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December 21

*Terra Daily – “Future belongs to the microbes? 
WHO head warns of diseases set to rise”

*Algemeiner – “22 UN General Assembly resolutions
targeted Israel this year … 4 for the rest of the world”

….. You think there might be some bias here? …
Only the ‘enemy’ could create such a blatant example of ‘deceived’ behavior
among so many supposedly intelligent people …

*Shofar Ministries – “Iran spiritual leader: 
Prepare for environment that will bring ‘Mahdi’/end times”

…. and that belief is based upon violence &
war … a total ‘corruption’ of any attempt toward peaceful resolutions

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Hate speech’ targets
2nd amendment supporters”

….. This story was aimed mostly toward those who
own guns, etc. …. but even more noteworthy, for me at least, is the
fact that as this momentum toward the issue of ‘hate speech’ evolves,
the more areas of debate it will involve, which then can .. and most
likely will .. cover topics such as homosexuality, etc…. and if this
should happen (I believe when), any of us who disagrees with the mainstream
thinking will be censored, at the least …..  

December 22

WE’RE STILL HERE !!! …… Another fantasy ‘bites
the dust’ ……

*Terra Daily – “Winter solstice brings deadly
cold wave to northern Europe’

     -49 die in Poland …

     -Russia’s coldest winter
since 1938 …

     -Season of misery: 
England plagued by heavy rain & flooding …

*Argentina Today – “Copahue volcano erupts
along Chili-Argentine border: Alert level raised”

*Rappler – “Strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake
strikes off Vanuatu”

*The Smoking Gun – “Formal reprimand issued
to flatulent federal worker”

…… The first thing that came to my mind was
elected officials … can you imagine if they would formally reprimand
every one of these who was passing gas?! ..

*World Net Daily – “German Official: Jews should
go to Uganda”

…. and the ‘love’ for God’s people continues to
grow ….

*World Net Daily – “Progressive church: 
Time for Jesus to ‘come out’ “

…. The sheer stupidity & ignorance of some
of today’s church ‘leaders’ never ceases to amaze me … What an insult
to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ … I will personally stand against
this blasphemy for as long as I am able, and then when they shut down
this site, I will go to the streets and shout it as loud as I can ……

December 23

*Reuters – “North Korea now has US within missile

…. Comforting news …

*The Telegraph – “Christianity ‘close to extinction’
in the middle east”

…. and it’s mainly because of those ‘peace-loving’
… warm & welcoming … but only on occasion … militant muslims

*Associated Press – “2 dead as street market
looting spreads in Argentina”

….. Another civil ‘hot-spot …. bad things like
this will only increase as the world’s economy continues to deteriorate

*Drudge Report – “Philly schools installing
free condom dispensers over Christmas break”

…. Another ‘great’ educational breakthrough for
today’s modern system …. Basically, this says to the kids that sex
is OK, but be sure to ‘protect’ yourselves …… Simply, it promotes
it! ….

December 24 

*Accuweather – “Christmas chaos:  Turbulent
system to send tornadoes, storms, and snow careening across much of
the U.S.”

*The Telegraph – “A ‘dad’ is the 10th most
popular Christmas request”

…. How sad! …… What does this say about our
society …  tragic!

*Fox News – “Pope calls for God in fast-paced

…. I don’t agree with the Catholic Church on many
issues, but the Pope is absolutely right on this one … It’s really
sad how ‘little’ time most have for God these days … but drive by
a sports field on any given Sunday and the parking lots are jammed!
… There are many more examples, but this is enough … for now ….

Christmas Day

*Terra Daily – “Weather goes haywire over Europe: 
Scientists baffled by erratic swings of the jet stream”

…… of course they are baffled! …. Didn’t Jesus
Himself prophecy great pestilence in these final days? … Interesting
that most of these types NEVER consult the infallible Word of God ….

*The Telegraph – “Church of England: Don’t
feel guilty to shop on Christmas day”

…. No comment ……

December 26

*The Moscow Times – “5.2 magnitude quake strikes
2014 Olympic host Sochi”

*Gulf News. com – “Israel fears EU may push
for peace in 2013”

…. Not good for the jewish homeland … The ‘reviving
Roman Empire’ may try to ‘force the issue’ …

*The Blaze – “Hamas leader tells ‘Education’
conference Israel is a ‘cancerous tumor’ that must be removed”

…. Isn’t this the same Hamas that White House
nominee for Secretary of State John Hagel says is NOT a terrorist group?
… Once again, another ‘positive’ sign towards Israel from this current
administration …..

*The Washington Times – “Fathers ‘vanishing’
from households all across America”

…… Again, another sign of the times we live
in ……

December 27

*The Blaze – “Piers Morgan:  Both the
Bible and U.S. Constitution are ‘inherently flawed’ and need to be amended”

…. As far as the Constitution is concerned, it
IS human and just may be flawed … but the Bible? … If we are to
believe it is all God-inspired .. as I do .. then that would make him
totally, and ‘fatally’ wrong. … and sadly, it would seem many of the
‘new-age’ churches agree with him as they are ‘amending’ the Word in
many areas so as to fit into today’s modern way of thinking ….

