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December 7

*Reuters – “7.3 & 6.2 magnitude earthquakes
strike off east coast of Japan”

…… Almost the same place as last year’s, which
damaged the Fukushima Nuclear Power facility … I wonder how much more
damage this one caused? … We’ll most likely never know until our pets
grow extra tails … stuff like that …

*RT Live – “Toxic scare:  Yellow smog
blankets Buenos Aires after chemical container explosion”

*Reuters – “EU sets out detailed ‘map’ for
Eurozone overhaul”

…. It won’t be much longer before these nations
will evolve into the Biblical outline … the end result being the revival
of the prophesied ‘Roman Empire’ ……..

*The Globe & Mail – “In Euro bloc, a bleak
economic outlook turns darker”

*BBC – “Germany’s growth forecast cut by Bundesbank”

Comment from article:  “Bank feels country’s
economy might be entering a recession” ….. This is the largest,
and by far the most powerful economy in the EU (4th largest in world)
… more bad news for the ’empire’ ….

*The Telegraph – “Japan poised to shoot down
North Korean missile”

…. “There will be wars and rumors of wars

*CNS News – “Feds now borrowing $4.8 billion
per day!” 

….. so far ….(that’s a trillion in just 200
days!) …. Warm up the printers, Big Brother ….

*CNS News – “Smith & Wesson posts 48% increase
in gun sales as demand soars”

…… I wish it was in Bible sales …. that would
have a much greater chance of ‘fixing’ what is so broken ….

*CBS News – “Salvation Army seeing record number
of families in need”

… Step up, Church! ….. 

December 8

*Jakarta Globe – “North Sulawesi’s Mount Lokon
enters 2nd day of eruption”

*Alaska Public – “Alaska burning:  Explosion
near Eagle leads to mysterious geologic ground craters:  No explanation”

*The Telegraph – “First Russia, now 2012 ‘End
of the World’ panic sweeps across China”

*Live Science – “6.3 magnitude quake strikes
north island of New Zealand”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Mysterious bright
lights and sonic booms reported over Texas skies”

…….  More ‘excuses’ for the secularists
when the Rapture takes place … we’ve all been taken to mars …… 
*World Net Daily – “Church hosting muslim convention
claims threats”

…… In this particular instance, both positions
are wrong …  A ‘Christian’ Church hosting a ‘false’ religion
is one … and ‘hate mail’ from the other side is the other … bewilders
me that something so simple to understand is so difficult for some ….

December 9

*Fox News – “University of California (Berkeley)
students want to ban Salvation Army”

….. The reason?  …  Allegation that
the charity is ‘anti gay’ … (or pro Christian) …. It won’t be long

*Sun Daily – “Deadly Typhoon Bopha makes a
u-turn back to the Philippines”

*BBC News – “U.S. Supreme Court to rule on
‘gay’ marriage cases”

…… This could be very dangerous to those of
us who stand up for basic Bible beliefs … if this should pass, our
days of ‘free speech’ will be all but over …..

*The Jerusalem Post – “Israeli PM Netanyahu:
Hamas has NO intention of compromising”

….. He is absolutely right!  … These ‘nice’
people have sworn Israel’s destruction, and they won’t stop until 

*The Daily Caller – “Food Stamp use reaches
another high in September:  47.7 million participants! …

*The Telegraph – “Europe clings to ‘Scorched
Earth’ ideology as depression deepens”

…. Look for this to only grow worse before the
‘rescuer’ comes … the anti-christ …..

*World Net Daily – “George Will:  Opposition
to ‘gay’ marriage dying”

December 10

*Radio Australia – “7.1 magnitude earthquake
strikes region of Banda Sea’

*The Guardian Express – “Philippines jolted
by 5.7 magnitude quake”

*The Examiner – “Moderate 5.2 quake reported
in New Guinea”

*Zero Hedge – “Food stamps soar by most in
16 months:  Over 1 million Americans enter poverty in last two

December 11

*The Wall Street Journal – “Major fault line
found running under nuclear reactor west of Tokyo”

…… Isn’t this just exciting news …. now we
can have another ‘Fukushima’ to deal with ….

*NBC News – “Rare December tornadoes strike
southern states”

*Arutz-Sheva – “PA issues ultimatum to Israel: 
Talk … or else!”

