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August 10

*NBC News – “Widespread drought pressures food prices”

*Reuters – “Exclusive:  U.S. Banks told to make plans for preventing collapse”

We seem to be hearing more & more of this kind of stuff with each passing day … hmmmmmmmm …
*Charisma News – “Bishop calls on all Christians to leave the democratic party”

Not knowing this guy (E.W. Jackson), I must agree with this statement … if one, in fact, is political …  Many things the party supports & stands for is against God’s sovereign laws (gay rights, abortion, etc.)
*Associated Press – “China trade decelerates in sign of growing global weakness”

… So what happens when the ‘billions’ go hungry? …………… The “King of the East” will rise up ……
*The Extinction Protocol – “6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Aleutian islands region of Alaska”

*Volcano Discovery – “Increased unrest & seismic activity reported at Iceland’s massive Askja Volcano”

August 11

*Reuters – “Israeli media talk of imminent Iran war push”

Will they wait until after the American election? … Politically, not necessarily …. They are fairly certain that with Obama remaining in office, nothing on this side of the pond will change …. and if Mitt Romney is elected, he would support it anyway … especially since his faith teaches that he is a descendent of the lost tribes of Israel ……… what wonderful choices they, and we have …………

*Medical Xpress – “Indonesia reports the 9th death from H5N1 Bird Flu”

*BBC – “Twin 6.3 & 6.4 earthquakes strike northwestern Iran: Hundreds dead & thousands injured … 6 villages leveled”

August 12

*The Extinction Protocol – “6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes remote region in China:  4th major quake to rattle the planet in 3 days”

August 13

*Joel Rosenberg – “Muslim Brotherhood consolidates its control in Egypt”

Big surprise here ………………..

*CNS News – “Obamacare mandate:  Sterilize 15 year old girls for free – without parental consent”

!!! Wow !!! … It is getting harder by the day to even recognize this land we live in …………….
*Reuters – “Greek economy continues to sink – more cuts coming”

*Der Spiegel – “Investors prepare for Euro collapse”

Comment fro article:  “Banks, companies and investors are preparing themselves for a collapse of the Euro. … Cross-border bank lending is falling, asset managers are shunning Europe and money is flowing into German real estate & banks.”
This will all accelerate in the few coming months ahead ….. we will watch this very closely ……….
*Fukushima Diary – “More than 10,000 earthworms found dead in parking lot in northern Japan”

August 14

*Joel Rosenberg – “Is Israeli strike on Iran just weeks away?

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is telling reporters that it is time for the world to admit that diplomacy has not worked, and that Iran only has weeks … not months … to cease nuclear activity …
*Yahoo Finance – “Chinese companies pull out of U.S. stock Markets”

….. Could this be the beginning of the end for the U.S. economy?  … Let’s face it!  China has been the largest single purchaser of U.S. debt for the past few years …..  so who’s going to step in and take their place?  Probably no one is that stupid.  Therefore, the dollar tanks, and with it, so do we!  … Isn’t it fun to look at how bright our future is when being led by a bunch of incompetent & narcissistic buffoons?  ….
*NBC News – “Dozens of dead birds fall from the sky in New Jersey”

Strange & sad how we are seeing so many dead creatures all across this planet ….

*Trend – “Iran proposes military alliance of muslim countries”

What a perfect setup for the Zechariah 12:3 prophecy which says,  “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her ……….”  …….. However, I’m not convinced Iran’s leader will get the support he needs for this venture because of his radical reputation. … This prophecy will happen when the antichrist comes to power and unites the world against God’s chosen people …….
*Reuters – “Homeland Security finishing acquisition of millions of rounds of high-powered ammunition”

So why in the world would they, the government, need all this?  … Are they expecting something major to take place? ….
*New York Daily – “Armyworm outbreak threatens China grain output”

Just what the world needs! …. This, along with already devastating droughts in the U.S., Africa, India, etc. ….. when the world gets hungry, watch out!!! ………….. Passages in Matthew & Luke, along with the black horse of Revelation 6:5-6,  speak of famine that will come upon the earth in the last days …….
*AFP – “Riots engulf troubled district of northern France”

I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more civil unrest …. but sadly, it will increase as the world’s economy continues to spiral out of control …………
*The Extinction Protocol – Tofua volcano erupts, sending ash cloud 3,000 feet above Tonga Islands”

*The Extinction Protocol – “7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes off the remote northeastern coast of Russia”

*KWTX – “Hundreds of thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Galveston, Texas in massive fish kill”

