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March 22

*The Telegraph – ” ‘Storm on Steroids,’ massive
tornadoes wreak havoc in Australia”

*Science Daily – “24 dead as tornado, hailstorms
lash south China”

*KTNV – “Saber rattling intensifies: 
North Korea warns war is coming”

*The Guardian – “Cyprus bailout crisis: 
Panic replaces anger as bankruptcy looms”

….. Situation worsening ‘by the hour’ …. Business
no longer accepting credit … it’s cash only, but there isn’t any!

*Pittsburgh Gazette – “Pope Francis has good
record with other faiths”

…… This ‘record’ includes Evangelical Christians,
Muslims, and Jews … He also supports ‘gay’ civil unions which he describes
as the ‘lesser of two evils’ ……. Sounds like he might be just the
guy to bring the ‘faiths of the world’ together …. sounds prophetic
to me … and the lesser of two evils? … I’ve always thought of evil
as evil, no matter the degree ….

March 23

*The Telegraph – “Bashar Al-Assad vows to ‘cleanse’
Syria of extremism”

…. and I wonder how he plans to accomplish this
….  After last week’s chemical weapons scare, it makes me wonder

*Mail Online – “UK faces gas rationing in record
cold snap”

….. Article goes on to say their reserves are
down to 36 hour supply … and another record falls …..

*CBS Baltimore – “Fireball meteor lights up
skies from Florida to New England – NASA: Flash in east coast sky likely
a meteor”

…. and another one ……

*US News – ” ‘Homeland’ denies massive ammo
purchase … won’t answer congress”

…. I love how ‘honesty & straight-forwardness’
is the over-riding theme of our government … but seriously, folks 

*US News – “Sprawling & struggling: 
Poverty hits America’s suburbs”

…… and sadly it will continue to get worse …
the ‘civil climate’ results will be interesting to observe considering
this was once a very ‘spoiled’ nation …. 

*World Net Daily – “North Dakota:  Life
starts at conception”

…. It’s great to see an occasional ‘ray of hope’
out there! …..

March 24

*Global Post – “Magnitude 6 earthquakes strike
Kuril Islands & Vanuatu”

*Drudge Report – Middle East on War Footing

   -Israel fires into Syria …

   -Syria chemical weapons:  finger
pointed at Jihadists ….

   -House Intel chair:  ‘Red Line’
has been crossed in Iran …

   -Rumor wildfire:  Assad killed
by bodyguard …

   -Did Obama give Israel go-ahead? …

*USA Today – “More meteor sightings reported
from Florida to Massachusetts” 

… and some other ones …

*Fox News – “Washington State weighs first-in-the-nation
Abortion Insurance mandate”

…. Isn’t this nice!  … Now companies will
be ‘forced’ to insure murder!

*KLTV – “Vial of deadly virus goes missing
from secure biomedical lab”

… said to contain a virus that causes hemorrhagic
fever and is very deadly …..

March 25

*Sowetan – “Moderate earthquakes rattle Indonesia”

*Post Gazette – “The winter that won’t end: 
Yet another massive snow storm blankets much of U.S.”

*Reuters – “Cyprus reaches last-minute deal
on 10 billion Euro bailout:  The problem?  Some depositors
may lose everything”

…. This certainly increases our confidence in
the world’s banking community … Just another ‘crack’ in the proverbial
dyke concerning the coming collapse of the global economic system ……

*KOLO – “Earthquake swarm continues north of

* – “DHS to buy 360,000 more rounds
of hollow point ammunition”

*World Net Daily – “Locusts swarm Israel on
Passover eve”

…. Entered the country from Egypt with Biblical
timing ……

*World Net Daily – “Texas wants gold back from
Federal Reserve”

….. seems like the ‘confidence level’ in our government
& the overall financial system is dwindling at an ever-increasing
pace ……

March 26

*NBC News – “North Korea puts rocket units
on ‘highest alert,’ issues new threat against U.S.”

…… ” ….. There will be wars and rumors
of wars…”

*The Telegraph – “Eurozone official says banks
in Spain, Italy could be raided to save Euro”

…. from ‘bad to worse’ …. I’m telling you flat
out that the world’s economic condition is not improving overall, as
the ‘spin-doctors’ would have us believe …. catastrophic consequences
are just a breathe away ….