….. Or else what? …. They nearly live in the
dark ages and Israel has one of the most potent militaries on the planet
…. Guess they’re ‘feeling their oats’ after the UN vote … which
stands for ‘Ultimate Nothing’ ……

*U.S. News – “Scientists may have finally unlocked
puzzle of why people are ‘gay’ “

Comment from article: “Lesbians get it from
their father … gay men from mother” ….. Ya think?!
I wonder what “genius” came up with that
equation …. probably is on staff at Berkeley ….

*Fox News – “Vatican:  World not ending”

…… Now I can rest at night …..

*Fox News – “Bias alert:  ABC uses video
of hateful Westboro Baptist Church to illustrate opposition to gay marriage”

….. The liberal media does it again! … They
always use the “worst” possible examples to depict Christianity
… but then, why should I be surprised? …..

*Fox News – “U.S. gives 20 F-16 fighter jets
to Morsi’s Egypt:  Outrage grows”

….. I would think outrage should grow!  …
Nobody really knows who will end up running this country … and isn’t
Israel our ally? …. We’re just handing muslims 20 more ways to kill
anything & everyone who opposes them …..

December 12

*The Blaze – “Death to Christianity: 
Vandals desecrate Jerusalem Church with spray-painted messages of hate”

… A sign of the times … Remember, it will be

*The Telegraph – “Jedi religion most popular
alternative faith”

Comment from article:  “Today’s census
figures show that 176,632 people in England & Wales identify themselves
as “Jedi Knights”, making it the most popular faith in the
“other religion” category … the 7th most popular overall”

…. Guess this proves the world seems like a giant
‘video game’ ….

*ABC News – “Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shakes
Costa Rica”

*Ria Novosti – “Kamchatka volcano ‘flexes muscles’
in record lava spill”

*The Associated Press – “British government
to legalize same-sex marriage”

….. The rest of the world is not far behind …
and in grave danger of God’s wrath! …

*Reuters – “Florida nears 1 million permits
for concealed weapons”

……. This is great! … a perfect way to solve
humanity’s problems! … we’ll all just shoot each other! 

*Drudge Report – “New army manual orders soldiers
not to criticize ‘anything related to  Islam”

…… I wonder where that order came from? …..

*Fox News – “Holiday message:  Atheists
dub Jesus ‘myth’  on Times Square billboard”

…. Like I said, this will only go on for a very
short time  ….

*Fox News – NBC editor denounces ‘religious’ part
of Christmas”

…. and what a shocking surprise this is! ……

December 13

*Iceland Review – “Restless awakening: 
Iceland shaken by 1500 earthquakes in November”

*Reuters – “Atheists around world suffer persecution,

…. Now this is a switch! … But I do know how
they can relieve their anxieties …. turn their faces to the Lord!

*EU Observer – “Ministers agree to a deal on
EU banking union”

….. This is a big step in their soon-coming re-alignment
… stand by …

*Financial Post – “Germany will not stand in
the way … Cameron (UK) to support plans for Eurozone super-state”

….. This is even bigger!  … Germany is
the ‘main’ economic superstar in the EU … and England coming on board
only points to the desperate sense of financial despair … we are seeing
with our own eyes the foundation being laid for the government which
will one day soon be ‘run’ by the anti-christ … again, stand by …

*Mail Online – “Asteroid that came nearer to
Earth than the moon .. (but was only spotted two days before close encounter)”

Comment from article:  “Astronomers estimate
that the asteroid is about 120 ft. wide … enough to cause substantial
damage if it had hit us.”  … “There will be signs in
the sun, moon and stars ….”
(Luke 21:25)

*The Blaze – “Islam is the fastest growing
religion in England;  Christianity on the decline”

…. The current condition of the world would certainly
support this statistic …..

*The Jerusalem Post – “Syria’s chemical weapons
are loaded and ready to use”

….. And this wraps up another week filled with
headlines supporting the Biblical position that we are truly living
in the last moments of the Church age.  … I expect to hear the
‘trumpet’ at any moment ….. Christ calling His people to come ‘home’
with Him! … Hallelujah!!!

