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June 20

*Physics – “Worst environmental crisis in a
decade: Apocalyptic smog engulfs Singapore”

*Science Codex – “NOAA: 2013 ‘Dead-Zone’ in
Gulf of mexico to be among largest ever recorded”

… The cause? … Human activities ….

*ABC News – “Moderate 5.7 magnitude earthquake
shakes buildings in Chile’s capital”

*Seattle Times – “Deadlier than SARS: 
MERS (coronavirus) mortality rate rises to 65% in Saudi Arabia”

*Breitbart – “Obama:  Catholic schools
‘encourage’ division”

… This comment was made during a speech in northern
Ireland for the G-8 summit where he declared religious schools divisive.
… This has to be one of the most secular ‘Christians’ I’ve ever witnessed
… and he’s our leader! 

*William Devane – “Protect your assets from
the problems of the world … buy gold”

… Is he kidding?! … While I realize he’s being
paid BIG money to sell this lie, it is simply against the basic principles
taught by the Bible. … In just a quick glance, i found some 22 verses
in the New Testament that teaches just the opposite! … One such example
… “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth
and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.”
(Matthew 6:19)

*Mail Online – “We’ll be uploading our entire
minds to computers by 2045, and our bodies will be replaced by machines
within 90 years, Google expert claims”

…. The comment goes on to say that if these predictions
come true, it could make humans ‘immortal’ –
…. Wow! … While I realize Google is rich , powerful,
and very influential … and its name starts with the same letter as
God, I seriously doubt it can replace the Almighty! …. It’s truly
sad how “in the dark” these folks really are ……..

*The New York Times – “Condoms approved for
schools in Massachusetts”

….. It’s the same as telling the kids that sex
is OK … just be careful! … and we wonder what is wrong? .

*Drudge Report – Dow Dives Deep

   -Stocks begin summer slide …

   -Year’s biggest sell-off …

   -Fed fear …

   -Investor anxiety …

*World Net daily – “Neighbors start ‘Glock-Block’
to fight crime”

… While the story may excite some folks, what
it really represents is another step in the WRONG direction for a so-called
‘civilized society’ … Also, in my opinion, it goes against the basic
teachings of Jesus Christ Himself! … When is there an ‘exception’
to the Word of God? … That is exactly what the pro-gay people are
doing … “times have changed so I guess it’s OK to change the
Word.” … The Bible says very clearly.. “Thou shalt not kill”
… Jesus specifically demonstrates this by telling us to ‘Love thy
neighbor as thyself” … He goes further by answering the question
of “retaliation” very clearly in Matthew 5:38-42. … I strongly
urge each of you to read this … I know it’s not easy to “turn
the other cheek” … but it IS the Gospel, and therefore not optional

*NBC News – “China’s cash squeeze raises fears
of Global Economic Slowdown”

…. Now the 3 largest world economies are in serious
trouble … U.S., China & Japan …

June 21

*The Guardian – “Revolution? .. Brazilian protests
swells to millions:  Government calls for emergency meeting”

… Chaos abounds! …

*ABC News – “India floods kill 200 and leaves
thousands stranded – Monsoons approaching record levels”

*CNN – “Calgary flooding could force up to
100,000 from homes”

Comment from article:  “The Director of
Emergency Management says he’s never experienced any flooding of this

… More records! …

*Market Watch – “Worst to come? .. Doomsday
poll:  87% risk of stock crash by year end”

….. This number was arrived at by ‘certain market
experts’ …. Whether they are right or not remains to be seen as to
the timing of their prediction … but I can tell you this … IT IS

*Yahoo – “Omen:  Floods, revolutions,
wars, volcanoes, earthquakes, rattled markets – There’s a bad moon on
the rise”

…. What have we ‘watchmen been saying? … Well
folks, it is all coming upon us … are you ready?

*The Times of Israel – “U.S. cuts military
aid to Israel by 5%”

…. It amounts to about $175 million … But hey,
that gives us more to send to rebels who kill Christians … and other
Muslim countries that hate us! … another example of ‘fantastic’ leadership!

