July 30. 2013
Is the American government turning toward socialism? … Are the ‘powers that be’ taking us in that direction? …. This is a much-debated subject matter going on in many circles today. … I know in my Tuesday night end-times gathering, the topic comes up quite often, primarily because of many of the news headlines we are looking at. …. 
One of the areas most noticeable is today’s media. … All but a few are totally ‘left-leaning’ and many important stories taking place all around us go completely unnoticed … stories concerning homosexuality, abortion, certain court trials that involve topics favoring the liberal agenda …..  
As most of you are aware, I peruse the news headlines every day looking for stories that relate to issues facing our Christian community in these end times, and believe me when I say this, hardly a day goes by that I DON’T find something that relates to our government’s continuing move toward socialism, and an eventual complete takeover of our once-strong and vital way of life ………. but this article  from this morning triggered my wanting to write about this right now …. A ‘World Net Daily’ headline said this … “Broadcast giant ‘dropping Limbaugh, Hannity’ ” …. Now while I realize these guys are secular, and will find other outlets … while they still exist … the point is this:  I believe it to be a clandestine effort by those in power to remove the conservative voice from the airwaves so as to accelerate their complete takeover of our media.
Those of you who have studied History 101 know that this is how dictators of the past took control of their respective societies. … If you can control the information being ‘fed’ to the public … if you can control the school curriculum and feed them what you want them to learn … if the universities stay at their current ‘liberal’ level … then it will be just a brief period of time before they will have complete control of it all. … 
Let’s also consider the economy for a moment … In just two articles this week, we see clear signs of what I’m talking about. … First this article from CNS News  … “Two Americans added to Food Stamp rolls for every job Administration says it created.” …. The next one from The Blaze reported … “4 in 5 in U.S. face near-poverty — no work.” … (that’s 80%, people!) …. To complete this point, let me say that over 50% of America’s population is on the government dole … and who do you think people will vote for? … Anyone & everyone that will continue to send the money! … They now have the majority!
And what about the ‘Moral Compass’ … the ‘Faith Factor?’ … We know also from studying the same history previously mentioned that any socialistic-communistic society is all but devoid of God. … Well?! … Almost every day I come across story after story about how God is being literally removed from our society …. He’s not allowed in our governing halls, our educational systems, our military ….
… not anywhere! … When we talk about “Separation of Church and State” … we mean it literally in today’s America. ….. And all we have to do is just ‘glance’ at the results of this …. rampant crime & killing in our cities, militant homosexuality, the killing of millions of babies …. the list goes on, and is growing by leaps & bounds every moment of each day!
Now for you ‘scoffers’ who think I’m over-reacting, or am just simply another ‘nut-case, let me share with you this story that will make even the most avid ‘doubter’ think …. In June of this year, we learned that the National Security Agency (NSA) has a secret data warehouse in Utah, a ‘billion-dollar epicenter’ where it can store massive amounts of information.  .. And the phone records, e-mails, and other digital communications the government has been tracking include YOURS! …… Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, YouTube, AOL, Skype, and Apple have handed over all kinds of information about you, and claimed that they were forced to do so. .. The Associated Press reported that this revelation “illustrates how aggressively personal information is being congregated and analyzed …” 
However, the NSA says you don’t have to worry.  An agency spokesman said that its operations will be lawfully conducted in accordance with U.S. laws and policies.” …. I feel so much better! … Does it reassure you? … Has the Administration done anything lately to suggest that it is careful to follow the law?
When a ceremony was held in May to celebrate completion of the Utah data center’s exterior, it was “closed to the public” … only an exclusive invitation would get you in … even the Mayor of host city Bluffdale was excluded. … The AP story went on tosay that the NSA also rejected a request by city officials to take a group of visiting Utah mayors on a bus tour of the outside of the facility.  The agency said all tours — even of the exterior — are prohibited. 
Why all the secrecy? … Washington claims it needs all this information for America’s war against terrorism. .. It is expanding the NSA’s powers exponentially using the ‘war on terrorism’ as the rationale.
… Now what makes this so interesting is that at the same time, the President gave a speech telling us that ‘there is no war on terrorism’ … “This war, like all wars, must end,” he said. … “America shouldn’t be on a perpetual war-time footing.” … He claimed that the war is winding down, thanks to several victories by his administration. …… So if all this is true, why do we need this billion dollar facility in Utah?! …. It’s all about control!
Romans 16:17-18 says this …. “I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned.  Keep away from them. 18) For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites.  By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.”
… And this is exactly what is happening. … We Disciples of Christ know that these days will be very difficult for us, and will continue to get worse as we go forward. ……. So how can we ‘stay away’ from those who govern us? … We can’t really, but Jesus taught us how we are to exist in this world ….   In John 17:14-16, Jesus was praying to the Father and He said this …. “I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world. 15) My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. 16) They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.”
OK … So as always, Jesus was .. and is .. absolutely right. … The more time progresses, the more the world hates us, because we DO know His Word! … But remember this, Jesus also prayed that the Father protect us during these times of rejection. … We MUST trust in that. …
OK… it’s getting long so I’ll stop here for now … but rest assured, we will continue to talk about this stuff just as long as we can … and let’s remember to pray earnestly for each other … and never forget that the ultimate reward is spending eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! … Hallelujah!!!
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