I pray that each of you has a safe and rewarding
season … a time of Spiritual renewal … that the birth of our Christ
will remind us of just how fortunate we are to know Him and His saving
power. …. and that as we move on into the coming year, to dedicate
ourselves to sharing the Gospel with as many family, friends and acquaintances
as possible. …… Who knows what the condition of this world will
be when this season rolls around again next year ……. will we still
be able to speak the truth openly? … Will means of communication like
this site still be available to each of us? … There are many who believe
that soon, Christians who follow the true teachings of the Bible will
be forced underground. … I personally don’t know how long the Lord
will tarry before He returns for us, but if it is for any length of
time, I would then agree with this thinking.

In the meantime, let us rejoice because of our many
blessings and share the reason for our joy!

Until next time,

December 11, 2012

Romans 16:17-18 says this …  “I urge
you brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles
in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. 
Keep away from them.  18) For such people are not serving our Lord
Christ, but their own appetites.  By smooth talk and flattery they
deceive the minds of naive people.” 

… And another one ‘bites the dust!’ …. 
In a news story reported by World Net Daily on December 1st, it said
this … “Rick Warren uncertain if ‘gay’ behavior is sinful.”
…  Now some may be surprised by this, but I am not. … I’ve
been suspicious of this guy for quite some time now … what with his
‘watered-down’ inaugural speech in ’08 and the ongoing ‘shananigans’
concerning his efforts with muslim leaders to unite under a single banner
.. obvious signs spoken of in Revelation 17 when relating to the 
the “great prostitute,” which is none other than the coming
‘World Church.’ 

In just these past few months we’ve witnessed how
many of these types of deceptive statements? … and from prominent
national Christian leaders.  Besides Warren here on the subject
of homosexuality, what about Joel Osteen? … When directly questioned
in an interview about this subject, he skirted the issue with a ‘milk
toast’  response sounding something like this …  ‘In my
congregation, I have folks who fall on both sides of the debate, so
I choose not to go there.” … In other words, avoid controversy
at all cost so as not to upset the ‘collection plate’, or personal popularity.

What Bible are these guys reading?! … 1 Corinthians
6:9-10 spells it out in clear and precise language …… “Do you
not know that the wicked will not inherit the Kingdom of God? 
Do not be deceived:  neither the sexually immoral nor idolators
nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders  10)
nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor swindlers will inherit
the Kingdom of God.” … and this is in the New Testament, nullifying
the argument that it’s only condemned in the Old Testament.

And now for some more ‘deception’ … I hate to
go back to the recent election, but to illustrate my point … I must.
…. I am referring to the absolute ‘sell-out’ of several prominent
Christian leaders to the cult of Mormonism. … We all know the Republican
Party’s presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, was a member of this false
religion… and yet, one after another of these ‘pillars of the Christian
community’ succumbed to this deceit! … all for the sake of politics
and the power associated with being affiliated with the ‘winner.’

Let’s review just three, all of which are huge,
considering the number of people they influence.  First, we see
Mike Huckabee make a blatantly stupid statement by saying something
like  … ‘faith need not be the issue when it comes to politics,
or running for political office’, or some such nonsense!  … My
simple question to him is this … ‘How can we separate God from anything?’
.. In fact, therein lies the problem with America today … we’ve separated
God from most all of everything!

And then there is David Jeremiah, Pastor of a very
large megachurch in southern California, who basically said that it
is a sin if we do NOT vote … that we should put aside the mprmon issue
and vote for who had the best platform relating to our basic Christian
principles. … I say hogwash! … How can I put aside the fact that
if this cult member gets into the most powerful position on earth, he
still must take his ‘marching orders’ from a false prophet sitting in
the ‘cathedral’ in Salt Lake City. ..
…. and do any of these people even begin to know
that basic tenants of the mormon ‘end-times’ teachings?! … It’s pretty
scary … I’ll share it sometime in another writing.  (On a side
note, I could never support Barak Obama … he’s either a muslim or,
at best, an extremely apostate Christian).

Lastly, and maybe the most disappointing for me,
was the result that came from Romney’s visit with Billy & Franklin
Graham. … I have no idea what was said exactly in their meeting, but
I do know this … As soon as Mr. Romney left, The Grahams removed the
mormon cult information from their website and placed ads in national
publications supporting the Republican candidate … again the motive
being ‘platform position’ vs. ‘personal faith’. … Later, in an interview,
Franklin stated that it was their desire ‘not to offend anyone.’