*Reuters – A Day of Earthquakes

   -6.2 magnitude quake strikes Guatemala

   -4.1 quake shakes El Heiro, in Canary
Islands …

   -Moderate quakes strike southern region
of Mexico … 5.9 & 5.1 …

   -300+ tremors recorded in earthquake
swarm outside Reno …

*World Net Daily – “Special Forces commander: 
‘Constabulary Force’ coming”

…. and this is NOT from some ‘radical’ commander
talking here … It’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin, a highly respected leader
of the U.S. Military ….. Maybe DHS does have specific plans for all
the ammo they’re buying..

*World Net Daily – “RNC Chief:  Don’t
go ‘Old Testament’ on ‘gays’ “

…. This proves just how little most of these people
really know about the truth of Scripture … The New Testament indicts
homosexual behavior as sin also …. (see Romans 1:27 & 1 Corinthians
6:9 as examples)

March 27

*The Inquirer – “6.0 magnitude quake shakes
buildings in Taipei”

…. Another 6+ quake! ….

*CTV News – “Warnings issued for volcanoes
in Peru & Iceland”

*World Tribune – “Mainstream media celebrate
turning culture against nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage”

…. Now this is something to be proud of …. the
ultimate consequences being the downfall of this nation …

*Examiner – “God, the Bible, sinkholes, fireball
meteors, and snowy March 2013 weather buzz”

…. The article goes on to say people are wondering
what really is going on … and well they should … something IS going
on, and it’s called “birth pains” ……(see Matthew 24:8)

*Drudge Report – Economic Update

   -Cyprus banks opening:  Guards
prepare for battle …
   -$300  daily withdrawal list …
   -No money allowed to leave country
   -Russia to ban cash transactions over
$10,000 …
   -Faber:  Not even gold will save
you from what is coming …

*International Business News – “So long, yankees! 
China & Brazil ditch U.S. dollar in trade deal”

…. This certainly can’t be good for America’s
financial institutions ……..

March 28

*The Extinction Protocol – The ‘Collapsing’ Earth

   -Earth opens up in massive landslide
on Whidby Island, off the coast of Washington …
   -Landslide forces evacuation of hundreds
in Malaysia …
   -Man swallowed by sinkhole in China

…. Is it just me, or is a lot of this ‘earth thing’
going on right now?  … Like all the meteors of late, this seems
to be a somewhat new phenomenon …..

*Yahoo!News – “North Korea cuts off last communications
with the South:  A simmering nuclear war is now underway”

… One of these days, one of these ‘nut-jobs’ will
use this stuff! … and then ……………………………….

*World Net Daily – “Christian Persecution on
the rise all across the Muslim world”

   -Egyptian mosque turned into house
of torture …
   -Sudan bombings kill Christians, destroy
Churches …
   -Pakistan Christian killings see an
alarming rise …  

OK …. Done for another 7 days!!! …. and when
we look at it all together like this, it’s not hard to see it all lining
up at an ever-increasingly rapid pace! …… the world’s economy is
seeing more & more cracks in its foundation …. war rhetoric is
on the rise in many places … we are seeing more & more signs in
the sun, moon & stars (Luke 21:25) …. increasing ‘pestilences’
in the form of weather records, volcanoes & earthquakes ….. it’s
very difficult to deny all these things are happening when we put it
all together like this! …. Time is truly short in regards to our Lord’s
soon return ……………. We must continue to pray an urgent prayer
for the lost … those who have not accepted Christ as their Savior
…. Tell anyone & everyone while there is still time …. because,
in the “twinkling of an eye,” it will be over! ….

Also mentioned in recent weeks is the increase of
Christian persecution across the globe. …. In a recent survey given
to me by Mary, my site manager, we see that almost a quarter of our
‘hits’ are coming out of China! … I was amazed when I saw this, as
well as humbled by the fact that we are reaching out into areas that
are seeing this persecution.  …. I just want you who are in these
places to know that we are praying for your safety and are with you
spiritually every moment of every day!…. What an honor to know that
we are sharing the Word of God with each & every one of you in China,
the Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Finland, Norway and many more …….  
May our great God richly bless you and keep you in these trying &
final days before our Savior’s triumphant return!

