February 26, 2013

Before I talk about what’s on my heart this week,
I want to clarify something that came to my attention concerning last
week’s commentary .. “The Marketing of Evil.” … In that
article, I shared Coach Jim Neugent’s letter to ABC News concerning
the TV show “The Practice”, and its ‘gay’ agenda … and then
ABC’s response to the coach’s letter. …It was brought to my attention
that this particular episode was aired back in 1999, which I didn’t
know, and that ABC had actually fired the person who wrote the response
to coach Jim’s letter. … So, to that end, I will give ABC its due
credit for acting in this manner. … However, it doesn’t change the
fact that this network, along with the other major networks, continue
to ‘push’ this ‘gay’ agenda down the throats of the American public!
… In fact, when watching the evening ‘prime time’ shows on all these
networks, you would think that at least half of America was ‘gay’!!
…. and in all actuality, the ‘gay’ population in this country is estimated
at 6%. … The point in all this? … David Kupelian’s book, ‘The Marketing
of Evil,’ is still totally true in that evil is being marketed on a
daily basis … and increasing by leaps & bounds with each passing
moment.  … And personally, I think he ONLY reason ABC fired the
responding employee was because coach Jim’s letter drew much national
attention and the network’s action was purely political. …. Hope this
clears up any misunderstanding …

And now, on to this week! … I want to take a moment
to share a bit of our ‘Florence, Oregon’ experience … The revival
I was honored to participate in this past week. … What a completely
refreshing time for all involved! … In fact, I think I was more refreshed
from it than anyone else! … Thanks to everyone for that! …. To mention
just a few, Pastor Marvin Owen & his wife Sue were perfect hosts,
as well as Pastor Brent Marvin from Louisiana, who was the main speaker
& teacher through it all. … I also want to mention Sister Linda
Frazier who organized, and then hosted us along with Jimmy & Debbie,
who’s trailer we used during our stay. … Also, Dan & Dee and their
daughter Gale, Peggy Pearson and her dad Si, Denny & Ruth Ann, and
also Norm (the superb sound guy) & his wife Diana (technical support),
and any and everyone else who was a part of this great week!

…… And the lesson that was reinforced in my
heart from this? … As some of you have heard me admit in the past
… During my 10+ years in Newberg, my ‘social networking’ outlet was
mainly ‘Fred Meyer’ … I would often see folks I knew & we would
visit for brief moments before resuming our busy lives. … I remember
when I first moved to Newberg, when at these public places, people were,
for the most part, somewhat friendly and would take a moment to acknowledge
each other’s existence. … But over these past 10 years, that has changed
dramatically! … Virtually NO ONE is even aware someone else exists
……… cell phones … texting … twitting (remember, I’m 70) ….
or just plain on another planet, distracted by the perils of our reeling
world. ….

When we drove into Florence on the first day, I
was really excited because I spotted a ‘Fred Meyer’ store right away.
… Praise God!!  I will have some social exchange while away from
home! … So as soon as we got settled, off to Fred Meyer I went! …
and to my dismay, I found the same ‘condition’ ..
everyone detached … unaware of most everything
around them … and I said to myself,   ‘Self? How can this
be? … Here we are at the beautiful Oregon coast … but no difference?’

The lesson in all this? … What I see in the faces
of most all the folks in these public places is a sense of fear …
a fear that the world we all once new and ‘trusted’ no longer exists
… and so we withdraw & become isolated, thinking maybe … even
subconsciously in many cases … that this will ‘protect’ us from what
is to come …

While leading Worship one evening at the revival,
I shared this story with the congregation … that although our Church
families are loving, kind, and friendly to each other, we as a Church
have become too inward … we have forgotten that we … the body of
Christ … are the “Light of the world” … and because we’ve
turned this light ‘inward’ as a Church, it is now missing in the world,
thereby allowing this dreadful darkness to spread … 

Let me take a moment to share this comment I penciled
in a previous piece ………

   “The evening news is a commentary
of the darkness of our world. .. It is a graphic visualization of the
absence of God in many places in our communities. ….. So what is the
real problem? … It is NOT just the presence of darkness … It is
also the absence of light.”

So the message is this! … We need to become more
‘outward’ as a Church … We need to get out of our ‘comfort zones’
…. We are the light, and light exposes darkness and symbolizes the
presence of God! … Light represents all that is good! … We are the

I know this is getting lengthy .. and yes, it has
become a sermon … but let me close with two Scripture passages that
support this … First, Jesus said it so well in Matthew 5:14 &
16 … “You are the light of the world. … In the same way, let
your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise
your Father in Heaven.” … and finally, Romans 13:12 says, “So
let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.”

…….. So, when you go to these ‘social’ outlets
like Fred Meyer … or wherever you go …. Try to put on the ‘light’
…. Make people think there is some ‘different about you … and when
the opportunities arise … and they will .. TELL THEM WHY!

… And the next time you are in Florence, be sure
and visit our Brothers & Sisters at the First Baptist Church (just
behind Taco Bell off Hwy 101) … Trust me when I say, you won’t be

Until next time,


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