We’ve come to be so ‘politically correct’ in these
last days … but was it this way when Jesus, and then those who followed
closely behind, walked this earth? … Not on your life!  … Jesus
Himself NEVER backed away from anything, always calling sin what it
was … sin!  … And what are the wages of sin? (Romans 6:23)
… Death!!!!!! ….

The real tragedy here is the vast amount of people
that are influenced by these well known, well respected pastors and
leaders.  … How they can justify separating God from anything
is totally beyond me.  … Simply, when we compromise our basic
beliefs for any reason, it amounts to deception … and when those with
vast influence do it, the results are devastating.  … Satan has
to be rejoicing when observing such beneficial behavior for his kingdom.
…. The minions of hell are dancing in the streets!

Most of you know that I am a student of Bible prophecy,
and believe me when I say that these kinds of deceptive behaviors were
prophesied for this period we are living in … the final days of the
Church age. … 2 Timothy 3:13 says this … ” … evil men and
impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” 
……. Also, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 states … “For a time will come
when men will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit
their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers
to say what their itching ears want to hear.  4) They will turn
their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

Do you belong to a Church that is doing this …
that is ‘adjusting’ the word to fit the day … that is involved in
the ‘fluff’ … the ‘bells & whistles’ of our times …. one of
the ones that is avoiding discussions on sinful lifestyles so as not
to offend anyone? …. My advice to you is … FLEE! …. I know it
is very difficult to find a Church out there that is focused totally
on ALL the truths of Scripture … but they are out there. … Please
don’t put it off … the eternal life of you and your entire family
may be at stake …

I know that what I am saying is not always popular
in today’s world .. but then, when has it ever been about that anyway
….. only in those places that are interested in worldly treasures
and pleasures. …. When has TRUE Christianity ever been popular in
this wicked world? … John 15:18-19 says it all … “If the world
hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  19) If you belonged
to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not
belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.  That
is why the world hates you.”

Stay strong in these ever-increasingly difficult
times.  The rewards that await you are beyond your wildest dreams!

Until next time,

November 30

*The Examiner – “Earthquake measured in central

*Ria Novotski – “Kamchatka volcano eruption
destroys science center”

*The Guardian Express – “5.2 magnitude quake
shakes southern Mexico: Series of earthquakes hit Alaska”

*New England News – “Hospitals will see massive
layoffs, decline in 2013”

… Welcome to the first real signs of Obamacare
… and in perfect time for my ‘golden’ years …

*The Independent – “Hi, deliver me from evil’:
Catholic Church sets up an exorcist hotline to deal with demand”

….. If we look back to the early Church, we see
how first Christ, and then those who followed, dealt with both physical
and spiritual illness … but somehow today, especially in the ‘mainline’
churches of America, we’ve forgotten this example …. is this why our
world is now so pummeled with evil? … It is truly sad to see our people
leave the vast majority of our churches each Sunday in the same ‘condition’
as when they entered. … Revival will ONLY come when we once again
address the issue of ‘spiritual’ sickness … (see this week’s commentary,
War of the Worlds) …

*NBC News – “Drought worsens in high plains;
Winter outlook not good”

…… You think the winter looks bad? … Just
wait until worldwide food supplies hit critical lows next year … then
we will see the real meaning of a bad outlook ….

*The Examiner – “Feds:  $100,000 to teach
teen girls ‘condom negotiation’ “

…… I’m speechless! ……. but unfortunately,
not really ….

*EU Observer – “UN vote marks EU defeat for

… Ya think?!

*BBC News – “Eurozone unemployment rate hits
new all-time high in October”

*CBS – Los Angeles – “City attorney tells San
Bernardino residents to ‘lock their doors’, ‘load their guns’ because
of police downsizing”

…. I could add something ‘clever’ here, but I’m
not in the mood … This is dangerous stuff ….

*World Net Daily – “State to eliminate ‘bride’,
‘groom’ on marriage docs” 

Comment from article:  “The words ‘bride’
& ‘groom’ .. along with ‘husband’ & ‘wife’ are about to become
archaic language in Washington State as officials prepare to remove
the terms from marriage & divorce certificates.”

*World Net Daily – “Faith under fire: 
God removed from 1st grader’s poem”

*NBC News – “U.S. slams Israel plan to expand

December 1

*Russia Today – “Doomsday hysteria sweeps across

Comment from article:  “This hysteria
has gripped Russia and some of its neighbors. … People are stocking
up on food & ammunition … there’s only 3 weeks left!”