*BBC – “Radiation crisis:  ‘Severe abnormalities’ found in Fukushima butterflies”

…………. I wonder what other creatures will, or already are affected by this mess ……….
August 15

*CNS News – “Price of ground beef hits record high”

*E U Observer – “Eurozone slides deeper into recession – Germany grows”

Some prophecy watchers believe that Germany may be “The King of the North” in Bible prophecy …. I, however, do not. … but it is a part of the original Roman Empire of which the antichrist will come … and certainly Germany may be where he comes from.  —-  Keep an eye on this nation & its up & coming young leaders ………
*ETF Daily – “Mississippi River dries up as drought worsens:  How a dying river could help crash the U.S. economy”

Comment from article:  “Approximately 60% of our grain,  22% of  our oil & natural gas, & 20% of our coal travel down this river.  Disruption of this would absolutely be crippling for our already ailing economy.”
*Terra Daily – “North America’s fresh water fish racing to extinction at alarming rate”

*Reuters – “Dallas mayor declares emergency over West Nile virus”

August 16

*Fox News – “Sun dominates space weather concerns for next decade”

*CNS News – “U.S. Government’s foreign debt hits record $5.29 Trillion”

……. With no obvious solution in sight ………
*The Himalayan – “Israel will vanish, says Khamenei”

*Rapture Ready – “Are the government and big banks quietly preparing for an imminent financial collapse?”

Comment from article:  “Last week it was revealed that the U.S. government had been secretly directing five of its biggest banks in America ‘to develop plans for staving off collapse’ for the past two years. … by itself, that wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  … But when you add that piece to the dozens of other clues of imminent financial collapse, a very troubling picture begins to emerge. … Here’s just a few of the clues …
over the past year, hundreds of banking executives have been resigning … corporate insiders have been selling off enormous amounts of stock … the U.S. government stockpiling food and ammunition …
…… the list goes on but you get the picture … the future must not be as rosy as they keep telling us …
*Zero Hedge – “The worsening economy crisis:  The Portuguese run out of gold to sell”

*Business Week – “Colorado hit with 1st anthrax disease outbreak in 31 years”

That’s it for this week.  …  Unfortunately, I do not have time to pontificate as I usually do … my wife went to the hospital today & I need to get back there ASAP … Please pray for Robbin as the doctors are trying to determine the cause of her illness … Thank you so much & know that I love you all ….
Until next time,
August 15, 2012

I was watching TV the other night and I noticed a commercial … the one where William Davane is telling us how wonderful gold is and how he loves the feel of it flowing through his fingers … and if we possess enough of it … how it will protect us in these difficult times that lie just ahead.  As the evening wore on, I couldn’t shake the shallowness of his thinking and the haughtiness of his attitude.  Sadly he, like so many others, really believes in this hollow way of thinking.

Then I thought of Proverbs 19:4 where it says that earthly wealth will bring us many friends … and I guess that is right.  We always see lots of people flocking around the successful and wealthy folks … but rarely around those suffering difficulty ….  I know in my own life I’ve experienced several periods of ‘good times’ and ‘friends’ were always plentiful … and then when circumstances changed, how conveniently most would disappear for various reasons.  

Now I’m sure you are thinking … what has this got to do with Bible prophecy ….. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 comes to mind when I watch things like the gold & silver commercials … that in the last days, people would be lovers of money pleasure.  Certainly wealth has always had its place in society, but never like it does in today’s world.  Trust me when I say that it’s what you have and who you know that determines your ‘position’ in life these days.

What is fascinating to me is how America today is responding to world conditions all around … many pundits and economists are saying that we are on the verge of coming out of the difficult financial days we’ve recently been through …. the stock market is doing incredibly well seeing the Dow over 13,000 with no evidence  of letting up any time soon …… but all around us there is danger like no other time in recorded history.  Weather patterns have changed dramatically … earthquakes & volcanoes are increasing at an ever-quickening pace … worldwide droughts … a nuclear disaster with unknown consequences just recently took place … and look at the condition of the world’s economy.  It is frightening when looking at countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal …. and look at us!  We are $16 Trillion in debt with no end in sight, or anyone seeming to know how to fix it! 

