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November 6, 2012

Finally!  Election day is here! ,,, It seems
as though this campaign has been going on for some 50 years or so ….
but alas! ….. as Baptist pastor Rick Frueh said so eloquently …
America will now be “electing the King of Babylon.” ……
Now I could take this and run with it, but not just now ………….

What I want to focus on today is HOPE …. and that
this hope isn’t going to hinge upon who’s elected today, tomorrow, or
ever … that this hope is not dependent upon what takes place in this
chaotic world we currently are living in ……

What triggered this writing were the responses from
my last commentary,  “Journey to Judgement.” … Here’s
just a few samples:  Anonymous said that I was “cynical”
…. Marci stated that “truth is so full of sorrow and wretchedness”
… and finally, Onthemark55 referred to the “bad News” and
how “prophecy can be depressing … doom, gloom & damnation’

Now I do know these folks realize that better things
will soon befall us, but the current conditions do reflect their words
of distress …. and when we look at just the ‘last days’ prophetic
scenario, it is scary! … and most of us prophecy ‘watchmen’, including
me, sometimes forget to talk about what the end result will be when
all these terrible things soon come to pass.

In a brief overview, this is how it will all unfold
… and I believe in my lifetime (I’m currently 70 years old) …

     *Continuing deteriorating
world conditions as we draw ever closer to the end of the Church age
      (Matthew 24, Mark
13 & luke 21) — Jesus’ own teachings concerning these last days.

     *The Rapture of the Church
… The true believers of Jesus Christ being taken to Heaven …
      (John 14:2-3, 1 Thessalonians
4:17) … Also, Revelation 3:10 says that “since you have kept
my  command to endure patiently, I will also keep you FROM the
hour of trial that is going to come upon the world.”  (emphasis

     *The Tribulation Period
… The seven-year period immediately following the Rapture of the Church
and the end of the Church age … (Revelation 6:1 thru 19:10)

     *The Thousand Years …
When Christ returns triumphantly back to the earth with His Church to
defeat the enemies of Heaven … a time of great joy & happiness!
(Revelation 20)

     *A New Heaven and a New
Earth … Joy & peace for eternity! (Revelation 21 & 22)

Now I know it seems that all we talk about is the
doom & gloom, chaos & death during this period leading up to,
and including the Tribulation …. and when people visualize it, they
seem to see only the horror … but let us challenge it! … We know
that God is a merciful God, and in the midst of all this chaos, He will
always extend his saving power through grace. ……… To put it simply,
I believe that the coming ‘end- of-the-world’ will in reality be the
beginning of a radical new kind of life!  … The future world
that God has for us … after all the “birth Pains” are finished
… will be all about life, and life abundantly … a life with Him
for eternity!

For now, we must endure difficult conditions …
but only for a very brief period of time … and yes, we will go to
work, pay our taxes, and elect new leaders for as long as the Lord decides
to tarry … and during this time, what should our priority be? ……
Simply, tell as many people as we can about the coming glory of our
Lord’s soon-to-be-established Kingdom … and how they can overcome
the darkness of this world & join us in this future place. 
….. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Revelation 22:12 says,  “Behold, I am
coming soon!  My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone
according to what he has done.” …… 

Until next time,

October 26

*Las Vegas Sun – “Deepening Crisis:  Reports
of chemical weapons used as fierce fighting rages near Bani Walid, Libya”

… This is scary stuff!  … Just think for
a moment .. How many of these rag-tag, 2nd grade educated radical muslim
groups have access, or are currently in possession of chemical weapons?
… and the nuclear weapons technology is almost as available since
almost everyone has it now ………… 

*Jerusalem Post – “One dead, as shallow 5.3
quake shakes up southern Italy”

*Yahoo.News – “Authorities warn residents in
northern Iceland of threat of large quake, as tremors continue”

*Voice of Russia – “Kuril’s Alaid volcano wakes
up from 16 year slumber with eruption”

*CBS News – “Boeing successfully tests EMP
microwave missile”

….. Isn’t this exciting!  … Another new
way to execute war … and kill more people … Keep up the good work!
… (how do they sleep at night?)

