August 17 

*Toronto Sun – “The world less religious now than in 2005” 

Comment from article:  “Those claiming to be religious dropped 9% since 2005, while atheism rose 3%” …… Seems to be heading in the wrong direction … but then, look at the condition of the world ….
*Reuters – “The end is near: December 21, 2012” 

Comment from article:  “This was a report Reuters published on May 1st, 2012.  Think about that.  10% of the world population thinks the world as we know it, will end this year because of interpreted predictions of Mayan prophecy and the predictions of Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and the Hopi Indians, among others. … That’s about 700,000 people.  So how is the world preparing for the coming devastation? … They’re partying!” ……………. Isn’t it interesting how people will listen to these sorts of people but will not pay much attention to Bible prophecy … but then, didn’t the Bible say it would be this way in these last days? ….  Matthew 24:37-39 is one of several examples … “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.  38) For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark;  39)  and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away.  That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

*CNBC – “Asia prepares for food price shock”
*Japan Daily Press – “Japan’s Sakurajima volcano releasing largest amount of ash in 20 years:  Ground swollen around volcano”

Just what they need!  First there were earthquakes & tsunamis followed by a nuclear disaster … typhoons … now this!

*Yahoo News – “Hezbollah says can kill tens of thousands of Israelis” 

War is definitely coming to the Holy Land …… but just when is the big question …………….

August 18 

*Radio New Zealand – “6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes Sulawesi:  Many dead and injured”

*WND – “Arab Spring run amok:  ‘Brotherhood’ starts crucifixions” 
The article goes on to say that “extra brutality is reserved for Christians” …. If this is their version of ‘spring’, I shudder to imagine what their ‘fall & winter’ will look like …………….

*The Washington Times – “Unemployment rates rose in 44 states in July” 

……… but aren’t they say it’s getting better? ……………

August 19

*Seattle Times – “Former U.S. Comptroller General’s chilling new warning to Americans”

This guy was there … right in the middle of it … and goes on to say that ongoing inability of our elected officials to reach compromise on critical issues such as the rapidly rising national debt, the soaring unemployment, etc., will lead this country to ultimate financial & civil breakdown …. scary stuff, especially from an “insider” … but it really shouldn’t surprise us as we’ve seen it coming for quite some time.  The tragedy is that the vast majority of folks are simply ignoring it! … a dangerous state of mind to have in these trying times … 

*Reuters – “5.5 quake hits off the coast of Washington State”

Lots of talk as of late concerning the vulnerability of the U.S. West Coast to potentially massive earthquakes ……….. Some believe that these smaller ones are just a precursor to the “Big One” …

*Volcano Discovery – “Lava flow detected at Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano”

*The Extinction Protocol – “6.2 magnitude quake rattles region of Papua, New Guinea”

August 20

*Reuters – “6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia”

*The Times of Israel – “Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before U.S. elections, claims Israel’s channel 10”

I’ve been essentially agreeing with this possibility for some time now, especially since our election will have virtually no bearing on their decision …. Why? … If Obama is reelected,  America will continue to move further away from our support of the Jewish state, meaning they will still be on their own even more so than they are right now, or ….. if Romney is elected, Israel will have our support and their ‘premature’ decision to attack now will be supported anyway …. so Netanyahu has nothing to lose, either way ……. and the longer he waits, the tougher it’s going to be to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities …

*The Examiner – “Global Warming:  Drought linked to weather warfare”

I don’t know how true this is, but the History Channel has been showing a documentary which claims the current droughts, floods, hurricanes, and even earthquakes are a result of weather manipulation by certain sinister parties. …. The final question from their point is … “Does this mean that the Weapons of Mass Destruction of the future is weather?” ……………  I would imagine that with the advancement of technology in today’s world that a bit of this is possible, but what I know is true is that because of the world’s rejection of God through war & moral decay, most of what we are seeing is His judgement upon us
… and also to warn us that,  through His prophets teachings, that time is very short before it all comes crashing down around us …..

*The Telegraph – “Finland prepares for break-up of Eurozone:  Germanylooks to possibility of returning to Deutsche Mark”

Here we go again!  Like I said a few weeks back, when summer starts coming to a close, the inept leaders of our world will no longer be able ti ‘ignore’ the inevitable … just watch with keen interest as we move into the autumn months … it will be peeked with ‘prophetic’ interest ….

