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November 27, 2012

Wait ’til you hear this headline! …. The Daily News, on November 25th, ran this article …… “Church offering concealed-carry weapons training to attract members”….. I know this may sound somewhat ‘normal’ for today’s church here in America, but this is absolutely ridiculous!

Thinking for just a moment though, this really shouldn’t surprise me …….. In recalling a recent comment from a fellow ‘Christian’ brother, he said this to me …. “I’m buying some guns because of everything that’s going on.” … Then I said innocently, “And what do you intend to do with them?” .. He, without a moment’s hesitation, said that if civil chaos came and someone tried to take his ‘stuff’, he would shoot them. I then asked him a simple question …. “And what translation of the Bible are you reading?” ……
… and sadly, many more feel the same way ….

Since the Obama re-election, there have been several news stories about the soaring gun sales in America. … The reasons given are ‘Fear of social breakdown’ … ‘Police departments cutting back due to budget deficits’ … ‘The ongoing political discussion concerning gun control’ … and on & on …

Here’s some statistics that may surprise you … 270 million guns in American homes (that’s 9 privately owned for every 10 people). … And what about guns per capita by country:

*United States – 89%
*Serbia – 58%
*Yemen – 55%
*Switzerland – 46%
*Saudi Arabia – 35%
*Iraq – 34%
*Canada – 31%
*Germany – 30%

Isn’t it interesting that we, the United States, have, by far, the most privately owned weapons, but are considered to be a leading Christian nation? … For the life of me, it just doesn’t make any sense! … Trust God, but buy guns, just in case? … In case of what?! ……. But this is what is ‘in’ today … the Gospel of convenience … mold it to fit the situation, regardless of what that may be … Sadly, it is difficult to get ‘Believers’ to see the Kingdom of God as exclusive, and that it isn’t necessarily in step with the ‘worldly’ systems… that it isn’t always going to feel ‘comfortable’ to them ….

OK, so let’s do something different … let’s look to Scripture to see what it says concerning this stuff …
To start, John 18:36 says this … “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the jews. But now, my kingdom is from another place.” … Continuing, in Matthew 5:39, Jesus says this, “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” …. Doesn’t get much plainer than that … For more, Romans 12:19 states, “Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord” … and doesn’t the 6th Commandment specifically say NOT to take another’s life?

The Word of God clearly tells us that there will be very difficult times in these last days. In fact, Matthew 24:21 says, “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equaled again.”

Simply, the bottom line is this … many who call themselves Christians actually ridicule the idea of ‘Divine Protection’ … “Having a form of godliness but denying its power.” (2 Timothy 3:5)

GOD IS REAL!!! …………………………. HIS POWER IS REAL!!!

Let me finish with just a couple more Scriptures … 2 Peter 2:9 says, “….. The Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgement.” …… And finally, 1 John 3:22 states, “… Receiving from Him anything we ask, because we obey His commands and do what pleases Him.” ……………

……… Are you doing what is pleasing to Him? …… That question is about to become one of LIFE & DEATH …. Do you have God’s protection?

Until next time,


November 16

*Drudge Report – Middle East Update

   -Israel mobilizes ground forces for
an incursion into Gaza, after rockets fired at Jerusalem …
   -Deluge of rockets fired into Israel
   -Tanks mass,  30,000 reservists
called up …
   -Egypt PM to visit Gaza in support
of Hamas …
   -Thousands protest in Cairo …
and the liberal press says ………..
   -CNN uses footage of ‘faked’ Palestinian
injuries …
   -Associated Press corrects story calling
Jerusalem capital of Israel …

*Joel Rosenberg – “Israeli officials tell nation
to prepare for 7 weeks of war”

….. We sure wouldn’t want to upset or offend those
muslims who, by the way, are attacking our one ally in that region ….

*Big Island Now – “6.4 magnitude earthquake
strikes Kuril Islands: 8th major quake in 8 days”

*Jakarta Post – “Indonesia’s Mount Rokatenda
spews ash, hundreds evacuate”

*Radio Australia – “New Zealand volcano on
verge of eruption”

*BBC – “Growing concerns over ‘in the air’
transmission of Ebola”

……… Pestilence ……..