For those of you who follow my rantings, you know that I’ve always felt the economy would be the downfall of this once-powerful nation … and regardless of the Dow or the pundits fantasies, implosion of our economy is now imminent!  …..  And internationally, it will no different. …

So what happens then? … Historically, let’s look at Germany in the years just prior to World War Two.  In the early 1930’s, the country’s currency became so worthless that a wheel barrow full couldn’t buy a loaf of bread.  … Inflation was off the charts! … This same scenario is shaping up to take place right here in America today.  We are printing money at a frantic pace with nothing to back it up.  This will eventually lead to hyper-inflation and rapid devaluation of the once-mighty dollar.  It will become a near-worthless currency that will lack any buying power.  … The example of the wheel barrow may very well repeat itself. 

But then what happened in Germany?  The people were so desperate to feed their families that they would do anything … or follow anyone that could change their lives for the better.  … So then what happened?  A leader surfaced with a promise of better times …. and the people blindly, and happily followed.  … His name was Adolph Hitler.

Now even though I’m not happy about the current conditions of this world, this is where I love the accuracy and truth of our Bible’s prophecies! … The Books of Revelation & Daniel talk about how a world ruler will come about in the final days just prior to Christ’s return.  …. Now when we take a look at what is happening all around the entire globe, we see economic havoc staring us in the face! ….  So what will then happen?
A ‘new’ version of Hitler will come onto the scene.  He will rise up in the area of the revived Roman Empire, which today encompasses most of the European Union.  He will have great charisma and will claim to have all the answers to the world’s problems. …. This coming world ‘savior’ will be none other than the Antichrist … and tragically, most of the world will follow him.

So when I see all these people talking about how safe & secure we will be if we possess gold and other earthly treasures, it shows me how sad and “DEADLY” our values have become.  Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 

So, what then can we really do about it?  … For Christians, it is an easy decision.  If we look to Acts 2:42-47,
we see an example of what people did for one another in times of repression.  They devoted themselves to one another and to the teachings of their leaders … and they sold their possessions as needed to help and support one another in times of need.  …. Crazy, you say?  It won’t be when you fill your wheel barrow full of ‘paper’ air.

I encourage each of you to get involved in a Christian fellowship … one that is prepared to serve each other spiritually and physically in the coming days of difficulty … one that doesn’t just talk it, but walks it …

…….. and remember, we Christians need have no fear because,  “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21:28).

The following is a song/poem I recently wrote that pretty well sums it all up …………….

                                   — The Answer —

   “Eyes looking out from darkness – lonely & afraid
    searching for hope & safety – but sensing fear instead
    Wondering what will free them – in the days to come
    from the fear of desperation – emptiness for some

   “Reaching to the heavens – empty & alone
    searching for an answer- of something that’s unknown
    Hope seems only fleeting – when faced with despair
    grasping for some meaning – but finding nothing there

   “Now they’re running to & fro’ – everywhere
    so many seem to have the answer- here & there
    They’re looking to the wisdom – of this age
    but answers always seem to lie – on a different page

   “But there is hope – there is love
     just beyond – the edges of their gaze
    There is peace – there’s an answer
    This is the beginning – of a better day
    Jesus is the answer – He’s the only way

Until next time,

August 3

*USA Today – “Global ‘Weirdness’ seen in summer’s extreme weather events”

Comment from article:  “A melting Greenland glacier, summer heat waves, a devastating derecho, drought:  it’s all part of a global warning or global ‘weirdness'” ………….. what do I think, you ask?  If we stop for just a moment and look at the “spiritual” condition of this globe, the answer is right before us …… God’s judgement is prophesied in His book … the Bible … and that is exactly what is taking place. … Trust me when I say that His patience is just about at its end …………
August 4

*Fox News – “Oklahoma wildfires destroy dozens of homes”

*Web MD – “H3N2:  Has the next influenza pandemic threat arrives?  3 dead from outbreak in Australia”

*The Australian – “Death toll from flooding from torrential rain raises to 169 in North Korea”

August 5

*NBC News – “Blame blistering heat waves on global warming, study says”

Just what we need!  Another study to determine what’s causing all our misery!  …. This week its global warming … last week it was climate change. …. What will they decide to call it next week? …  Amazing! … When will we wake up and realize the problem is spiritual ….. its like treatment for a headache when the real problem is terminal cancer ..

*NBC News – “Despite marriage progress, gay couples face big hurdles to parenthood”

Duh! … The first noticeable problem is in the headline … marriage “progress” should be re-stated as marriage “digress”   ….. Then the article goes on to say that the child will finally have a second name on the birth certificate. ….Let’s stop and think for just a minute.  … It proves that man’s certificates are, for the most part, worthless. … Why?  Simply, a ‘gay’ couple … together … can NEVER physically conceive a child!  So then how can both be realistically placed on the child’s “BIRTH” certificate? … it is ridiculous!!! …. talk about a giant ‘stretch’ to accommodate blatant sin!

