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July 20

*Google – “Sierra Leone cholera outbreak kills 62 in less than month”

*The Extinction protocol – “M7-class flare erupts from sunspot rotating away from earth”

*The Telegraph – “Worst drought since 1956 threatens world food crisis”

*New Zealand Herald – “New Zealand volcano shows signs of activity after 35 years of dormancy: Alert status raised”

July 21

*Fox News – “Troops march in San Diego gay parade in uniform”
Just one more nail in America’s ‘spiritual coffin’ … I wonder how much longer God is going to put up with this supposed Christian nation’s hypocrisy ….

*Fox News – *Boston mayor vows to keep Chic-fil-a out of city”

In case you didn’t know, this company’s president spoke out publicly against gay marriage ….
*Reuters – “Jobless Spaniards protest as crisis outlook darkens”

*The Times of Israel – “London braces for Israeli strike on Iran during 2012 games”

*Reuters – “Syria moves chemical weapons … Distributes all around country”

What a mess the Middle east is! … Will there be war before the American election in November? ….

*USA Today – “Unemployment rates rise in 27 states as more and more look for work”

*The Extinction Protocol – “5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes off the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island”

July 22

*WND World – “Water new flashpoint in Middle East”

Comment from article:  “Lebanon plans to take water before it reaches Israel.”

*CNN Money – “Corn, soybean prices shoot up as drought worsens”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Eureka earthquakes:  Twin quakes shake up Northern California”

July 23

*Fox News – “Federal court rules Wisconsin schools’ graduations in church were unconstitutional”

…. And again, another step by our leaders to move ever further away from God ……

*The Independent – “Syria confirms possession of chemical weapons”

Isn’t this nice? … what with all the radical splinter groups such as Al Queda and Hezbollah running amok throughout the country.  …. Oh, I forgot …  these guys, according to America’s academia, aren’t really dangerous …
they are just protecting themselves from the rest of the world …. yeah, right!
*The Washington Times – “Massive typhoon hits Hong Kong:  Storm is of the highest level”

*The Drudge Report – The economy

   -Pain in Spain brings more drain …
   -Moody’s cuts outlook on Germany,  two others …
   -Cash-strapped Argentina town pays employees by raffle …
   -10 Italian cities at risk of bankruptcy …

*The Telegraph – “Debt crisis:  Greek economy is in a ‘great depression'”

*Rapture Ready – “Drug-resistant HIV ‘on increase’ in sub-Saharan Africa”

*Debka File – “Only takes two hours for Syrian chemical weapons to reach Lebanon – Four armies prepared (U.S., Jordan, Turkey and Israel)”

*ABC News – “Pestilence: Torrential rains hammer Nigeria … Torrential rains lash Philippines … Massive mudslides in Austria”

*Space Weather – “Fast-moving CME (coronal mass ejection) blasted from solar surface”

*Zero Hedge – “Many economists and officials warn U.S. debt crisis approaching a fiscal cliff”

…… And nobody seems to be talking much about it … and when they do, none can agree on a solution. … Of course, it is summer and people must have fun …… It’s like having stage 4 cancer but postponing treatment because it’s August, plus the doctors can’t agree on the treatment, so I guess I’ll just wait … and ignore it … maybe it will go away!
*CNN – “Spain & Italy ban short-selling to calm volatile markets as debt crisis spawns global sell-off”

*The New York Times – ” Beijing swamped with heaviest rainfall in 60 years … Scores dead & 50,000 evacuated”

July 24

*Fox News – “School wants to oust church over anti-gay sermons”

Comment from article:  Miami-Dade County Superintendent issued a statement saying “Opposition to homosexuality appears to be contrary to school board policy as well as the basic principles of humanity.” …….. Now, if any of you claim to be Christians, you cannot agree with this statement.  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 states very clearly,  “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolators nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10) nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God.” … Simply, if we believe that The Holy Bible is, in fact, the inspired word of God, then we must accept what it says in ALL circumstances … regardless of what the current trends of society dictate …
*NBC News – “Spain teeters on the edge of a steep fiscal cliff”