Until next time,

March 26, 2013

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will
be at the coming of the Son of Man.  For in the days before the
flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,
up to the day Noah entered the ark;  and they knew nothing about
what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. 
That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” 
(Matthew 24:37-39) ………………

Last week I had a moment … a moment when I felt
that maybe I was just “crying wolf” …. and that no one was
really listening any more.  (Woe is me!)…. After all, it seems
like as each week goes by, we ‘watchmen’ keep talking about a lot of
the same things ….and feel like  “wait a minute! .. Didn’t
I just report this a few days ago?” … and then I thought …
“well maybe I should just quit this stuff … nobody’s paying much
attention, and what’s going to happen is just going to happen anyway!
… It sure would make my life easier!” ….

Sounds like a great ‘pity party’ to me. … But
then I got to thinking … Isn’t this exactly what the enemy wants?
… For all of us just to give up and go along with this world as it
plunges ever further into moral and spiritual chaos? ……… Well,
I had my moment, and once I realized it, I told Satan to “get behind
me, in the name of Jesus” … and he has! ….

No matter how much the enemy tries to discourage
us, all we have to do is go to the Word of God and He will bolster us
with His wisdom. …. Just because I had a weak moment doesn’t change
the fact that Scripture clearly points to these days being the final
moments of the Church age. ….. The “birth pains” spoken
of by Jesus Himself in Matthew 24:8 are here and no amount of mis-information
can alter this fact.

When going back to the opening Scripture concerning
the days of Noah, we see this ‘condition’ of the human spirit in almost
every instance just prior to God’s coming wrath. … People seem to
fall into the ‘denial’ mode, not wanting to hear anything that will
‘upset the apple cart.’ …. In the days of old, Biblical testimony
shows how they simply didn’t want to hear the prophet’s words … We
see this in Isaiah 30:10, which says,  “They say to the seers,
‘see no more visions!’ .. and to the prophets, ‘give us no more visions
of what is right! ..  Tell us pleasant things.’ “

……. And today, it’s the same for the ‘watchmen’
who report current events pointing to the fulfillment of those same
prophetic forecasts. ….Like the prophets of old, we are looked upon
as ‘the doomsday preachers’ or  the ‘bad news boys’ ….. Folks
just don’t want to hear it! … 2 Timothy 4:3-4 says it very clearly
… “For a time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.
Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great
number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 
They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” 
……… or they will appear to ‘go through the motions’ but will not
conform to the truth.  We see this in Ezekiel 33:31-33 … “My
people come to you, as they usually do, and sit before you to listen
to your words, but they do not put them into practice.  With their
mouths hey express devotion, but their hearts are greedy for unjust
gain.  Indeed, to them you are nothing more than one who sings
love songs with a beautiful voice and plays an instrument well, for
they hear your words but do not put them into practice.  When this
all comes true — and it will — then they will know that a prophet
has been among them.”

Now I feel better! ….. I needed to reflect on
how it is for those of us who try our best to stay true to the literal
teachings of the Bible. …. And if the enemy’s battering us, that’s
good news! … That means that we are on to something that is ‘upsetting
his evil empire!’   ….

And as for the naysayers, the apostle Peter predicted
that many people, including some believers, would take their shots at
those of us who warn … “….. in the last days scoffers will
come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.  They will
say, ‘Where is this coming he promised?  Ever since our fathers
died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.'”

…. So I need to toughen up and NOT let the enemy
get me down! … and I pray this prayer also for any of you out there
who are feeling the blows of ‘the dark side’. …. Just remember this
…. If our lives are perfect & smooth, somehow I have to believe
we aren’t doing much for the Kingdom of God. ….

How about this!  Let’s promise to pray for
one another constantly so as NOT to fall into the devil’s schemes …
to succumb to his temptations of anxiety and uneasiness …. and if
you are struggling, let us know so we can pray specifically for you
… and in the meantime, read Ephesians 6:10-18.  This passage
teaches us of the “armor of God” that is available to all!
…. May God richly bless you and keep you …

Until next time,

March 15

*BBC – “New Zealand’s North Island hit by worst
drought in 30 years”

March 16

*Yahoo!News – “Christians say they were tortured
in Libya detention center”

*Financial Post – “Only Jesus can save the

….. This statement was made by Deutsche Bank’s
global head …. Finally, somebody makes some sense! … This guy really
‘gets it’ …..