*The Independent – “Brighter than a full moon: 
The biggest star of 2013 … could be Ison … the comet of the century”

…….. and just wait …. doomsayers will somehow
find a way to make this into the next ‘earth civilization-ending’ phenomena
….. and after that, the coming “blood moon” of 2015 ….
and then ………….

*CNS News – “Social Security ran $48 billion
deficit in FY 2012” 

….. It was just a few years ago that this program
was projected to be solvent until 2036! … This just is another indicator
of how fast this current government is spending our money! … Just
how long this can last is anyone’s guess, but common sense says not
long! ….

Well that’s it for another ‘fun-filled’ week of
news …. and even though the Mayans were very intelligent, and way
ahead of their time, they were NEVER  ahead of God’s time … and
beings we are still here, that would certainly support this opinion
….  but next we will see hysteria over the coming of Comet Ison
… and then the Blood Moon due to take place in 2015 …. more hype
for the mis-informed ….

As for me, I will never consider setting any kind
of date, or pin my emotions on worldly events.  … As we know,
Bible prophecy says that many  scary things would take place in
the last days …. in fact, Luke 21:25 says that “There will be
signs in the sun, moon and stars” in these precarious times ….
but also remember that Jesus said that even He didn’t know the exact
time … only the Father Himself …

Here’s what we do know … that time is short and
we MUST do everything we can to spread the “Good News” to
as many as possible before time does run out …. so STOP RIGHT NOW
… think of someone you’ve been thinking of sharing with … and DO
IT! …. The cost of NOT doing so is much greater than the possibility
of us suffering from personal rejection ….

2013 is just around the corner, and we know that
all the craziness going on will only intensify …. so remember to put
on “The Armor of God” spoken of in Ephesians 6:10-19 ….
and please pray for Mary and I as we will be praying for each of you
…Remember, there is strength in numbers …

Until next time,


PS – Thanks for all of you new to our site. …
We’ve more than doubled in readership in just these past few weeks and
are so grateful to each of you for making this possible … and please,
keep sending us out to your contacts as this is how we will get the
Word out to all the more people … and remember, we don’t want your
money … only your attention …..

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December 25, 2012

I wrote an article some 30+ years ago with the same
title as this one when I was the editor of a public school  community
newsletter. ….. The intent to imply sarcasm then is the same as it
is this time around. … As some of you are aware, my wife Robbin &
I are in the process of moving, and needless to say, in regards to the
holiday season, the timing could not be worse!  …. Because of
all the added activity, we found ourselves, maybe for the first time
ever, at the mall on the last Saturday before Christmas. ….While I
realize we may have a legitimate excuse, how anyone could intentionally
do this to themselves is beyond me! ….  At my age, I truly didn’t
think much of anything could surprise me any longer … but I was wrong!
…. It was utter insanity!

…… Now I know this doesn’t have much to do with
Bible prophecy or the end times … or does it? … What I witnessed
this day was a great mass of people “running to and fro” …
just like the prophet Daniel said they would in the ‘end times’ (12:4).
… But more than just the ‘running to and fro’ was the impression I
got when watching people in their final chaotic attempt to fulfill holiday
obligations …. empty stares … frantic body language … total impatience
… angry responses … lack of joy … and worst of all, no signs of
any kind displayed as to the real reason for this celebrated day …
the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I felt a great sadness when I returned home that
day, and that heaviness is still with me this late Christmas evening.
… When looking back over the 35+ years I’ve been studying prophecy,
it is amazing as to how much more rapidly the world is descending into
chaos in just these past couple of years. … It is truly a clear ‘picture’
of exactly what Christ Himself meant when He said in Matthew 24:8 …  
“All these are the beginnings of birth pains.” …… simply,
terrible things happening more frequently and with greater intensity
….  … and the  looks I saw on the faces of the people
this past Saturday seem to reflect this sense of chaos … and ultimately
the helpless feeling of being unable to change it ….   

….. but also what I saw that day was an almost
perfect reflection of Christ’s words … again in Matthew 24:37-39 where
He said that people would be going about their lives just as they did
in the days of Noah … going through the motions of their daily lives
and being totally oblivious to the ‘signs of the times’ .. until one
day the ‘flood’ would come and take them all away …. How sad then
… and now …..

I want to keep it short because it is Christmas
day … but I do want to take just a moment to say to all of you out
there that are ‘running to & fro’ …. that are feeling helpless
in these day … to tell you that there is hope … that these days
of destructive human behavior .. of chaotic weather conditions .. of
world economic woes … are soon to come to an abrupt close with the
triumphant return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! … Hallelujah!!! 

I pray for peace for each of you and remind you
to put your arms around the ones you love and tell them of this hope.
…. Don’t put it off any longer. ….Time becomes shorter with each
passing day …. hour …. minute …. second ……….

Until next time,

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