Comment fro article:  Fresh from a drawn-out, contentious battle with its Eurozone neighbors over terms of a massive bank bailout, Madrid is now getting calls from local government officials saying they can no longer pay their bills.” …… It is only a matter of days, weeks, or maybe even a few months before this country goes under. … Will it be the beginning of a global ‘domino effect’?
*Fox News – “Magnitude 5.2 quake rocks Southern Mexico”

*Reuters – “Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Indonesia’s Sumatra”

…. Luke 21:11 says,  “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.”
*Reuters – “Has the global violence spark ignited?  Ethnic violence spreads across Northeast India:  22 dead, 500 villages burned, 30,000 displaced”

I’ve seen this type of ‘human’ behavior coming for some time now. … As the world continues its march into the “depths of hades’ … both morally & economically … this kind of civil unrest will only increase …..
July 25

*Volcano Discovery – “Tongariro Volcano (New Zealand):  Seismic swarm a precursor to new activity”

*The Washington Post – “Strong 6.4 magnitude quake kills villagers, damages buildings in Western Indonesia”

*LA Weekly – “8.6 quake possible in Southern California?  Cal-Tech suggests new mega-earthquake”

I usually don’t like to report stories based on speculation, but considering the credibility of Cal-Tech and California being the 7th largest economy in the world … coupled with everything else going on, well ……… 
*Reuters – “U.S. drought to cause global unrest”

…. Like the Lord said in Luke 21:11 as well as Matthew 24:7 …. famine, earthquakes and various pestilences will be the norm in the days just prior to His return to earth ….. and every week we see more & more & more …..  Tell me He isn’t close!!!

*Herald Sun – “Japan’s Sakurajima volcano marks 600th eruption this year with massive explosion”

*Space Daily – “Satellite imagery sees unprecedented Greenland ice sheet melt”

If this is, in fact, the case, this phenomena will soon affect the lower coastal areas of the U.S. and beyond ……
*CNN – “Israel quarantines base in Golan heights, near Syria, after outbreak of infection”

*Reuters – World Economy

   -Spain moving from recession to depression as economy woes mount …
   -Britain sinks far deeper into recession than expected …
   -Eurozone worsening debt crisis effects spreading South & East …

July 26

*WND – “White House refuses to name Israel’s capital”

…….. The most anti-Israel American leadership in our history … and what does God say about those to turn away from God’s people?  …  Zechariah 12:3 states,  “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.  All who try to move it will injure themselves.” …. If this anti-jewish sentiment continues, more severe judgement will certainly befall this land!

*Joel Rosenberg – “Billy Graham: My heart aches for America:  New letter addresses nation’s declining morality and the need for spiritual revival”

Amen, Billy …. I really miss you, my brother!  …  Thank goodness your son Franklin & daughter Ann have the courage to speak out against sin. …. May God richly bless and protect you and your family.
*The New York Times – “Melting asphalt, kinking rail tracks:  Weather extremes buckle U.S. infrastructure”

*Reuters – “Strong 6.7 quake hits off Mauritius (Singapore)”

*The Times of Israel – “Israelis scramble for gas masks as Syria deteriorates”

*The Telegraph – “Greece to run out of money by August 20th:  Crisis entering dangerous new stage”

Well …. that’s it for another fun-filled week! … Looking at just the last headline, how many more times are we going to hear words like ‘crisis’ … ‘fiscal cliff’ … ‘dangerous new stage’ … ‘the economic end is near’ … and the like before it really happens.  … Sometimes I have to remind myself to NOT become like the boy who cried “wolf” one too many times until no one believed him any more! … We must not let this happen to us! … We must remember that Jesus, in Matthew 24:8, said that all these signs would be like “birth pains” … increasing in number and intensity as we draw ever closer to Christ’s triumphant return … and that is exactly what is happening! ..   But take heart, these conditions are but proof that His teachings are true and that when He does return, all this upheaval will be but a distant memory! … So really, its not signs of the end, but proof of the beginning! … Hallelujah!!!
OK … end of sermon … and once again, I thank each of you who visit the site.  Our “hits” continue to increase and that is encouraging because I feel the more who are aware, the more who will be saved!! … Please pass this site on to as many folks as you can.  This is the way we will grow  … God bless you …
Until next time,
July 24, 2012

Do you remember the July 13th article which said  “Academics: Muslim terrorists simply misunderstood” … ?  This was the findings of a taxpayer-funded study at Arizona State University’s Center for Strategic Communications, which concluded that Muslim terrorists were “generally misunderstood and don’t want to force their religion on the world, and only kill people to protect themselves from victimization by the enemies of Islam.” ….. When I originally saw the story, it really upset me, and in the days that have followed, my irritation has only increased! … So, I decided to dig into the facts and present them here for all to see for themselves what the truth really is.

