December 25, 2012

I wrote an article some 30+ years ago with the same
title as this one when I was the editor of a public school  community
newsletter. ….. The intent to imply sarcasm then is the same as it
is this time around. … As some of you are aware, my wife Robbin &
I are in the process of moving, and needless to say, in regards to the
holiday season, the timing could not be worse!  …. Because of
all the added activity, we found ourselves, maybe for the first time
ever, at the mall on the last Saturday before Christmas. ….While I
realize we may have a legitimate excuse, how anyone could intentionally
do this to themselves is beyond me! ….  At my age, I truly didn’t
think much of anything could surprise me any longer … but I was wrong!
…. It was utter insanity!

…… Now I know this doesn’t have much to do with
Bible prophecy or the end times … or does it? … What I witnessed
this day was a great mass of people “running to and fro” …
just like the prophet Daniel said they would in the ‘end times’ (12:4).
… But more than just the ‘running to and fro’ was the impression I
got when watching people in their final chaotic attempt to fulfill holiday
obligations …. empty stares … frantic body language … total impatience
… angry responses … lack of joy … and worst of all, no signs of
any kind displayed as to the real reason for this celebrated day …
the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I felt a great sadness when I returned home that
day, and that heaviness is still with me this late Christmas evening.
… When looking back over the 35+ years I’ve been studying prophecy,
it is amazing as to how much more rapidly the world is descending into
chaos in just these past couple of years. … It is truly a clear ‘picture’
of exactly what Christ Himself meant when He said in Matthew 24:8 …  
“All these are the beginnings of birth pains.” …… simply,
terrible things happening more frequently and with greater intensity
….  … and the  looks I saw on the faces of the people
this past Saturday seem to reflect this sense of chaos … and ultimately
the helpless feeling of being unable to change it ….   

….. but also what I saw that day was an almost
perfect reflection of Christ’s words … again in Matthew 24:37-39 where
He said that people would be going about their lives just as they did
in the days of Noah … going through the motions of their daily lives
and being totally oblivious to the ‘signs of the times’ .. until one
day the ‘flood’ would come and take them all away …. How sad then
… and now …..

I want to keep it short because it is Christmas
day … but I do want to take just a moment to say to all of you out
there that are ‘running to & fro’ …. that are feeling helpless
in these day … to tell you that there is hope … that these days
of destructive human behavior .. of chaotic weather conditions .. of
world economic woes … are soon to come to an abrupt close with the
triumphant return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! … Hallelujah!!! 

I pray for peace for each of you and remind you
to put your arms around the ones you love and tell them of this hope.
…. Don’t put it off any longer. ….Time becomes shorter with each
passing day …. hour …. minute …. second ……….

Until next time,


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