February 15

*New York Times – “Meteorite fragments rain
down on Russia: 1100 injuries reported … Force of 20 atomic Bombs”

… Wow!  … Now this really is  “….
signs in the sun, moon and stars.” (Luke 21:25)

*Reuters – “Has it finally happened? 
Bird flu death in China sparks fear of human-transmitted H5N1 strain”

….. This is nasty stuff! … Lets hope & pray
this is an isolated incident ….. if this should evolve into a ‘pandemic,’
… watch out!!!

*Wall Street Journal – “Bernanke abdicates
world leadership role on currencies”

Comment from article:  “The Fed is supposed
to be the ‘steward’ of the dollar, which is still the world’s reserve
currency.  But since the crisis Mr. Bernanke has all but declared
that the rest of the world can take care of itself.”

….. Bottom line? … Standing alone financially
makes no sense now, especially after we’ve printed billions of dollars
that have absolutely NO financial backing. … Hence, no real value.
… Simply, we can’ even imagine what is coming upon this land … and
very soon!

*Bloomberg – “China, Iran boost cyber attacks
on U.S.”

… The Kings of the East & South bringing on
a whole new type of warfare …..

*EU Observer – “Euro crisis ‘not solved’ ..
German bank supervisor says”

…. No kidding?! … Their central banks have been
doing basically the same as our Fed …. pump in a bunch of cheap, worthless
‘monopoly money’ to ease the tension. … The problem? … The basic
structural problems are still there … too much debt with no solid
plan to solve it. … Soon, the ‘Answer Man’ cometh …….

*Joel Rosenberg – “Kerry warns military aid
to Israel may soon be cut … A warning to Congress, Netanyahu, or both?”

…. They can disguise it any way they want, but
it is simply this administration’s continued pattern of ‘desertion’
of the Jewish state. ……. No mention of of Israel’s enemies being
cut off, or fighter jets being sent to Egypt being stopped …

*World Net Daily – “Texas prepares for ‘going
it alone’ “

….. Another state sees the writing on the wall

February 16

*CNN – “Deep 6.2 magnitude earthquake rattles
the Philippines”

*Xinhua.net – “Meteorite fireballs streak across
skies over Cuba & San Francisco”

*Radio Australia – “Magnitude 6.0 quake strikes
off New Zealand”

*World Net Daily – “State mandate:  Allow
boys in girl’s locker rooms”

…. This was mandated by the Massachusetts 
Commission of Education to allow ‘transgender’ boys to use girl’s locker
rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities if the boys ‘assert’ they
are really girls. …. What?!! … If they really are boys, how can
they be girls? … This constantly increasing madness is beyond belief!!!

*World Net Daily – “Canada to cut off ministries
opposed to homosexuality”

…… How soon here? … It’s coming. … Anything
opposed to ‘diversity’ and the ‘modern’ way of life will be censored
for now,  and eventually punishable by law …….

*NBC News – “4 arrested in Libya for trying
to spread Christianity”

… It’s eye-opening when reading this, and then
looking at the previous article …. Looks like Canada is heading in
the same direction …..

*Fox News – “4.8 quake strikes near Rome”

February 17

*The Inquisitr – “5.0 earthquake hits Greece”

*World Net Daily – “NBC skit has Jesus on murderous

Comment from article:  NBC’s Saturday Night
Live spoofed a fictitious movie trailer about Jesus wreaking bloody
revenge upon the Romans who killed Him” …….

…….. This is  blatant Blasphemy! … Sadly,
these people are oblivious as to what their near future holds for them.
… All we can do is pray that their eyes will be opened to the truth

February 18

*Los Angeles Times – “Possible meteor reported
off the coast of Florida”

… Man, there are a lot of these ‘signs in the
sun, moon and stars” lately …. Very interesting …..

*The Inquirer – “6.1 magnitude quake strikes
Kermedic Islands”

*World Net Daily – “Feds buying enough bullets
for ’24-year war’ “

….. but against whom? …..

*Financial Times – “Fears at Fed of rate pay-outs
to banks”

Comment from article:  “U.S. Federal Reserve
officials fear a backlash from paying billions of dollars to commercial
banks when the time comes to raise interest rates”

…. Unfortunately, these people don’t really speak
english when it comes to their world, but looking through all this rhetoric,
the plain truth is this … massive, uncontrollable inflation resulting
in economic ‘implosion’ … So there! … Now even I can even understand
it! …..