*EU Observer – “Five EU countries call for
new military ‘structure’ “

…… As I’ve been saying, watch these guys! ……….

*Drudge Report – Economic Woes

   -Federal Housing Authority $16.3 billion
in ‘red’ …
   -Despite $15.9 billion loss, U.S. Postal
Service execs see boost in pay …
   -Thousands of LAX workers set for walk-out
on busiest day of the year …
   -Union strike kills cupcake king …
   -Hostess Brands to lay off 18,000 workers:
Labor boss blames Romney …
   -Walmart workers plan ‘black friday’
walkout  …

*New York Post – “Audience member vomits over
balcony at Broadway play”

… Again, don’t ask …………………………………………
Maybe he or she read the news …..
November 17

*Daily News – “No meteoritic or alien connection
with ‘Red Rain’ falling in Sri Lanka”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Number Nine: 
6.1 magnitude quake strikes Tonga region of South Pacific”  

*Drudge Reoort – War Update

   -Iron Dome intercepts missiles over
Tel Aviv …
   -Rockets fired from Egypt hit Israel
   -Israel retaliates with 200 missile
strike on Gaza …
   -Air raids after 75,000 reservists
called up …
   -Hamas headquarters destroyed …
   -Hamas targets Jerusalem …
  -Over 60 rockets pound southern Israel as
sirens wail …
   -Iran says muslim world must strike
back at Israel for Gaza attacks …  

*CBS – “Burglar leaves behind his car, evidence
and photos of himself” 

……. This guy most likely works for the government!

November 18

*Space Weather – “Signs in the sun, moon, and
stars and upon the earth, a distress of nations with perplexity: 
Massive explosion seen on the sun”

………. Very interesting … Here’s another
‘secular’ news site using Biblical passages to describe current events
…. and once again, we ‘lucked out’ because it wasn’t aimed at us …

*The Jerusalem Post – “Rockets from Gaza hit
Beersheba, Ashkelon, Ashdod …”

*Market Watch – “Marijuana – Dispenser stocks
get too high:  Shares up 3,000% in one week”

…… Shows clearly where our trust & focus
really is ……

November 19

*Space Daily – “High levels of radiation found
in Fukushima’s fish”

… Isn’t it interesting how NO ONE is talking about
this nuclear disaster … I guess the attitude is that if we ignore
it, it will go away … but radiation just doesn’t ‘go away’ …. I’m
telling you that if the Lord doesn’t come back right away, this disaster
will eventually wreak major havoc on this planet! 

*International Times – “Pakistan shaken by
twin tremors of 5.4 & 4.5 magnitude”

*Drudge Report – War Update

   -Hamas leader dares Israel to invade!
   -While trying to mediate, Egypt blames
Israel …
   -Israel sends Hamas 36 hour ultimatum
   -Rockets spread panic in Tel Aviv …
   -U.S. sends warships in case evacuation
needed …
   -Museums hide art …
   -Turkish PM:  Israel is terrorist
   -Death count soars as Israel intensifies
air strikes …

*NBC News – “Israel ‘assassinates’ nearly 40
alleged militants in 6-day bombardment”

… Notice the terminology of this liberal and obviously
anti-semite news outlet … ‘assassinated’? …. ‘alleged’ militants?
… Aren’t these the ‘nut-cases’ that fired hundreds of rockets into
Israel’s cities? …… Unbelievable! …….

*Orlando Sentinel – “Florida hospitals to cut
record number of jobs”

*World Net Daily – “Horrors of FEMA disaster

Comment from article:  “One lady said
that ‘they treat us like prisoners … We honestly feel like we’re in
a concentration camp.’ “

November 20

*Lalate News – “Magnitude 5.2 quake erupts
west of Santiago, Chile” 

*EU Observer – “France stripped of top financial

*Drudge Report – “Senate bill re-write lets
feds read your e-mail without warrants”

…. It’s just a warm-up folks … Big brother is
closing in, and soon it will be the ‘way of life’ all across this land
… including the churches …

* – “Student expelled for refusing
Location Tracking Device badge”

…… Just a snap-shot of the coming “Mark
of the Beast” (See Revelation 13) …

November 21

*The Extinction Protocol – “Panic on Mt. Tongariro,
as New Zealand volcano erupts”

*CBS News – “Fear of civil war in Congo”

*Fox News – “6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes
central Chile”

………… and another one! ….