August 21

*The Blaze – “Mark of the Beast?:  Elementary school mulling plan to scan kids’ palms in the lunch line”

Revelation 13:16 says that everyone will “receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead” in order to be able to “buy or sell” anything …….  just another indicator as to how modern technology makes this prophecy more relevant …….

*KDUZ /KARP – “Scientists discover new super volcano”

Comment from article:  “Discovered hidden in the same location as the notorious Mt. Vesuvius, which erupted in AD 79 … only this time, 3 million people live in the location.”

*The Jerusalem Post – “Egypt preparing to send aircraft, tanks into Sinai”

…. As if the rest of their border problems weren’t enough … looks like the 30+ year peace treaty with Egypt is all but kapoot!

*Discovery – “Earth’s inhabitants live in menacing shadow of volcanic dangers” 

Comment from article:  “Planet Earth is riddled with unmonitered volcanoes and many could erupt with scant notice to the world, causing anything from minor inconvenience to famines or catastrophic death and destruction”  ….. This site is NOT a conspiracy theory type of organization, but a legitimate scientific research outfit … and when reading this, it confirms what I’ve been seeing take place for quite some time. … I’ve been tracking all this stuff for some 35 years now  (I know I’m sick)  because of my fascination with Bible prophecy, and I can tell you that events such as earthquakes, famine, volcanoes, and the like have been increasing at an ever rapid pace … (quadruple since 1980!) … I can guarantee you that these are the “Birth pains” Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24:8  …. so don’t be one of the ‘naysayers’ that always tell us that this stuff has always gone on .. it has, but not to this degree!  2 Peter 3:3-4 speaks directly to these folks. It says that “In the last days, scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.  4) They will say, ‘Where is this coming he promised?'” ….  Trust me when I say that He is coming .. and very soon!!!
August 22

*Fox News – “2012 on course to be worst West Nile Virus year ever: CDC says cases rising at alarming rate” 

*Fox News – “School under fire for allowing churches to feed football team” 
The culprit? … The ‘Freedom From Religion’ group … and man, are they paranoid about God, or what?!  It’s so interesting to see how hard these people work to ‘stamp out’ our God … it has to be a guilty conscience or something of that sort to create such a strong desire to do this. … As difficult as it is, our job is simply to pray fore these poor, determined, and lost souls … How sad it must be to live in such a world without any hope ………. Just wondering, but would they take food from a church if maybe they were starving? .. or something? …….
*The Bottom Line – “Americans throw away 40% or their food: Study” 

I don’t usually mention these types of stories, but …. this is most likely true …. and incredibly sad!  Think about it! … over one billion people in this world go to bed hungry every night ..   and we throw away almost half of what is given to us! …………  reckoning is coming!!

*WND Money – “Fourth straight year of trillion dollar deficit” 

How long can this go on? … and as we know, no one seems to know how or be able to agree on how to “fix” this massive problem ………….  not much longer …

*Rapture Ready – “Radical Islam joins the DNC” 

In this article, the specifically mentioned muslim leaders who are heading up this deal are known radicals with their ultimate stated intent to be ‘Islamist supremacy’ in the U.S. …. How nice! … Anything to get the votes …. 

*France 24 – “U.S. corn, soy prices hit records as drought lingers” 
……..  and we throw away almost half of our food?! …

*BBC News – “Greece asks for more time to finalize austerity cuts” 

I sincerely doubt Germany will accept this, which could start the ‘domino effect’  … as soon as everyone gets back from vacation, watch out!  

*Volcano Discovery – “Explosive activity increases at Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano”

August 23
*CNBC – “Odds of global recession are now 100% – Leading world economists” 

Duh!!! …. What have I been saying? … This is how the coming ‘world leader’ will gain control of the reigns of global government. … It’s just around the proverbial corner ……

Well, that’s it for another week of fun-filled news and information. … I’ve already ranted enough in the individual stories themselves, so I’ll spare you any more details …  
I want to thank you all for two specific things this week. … First, we had our second-highest number of visits to our sight this past week.  I & Mary thank you all so much and continue to encourage each of you to send our site on to your list of contacts.  It is so much appreciated! ….. And secondly, my wife is home from the hospital & is in the recovery period.  She was in real trouble for a time, but all your prayers were felt and ultimately resulted in her healing. … May God richly bless each of you as we continue in our journey through these most interesting times …. I’m so glad I get to share them with each of you …
Until next time,


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