June 22

*NASA – “Sun unleashes powerful CME for summer

…. Tie this with the current ‘Super-moon’ and
it seems almost Biblical … Luke 21:25 says that “there will be
signs in the sun, moon and stars …”

*France 24 – “U.S. Military presence in Jordan
expands to 1,000 troops”

… This whole Syrian thing is expanding by the
day … Our troops .. Russian troops in Gaza … Iranian troops in Syria
… We will watch this one very closely concerning Biblical prophetic
fulfillment ….

*World Net Daily – “British Girl Scouts replace
‘God’ with ‘Myself’ in oath”

…. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord”

*NBC News – “Feds:  Nuclear waste may
be leaking into soil from Hanford site”

Comment from article:  “An underground
tank holding some of the worst radioactive waste at the nation’s most
contaminated nuclear site might be leaking into the soil.”

… So now we have a ‘legitimate’ cousin to Japan’s
Fukushima nuclear disaster …. “Wormwood” implications on
the rise!

*Fox News – “Oregon agency blames pesticide
for thousands of Bumble Bee deaths”

… I feel so good … and safe! … Out-of-control
pesticide use … Hanford just up the river leaking radioactivity …
projected tide-flows bringing Fukushima’s poison to our shores … who
knows, maybe it’ll cure my diabetes! … Yeah, right!

June 23

*The Blaze – “No one is prepared for what’s

… Buck Sexton is The Blaze’s National Security
Expert and is on a ‘fact-finding’ mission to the Middle East … from
Syrian refugee camps to Egypt’s Tahrir Square. … He said this …
“No one is prepared for what is coming. … There are so many more
refugees, so much more violence. .. This thing in Syria is far from
over, and the notion that we could end it even if we wanted is kind
of a fantasy. .. The level of violence and viciousness is impossible
to overstate.” … Sexton proceeded to note that Lebanon, Hezbollah,
Russia and Iran are already involved to some degree or another, and
that if the conflict continues to expand, or goes ‘cross-border’ into
Turkey .. into Jordan .. “you name it .. it will continue to escalate.”
*NBC News – “The battlefields are merging: 
Surge in violence raises fears of new war in Iraq and beyond”

… We draw closer & closer to the prophesied
wars of these last days … today’s news certainly support this fact

*WPBF – “Vero Beach mayor Craig Fletcher apologizes
for saying he won’t deal with groups that don’t believe in Jesus”

… The mayor asked for forgiveness after ‘horrific’
statement … He was quoted as saying, “It was a horrific statement
and on reflection was way out of place for an elected official to take
such a stance.”
… and therein lies the problem with America today!
… most believe in total ‘separation’ of Church & state. …. Here’s
the simple truth … How can we call ourselves “Christ’s followers”
if we separate Him from any part of our lives? … This mayor’s story
reminds me a bit of the story of Peter in his denial of Christ …. 

June 24

*New Zealand Herald – “Economist:  ‘We
are in the midst of a revolution caused by near collapse of free-market
capitalism’ “

…. When we look closely, I think most ‘open-minded-
people would agree with this statement … what with what is going on
in Brazil, Japan, many parts of the Eurozone, here at home in America
…. Capitalism – schmapitalism  …. It’s mankind’s greed that
is tearing this world apart! …. And the result? .. The vast majority
are left out and therefore civil unrest is the end result …. which
then leads to the need for a world ‘savior’ — one who has all the
answers and promises. … A world-wide economic collapse is coming upon
us rapidly and is prophesied as so … The answer? … Check your hearts
and just be sure you are good with Jesus! … Then all this mess will
just be a temporary interruption to a glorious eternity …. Hallelujah!!!

*Investment Week – “Warning of new financial
crisis, as bond yields spike”

Comment from article:  “The Bank for International
Settlements (BIS) has warned spiking bond yields across the world threaten
trillions of dollars in losses for investors and a fresh crisis for
banks unless they are braced for the shock.”