*The Washington Times – “Incoming U.S. Congress
least devout, most religiously diverse”

…… This should explain a lot concerning the
demise of our nation …..

*CNS News – “U.S. Department of Labor observes
‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ “

……… This explains even more ……

*CNBC – “Morgan Stanley’s doom scenario: Major
recession in 2013”

… Duh!!! … I’m surprised its held off this long
….. oh yeah, we just had a big election ….

*Joel Rosenberg – “Cease-fire agreements announced
between Israel & Iran-backed Palestinian factions in Gaza: 
Will it hold?

November 22

*The Extinction Protocol – “Indonesia’s Mount
Lokon volcano shaken by double eruption”

*ABC News – “Tensions mount:  Chile
shaken by 7 moderate earthquakes in just 24 hours”

*BBC News – “EU budget summit opens with hard

…. Watch this one closely …..

*Associated Press – “U.S. debt expands to $16,253,547,000,000”

….. How much longer can this go on …… &
take just a moment to ‘write’ out this amount … It really hits home
when you do this …………..

*NBC News – “Worst U.S. drought in memory deepens
to cover 60% of lower 48 states”

Once again, another week has rapidly passed us by
… and like last week, the ‘prophecy-related news’ just doesn’t seem
to let up …. It truly is like the “Birth Pains” Jesus talked
about in Matthew 24:8 …. events are happening much more frequently
& with much more intensity. ….
…….. and like I said in my last commentary,
it’s not just one area … but most all of them … wars & rumors
of wars … famine … earthquakes …. pestilences such as freaky weather,
volcanoes, potential plagues … drought …. radiated fish … and
on & on …

As I write this, it is Thanksgiving day … and
while many folks are thankful for various things, I want to say that
I am thankful for the knowledge of knowing that no matter what happens
next in this chaotic world, Jesus is there for me … no matter what
the circumstances. … While many people have a deep-felt fear of what
they think may be coming to this planet, I have none! …
…Because of what He has taught me, I know I am
safe in His arms, no matter what takes place ..  Hallelujah!!!!

My prayer for each of you is that you find this
‘peace’ that is waiting for you … all you have to do is ask … and
believe in Him!

Until next time,

November 20, 20121

Can any of you believe what is happening all around
us right now? ….. In all my 35 years of being a ‘Bible prophecy watchman,’
I’ve never seen so many things happening at once all around us! …
Not even close! … and as each day goes by, I cannot wait to pull up
the international headlines just to see what is happening …. It’s
simply amazing!!!

Let’s start with Israel …The Bible says very clearly
that in the last days, Israel would be surrounded by her enemies and
that she would stand alone to face them (Zechariah 12:3).  …
As we read this, she is under assault by enemies that have sworn her
destruction … and of course, she is fighting back. … Some are speculating
that this may be the prelude to the war spoken of by the prophet Ezekiel
in Chapters 38 & 39 of his book, which takes place right before
the Tribulation period.  … It is possible, but I think not, simply
because Russia, which is Magog in Ezekiel’s prophecy, is remaining on
the sidelines, at least for the moment. … Still others think it might
be the Psalm 83 War, which involves several of the modern-day countries
which border the current state of Israel. … This also takes place
in the latter times and I would be more inclined to think this could
maybe be that one. … Whatever, we need to watch it very closely ..
and yes, it is definitely another sign of the final moments of the Church
age.  (“You will hear of wars and rumors of wars …”
Matthew 24:6) ……..