*World Net Daily – “Action thriller star Nicolas
Cage to star in new Left Behind”

…. This should be very interesting …. The co-authors
of the original book series don’t agree …. Jerry Jenkins thinks that
if the movie generates end-time conversation, that will be good …
Tim LaHaye, on the other hand, does not support it.  … Knowing
Hollywood and how they ‘distort’ everything for the sake of entertainment
and sales, most likely LaHaye is right on this one. …. There’s enough
deception going on in the world right now without adding a best-selling
Christian series to the list …….

*World Net Daily – “Muslim mob in Pakistan
burns Christian village over ‘blasphemy’ “

March 17

*Volcano Discovery – “Ash explosions reported
at Indonesia, Kamchatka (Russia) & Papua, New Guinea volcanoes”

*The Jerusalem Post – “Major U.S. Jewish group
elects first openly gay Rabbi”

…. Not many ‘institutions’ left …. can’t be
long now! ……

*Drudge Report – Latest Eurozone Crisis

   -Eurozone orders Cyprus to seize 10%
of bank accounts …

   – ATM’s drained as bailout tax rumors
trigger run …

   -Parliament delays vote …

   -“Dangerous Precedent” …
Bank holiday to last through Tuesday …

   -Shivers throughout the Eurozone …

*New York Times – “Fed stresses it will NOT
end stimulus”

…… Despite record markets ….. $85 billion
a month to continue indefinitely …. How long can this go on?

March 18

*Zero Hedge – “Confusion & panic spreads
in Cyprus:  Bank holiday extends to Thursday to prevent bank run”

….. I don’t see how they can stop the ‘run’ now
… trust in the system has been totally destroyed … and there is
a strong possibility that it will spread to at least Italy & Spain
…. and maybe even further …… The Eurozone crisis is back ‘with
a vengeance!’ …….

*WCNC – “Large fireball streaks across eastern
skies of U.S. … seen in 7 states”

…… and another one …..

*CBS – “Church won’t do weddings for ‘straight’
couples until same-sex marriage is legal”

…… Really no surprise here. … This is a United
Methodist Church, a denomination which ‘sold out’ the Bible some time
back ….. God have mercy on their souls ……

*Joel Rosenberg – “Man to watch as new Israeli
government takes office:  Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. .. Here’s
why … Hint: He once called war with Iran ‘inevitable’ “

March 19

*MSNBC – ” ‘Red Line’ – Suffocating in the
streets: Chemical weapons attack reported in Syria”

Comment from article:  “Syrian rebels,
regime blame each other for first alleged chemical weapons attack”

….. Obviously, this is NOT good! … simply another
‘escalation’ in the “wars and rumors of wars” predicted for
these times in the Bible …..

*British Independent – “Cyprus moves closer
to financial collapse, as bailout talks falter”

…. and again, this is just ‘another crack in the
dyke’ of a world-wide financial system that is soon to end in ruin ..

*Inside Costa Rica – “6.1 magnitude earthquake
strikes near planet’s southern pole”

*Associated Press – “Judge overturns Missouri
law on birth control coverage”

…… In other words, if you run a business and
don’t believe in this type of coverage, according to this judge, you
still MUST provide it in order to comply with federal regulations ….
Obamacare! ….. Principles are no longer an option ……

*CNS News – “$2.7 million study:  Why
do lesbians have higher ‘risk of hazardous drinking’ “

….. Last week the government spent well over a
million studying why this same group of folks was overweight! …. Where
does this madness end? …….

March 20

*The Extinction Protocol – “Planet reeling
from spasm of quakes:  Seismic stress could be building towards
an event”

Comment from article:  “The planet is
currently reeling from a dense spectrum of moderate to light tremors,
which have struck along major tectonic plate boundaries over the past
18 hours.  Also, increased activity in many of the world’s volcanoes
is increasing at the same time.  This could well be an indication
of being a precursor to a major seismic stress release.  The event
could be hours, days or even weeks away.”