… The BIS is located in Switzerland and has a
track record of success in both business decisions and predictions.
… They claim that while the Quantitive Easing (pumping of worthless
money) and near zero interest rates in America may have been successful
in holding off the inevitable pain of recession/depression, it has taken
a terrible toll on the overall world banking system. … Apparently,
the ‘cracks’ are now rapidly widening, and the results will be ugly.
… Just another example of the coming radical change to the world as
we know it …..
*ABC – “Israeli jets attack targets in Gaza

* – “Report:  Greece’s unemployment
to rise to 30% in 2014”

* – “8.0 magnitude quake hits Russia’s
far east”

*Jakarta Globe – “5.4 earthquake rocks Lombok
area near Jakarta”

*Las Vegas Sun – “Seismologists monitor Carson
City quake swarm”

*Climate Central – “All-timne heat records
broken in ……. Alaska?”

June 25

*Maui Now – “6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes
mid-Pacific ridge along planet’s equator”

*Red Orbit – “Six more MERS-coronavirus cases
confirmed over the weekend”

… Sadly, it’s continuing to spread  ……

*RT Live – “Destruction everywhere! .. 100’s
dead & tens of thousands missing as massive monsoons continue to
rage in India”

*BBC – “China stocks hit by credit-crunch fears”

Comment from article:  “Chinese stocks
touched a 4+ year low on Tuesday amid persistent fears over the government’s
credit-tightening policy.”

… Lots of fancy words, but the bottom line? 
… The world’s economy is built upon sand … you know how that story
ends ….

*World Net Daily – “Networks demand more sex,
cussing on air”

… They go on to say that the “Notion of family
time is irrelevant anyway” … Isn’t it amazing how these spiritual
morons are trying to ‘finish off’ what is left of the family structure
…. This is why I see more & more Christians turning away from
the ‘tube’ … Note: If more would quit watching, they’d have to change
it, wouldn’t they?

*Fox News – “DOJ defunds youth programs that
reference God”

… The ‘finishing touches’ for God’s coming wrath
.. and ultimate destruction of this sinful nation! …
June 26

*CNN – “Intensified eruptions reported at Alaska’s
two volcanoes”

*Weather Space – “Dangerous heat wave settles
over U.S. southwest – Temps to hit 120 F in Arizona”

*Reuters – “Virus may be stealthily spreading: 
Saudi Arabia reports 8 MERS cases that were asymptomatic”

… This stuff is getting scarier & scarier!

*National Journal – “Scalia:  High-handed
Kennedy has declared us ‘enemies of the human race’ “

Comment from article:  “Dissenting from
this morning’s Supreme Court opinion on the “Definition of Marriage
Act (DOMA), Justice Antonin Scalia – as expected – holds nothing back.
… In a ripping dissent, Scalia says that Justice Kennedy and his colleagues
in the majority have resorted to calling opponents of gay marriage ‘enemies
of the human race.’ “

…. This shouldn’t surprise … it is the direction
this nation is now heading, along with the rest of the world. … 
We who hold to the ‘pure truth’ of Scripture are in an ever-narrowing
minority and will face increasing discrimination as we move closer to
the finish … This move made by the Supreme Court today is just another
‘nail in America’s spiritual coffin.’  … 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
says this … “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit
the Kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived:  Neither the sexually
immoral nor idolators nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual
offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor
swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God.” … Simple as that!

*The Blaze – “Islamic extremists slit Christian
pastor’s throat for refusing to renounce his faith, gun down teens as
horror rages in Nigeria”

… ‘Extremists’ is the key word here … will the
anti-christian movement here in America evolve to this level? …

*The Globe and Mail – “Central bankers rush
to calm jittery world markets”

… Sadly, best case will be temporary … financial
chaos is near!

