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July 9, 2013 
On June 27th of this year, USA Today ran this story … “Solar conditions pose huge threat:  One flare could send us back to the 19th century.” …. We see these kinds of stories, it seems, almost every day in the news … tales of woe coming to this beleaguered planet. … 
In the last 100+ years, life in many parts of our world has gotten a whole lot easier. … Here in America we’ve built an impressive infrastructure to mass produce and distribute food, water, electricity and anything else we can imagine. …. But, in the process of this modernization, we’ve become extraordinarily dependent on the “grid.” … Every aspect of modern life hinges on the smooth-flowing, uninterrupted operation of a number of intricate and interrelated systems. … As a result, this has made our high-tech civilization extremely vulnerable to disruption.   
What would you eat if the grocery stores and restaurants were empty? … Sound impossible? … Well, think of this …  In today’s world, less than 2% of those in the first world population are feeding the other 98%. … Most of us get our food from hundreds to thousands of miles away, and have about a week’s worth of groceries in the pantry.
What would you do if your town lost power? … In most places, drinking water would soon dry up … plumbing would stop … sanitation would quickly deteriorate, particularly within cities … communications would fail … phone systems would shut down within a week.
Now, considering the number and variety of possible events that could create such conditions, it would be totally irrational to ignore their likelihood  … Just look at the opening story concerning solar flares as an example. … What else could create such a catastrophe? … A disease pandemic … terrorist attacks … an attack by a hostile nation … the unleashing of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons … weather disasters … earthquakes or volcanoes, or any other natural phenomena capable of destroying the infrastructure or wiping out food supplies … deepening economic depression … an immediate collapse of the value of money through deflation, hyperinflation, or monetary manipulation. …… You get the picture … but sadly, most of us don’tseriously consider such scenarios . … We enjoy them for summer popcorn movie fare … and then continue to depend on the “grid” as if it will keep clicking along in well-oiled perfection forever. … But is that realistic? … Not even close!
Keeping all this in mind, now comes the question posed by many people … how should we prepare for such an event? … As I stated in my last commentary, many Christians have asked me this very question,  and my response is very simple and direct … whatdoes the Bible say? ….  Glad you asked! … Matthew 6:19-21 says this … “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  20) But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  21) For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 
In this and several other passages, the preparedness Christ urged was Spiritual. …. God’s challenge with each of us is to teach us to put our trust and confidence in Him rather than in ourselves, or any other human being … (also see Psalm 118:8 & Jeremiah 17:5-7). …. God supernaturally fed the Israelites for 40 years in the wilderness to teach them faith … that man doesn’t live by bread alone, but by every Word of God.     (Deuteronomy 8:3).
Jesus totally supported this principle. .. He taught that we should pray each day for “our daily bread,” and warned against faithless anxiety and fretting over tomorrow’s problems (Matthew 6:11, 25, 31-34). .. It was apparent that He was NOT an advocate ofhoarding food. … God actually wants us to recognize …  and overcome … our tendency to trust ourselves. … He is measuring the coming destruction of America and other nations because of our sin, our faithlessness, our self-reliance, our ignorance of Him and our belittling of His power! …. And if you even begin to understand the Bible’s prophecies about the severity of that destruction, you realize that NO private bunker, food supply, or money stash will be safe for very long. …  No one is going to escape the coming wrath that is about to fall upon this nation … and world … because of God’s wrath. …. Those who plan to weather the coming storms through their own foresight and ingenuity are totally underestimating the savageness of the times ahead…. and more importantly, they are misplacing their faith.  
Luke 21:34-36 says it plainly … “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35) For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the faceof the whole earth.  36) Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” …  
So don’t worry about what you need to do. … Just trust in Him to look after all your needs … and rejoice, because Jesus Himself said that as these signs and warnings continue to increase, they are but “birth pains” … positive proof  of His imminent return! …. Hallelujah!!! …. Know that I am praying for a covering of peace for each and every one of you ……
Until next time,

June 27

*AccuWeather – “Erratic jet stream brings extremes
and warnings to U.S.”

… The ‘experts’ are saying that all-time temperature
highs for ANY time f the year could happen ….

* – “St. Louis Police Chief wants
drones to patrol high-crime areas”

…. Just the beginning … Next, they’ll be hunting
us Christians who oppose the new ‘morally decadent’ lifestyles ….

*Associated Press – “Obama promotes ‘gay’ rights
… in Africa!”

… and his hosts are not happy! …

*USA Today – “Solar conditions pose huge threat: 
One flare could send us back to 19th century”

…. Luke 21:25 says “There will be signs in
the sun, moon, and stars” ….

*World Net Daily – “Iran:  Syrian crisis
prelude to coming of Mahdi”

…. This is dangerous in that many of their leaders
believe this … and what is the visualized scenario for the coming
of the Mahdi (their Savior)? … War, violence, and overall chaos will
be ‘the order of the day’ … and these ‘nut-jobs’ are an eyelash away
from nuclear capability! ……..

June 28

*Volcano Discovery 


   -Volcanic eruptions rage in Alaska: 
Geologists – “For some reason we can’t explain why activity has   

     picked up” …

   – Nicaragua’s Telica volcano shaken
by new earthquake swarm …

   – Energy shift?  – “Popo”
volcano in Mexico growing more violent …  

   – Philippine volcano shaken by 15 earthquakes

   – Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano ejects
4.3 mile-high ash cloud …


*BBC – “Egypt braces for rival mass demonstrations”

*Drudge Report – Freak heat in Southwest

   -Las Vegas 113 degrees …

   -Phoenix 116 degrees …

   -All-time highs could be smashed …

   -Death Valley 129 degrees …

*Yahoo.News – “Gold posts worst quarter on
record  despite Friday rally”

   -Banks sell record sums of US. debt

   -Investors pull $23+ billion out of
funds … in a week!

