September 21

*Drudge Report – Day of Love

   -Pakistan explodes in protest: 
17 killed …
   -Protests in Iran, Indonesia, Iraq,
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Kashmir …
   -Message: Obama, our patience has its
limits … Don’t blame us if your citizens die …
Why don’t we just bring our people home and leave
these ‘radical religionists’ to their own devices …

*Drudge Report – “100 days to go until largest
tax hike in history … Taxmaggedon!”
*CBS News – “McDonald’s calls police on man
dressed as ‘The Burger King’ “

….. This has nothing to do with anything, but
I felt, after all that is going on … we needed this …

*BBC News – “Israeli soldier and militants
killed in Egypt border clash”

So much for Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt …
looks like it’s a ‘dead duck’ …. No border is safe for God’s chosen
people …………..

September 22

*Jerusalem Post – “Iranian commanders: 
Israel-Iran war will eventually happen and it will speed up Israel’s

………. More ‘positive’ news from Israel’s neighbors

*Balkan Daily News – “West Nile Virus kills
5 in Balkans, dozens in hospitals”

*Physics – “23 nuclear power plants are in
tsunami-risk areas”

This is ‘wonderful’ & uplifting news! ……..

*Windsor Star – “Volatile Mount Lokon erupts
with smoke, ash in northern Indonesia”

… this now makes 5 active volcanoes in Indonesia
alone ……

*The Weekly Standard – “Sarah Palin: 
America desperately needs to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment”

At least one of them ‘gets it’ …. and it is our
ONLY hope ……

September 23

*Mail Online – “More Americans now commit suicide
than are killed in car crashes as miserable economy takes its toll”

*Bloomberg – “European leaders struggle to
overcome fresh crisis stalemate”

   -Discord over banking loans …
   -Spain’s new austerity program …
   -Greece’s ongoing debt & public
discord …
   -Italy’s coming financial aid request

September 24

*BBC News – “New ‘Sars-like’ coronavirus identified
by UK officials”

*Reuters – “Iran threatens a pre-emptive strike
on Israel – Warns any conflict will be the start of World War 3”

……… closer & closer …………………..

*World – “Egypt’s new leader seeks
to ‘revise’ ’79 peace treaty with Israel – Militarize the Sinai”

The one muslim country treaty … and now America’s
president is turning his back … The prophecies of Zechariah &
many more are coming front & center … Israel will ‘stand alone’
in these final days … another sign that time is extremely short!

*The Telegraph – “World on track for record
food prices ‘within a year’ due to U.S. drought”

*BBC News – “German Catholics lose church rights
for unpaid tax”

Comment from article:  “Germany’s Roman
Catholics are to be denied the right to Holy Communion or religious
burial if they stop paying ‘special church tax’.” …. The article
goes on to say that the bishop’s decree states that anyone failing to
pay the tax … an extra 8% of their income tax bill … will no longer
be considered Catholic. … What?! … Where do these people come up
with this stuff?!  ……. But seriously, who’s fault is it? ..
If the people knew the ‘true’ teachings of their Savior, they would
flee from this ridiculous nonsense … completely ‘clean’ & without
a guilty conscience ………..

*Fox News – “President Obama does ‘The View’
TV show, but excludes meetings with world leaders … schedule ‘just
too busy’ “

…… Can this guy be any more embarrassing to
this nation? ………

*The Weekly Standard- “Obama refers to Israel
concern over Iran as ‘Noise’ “

……. Didn’t Chamberlain say the same thing about
Hitler & Nazi Germany?

*Freedom Mail – “Obama downgrades U.S. – Israel

Article goes on to say that Israel went from “being
our closest ally in the middle east” to “one of America’s
allies in the middle east” … Anybody see a trend in these last
three articles? …….. just sayin’

*Fox News – “Fear for crops as bees disappear
at alarming rate”

There’s all kinds of theories, but no real answer
… and why should we really care?  … Almost half of everything
we eat depends upon bee pollination! … You think food prices are high
now?  … and what about the billion-plus that go to bed hungry
every night? … it would only grow much more rapidly  … once
again, another ‘pestilence’ is upon us ……

September 25

*Japan Times – “Powder keg:  50 Taiwanese
boats intrude area near Senkakus – Japan wards off boats with water

*Space Weather – “Scientists eye large, newly
discovered comet that might crash into the sun in 2013”

*The News – “33 dead, 1.5 million displaced
by flooding in India”

*Natural News – “UK hospitals on the verge
of collapse as socialized medicine fails”

….. Doesn’t this sound a bit like ‘Obamacare,
disguised as the ‘Affordable Care Act’?” … We’re just a few short
years behind facing the same catastrophic results … that is if it
is NOT repealed, or the world as we know it is still around ….