…. I don’t usually like to display ‘speculative’
reports, but this one is very unusual and goes along with everything
else taking place ……

*World Net Daily – “White House map ‘Erases’
Jerusalem, Biblical territories”

Comment from article:  “The White House
has released what it says is a map of Israel.  The only problem
is that Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights are missing.
….. An Obama administration video highlighting the president’s plan
for his mideast trip depicts Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the West
Bank … also known as Judea & Samaria … as non-Israeli territory.”

…. Anyone surprised? ……

*EU Observer – “Germany to Cyprus:  Your
banks may never re-open”

…. Wow!  We are seeing more & more obvious
signs of Germany becoming the out-and-out leader of the soon-coming
“Revived Roman Empire’ …… Will the anti-christ come out of
this nation? … We’ll soon know! …

March 21

*BBC – “Thousands of dead prawns wash up on
beach in Chile”

…..This follows 100’s of dead crabs in the same
area this past weekend … and no one seems to know why ….

*World Net Daily – “Revealed!  Evidence
Iran crossed nuclear ‘Red Line’ “

….. Credible sources reveal details about Iranian
scientists working on nuclear warheads in an underground site unknown
to the West …… and remember, these are the same ‘nut-jobs’ who think
they MUST start chaos & war in order for their messiah … the Mahdi
… to return …… scary stuff! …

*France 24 – “Eurozone Crisis:  Cyprus
bank meltdown looms”

…. the biggest thing they fear is the ‘ricochet’
effect throughout the entire Eurozone ….

*Drudge Report – Obama Israeli Visit

   -Obama urges Israelis to ‘compromise’
for peace …

   -Lectures on Palestinian treatment

   -Gaza rockets hit southern town …

   -Khamenei:  Iran will destroy
Tel Aviv if attacked …

……….. more ‘positive’ news out of the Holy
Land … and how do you compromise with radical minds that totally hate
you?! …..

*USA Today – “Weather Service Chief: 
We face ‘New Normal’ in weather ‘extremes’ “

…. Somehow this statement sounds so ‘Biblical’

*CNS News – “New report:  48% of 1st children
born to unwed mothers”

…. and we wonder what is wrong with this once-blessed
nation … we’ve totally lost site of the “laws of God” that
once made us so strong …… and protected from God’s wrath ….

*Joel Rosenberg – “Has Obama given Netanyahu
‘green light’ to ‘hit’ Iran?”

… Guess we’ll know soon enough …………..

*MSNBC – “Rush to the alter:  Big names
‘dash’ to back ‘gay’ marriage”

….. Those ‘dashing’ include politicians, business
leaders, athletes, and others …. the purpose is to show as much ‘gay
rights’ support as possible before the Supreme Court holds landmark
arguments next week …. isn’t it sad how so much of our ‘influential’
society are rushing to support this unbiblical principal? … and isn’t
it even more sad that statements like mine seem so ‘out-dated, intolerant,
and unloving? …. But the saddest of all is that this constant ‘”Marketing
of Evil” has made position statements like mine seem so ‘out of
step’ with the rest of the world …….

Once again,  a week full of very interesting
news items that relate directly to the fast-approaching return of our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. …. This European Union thing is really
getting fascinating.  From  Bible prophecy, we know that ‘adjustments’
must happen for this ‘reviving Roman Empire’ to fit exactly into prophetic

I’m now beginning to wonder if most of the southern
nations such as Greece, Italy, Spain Cyprus, Portugal, and a few more
may soon, or eventually exit to bring the number of Euro nations closer
to the ‘predicted’ 10? … One to watch very closely ….

… And the last article sums up the week for me
(the rush to support the ‘gay’ agenda). … It’s so sad to watch America’s
continuing snubbing of God’s Word …. and to know the historical results
of the consequences for such societal behavior and not pay attention? 
…. we wonder why we are seeing so many catastrophic weather events
…. earth upheaval … signs from the heavens … untreatable diseases
…. you know the rest …. It’s simply because we as a nation … along
with most of the rest of the world … are in total rejection of God
Almighty and the simple plan He gave us. …. Unless we immediately
turn our faces back to Him, you can be sure that these catastrophic
events will only increase in numbers & intensity!  (For Biblical
reference, see Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21) …..

Well, enough ‘crying wolf’ for another week ….
Know that Mary & I love & appreciate each of you so very much
and are praying for you …. and don’t give up! … With God on our
side, victory over ANYTHING is assured!

Until next time,

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