To start, let’s look at some basic facts about Islam:

*Current World Status
   -Largest religion in the world … 1.3 billion adherents …
   -Fastest growing religion in the world …
   -Majority religion in 37 nations …
   -Largest muslim nation is Indonesia: 166 million muslims …   
   -There are approximately 6 million muslims living in the U.S.A. …

   -Islam was founded by Mohammed in 610 AD …
   -Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) was the home of Mohammed and was/is the holiest city of Islam …
   -By the time Mohammed died, in 632 AD, most of Arabia was Islamic …
   -Islam has spread from Arabia into Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and is growing in Europe and
    North America …

  *3 Branches/Denominations of Islam
   -Sunni – Largest group of muslims … 80-90% …
   -Shi’ite – Fundamentalist muslims … 10-20% …
   -Sufi – Mystics/Islamist cult … marginal/fringe …

  *Basic Belief Structure

   The 6 Fundamental Beliefs Of Muslims

   -Allah – the one & only god who is not a Trinity and does not have a son – cannot be known and is merciful only
                 to muslims …
   -Angels and Demons – Gabriel is the highest ranking …
   -Allah’s Prophets – Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus (all were muslims) … Mohammed is the greatest of
                  prophets …
   -Allah’s Inspired Books – Books of Moses, Psalms of David, Gospel of Jesus … The Holy Quran is ‘last revealed 
                  word of God … the primary source of faith for every muslim …
   -The Resurrection and the Final Day of Judgement …
   -Allah’s Supreme Will – Predestination/Destiny …

   The 5 pillars/Duties of Muslims

   -Reciting the Creed – “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet of Allah”  (The Shahadah) …
   -Daily Prayers – 5 times a day, facing Mecca …
   -Fasting – 1 month out of the year – Month of Ramadan …
   -Tithing – 2.5% of income, plus voluntary offerings …
   -Going On A Pilgrimage To Mecca – Once in a lifetime …
  *Thoughts On Allah

  Historical Background

   -Allah was the Arabian “god of the crescent moon”, worshiped in Mecca alongside 359 other idols …
   -Allah was said to have married the Sun Goddess and produced 3 daughters, who were also worshiped …
   -Allah was the idol god of Mohammed’s family, the “supreme deity” of Arabia, and became the “one & only
    god of Islam” through coercion, violence and warfare …
   -The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam …

  Characteristics of Allah

   -Dominant master, far above and beyond the struggles and the tragedies in the human realm …
   -Moved to anger and judgement by man’s lack of submission …
   -Loves only those who love him first .. loves only the righteous, not sinners or the ungodly …
   -God of wrath, not of grace …
   -Cannot be known .. will not reveal himself to anyone …

  *General Comments

   -Islam means “submission, subjection” …
   -Peace in Islam comes when one submits to Allah …
   -The goal of Islam is world domination …
   -Muslims have a hatred for Israel that dates back to the Book of Genesis (16:11,12; 17:18,20,21; 25:16-18) …
   -Muslims from the Middle East are the ancestors of Ishmael …
   -Both Mohammed’s life and the teaching of the Quran condone and encourage violence as a means of
    spreading Islam …
OK … I know that was a lot to take in all at once, but hey, I guess I’m tired of all the articles and commentaries that skim over most of the facts and just “expect” us to take their word for it ..   but now, let’s get down to it … For quite some time, I’ve been listening to the debate about Islam … some say they are fanatics while others claim that most are moderate and peace-loving …….  but there comes a time, at least in the church, when a ‘spiritual fog’ or ‘religious deception’ must be removed by a clear and unbiased pursuit of truth.  … To simplify, devout muslims believe that killing Americans and Jews is the will of Mohammed the Prophet, and the will of their god … called Allah. …… Islam not only condones violence … it commands it!