*The Register – “NASA scientists dismiss December
21, 2012 end of world fears”

Comment from article – “Many letters &
e-mails from worried citizens prompted the statement”  …  
Well, I feel better now … the guys with the 20-year average theory
base has certainly cleared it up.

*Tuoitre News – “Vietnam plagued by strongest
series of quakes in 55 years”

*Newsmax – “Median U.S. household income plummets
to 43-year low”

*Yahoo!News – “Deadly, destructive 2012 hurricane
season finally ends”

*Orlando Sentinel – “Woman tried to kill her
husband with tuna sandwich”

…… Maybe she got some fish from Fukushima ….

*Joel Rosenberg – “IAEA reveals new evidence
Iran is pursuing a 50-kiloton nuclear bomb, 3 times as powerful as bomb
dropped on Hiroshima”

*World Net Daily – “Rick Warren uncertain if
‘gay’ behavior is sinful”

…… Big surprise here! … He’s been ‘selling
out’ for quite some time … trouble is, not many saw it …
It is truly amazing the amount of deception going
on in our world today … 1 Peter 5:8 comes to mind … “Be self-controlled
and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion
looking for someone to devour.” …. Usually, those that fall are
the ones with very little Bible knowledge … usually … but as of
late, we are now seeing many of our recognized national ‘Christian’
leaders succumbing to this deception … and the tragedy of this is
that many follow every word these deceivers spout …. This is what
we must stand against! … By what is says in Scripture, I can guarantee
you Jesus and His followers did … Should we be any different?

*Fox News – “Third major storm moving into
northern California”

*Fox News – “First same-sex marriage being
celebrated Saturday at West Point”

….. Another sad day for this so-called Christian
nation …..

December 2

*The Guardian – “Earthquakes strike Vanuatu,
Romania, Alaska & central America”

*The Jerusalem Post – “West worried by Syrian
chemical site activity”

…. Remember first, this country is having a civil
war, and if the ‘power boys’ think they are losing, well …………

*Zero Hedge – “Gold sales set record”

…..Why is this important to mention? … The ‘big
money’ people have absolutely NO confidence in the condition of the
economy …. Thus, buying into something they believe more tangible
and ‘safe’
…… But the truth is this .. James 5:1-3 says,
“Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery
that is coming upon you.  2) Your wealth has rotted, and moths
have eaten your clothes.  3) Your gold and silver are corroded.
Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. 
You have hoarded wealth in the last days.”

*Arutz-Sheva – “Abbas ‘victory’ speech: 
Jerusalem ‘eternal capital of Palestine’ “

… I can see these peace negotiations going a long
way ………

*World Net Daily – “9 Christians held for evangelizing:
2 sent to labor camp in inner Mongolia”

….. Persecution still takes place in this world.
… Here in America, it’s just ‘out-of-site, out-of mind’ ..
at least for the short term ….

December 3

*Daily Texan – “Erratic swings of jet stream
leaves southern U.S. baking in record December heat”

…. A perfect solution to the drought! ….

*Focus Taiwan – Taiwan rattled by 3 quakes”

*Mercury News – “Third storm in 5 days wreaks
havoc on U.S. west coast”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Experts warn dangerous
build-up of magma occurring at many of Japan’s 110 active volcanoes”

*The Vancouver Sun – “Strong typhoon pounds
southern Philippines:  Thousands flee homes”

*The Guardian Express – “Heavy seismicity worldwide: 
4.6 in Hawaii, several 3+’s in Indonesia, 4.6 in South America, 4.5
in Afghanistan, 4.1 in Alaska”

… Quite a day of pestilence ….