*The Washington Times – “Pentagon celebrates
‘gay’ troops”

… Who’s left? … only the Remnant …  

*Drudge Report – “Gay Day at high court: 
DOMA unconstitutional – clears way for California”

… In short, another major victory for the supporters
of the gay movement … and sadly, our nations National Cathedral rang
its bells in celebration of this ‘gay’ victory! … Who woulda thunk

*World Net Daily – “Black mob strikes Ohio
mother:  Wave of racially-motivated violence continues nationwide”

What a week! … and because there’s so much (and
you can’t even imagine what I left out), I will make this closing comment
very brief. … In short, all the categories Jesus mentioned in His
end-time prophesies are upon us … and rapidly increasing with each
passing hour! …. Wars & rumors of wars
… pestilences in the form of increasing earthquakes,
volcanoes, record heat & floods, famine … civil unrest all around
the globe … radioactive leakage into our environment …
And the world economy? … Like I said earlier,
it is built upon a foundation of sand … and once the ‘wind of unrest’
descends upon it, it will come toppling down. … I will be completely
amazed if we make it through the end of this year … it’s just a hunch,
not a prophecy …
And finally, the rapidly accelerating fall of America’s
moral condition is nothing short of astounding!
… and I think Judge Scalia’s comment may be ‘prophetic’
from the human perspective …  We who don’t agree with gay marriage
will be considered “enemies of the human race.” …… The
times they are a changing ….
Love you all and will be praying for you with all
that I have in me … Please pray for me as well … May God richly
bless each & every one of you …
Until next time.

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June 25, 2013

I’ve been prompted to write this commentary concerning the rapidly increasing evil we are seeing before our very eyes in these last days, and the trials and temptations my fellow brothers and sisters will endure because of it. … We must remember that itwill only be temporary and that our great Lord & Savior Jesus Christ WILL prevail in the end. …. It is a bit lengthy, but bear with me … I want to be sure and get this teaching across so as to hopefully help some of you who will be going through these trials … May God richly bless you and keep you ……