*Natural News – “Greece turning to desperate
measures as citizens face starvation due to economic collapse”

…. Sad .. and this ‘condition’ will only grow
more widespread as the world economy continues to slide into oblivion

*Yahoo.News – “Budget cuts push Spain jobless
rate to 25 %”

October 27

*Reuters – “U.S. East Coast prepares for ‘Monster
Storm’ as Hurricane Sandy intensifies:  58 deaths linked to storm

…. Sounds like a science fiction movie …….

*Fox News – “Israel rattled by rise in anti-semitism
rhetoric from Egypt”

….. This ‘anti-semitism’ seems to be everywhere
… and rising rapidly by the day! …..

*San Francisco Gate – “Bird ‘poops’ on World
Series TV anchor live”

……… Don’t ask ………

October 28

*Joel Rosenberg – “Expert warns Hurricane Sandy
is a Monster … Behemoth Storm:  Is God about to shake us again?!

*The Extinction Protocol – “7.7 magnitude earthquake
strikes Queen Charlotte region of British Columbia:  Strongest
quake in the region in 63 years:  Hawaii on tsunami alert”

…. Are all these ‘pestilences’ a sign from God
telling us to turn ourselves back to Him, or face His wrath? …. As
you read in my last commentary … “Journey to Judgement”
… Several well-respected Christian leaders believe this to be true
… and I agree with them … We are going to ‘spit in God’s eye’ only
so long before He’s through with this blatant disregard for His teachings
… and then, watch out! … What we are seeing right now will be ‘child’s
play’ when compared to what is soon to come …. We must pray for this
nation and world … and all the people in it ….

*The Inquirer – “8 minor quakes jolt Surigao
del Norte town in a day (Philippines)”

*Saudi Gazette – “Israeli Knesset speaker to
declare ‘Oslo Accord’ dead”

Comment from article:  “Knesset speaker
Reuven Rivin will declare the ‘Oslo Peace Process’ that was to lead
to the two-state solution is dead, a report said Friday: …
….. There goes another one!  … Is there
a treaty left concerning Israel?

*Trend – “Cairo demands Israel to halt settlement

…. This would be the same as us telling Canada
to stop building in Alberta ………

October 29

*Times of India – “Tremors rumble across 5
districts in India, creating widespread panic”

*The Star – “British Columbia shaken by dozens
of aftershocks following powerful earthquake”

*The Los Angeles Times – “Magnitude 4+ quakes
felt in central California & Arkansas”

*Reuters – “Eurozone ponders best path to ‘GEMU’
… Genuine Economic Monetary Union”

…  Just more ‘adjusting’ going on in the
‘Reviving Roman Empire’ ………

*Drudge Report – Hurricane Sandy

   -Hundreds of thousands in the dark
as Connecticut officials warn of ‘most catastrophic
     event’ …
   -People are going to be fighting in
the streets over gasoline, food …
   -Gangs plan hurricane looting spree
via ‘twitter’ …
   -Water level at Battery Park reaches
11.25 feet, surpassing record set in 1821 …
   -National Guard deployed …
   -9000 flights cancelled …
   -Toxic canal flooding in NYC …
   -Stock Market closes 1st time since
1888 …

October 30

*Drudge Report – Hell & High Water

   -Epic, Monster, 1000 miles long, covers
one-third of U.S. …
   -Death toll climbs above 30 …
   -NYC subways flooded …
   -Millions now without power …
   -New Jersey levee breaks … 4 towns
flooded …
   -Con-Edison: 7-10 days to restore power
   -Tidal surge overruns 2 New jersey
towns …
   -14,000 flights cancelled …
   -Fire destroys 80+ houses in NYC …
   -Nuclear plants shut down …
   -Stock market closed for 2nd day …
   -Devastation some of the worst ever
seen – New Jersey Governor …
   -Forces diseased rats out of subway

*The Telegraph – “”Tony Blair:  The
EU needs an elected president”

……….  Now they want to ‘vote in’ the
coming anti-christ ….