*Hindustan Times – “Earthquake shakes northern

* – “Super-typhoon Jelawat threatens
Philippines & Taiwan”

….. and another one … they just keep getting
bigger & bigger & bigger …….

*World Net Daily – “Iran official: ‘Big War’
means Mahdi’s coming”

What is so dangerous about this statement is that
they, the Iranian leadership, believe they must start a war so that
their version of a savior, the Mahdi, will return to earth ….. and
how close are they to nuclear weapons capabilities?! …..

*Reuters – “In New York, defiant Ahmadinajad
says Israel will be eliminated”

This guy is the president of Iran and one of the
‘Mahdi – war starting believers’ … We must pray for Israel! ….

*Slate – “Watch your tongue:  Law enforcement
Speech Recognition System stores millions of voices”

…. And another technological step towards the
soon-coming ‘Mark of the Beast”  (see Revelation 13) ….

*Fox News – “France set to ban words “Mother”
& Father” on official documents under plans to legalize Gay

….. How long, O Lord, are you going to wait before
ending this never-ending & rapidly-increasing debauchery?

September 26

*The New York Times – “Financial Markets tumble
on news of unrest in Greece & Spain”

Comment from article:  “Clear signs of
political & social unrest sends world markets tumbling.”

*RT Live – “Clashes erupt as thousands rally
in Athens – Firebombs set national park ablaze”

*Reuters – Spain rocked by violent protests – Country
could break apart”

*CNBC – “Honeymoon over as markets brace for
volatile times”

Just look at these first four articles starting
off this day!  …. and it’s just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ …
not to sound like a ‘know-it-all’, but what have I been saying ….
Summer is over & it’s coming baaaaaaaack!!!

*Reuters – “6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes
Gulf of California”

*Presna Latina – “Increase in eruptive activity
at Mexico’s Popocatepete volcano”

*Rapture Ready – Pestilence

   -New type of swine flu detected in
Ontario …
   -U.S. reports 1st death from new swine
flu – H3N2 …
   -Yosemite Hantavirus warning now includes
22,000 visitors:  3 dead …
   -New Sars-related virus believed to
have killed one …
   -5 people suspected to have contacted
Sars-like virus in Denmark …
   -Viral disease Chikungunya affects
100 residents in southern Philippines …

*Associated Press – “Ahmadinajad pushes New
World Order”

……… and so does many more world leaders, including
our President Obama, at this week’s UN international gathering … …
The set-up for an ultimate ‘World Leader’ marches forward at an ever-increasing
pace ……
…….. I wonder who it is? ………… Watch
the EU countries closely for an emerging powerful & charismatic
newcomer …… (See next week’s commentary for a more complete picture)

*Joel Rosenberg – “Ahmadinajad’s end-times
speech to the UN:  Gives most detailed explanation of Twelfth Imam
to date;  tells UN leaders Mahdi will ‘soon’ reign over world” 

… This is the same stuff we saw just a few articles
back (Sept. 25th) – These ‘nut-cases’ really believe that by starting
a war, they are setting the stage for ushering in their savior &
world leader! … I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement
where he said that “Iran having nuclear capabilities is no different
than Al Queda having the same” … it’s a scary world we live in!

*CNBC – “Fed virtually funding the entire U.S.

…… and how long can the ‘money out of thin air’ 
keep us going? … Trust me when I say … Not long! ……

September 27

*The Extinction Protocol – “6.4 magnitude earthquake
strikes Aleutian Islands region of Alaska”

*Sky News – “Mount Marapi volcano erupts with
thick smoke”

Comment from article:  “There are now
some 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, which is located on the Pacific
Ring of Fire … an arc of volcanoes & fault lines encircling the
Pacific basin” …..

That’s it for another week full of ‘interesting’
prophecy-related news stories. … What jumped out at me mostly this
week were two things … First, the ‘renewal’ of world economic strife,
which I believe is just the beginning of further global deterioration
of world markets … and second is the focus of world leaders on just
that … a global world leader to come and save us from ourselves …….
Now I’m telling you straight up, if this doesn’t get the attention of
people with even an inkling of Bible prophecy knowledge, then nothing
will … but I guess that’s even scriptural .. that the masses will
be deceived in the end times ….

I plan on writing more about this in my next commentary,
due out the first of the week. … Hopefully, this may help clear up
this confusing picture for some of you ….. and if you live somewhat
locally, don’t forget that I will be starting an end-times study which
will cover this subject, as well as most all the other stuff going on
all around us ….. and it won’t just be a lecture, but a time of teaching
from the Bible as well as question & answer times. … If you are
curious about what is going on and want to understand more, plan on
attending.  I would love to meet any and all of you…….. Once
again, it will start on Tuesday, October 9th, and every Tuesday following
… 6:30 PM at Chehalem Valley Baptist Church in Newberg … See you

Until next time,


PS – Podcasts are coming soon!!!

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