Luke 22:31-32 says this,  “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.  But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”
When Jesus walked the earth, He knew all too well about the fierce powers of evil.  Satan came with every weapon in Hell to sift Christ’s disciples … and he came and tempted Jesus as well! 
I don’t think we can even imagine the great conflict that rages in the Spirit realm … or how determined the enemy is to destroy disciples like Peter. … In fact, he has painted a target on the back of every believer who’s heart is fixed firmly on following Jesus.
Now, at some point in our Christian’s walk, we will cross over what I call the “Obedience Line” … the time when we finally decide to ‘go all the way’ with the Lord. … when we realize there is nothing in this world that holds us and we determine to obey God’s Word in all ways … and at all costs. …… 
And the minute we cross that line … the moment we enter into a life of ‘obedience’ and dependence  on Christ … and determined never to go back … we set off every alarm in Hell! … Why? … We now have become a legitimate threat to the ‘kingdom of darkness’ … we have become the enemy of every evil power and principality. … Count on it! … Afflictions , floods and trials will come as fiery tests of faith.
Remember, verse 31 said  “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.” … It is here Jesus introduces the subject of how the enemy seeks to sift God’s people. … Sifting means to be shaken and separated like grain by sudden trials of life … through the agitation of events and situations that shake our very foundations. …
In Christ’s day, grain workers used a sieve just before they sacked the harvested grain. .. First, they shoveled wheat into a square box covered with netting. .. Then they turned the box upside down and shook it violently! .. The grit and dirt would fall through the netting until only the wheat kernels remained.    
….. Jesus was saying to Peter …  ‘Satan doesn’t think your faith is real. .. He thinks when he puts you in the sieve and shakes you, your faith is going to fall to the ground as worthless refuse.’
But wait!  The Lord had just promised Peter he would have a fruitful ministry. … Luke 22:29-30 says,  ” .. I confer on you a Kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me, so that you may eat and drink at my table in my Kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” …. Christ was making an incredible promise to His disciples. … Think of what Jesus was telling them … not only would these men become vessels of Christ’s glory, they were going to be given a seat at the Lord’s table to enjoy close company with him. … They would rule and reign as princes near the seat of power!
But little did Peter know that while Jesus was speaking these precious promises to him, Christ’s heart was in prayer for him. (verse 32) … Christ sees where we cannot in the spirit world … and He saw Satan at the Father’s throne, accusing Peter and asking permission to get his hands on him.  … The devil wanted to do with Peter as he had done with Job. … His accusations could have been something like this … “Your Jesus calls this man Peter a ‘rock’ … He says he’s going to build His Church on the kind of faith Peter has … He wants to make this man a ‘foundation stone’ of a body of new believers.  … But I say this Peter is no rock! … He’s just the opposite … chaff – unworthy to be a vessel for your glory. … Let me shake him .. put him to the test … He won’t last! … His faith is going to fail.” 
Here’s a fact:  Satan cannot sift any true believer except by permission from God … and he seeks to sift ONLY those who threaten his work. … So why did Satan desire to sift Peter now .. at this point? … Why was he so anxious to test him?…. Here’s why. … For three years, Peter had been casting out evil spirits and healing the sick. … Satan heard and knew what God had planned for Peter. … In fact, those past three years were going to be nothing compared to the greater works he and the other disciples would eventually perform. … Satan had heard Jesus promise them another baptism … this time with Holy Spirit power … and that caused the devil to shudder and tremble!
Another fact:  Satan always goes after the tree with the most potential to bear fruit … and somehow, Satan knew this man Peter was ‘set apart’ to bear much fruit. … He knew that God was going to give him power and authority that would be used greatly against his own kingdom of darkness. …. Having already pulled down Judas, Satan now thought he saw a measure of weakness in Peter also … something he could build on to make Peter’s faith fail.
Now Peter wasn’t aware of any glaring weakness in himself. … Here was his testimony, in so many words …….. “I’ve had three great years of the best possible training in the world … I’ve been around and have experience … I’ve seen demons flee … I’ve moved crowds toward the Father … I’ve grown so much … I’m not the man I was three years ago … I’m ready to GO ALL THE WAY!!! 
Now think about what’s happening here … for any discerning believer, Jesus’ warning would have been surprising. … It would have given them pause to reflect and take stock of their heart. … But NOT Peter! … It didn’t shake his self-confidence in theleast! … The Lord was trying to wake him up to the danger just ahead, but Peter didn’t seem to hear a word He said. … But we know that Peter was in grave danger … only hours away from committing an awful sin. .. Yet he went confidently on his way, boasting in essence … “I’m ready … I won’t fail … If anyone is going all the way with the Lord, it’s me!”