The Quran teaches:

“Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war). … Surah 9:5

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and his messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter.”   Surah 5:33

Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeni declared:  “The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah.” … Would that be considered fanaticism …. or simply being faithful to the Islamic bible?

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, slaughtered thousands of people in establishing and spreading Islam. … He told his followers:  “Who relinquishes his faith, kill him.  I have been ordered by Allah to fight with people until they testify there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.”

Simply put, Islamic terrorists are NOT fanatics .. but devout followers of Mohammed who are following his example and doing what their Islamic Quran teaches them to do.

John Robert’s  “Thesis on Seven Mountains” states,  “Whereas the Gospel of Jesus Christ spreads despite persecution and by the power of its truthfulness, Satan’s false religions are typically spread by terror and the power of the sword.  Therefore, satan uses military might to impose his will on mankind.”

The point is … people can sit around making diversity quilts and think happy and deceiving thoughts … or soberly access what Islam really stands for … violence, murder, and terror toward anyone who rejects their faith. 

Islam teaches that Mohammed superseded the patriarchs and Christ. … The word Islam does not mean peace … it means submission.  …  Islam believes he prophet Mohammed taught absolute truth … that it is god’s (Allah) will for them to rule the earth.  Therefore, if Islam does NOT defeat Israel, Mohammed and the Quran were wrong … and that is absolutely unthinkable!  Therefore, they MUST defeat Israel.

So now let’s look at how the Muslim faith fits into the American way of life … can Muslims be good Americans?

*Theologically no … Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia …
*Religiously no … Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islam … (Quran, 2:256)

*Scripturally no … Because his allegiance is to the 5 pillars of Islam and the Quran …

*Geographically no … Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer 5 times a day …

*Socially no … Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews …

*Politically no … Because he must submit to the Mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great satan …

*Domestically no – Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him … (Quran 4:34)

*Intellectually no … Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt …

*Philosophically no … Because Islam, Mohammed, and the Quran does not allow freedom of religion and expression …

*Spiritually no … Because when we declare “One nation under God”, the Christian God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly Father, nor is he ever called love in the Quran’s 99 excellent names …

To speak directly, democracy and Islam cannot co-exist.  If one looks at the countries where Islam is the dominant faith, all are either dictatorial or autocratic. 

Here’s a final note on Islam in America … Historian Daniel Pipes, writing for Commentary Magazine’s November, 2001 issue, recorded the following shocking evidence concerning Islamist’s loyalty to America. … “In June, 1991, a convert to Islam, Suraj Wahaj, a recipient of the American Muslim Community’s highest honors, had the privilege of becoming the first muslim to deliver the daily prayer in the U.S. House of Representatives.  On that occasion, he recited from the Quran and appealed to the Almighty to guide American leaders and to “grant them righteousness and wisdom.”

But his story did not end there …… a little over a year later, this same muslim, addressing an audience of New Jersey muslims, articulated a completely different message from his mild and moderate prayer given before the U.S. House of Representatives.  He said, “If only muslims were more clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate” (Islamic leadership body).  … He concluded with these remarks … “If we were united and strong, we could elect our own leader and give allegiance to him. … Take my word, if the 6 to 8 million muslims in America unite, this country will come to us.”

Any questions?  … There is so much more I could add to this commentary but it’s already a bit too long … Suffice it to say that the new agers, in their quest for unity and acceptance for all, are distorting hard, cold facts about many things … and certainly the cult of Islam. Simply, it is violent and ruthless in its drive for world domination … and when our own academia, supposedly some of the best minds out there, are distorting the truth … well it’s time to call them on it and speak out for what IS the truth … and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

2 Timothy 4:3-4 says,  “For a time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4) They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

Until next time,

July 13

*WND – “Academics: Muslim terrorists simply misunderstood”

Comment from article:  “The taxpayer-funded study, conducted by Arizona State University’s Center for Strategic Communications, claims that muslim terrorists are ‘generally misunderstood and don’t want to force their religion on the world and only kill people to protect themselves from victimization by enemies of Islam.'” …. Can you believe this manure?!  I’ve known for some time that American academia is generally on another planet … but this is ridiculous, and an out-and-out lie! … And we taxpayers are funding this kind of garbage!!  ….. You younger folks?  Be very careful as to where you send your kids to school.  … I’m telling from experience, our campuses are full of this kind of poison!