*The Dispatch – “Shallow 6.3 quake off west
Canada coast”

October 31

*Drudge Report – Mega-storm

   -Sandy leaves trail of destruction
& death along U.S. east coast …
   – NYC paralyzed: 50+ dead …
   -New Yorkers in fuel scramble as storm
hit pumps …
   -Sewage, gasoline, bacteria found in
floodwater …
   -Looters target Coney island …
   -West Virginia crippled by massive
snowstorm …

*The Indian Express – “Earthquake jolts Three
Gorges Dam area in China”

*Herald – “Worldwide Illuminati
Network supporting witchcraft & pagan lifestyles to debut on Halloween”

Comment from article:  “A new worldwide
network that will support new age, witchcraft, pagan & other alternative
lifestyles and feature 24 hour online TV & radio network plus internet-on-demand
services will debut October 31…. People interested in these lifestyles
haven’t had a centralized location where they can find the latest information. 
… With the Illuminati Network, people will not only be able to find
such items as their favorite ‘occult’ radio personalities, but will
also be able to find information on alternative lifestyle events and
issues. … The network will also have children’s programming.” 

…….. Isn’t this terrific! … Now there’s more
availability to information that will lead people directly to … and
through … the ‘doors of hell’ ………………

November 1

*Healilo – “Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak
continues in Uganda:  9 dead”

*Herald News  – Global Economic Crisis

   -EU’s jobless rate hits new high of
11.6% …
   -Study finds Palestinian economy is
teetering on the brink of  collapse …
   -Sweden pays jobless youth to move
to Norway …
   -Greece running out of cash: Government
under threat …

*CNS News – “CDC:  U.S. birth rate hits
all-time low:  40.7% of babies born to unmarried

…… More signs of a sinful & dying society

*Joel Rosenberg – “Dramatic twist:  Iran
used up some of its uranium this summer, pushing back ‘moment of truth’
8 – 10 months”

…… or maybe not …. I know I’m skeptical, but
I don’t trust these dudes as far as I can throw them ….. Could be
a ploy to put the West to sleep ……………….

*NBC News – “China ‘opposition party’ lasts
a day:  Leader gets 8 years in prison

.. Sounds like a prelude to the ‘freedom’ that will
be experienced by untold numbers in the days leading up to, and including,
the coming world government … … … Aren’t I uplifting?! ……….

Another week .. and another 7 days closer to our
Lord’s return …. I think the highlights for this week would have to
include this October 31 story … the Worldwide Illuminati Network
… it’s not like there aren’t enough ways to fill
our imaginations with evil influences … but now we can find “our
favorite occult personalities” without any problem! …. and children’s
programs? … Great! … Let’s take their young minds, already under
assault from every direction, and add paganism & witchcraft to the
list, not to mention anything else these ‘crazies’ can come up with

And of course, the other stuff that caught my eye
are several on the international scene … First, the constant ‘adjusting
& reshaping’ of the EU (European Union) …. Remember that the Book
of Daniel shows clearly that the coming world government & its ruler
.. the anti-christ .. will come out of this general area … which at
one time constituted a major part of the original Roman Empire ……
Another is the nation of Israel: The continuing ‘isolation’ from the
nations of the world. … The few treaties that were just recently in
place are all but gone … the rapidly rising anti-semitism showing
up in almost all corners of society ……. and certainly the ‘Pestilences’
that are befalling our nation as well as the rest of the world … Is
it God’s judgement? … is it simply global warming, as some would have
us believe? … is it coincidence, as even more would support? ….
My opinion is obvious, and I believe supported by the Holy Scriptures.
… If any of you have other thoughts, they are certainly welcome in
the comment section of this site …………..

Know that I am Praying for each of you as we continue
to face difficult days … and thank you all for your support of this
site. … It is growing by the day and that is because of each of you
… Have a Blessed week ……

Until next time,

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