   -Burglaries rise as Greeks hoard cash …
   -Central banks prepare for turmoil …
   -Shock waves will hit U.S. …
   -Egypt votes amid crisis …

Just another  day in the global crisis arena ……………….

*Yahoo.News – “Obama hosts LGBT (Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) reception:  Vows to be ‘advocate'”

How much longer, O God, before you’ve finally had enough!

*Reuters – “6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes off the east coast of Japan”

I don’t know about any of you, but my first thought was the damaged Fukushima nuclear facility.  I refer to the comment just last week that stated … ‘any minor disturbance could cause the pool of radioactive fuel rods, sitting on the badly damaged 5th floor, to spill out, creating a highly critical world health issue.’  …. I’m sure no one is talking about it … just like before ……… stay tuned on this one.

June 17

*The Guardian – “Google reports ‘alarming’ rise in censorship by governments”

Just another symptom of the total control the soon-coming global government will impose on Earth’s citizens …

*The Extinction Protocol – “6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of the Philippines”

*Der Spiegel – “Will raging power struggles inside Vatican usher in radical change?”

According to insiders, the mood in the Vatican is ‘apocalyptic’ … This will be very interesting to watch as it unfolds.  As some of you know, I believe Rome and the Catholic Church play a major role in end-time prophecy … Revelation 17 to be specific … Also, there was a prophecy by some 11th century seer of the church claiming a specific number of popes, the current one (Benedict) being the next to last ……….  I plan to research this more and will get back to you with some specifics, as well as a complete teaching on the Revelation 17 prophecy … the ‘last days’ church.

June 18

*The Extinction Protocol

   -Columbian volcano Nevado del Ruiz spews ash & gas and rumbles with strong, strange noises …
   -Indonesia’s Mount Marapi volcano spews ash …

*Los Angeles Times – “Russia reportedly sending warships with marines to Syria”

This is really amazing! … This is the beginning of the “King of the North” positioning itself in a more dominant position in the middle east … Ezekiel 38 tells of Gog of the land of Magog (Russia) leading a coalition of nations against Israel in a major end-time war.  These military ventures are just the beginning movements of this soon coming prophecy … stay tuned ….

June 19

*Drudge Report

   -Greece’s ailing economy grinds to halt …
   -Companies can no longer afford to pay employees …
   -French business frustration boils over …
   -Spain & Italy to be bailed out …

… And the” “fun”  continues ……………

*UPI – “Rockets pound southern Israel:  4 injured”

*The Sacramento Bee – Moderate aftershock follows 6.0 Alaska earthquake”

*CNN – “Israeli president warns:  ‘Time is out’ for Iran”

*WND Faith – “Modern-day Nostradamus warns U.S. of doom — The ice is cracking under our feet”

Joel Rosenberg is whom this article is referring to.  He is a best-selling author with more than 2.5 million copies of his books in print.  One of his books – “The Last Jihad” – put readers in the cockpit of a hijacked jet on a kamikaze mission into an American city.  It was written nine months before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  Afterward, U.S. News & World Report described him as a “modern-day Nostradamas.”  He also wrote about the U.S. at war in Iraq four months before the war began.  …… Is he right this time?  I personally think he is.  I’ve said for several years now that America will fade back into the ‘pack of nations’ in order for global government to come about.  This could not take place with an active superpower ….. How far we will fall…. and how fast?  Only time will tell, but it won’t be long …

*Ynet News.com – “IDF (Israeli defense force) tanks move closer to Egypt border”

*The Times of Israel – “Powder keg:  Largest joint exercise in Middle East history – Troops, tanks, planes and even Russian nuclear subs”

*The Extinction Protocol – “5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Oregon”

**ABC News – “Largest earthquake in 109 years rattles Victoria, Australia”

June 20

*Fox News – “Police chaplains told to stop invoking Jesus (Charlotte, N.C.)”

….. Another step in removing Christ from our American society ………..

*Fox News – “Southern Baptists:  Gay rights not civil rights”

Near unanimous vote on belief that marriage is “the exclusive union of one man and one woman” and that “all sexual behavior outside of marriage is sinful” …. Wow! … There is at least one church group out there that still believes what the Bible says concerning this controversial subject.  …. This is the main reason that I, after a nearly 12 year search, joined a Southern Baptist Church.  Although not perfect, they seem to try and follow the scriptures as closely as possible … regardless of the condition or attitude of  the surrounding society. 
*Business Insider – “Why doesn’t the stock market reflect the imminent global depression?”

Almost every credible economist worldwide agree that the global economy is about to implode …. so why not America’s investors? …   Must be some of those “Frogs in a pot.”

*The Economist – “Europe’s train-wreck and the inevitable collapse of the global economy’

… just more warnings of the impending global economic disaster ……

*reuters – “Alaska’s Cleveland volcano has explosive ash burst”

*Indian Express – “5.0 magnitude earthquake shakes Gujarat, India”

*Terra Daily – 15 million people displaced by natural disasters in 2011″

I knew it was a tough year, but I didn’t realize it was quite this severe …………. That’s a lot of folks ….. and reminds us of just how fortunate some of us are …

June 21

*CNBC – “Moody’s downgrades major world banks, including five in U.S. – Stocks fall sharply”

*Daily Mail – “British banks to be downgraded by credit ratings agency Moody’s as Euro crisis spreads”

*Reuters – Spain’s medium-range borrowing costs spiral to Euro-era record”

*Iceland Review – “Increased seismic activity reported at Iceland’s Katla volcano”

Remember, this is the BIG one ….
Well. that’s it for this week .. and another “fun” one concerning the global economy ….and this last day (21st) ended with much anxiety for almost everyone.  America’s stock market dropped 250+ points after looming bank downgrades were announced and the employment situation continuing to not show signs of life. ……. I know we talk about this every week but let’s face it …. this is the catalyst for many of the coming fulfillments of Bible prophecy … not to mention our own lifestyles as we know them.  … Once again, I encourage all to get your “spiritual houses” in order.  If we are solid with the Lord, then there is nothing too big that we can’t handle. 
Thank you all for your continued support, and I encourage each of you to share your views and opinions with me. … And also I ask you to share this website with your friends … I want nothing more than to share the urgency of the times we live in with as many as possible before it is too late ….
Until next time,

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