… And what about earthquakes & volcanoes?
… In just the past 10 days, we’ve had more large (6.0 or greater)
quakes than ever! … And as each day passes, more & more volcanoes,
most of which have been either dead or dormant for centuries are now
all of a sudden coming to life!  … Now I know that the ‘skeptics’
say these things have always been around … and while this is true,
not at the intensity or frequency that we now see. … The simple fact
is, earthquakes alone have increased 4-fold since 1980 .. and volcanoes?
.. According to even the most skeptical scientists, they agree that
current global volcanic activity is at an unusually high level … and
more disconcerting is, several of the ‘super’ ones are showing signs
of life (Yellowstone in Wyoming, Iceland, etc).  … If one of
these ‘babies’ should one day let go, life as we know it on planet earth
would be unrecognizable … (“There will be great earthquakes,
famines and pestilences ….”Luke 21:11) ……..

OK, so let’s talk about famine. In the past several
years leading up to 2012, we’ve witnessed growing famine conditions
all across the globe … and then this past year, it grew to levels
not seen in modern history! … Russia, India, Africa, South America,
and even here in the U.S., we saw famine of unprecedented proportions
…..of which we are seeing just the ‘beginnings of sorrows’ as we move
into the coming year. … Predicted global food shortages are staggering!
.. Even before these conditions came upon us, we had nearly a billion
souls going to bed every night hungry … and that was before …. 

As for more pestilence, just look at the ‘crazy’
storm systems taking place all across the world. … Just the recent
storm that devastated the east coast of America is an example of what
we are seeing everywhere.
… Yes, I know that we’ve also always had storms
and weather havoc, but NOT like now! .. These monsters are unprecedented
in history. …. And what does the Bible say?  … “All these
are the beginning of birth pains.” …. Matthew 24:8)

And what about this? …  In Luke 21:25, Christ
said that “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. 
On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity … ” …..
What have we seen in just the past few weeks? … Explosions on the
sun of unprecedented size … described as ‘huge’ or ‘massive’ … ones,
that if directed toward the earth, could cause unspeakable damage to
our modern way of life. … Also, we all of a sudden are hearing about
asteroids, comets and alien objects not mentioned even just a few years
In fact, NASA claims that it’s just a ‘matter of
time’ before a large object from space hits us. … Isn’t that uplifting!
There’s more of course, but I want to finish up
with what I consider the major sign (besides Israel) that convinces
me we are at the threshold of our Lord’s imminent return … and that
is the condition of the world’s economy. … The Bible teaches that
in the last days, a global government would come upon the scene and
dominate mankind for but a short period of time. … This government
will rise up in the form of the Revived Roman Empire … specifically
the territory now encompassing most of the European Union. … How can
this happen you may ask? …. First, America, the world’s only remaining
super-power, is weakening by the hour, leaving room for a new economic
power to rise up. … Again the Bible, in the Book of Daniel, tells
of a 10-nation confederacy that will rise up out of the old Roman Empire.
…. As the world’s economy continues to disintegrate, a new charismatic
leader will rise up and claim to have all the answers for the world’s
ills … just like in Germany prior to WW ll. …. The current European
Union, one that is currently evolving and will settle into a 10-nation
or region confederacy, will be the seat of power for this new world
leader … known in Bible prophecy as the anti-christ.

I know all of this seems ‘impossible’ to our human
way of thinking …. but, ready or not, the time of the end is upon
us!  Just look at our own country for a moment! …. Moral chaos
… trillions & trillions of government debt … the government
forming and arming a ‘homeland’  army & buying weapons and
ammunition by the truckloads … the public arming itself with record-setting
gun sales … crime rates soaring … families killing each other …
public shootings ………………….  Where does it stop &
when will it end? …. If you are reading this, you should know the
answer … and that is when the Lord Jesus Christ comes back to rule
this fallen planet!

Just a few years back, a great Bible man in his
80’s named Elbert Peak said this …. “When I was a young man just
starting out in ministry, you had to scratch around like a chicken just
to find one prophetic sign … but now? … Each day I get out of bed,
I expect to hear the trumpet blow!” … How true this statement
is! … Just in my 35+ years of watching, I can’t even begin to tell
you how much it has all changed, especially in just the past couple
of years. … When Jesus mentioned the “birth pains” relating
to the frequency & intensity of all these signs, as usual, He knew
what He was talking about! …

Luke 21:28 says this …. “When these things
begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption
is drawing near.” ………. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Until next time,

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