*WND Money – “Sears now adds ‘bestiality’ to its website

Comment from article:  “In the past, Sears in its online store has offered a wide range of nudity from pornographic videos such as ‘Curse of the Pink Panther 2’ and ‘Hot & Exotic,’ but now the store that once served as an American icon for families has kicked its offerings up a notch, featuring bestiality in its latest round of promotions.” (Bestiality is sexual relations between a person and an animal).  …… I guess I should be shocked, but …………….  We must pray for those who are so misled … and therefore lost.

*CNS News – “Americans will work for almost 7 months to pay cost of government in 2012”

*AP – “Moody’s downgrades Italy debt rating 2 notches”

*CNN – “1000+ counties in 26 states deemed disaster areas as drought spreads”

*The Weather – “Very strong CME blast (sun flare) to hit planet on Saturday – communications to be affected”

*Physics – “Wars and rumors of wars:  Number of armed conflicts increased strongly in 2011, says new report”

Comment from article:  “The number of conflicts went from 31 in 2010 to 37 in 2011 … a 20% increase.”

July 14

*Ria Novotski – “Russian grain harvest to fall 15% in 2012”

* – Global food crisis looms as grain prices soar”

*CNN Money – “Severe U.S. drought slams small business”

* – “Ranchers ravaged by fires, drought and scarce alfalfa”

Just looking at these last four posts tells us that the world is in for a tough fall & winter. ….. I feel so sad for the less fortunate as world hunger, already affecting some 1 billion souls, will only increase in the coming months … and this is just the beginning of sorrows …. (Matthew 24:8)… If we listen closely, we can hear the hoofbeats of the 3rd horseman of the Apocalypse … who represents famine (Revelation 6:5-6).

*BBC News – “Japan floods:  250,000 people ordered to leave homes”

*CNY Central – “Thousands lose electric power in U.S. northeast as substation goes down in fire”

*Inquisitor – “Newt Gingrich warns of vulnerable U.S. power grid:  “We could be without power for months, or even years”

*Novinite – “4.6 magnitude earthquake creates panic in Bulgarian capital”

*Belfast Telegraph – “Civilization unraveling:  Belfast explodes in new wave of rioting and violence”

*Indian Express – “Torrential rain kills scores and displaces 3 million in China”

*BBc News – “500 dead penguins wash up on beaches in Brazil”

*Los Angeles Times – “Protesters in LA chant ‘Who’s streets, our streets’  … riot police sweep through”

………… and this was just Saturday!

July 15

*News Tribune – “Violent storm turns night into day over Washington State – Residents claim the ‘most intense’ lightning storm ever seen”

*Reuters – “Freak wave of tornadoes carve trail of destruction through Northern Poland”

*Australian – “Stormageddon:  5000 cut off by landslides in Japan – Death toll rises”

July 16

*NBC News – “Global food price increases loom as grain prices soar”

*MSN – “Grocery prices headed higher as drought lingers”

*Google – “China on alert as disease kills 100’s in June”

Comment from article: “The disease is ‘Hand, foot & mouth disease.’  In addition to the deaths, it has affected more than 380,000 people.”

*Reuters – “Debt worries hit Euro:  Shares fall on weak data, Euro hovers near lows”

Seems as though things have quieted a bit over the past few summer weeks in Europe … but just wait until fall … you haven’t seen anything yet! 

* – “Power solar storm slams earth”

Comment from article:  “The storm had a major effect on polar-orbiting satellites as well as most weather satellites.”

*Yahoo.News – “Protests multiply and intensify in Spain as austerity measures come into play”

As other nations begin to feel the economic pain kick in, we will see major increases in civil unrest all across the globe …

July 17

*The Telegraph – “Residents flee Damascus as Syrian capital sees heaviest fighting so far in country’s civil war”

Isaiah 17:1 says, “The burden of Damascus.  Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” … To date, this scripture has not been fulfilled. … Could this be the time? ………………..