Maybe some of you are like Peter right now. … God has His hand on you … you’ve grown in the Lord, and you love Him with all your heart. … You always have a sure word for your struggling brothers and sisters … but now Satan desires to sift you. … You’re about to be assaulted by the enemy as you never have before. …… Peter is our example in this, and God is seeking to drive out any spiritual pride in the hearts of His servants in these last days.
Let us heed the warnings from His Word. … See here? … Within 24 hours of his boast to Jesus, Peter became a moral cripple! … He ended up cursing … carried away by cowardice … denying Christ 3 times!
… What Peter did was so evil and wicked he never could have thought it was possible!  … and as incredible has Peter’s fall would be, Jesus was NOT going to stop it. … He wanted to purge this headstrong disciple of a tendency that three years of teaching from the Lord Himself hadn’t touched. .. Miracles, signs and wonders hadn’t touched it! … Even Christ’s warnings hadn’t dug it out! … Simply, there was nothing left for Jesus to do but let Peter go ‘into the fire’ … into Satan’s hands and the overwhelming flood he would bring. 
Here, Jesus set the example for how to treat our brethren who fall during their sifting … “I have prayed for you … that your faith may not fail.” (verse 32) … As I look at this great example of Christ’s love, I realize I know almost nothing about how to love those who fail. … Proverbs 18:24 says,  “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” … Jesus sees both the good and the bad in each of us … and he concludes,  “Satan desires you, but I desire you more!”
… And so the Lord said to His disciples, “Peter, I have prayed for you …” …. Notice He didn’t say “I will pray for you.” … In short, Christ had seen this coming for a long time. .. He probably had spent many hours talking about Peter to the Father … how He loved him … how needed he was in the kingdom … how valued he was as a fruitful friend …
Now, when Jesus said,  “I have prayed for you” … the Greek for “you” is plural, as in “All of you” … Jesus was speaking mainly to Peter, but also to all of the disciples … and to us today! … John 17:9,11,15 says … “I pray for them.  I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. … I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you.  Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name — the name you gave me — so that they may be one as we are one. … My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.” …
So no matter what you are going through … no matter what lies ahead of you … If you have a heart full of love for Jesus, know that He is praying for you! … Hallelujah! … Also remember that Jesus didn’t pray that Peter would be spared from Satan’s sifting.  Rather, He prayed ONLY that his faith wouldn’t fail. … and that is Satan’s prime target … our faith! … In just a few short hours, the enemy brought circumstances into Peter’s life that severely tested his faith and love for Jesus.
Remember this for strength … sifting is usually compressed into a short … but very intense … period of time. … For Jesus, it was 40 days and 40 nights …. Satan came at Him with every deception of darkness. .. For Peter, it was but a few days .. but those days would be the most faith-shaking … shocking … and remorseful of his life.
Some of you may be enduring this ‘sifting’ right now. … So how are you to overcome it? … Again, Jesus set the example. … When He was confronted with the devil’s schemes, He overcame them with God’s Word! … Matthew 4:4,7,10 says this … “It is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. … It is also written: Do not put the Lord your God to the test. … Away from me, Satan!  For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.”
Today, because of the Cross, we have yet another “It is written” … It is this … “I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.” … We can say this to Satan … ‘You may have gotten permission to sift me .. you may attempt to tear down my faith … but know this! … My Jesus is praying for me! … Hallelujah!!
Peter’s faith was tested and shaken, and because of self-reliance, he stumbled … but in answer to the Master’s prayer, the roots of Peter’s faith hadn’t been destroyed … his faith ultimately DID NOT FAIL … just as Jesus had prayed ……… And after it was over, I can picture Peter rising up from the ground with the ‘Spirit of God’ flowing through him … I see him raising his arms to the sky and crying …  Satan!  Be gone!
… I failed my Lord but I still love Him! … He promised .. in fact, he prophesied that I would come back and be a comfort to others … that I would be a Rock for many! … I’m going back now to my brothers and sisters …..
Peter was with the other 10 disciples (Judas was gone now) when Jesus appeared in their midst … and he was there worshiping when Jesus ascended into glory! … He was the first disciple to run to the tomb when it was told Christ had risen … It was Peter who, just weeks later, stood at Pentecost as God’s spokesman … and what a sermon he preached!
People! … You don’t have to fail as Peter did … but as we read his story, we are to be warned by it. … If you’ve failed … if you’ve grieved the Lord … Run into the arms of Jesus! … and remember … HE iS PRAYING FOR YOU! …. 
Finally, when the sifting is over … when you come back … and your faith is stronger … God is going to use you! … So don’t ever give up on your own faith … and don’t give up on others who fail.  … Satan would never have come against you unless he had seen a glimpse of threat. … You are the Lord’s … through everything in this life! …. Just rest in His unconditional love for you …
Until next time,