*The Jerusalem Post – “Iran warns Syria conflict could engulf Israel”
Sure sounds ominous when one looks at the whole picture.  Here you have Iran (Persia) screaming for the complete destruction of Israel … Russia (Magog) sending warships and troops to the region … and all the other surrounding countries in chaos … could very well be the setting for the soon-coming ‘Ezekiel War’, mentioned in chapters 38 & 39 of his prophetic book.  ……  I still think it might be a bit early for this event, but hey …  it’s God’s timetable, not mine ……
*One News – “Steam plume seen on New Zealand’s White Island volcanic crater”

August 6

*ABC News – “Thousands of fish die as midwest streams heat up”

*The Voice of Russia – “U.S. Banks brace for possible Eurozone collapse”

What the heck is Russia’s media doing  reporting on our banks!  … They obviously know something more than we are getting from our liberal, left-leaning media ….
*UB Alert – “Drought in the U.S. taking its toll on farmers, global food market”

I know this is getting to be ‘old news’, but because of the overall seriousness of its nature, I want to keep updating as it gets to wherever it is going …….
*U K Press – “Earthquake hits Scandinavian Sea”

Comment from article:  “4.4 quake said to be ‘pretty strong’ by Danish standards and are quite rare to the region.
*Iceland Review – “Previously unknown volcano found off west coast of Iceland”

*National Post – “The clock is ticking:  Mega-thrust west coast earthquake could resemble Japan’s, study says”

Again, I don’t like ‘speculation’ stories, but hey …. I live here!

*Sky News – “World on alert for massive solar storm”

More speculation … but with what is going on all around us, Luke 21:25’s words appear to be more realistic than ever …  “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars …”

*Los Angeles Times – “Greece rounds up thousands of immigrants in weekend sweep as economic woes worsen”

This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, people!

*New Zealand Herald – “Mt Tongariro erupts in New Zealand – loud explosions, lightning, plumes of smoke:  First activity in 100+ years”

More & more volcanoes are becoming active by the day ……………..

*The Australian – “White island Volcano status changed to ‘eruption’  – Visitors warned to stay clear of island”

August 7

*BBC News – “Nigeria church attack kills 19”

*Volcano Discovery – “Increased activity seen at volcanoes in Italy & Mexico”

*BBC News – “Italy’s economy shrinks further:  Contraction signals deep recession”

*The Telegraph – “Water world: Region hit by third typhoon in a week:  Half of Manila swamped by floods as high as 3 meters”

August 8

*NBC News – “July hottest month ever recorded in U.S. history”

Comment from article:  “Buckling roads & fish kills:  Is extreme heat the “new” normal? … Over half of country experienced ‘moderate to exceptional’ drought conditions …………”
*NBC News – “Two 4.5 quakes shake L.A. area”

*Terra Daily – “South Korean heat wave  kills 780,000 chickens”

August 9

*Reuters – “Greek jobless rate hits record”

*CNBC – “Austerity’s cost:  Abandoned children in Europe – Could hit epidemic proportions in coming years”

How desperate people are becoming as this world continues to spin out of control  ……  Can you even begin to imagine taking one of your children … putting them in the car …. driving to some unknown location …. putting the child on the side of the road … and then driving away?!  … Unimaginable!!!!  
*The Telegraph – “It starts:  Asian banks mull impact of British exit from the European Union”

Not too many realize this, but a country the size of England leaving the Eurozone would have a monumental impact on that entire region … and consequently, the whole world …
*La Tribune (France) – “France prepares for an evacuation of its nationals living in Israel”

Once again, do they know something we aren’t privy to?  Oh, probably … and it’s only a matter of time before the middle east sees a major conflict which will certainly involve Israel …
Another week of prophetic news is “in the books” …. and a bit of a quiet one it was.  …… This is not surprising as to the time of year.  Early to mid August is always “quiet” compared to the otherwise “Normal” months … but just wait! …. All will soon quickly change as all the leaders come off their summer sabbaticals  and resume their roles in screwing up their respective countries … ….. … I believe this fall will prove to be one of the most chaotic in the history of our world … leading up to major chaos in many areas …. stand by ….
And as always, we thank you all for the interest you’ve taken in our site. …. We pray that you keep it up as it encourages us to continue on …… and very soon we will have a new feature available to you .. and that is “podcasting” … 
Until next time,
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