*Infowars.com – “Department of Homeland Security
advances plan for ‘public safety’ drones”

…. So who is going to decide what to keep us safe
from? … Maybe ‘hate speech’ such as opinions opposing homosexuality
& abortion? …… Just sayin’ ……………

February 19

*Live Science – “Moderate 5.6 quake shakes

*UPI.com – “4.9 earthquake in China causes

*Focus Taiwan – “Magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes
southern Taiwan”

*The Guardian – “World’s largest economies
shrank at end of 2012 … 1st time in four years”

*Bloomberg – “Retail Apocalypse:  Why
are major retail chains all over America collapsing?”

…. The article goes on to point out that store
chains such as Sears, JC Penny, Best Buy and Radio Shack, all once considered
unstoppable retail giants,  are closing 100’s of stores all across
the country … serious signs ….

*NBC News – “Financial Emergency:  Economic
review finds Detroit unable to fix budget woes”

… Frankly, I’m surprised we didn’t see this one
coming sooner …. and again, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

February 20

*Live Science – “Italy’s Mt. Etna volcano rattled
by explosive eruption”

*Yahoo!News – “Greece’s weakened workforce
starting to crack … Thousands protest in massive civil unrest”

Comment from article:  “We are faced with
a societal explosion if any more pressure is put on our society.”

….. and how can they NOT put more pressure on
their society? … They are far from solving their problems … unemployment
is now approaching 30%! … These people are in deep trouble … and
are a forerunner for all to see … that the current ‘human’ systems
are failing.  … As the Bible prophesied. … This ‘condition’
in Greece will soon consume the entire globe …….

*Space Weather – “Fast growing sunspot”

Comment from article:  “Less than a day
ago, sunspot AR1678 didn’t exist. .. Now it is 3 times wider than our
entire planet.”

*Drudge Report – Sequestration  Consequences

   -800,000 pentagon lay-offs …

   -3-hour security lines at airports

   -Major ‘Defense Department’ cuts …

February 21

*Daily Bail – “Americans stockpiling firearms
in record numbers since 2009”

… Sadly, these ‘human’ weapons can’t and won’t
protect them from the coming wrath. …. Only the saving power of our
Lord Jesus Christ can do that …………

*Joel Rosenberg – “Netanyahu warns:  IAEA
(International Atomic Energy Commission) centrifuge report shows Iran
nearing nuclear ‘red line’ “

…. He’s been warning all of us for years that
this day would come … so now, here it is … and now, what does he,
or anyone else now do about it? … and remember, these “nut-jobs”
who are in charge in Iran BELIEVE that chaos and war is required, and
therefore necessary to usher in the ‘Mahdi’ … the 12th Imam … …
their version of the Savior. … Scary stuff, and even more so when
they are now known to possess the nuclear option ……

Well people, that’s it for this 7-day period …
and as usual, from the ‘prophetic’ point of view, it certainly didn’t
disappoint …. Aren’t these “signs from the sun, moon and stars”
interesting?! ….  And the world-wide economy certainly isn’t
improving! …… Unless God has something else in mind for the short
term, I can’t imagine our way of life on this planet lasting much longer
….. and this Canada ‘thing’ where they are opposing the teachings
against homosexuality? …. When nations begin to dictate to us to NOT
teach Biblical truth … (and homosexuality is a sin) … then we are
certainly not long for God’s mighty judgement!

And finally, the last article this week where it
mentions Iran being just moments away from nuclear capabilities …
and also North Korea, another ‘misfit’ regime, now testing newer &
more effective ways of delivering these monsters of destruction ….
somebody soon will ‘screw it up’ and start something that will quickly
evolve into a worldwide  conflagration …. ….. …. We must
wake every ‘sleeping’ person up! The Lord’s time is so near, and it
IS our responsibility as Christians to get the Word out to as many as
possible before The Day arrives! … 

Have a great week, and know that Mary & I are
praying for each & every one of you …. God knows who you are!
We rejoice in the opportunity to serve Him! …….

Until next time,


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