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June 14

*Volcano Discovery – “Japan’s Sakurajima Volcano
awakes with a series of powerful explosions”

*Press TV – “6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes
Indonesia’s Java”

*Breitbart – “Third-graders (9 year olds) introduce
Obama at LGBT Pride Event at White House”

….. Nothing like corrupting them while they’re
young …..

*RT Live – “U.S. to give military support to
Syrian rebels as ‘red line’ crossed”

… Another ‘brilliant’ (which translates in this
case to stupid) move by our esteemed leaders …. Remember, no one is
quite sure who is actually in control of these ‘rebels’ …. We do know
this, however, they kill Christians! …. Trust me when I say that any
weapons we supply to these ‘nut-cases’ will eventually be turned against
us, and our ‘supposed’ ally, Israel …… 

*Drudge Report – Rumors of War

   -American troops on Syrian border …
   -War games …
   -Russia hits back …
   -Assad prepares offensive as Obama
promises rebels arms …
   -Oil hits 9-month high …
   -Saudi King cuts holiday short due
to events in region …
   -Thousands of Egyptian Islamists rally
for Syria Jihad …

*Breitbart – “Detroit defaults — Won’t pay
2.5 billion it owes”

… More “signs of the times” ….

June 15

*Terra Daily – “H1N1 cases rise sharply in

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Sexless’ now official
birth certificate status”

Comment from article:  “UK considers scrapping
gender on passports for sake of ‘transsexual equality’ “

…. The world has gone completely nuts! … I hate
to tell these idiots this, but there really IS a big difference between
guys & gals! …… I’ll leave it there …

*World Net Daily – “Brave New Schools: 
Principal threatens Valedictorian’s Navy career”

…. All the kid did was veer from an edited, pre-approved
government speech and say stuff like “we are fortunate to live
in a country where we can express our beliefs, and not have our microphones
turned off.”  … He then went on to say,  “Just
as Jesus spoke out against the authority of the Sadducees and Pharisees,
who tried to silence Him, I will not have my freedom of speech taken
away from me.” … Good on ya, young man! … I hope we all can
maintain this kind of faith & courage to speak out for Jesus in
these increasingly difficult days ahead …..

*Joel Rosenberg – “Hassan Rawhani is no ‘moderate.’ 
He was endorsed by the only Iranian leader ever to publicly call for
Israel to be destroyed by nuclear weapons”

….. This guy Rawhani is the newly-elected President
of Iran. …. Remember, when Joel Rosenberg speaks about these things
concerning the Middle East, we need to listen because he knows what
he’s talking about … and he is basically saying here that nothing
will change, even though the ‘Ayatollah’ would like us to think otherwise
… so, more of the same from ‘Persia” ….

June 16

*The Independent – “World Conflict:  Iran
to send 4,000 troops to aid Syria — U.S. urges allies to supply arms
in conflict”

…. Everybody .. Iran, Russia, the U.S. … you
name it! … Everybody seems to getting involved! … and what’s really
interesting?  .. For the first time, all of America’s “friends”
in the region are Sunni Muslims & all of its enemies are Shiites!
…… Who’s on 1st … what’s on 2nd? …..

*Inquirer – “Strong 6.2 quake shakes southern

*Reuters – “6.5 magnitude quake strikes off
coast of Nicaragua”

*Independent – “Powerful 5.8 earthquake hits
Mexico City”

*NBC – “Bloodbath in Chicagoland:  7 dead,
30 wounded in weekend violence”

*Gateway Pundit – “AT &T to load i-phones
with emergency alerts from Obama — that you CAN’T switch off”

…. Wow! … Well .. maybe he IS the Anti-Christ!
… but I still don’t think so ….

June 17

*Reuters – “Saudi Arabia reports 4 more deaths
from MERS coronavirus”

… This stuff isn’t “going away” …
and the WHO has labeled it a ‘threat to the entire world … claim it’s
still evolving ….

June 18

*NPR – ” ‘People Revolution’ spreads to Brazil: 
Thousands take to the streets in anti-government protests”

… I’m telling you, it’s coming! … World chaos
is on an extremely rapid increase, setting up the perfect scenario for
a ‘savior of mankind’ to appear … and we know who that is! ….

*Rt Live – “Violent explosion shakes Mexico’s
‘Popo’ Volcano — ash falling in Mexico City”

*The Blaze – “A redrawing of the map: 
Syria’s Assad delivers chilling warning to Europe and the world”

…. The story goes on to say that as the conflict
spills into neighboring countries, it will blur the borders in the region
and will set off a ‘domino effect’ …. Is this the set-up for the coming
Ezekiel War? … or the Psalm 83 war? …. One thing we do know, “There
will be wars and rumors of wars” (Matthew 24:7) and Damascus WILL
BE DESTROYED before the Lord’s return (Isaiah 17:1) …..

*The Washington Post – “World economic group
calls for ‘Global Exchange’ of tax information to fight evasion”

…. Yeah, right! …. Just another poorly constructed
disguise of the coming world-dominating government …. (and I’m NOT
a conspiracy theorist) ….