*Drudge Report – “It’s starting! – IRS issues
159 pages of new rules: Obamacare”  

December 4

*The Extinction Protocol – “Earthquake swarm
reported at California’s Coso volcanic field”

*Reuters – “5.8 magnitude quake rattles Anchorage,

*Debka File – “U.S., Israel, Turkey, Jordan
primed to strike if Assad activates chemical weapons”

*Arutz-Sheva – “The world against Netanyahu”

Comment from article: “PM of Israel faces perhaps
his most challenging test:  To stand up for Jewish rights in Jerusalem
and Yesha … or … bow to international pressure.” …. The headline
sounds like it’s right out Zechariah 12:3 where it says,  “On
that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her,
I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.  All
who try to move it will injure themselves.” … Sure looks to me,
with each passing day, that Israel is pretty much on her own …

*The Blaze – “International push begins to
remove Hamas from terrorist lists, prosecute Israel for crimes of aggression”

…. It is really scary sometimes to see how absolutely
‘blind’ peoples & nations are today … but then prophecy told us
it would be this way …

*Reuters – “Egypt PM flees palace as police
battle protesters”

… isn’t humanity ‘fun’ to deal with? … Get tired
of it, just go on down to the palace & throw the bum out ……
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

*CBS News – “More moms, daughters bonding by
getting plastic surgery together”

…… Sounds like a good way to solve problems
… have a ‘face-off’ ……….. sorry …….

*Joel Rosenberg – “In response to UN Palestinian
vote, Israel moves to build new homes on West Bank”

… no one can accuse them of being timid …

*Joel Rosenberg – “Is America at the end? 
Magazine examines ‘implosion’ & interviews Christian leaders about

Bible prophecy & how much trouble U.S. is really in”

…… and like always, the opinions are ‘all over
the place’ … but rest assured, this country is in deep trouble …
with the way we are ‘spitting in the face’ of God concerning our rapidly
declining morality alone, it won’t be long before The Almighty has had
His fill ….

**World Net Daily – “UN wants worldwide internet
control: America tries to stop it”

… Can you even begin to imagine these incompetent
fools in charge of the world’s internet?! .. You can bet that if this
happens, sites like this one will be ‘history’ in the blink of an eye

*World Net Daily – “CDC predicts nasty flu

December 5

*The Telegraph – “Israel accuses U.S. of backing
European settlement backlash”

*RT Live – “Everyone in U.S. under virtual
surveillance: NSA whistleblower”

*The Washington Post – “5.5 magnitude earthquake
shakes eastern Iran: 5 killed”

*Red Orbit – “Scientists warn of major earthquakes
in Himalayas & Pacific Northwest”

… Why does it have to be where I live?! ……

*MyWay – “Death toll from Philippines typhoon
passes 300”

*Drudge Report – “Eat the rich: 52% tax rate
in California”

*CNBC – “Greece downgraded to ‘selective default’
by S&P”

… Whatever that means …. I think it means that
their economy really sucks …… (why can’t these people speak in simple,
plain language like us?)

*Drudge Report – “Detroit to Obama:  We
voted you in, now bail us out”

…… Welcome to the ‘government owes me’ societal
mentality …..

*Market Watch – “Survey: 16% of online holiday
shopping conducted on toilet”

… How many ways can people find to ‘flush’ their
money? ……….. again, sorry ….

*NBC News – “Syria loads chemical weapons into
bombs:  Military awaits Assad’s orders”

December 6

*Corsicana Daily News – “Mystery tremors in
north Texas leaves experts puzzled”

*Reuters – “Moderate earthquake strikes Iran,
killing 8”

*The Extinction Protocol – “Freak tornado kills
3 in Auckland, New Zealand”

*The Telegraph – “French economy buckles as
car sales collapse”

*CNN Money – “U.S. manufacturers grind to a

*Gallup Economy – “U.S. unemployment rate shoots
back up to 8.3%”

… Interesting that this would happen right after
the election …

I know this is a lengthy report, but hey …. the
news is just there … and with what the Bible tells us, it will get
to be more & more as we move ever nearer …..

As for highlights, just about every ‘category’ of
last-day predictions had activity, so I’ll let it speak for itself …

What I do want to say is … THANK YOU ….. As
this week comes to a close, we’ve had our highest-ever responses to
our site …. I am humbled by all your interest … and it is evident
that some of you are passing the site along to your friends, family
& acquaintances … and I pray that you will continue to ‘spread
the Word’ … Again, Mary & I have only one desire, and that is
to get the Word of God in front of as many souls as possible before
our time here runs out.  … and by your interest & help, this
is coming to pass  …..

Know that I love each & every one of you and
will be praying for your every need …. I know I don’t begin to know
who all of you are …. but God does .. and I trust totally in that 
… and please pray for us as well as we are all vulnerable to the ways
of evil in these dark & difficult days …  

Until next time,

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