*Reuters – “Drought worsens crop damage, raising world food, fuel worry”

*The Telegraph – “World economy heads for another perfect storm”

Comment from article:  “The IMF’s latest ‘world economic outlook’ makes for chilling reading.  A perfect storm in which all parts of the world economy go down together seems fast to be forming ‘somewhere out in the mid-atlantic'”
*Business Insider – “Jim Rogers:  The world’s agricultural problems are much bigger than the drought in the U.S.”

Comment from article:  “What are the other problems?  Rogers rattles off a list …… the highest rate of suicide in the UK id among farmers … the average age of farmers in Japan is 68, and in the U.S., 58 … In India, hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide in recent years …. and on & on …  (Rogers is a commodities guru).
*Examiner – “Fukushima:  West coast celsium slam ahead”

Comment from article:  “As hair falls out of a Fukushima victim’s head, a new German study reports that North America’s west coast will be the area most contaminated by Fukushima’s celsium … more than all other regions … over the next 10 years.” 
Isn’t this wonderful news?!  Since most of my family lives here, it’s obviously a major concern.. ………. I know, let’s build more nuclear plants right on top of more known earthquake faults ……………. what idiots we are!
*Jakarta Post – “Indonesia’s Mt Merapi volcano emits a 1 meter ash cloud”

July 18

*Joel Rosenberg – “Fed chief says U.S. on ‘unsustainable path’ and approaching ‘fiscal cliff’:  Grave risk of implosion growing”

*Reuters – “City of Compton may declare bankruptcy by September:  Who’s next?”

*The Blaze – “Bystanders walk by dying man as he lays motionless on the sidewalk in Virginia”

This, to me, is a very accurate glimpse as to how our society has evolved. … Nobody seems to notice or care about too much of anything but themselves …….. but then, the Bible teaches in 2 Timothy, chapter 3 that in the last days, there would be treacherous times and that “men shall be lovers of themselves ….. ” …. I guess this is just another of many examples of our quickly increasing selfish ways …. 
*USGS – “Magnitude 5.9 quake – Fiji region”

July 19

*Fox Business – “Corn, soybean prices hit new highs as drought sweeps U.S. midwest”

*Herald Tribune – “5.7 magnitude earthquake felt in Northwest Pakistan”

*The Telegraph – “Nearly 36% of Fukushima children diagnosed with abnormal thyroid growths”

More good news! … I guess this is what we on the west coast of America has to look forward to in the very near future.
* – “World braces for new food crisis”

*Reuters – “Huge protests against austerity cuts erupt in Spain”

*CBS Los Angeles – “7 year old boy develops rash, dies while visiting SoCal lake”

*AP – “CDC: Whooping Cough rising at alarming rate in U.S.”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Mexico culls 3.8 million chickens as H7N3 virus spreads”

*AP – “Cholera outbreak in West Africa leaves 62 dead in one month”

*Fukushima Diary – “1000 small fish found dead in Kasumi River, Tokyo”

Once again,  a weekly news overview shows how crazy and out-of-control this world really is … and even though the economic stories are less (and we can expect that for another few weeks as the inept world leaders take some time to themselves), there’s always other stuff that comes along to fill the gap.   …   Besides the great food shortage worry, the two stories that stand out this week, for me at least, are the ones concerning the coming west coast contamination from Fukushima’s reactor meltdown and the “mental condition” of America’s academia with its conclusion that radical muslims are “simply misunderstood.”  … The real tragedy here is that these gurus of higher education are shaping the minds of a very large segment of our young people … the future leaders of this nation, should the Lord tarry and leaves us here a bit longer.  …. I’ll say no more on the muslim issue right now but I plan on doing a full commentary concerning the truth about Islam.  … Believe me when I say that this so-called taxpayer-funded study is dead wrong and I will back this claim up with a substantial amount of facts. ….  As for the “Fukushima” situation, we will find and post as many stories as we can concerning this disaster, as most of the major news outlets seem to be ignoring this story, which in itself is unbelievable …
Have a great week, and once again, thanks to all of you who take the time to visit our site.  God bless you …
Until next time,
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