*BBC – “Leading UK and world scientists meet
to analyze ‘unusual’ weather patterns”

…. Save the money and the time … just read the
Bible! … all your answers are right there!

*Mail Online – “Syria rebels ‘behead a Christian
and feed him to the dogs’ as fears grow over Islamist atrocities”

… and these are the people we want to ‘partner’
with?! … Simply amazing!

*USA Today – “U.S. marriage rates at an all-time

… Nobody wants to ‘commit’ anymore …. How sad

June 19

*Volcano Discovery – “Manam Volcano erupts
in Papua, New Guinea”

*The Moscow Times – “5.3 magnitude earthquake
damages some 500 homes in Kemerovo region of Russia”

*CP World – “Peru earthquake:  5.6 magnitude
quake shakes Lima”

*World Net Daily – “Congress wakes up to cataclysmic

Comment from article:  “As the technologically
sophisticated U.S. faces the increasing threat of an electromagnetic
pulse attack (EMP) from a man-made, high-altitude nuclear explosion
or an ‘inevitable’ massive solar flare, Republicans in the U.S. House
are trying to prepare a defense. … They are proposing legislation
to protect the vulnerable U.S. electrical grid from an attack so cataclysmic
90% of Americans could be affected, including many who would face starvation.”

…. I have to appreciate their efforts, but there
is NO WAY we can possibly ‘legislate’ the coming chaos to befall this
sinful and and the entire world …It’s Biblical, and therefore, unavoidable! 

*MyWay – “Brazil civil unrest spreads to Sao
Paulo … other cities”

*Associated Press – ” ‘Baked Alaska’: 
Unusual record-breaking heat wave hits 49th state”

… More records falling … 

*NBC – “Radioactive Strontium-90 in groundwater
near Fukushima Nuclear Reactor — more than 30 times the permitted level”

… Figures! … We knew this thing wasn’t over

*Fox News – “Wall Street pummeled amid Fed

Comment from article:  “Fed’s Bernanke
threatens to ease bond-buying as economy appears to be improving”

…. We knew also that this was coming … It will
be very interesting to watch the markets as we move closer to the complete
stoppage of the ‘Monopoly-money” pumping …. stay tuned!

Once again, another week full of prophetic-related
news. … And this Syria thing?  It has all the markings of a much
larger regional conflict, not to mention the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy concerning
the destruction of Damascus, Syria’s capitol …. But what really upsets
me much is that we Americans are associating with the side that has
no apparent leader, not to mention the slaughter of Christians! …
It is literally embarrassing to me …

Also, we are continuing to see more weather-related
records falling all across the globe … Now I realize this is the most
criticized area of prophecy … nay-sayers are always claiming that
these sorts of things have always happened … and they are right …
but NOT to the extent that we are seeing right now. … Scientists agree
that since 1980, these ‘events’ of record-setting size have at least
quadrupled!  … Simply, these are the “birth pains”
Christ spoke of in Matthew 24:8 …. … and this “Popo” volcano
near Mexico City? … Very dangerous considering its proximity to the
city and its millions of inhabitants … we must pray for their safety

… And the economic news? The last article on the
19th pretty much said what happened today …. The Feds are going to
stop pumping all this phony money into an already ‘bubbled-up’ economy,
and when that happens, we can be near certain that interest rates will
increase, causing major inflation to set in … and couple that with
our current national debt of $17+ trillion, the payment just on the
interest of this debt would be massive. and virtually impossible to
pay …. We’ll watch this with great interest over these next few months

Add all this up with Japan’s (the world’s 3rd largest
economy) major financial woes … with the increasing civil unrest spreading
across the planet due primarily to economic problems … the stage is
being set up for the coming of a world leader who will claim to have
all the answers … and sadly, most will follow, simply because they
are desperate ….. and uninformed!

I could go on & on, but enough for now ….
and by the way, you can now LISTEN to these ramblings as well as read
them …. Pod-casting is now a reality! … Praise the Lord!

Know that I am praying for each of you & that
God knows exactly who you are … Hallelujah! … and once again, thank
you all for your continued prayers & support … God bless you!

Until next time,

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