… The financial “house of sand” will
soon collapse …

June 29

*The Telegraph – “American west bakes in ‘brutal’
heat wave as temperatures approach world record”

Comment from article:  “America’s western
states are suffering a blistering heat wave as thermometers
creep towards the highest temperatures ever recorded
on Earth ….

June 30

*The Blaze – “Catholic Priest beheaded in Syria
by Al-Qaeda-linked rebels as men and children take pictures and cheer”

…. and we are sending weapons to these people?!

*The Washington Times – “Lady Gaga amends National
Anthem:  ‘Land of the free, and the home of the gay’ “

… What’s this got to do with America & Bible
prophecy? … A lot, because what she ‘insinuates’ in her parody is
sadly true … these are just more ‘signals’ of the death of a decadent
nation … the only superpower left that could stand in the way of the
coming world ruler .. the Anti-Christ. 

*World Net Daily – “Egyptian Christian to U.S.: 
Quit helping Muslims”

…. It is strange how it seems this ‘Christian’
nation is supporting several nations with Muslim leadership … Egypt
being one of those ….

July 1

*Al Alarabiya – “Arab Summer:  Violent
protests on streets of Cairo leave 10 people dead”

Comment from article:  “Protests against
Muslim Brotherhood – Largest political event in world history.”

*The Guardian – “Eurozone unemployment rate
hits new record high”

….. Remember, this is where the Revived Roman
Empire will be located … and the soon-coming world leader will emerge
in a time of utter economic & civil chaos ….

*CBS – “Baltimore officials & clergy ask
for help after dozens killed in just 10 days”

….. Another big city experiencing civil disobedience
in the form of youth violence ….

*World Net Daily – “Family picnic turns to
horror in Niagara Falls – thanks to black mob”

…. These thugs punched & beat 9 year old son
… pistol-whipped mother trying to defend him. … What is interesting
here is how the mainstream media is ignoring these types of stories,
even though they are on an ever-increasing rise …. I believe the reason
has to be the collective fear of a ‘racism’ label ..
It is the underlying reason because there is none
other that would make any sense ….

July 2

*The Post – “Ecosystem crisis:  Bees dying
by the millions in Canada – cause unknown”

…… Hey! .. We need these guys for a lot of our
food! … Better figure it out, guys!

*ABC – “Strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes
Indonesia:  5 dead, scores injured”

* – “Moderate 5,7 quake hits central
Chile .. shakes buildings in capital”

*Business Insider – “A wave of anger is sweeping
the cities of the world”

…. Many different reasons mentioned … but the
bottom line? … Godlessness! … Satan is rampaging “Like a roaring
lion” in these last days (see 1 Peter 5:8)

*The Balfour Post – “Violence against Christians
on a fast rise in the Middle East”

…. “You will be persecuted for my name’s
sake …. “

*The Guardian – “China to join Russia for largest
naval drills with foreign partner”

…. Amazing! … First time the “Kings of
the East & North” work together in this capacity …..

*Piedmont News – “Curfew considered after massive
brawl involving some 400 youths in downtown Greensboro”

…. More & more ……

*Reuters – “Exclusive:  Greece has 3 days
to deliver or face consequences – EU officials”

… I have a great idea for them! … Just print
up a bunch of ‘money’ … and then everything will be just wonderful!

July 3

*NBC – “Egyptian Government crumbles under
military coup:  Tanks reportedly move on Cairo”

   -Islamist President refuses to step
down …

   -Fight to the death in final hours
showdown …

   -Muslim Brotherhood prepares defense
force …

   -Massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment

   -Oil above $100 …

   -Epidemic of sexual violence: 
91 attacks in 4 days …

* – “Police fear ‘violence’ in
response to Zimmerman verdict”

…. Facebook fans flame with comments like these
… “Riot for Trayvon” … “Kill George Zimmerman”
…. The Washington Post says that ‘racism’ is the sub-text of this
trial …. and I agree … The outcome is NOT about right or wrong,
or who is guilty … Many have already made their decision based upon
color … If Zimmerman is acquitted, you can be sure that ‘race riots’
will occur all across the land … sadly, many are just waiting for
an ‘excuse’ ….

*Reuters – “Portugal & Greece risk ‘reawakening’
Eurozone ‘Beast’ “

…… These are economically desperate countries
for sure … and if this isn’t the catalyst for the Zone’s

‘reawakening’ of their awful economic condition,
something else will … Havoc is coming to the Eurozone, as well as
the rest of the world. …

* – “Pro-Abortion backers tell
legislator .. ‘I hope your daughter is raped’ .. chant ‘Hail Satan’
while Christians sing ‘Amazing Grace’ “

… There’s no question these pro-abortion people
are vicious in their quest for their cause … killing babies. … and
Satan is the only one who would listen to their evil ‘chants’ … I
pray that the Lord in Heaven will remove the scales from their eyes
before it is too late …..

*CNN – “Market Turmoil:  Portugal slides
closer to the abyss with forced austerity measures .. Chaos in Lisbon”

…. More & more civil unrest as the world economy
continues its slide….

Well, that’s it for this week, and as usual, there
was no shortage of prophecy-related news! … We continue to see ‘wars
& rumors of wars’ … the Middle East is on fire … certainly Syria,
but also Iraq … and how about the “Kings of the East & North
getting together? … and Egypt today ….

And as for Pestilence, we are seeing unprecedented
heat waves and the dying of millions of bees … for unexplained reasons
…. and civil unrest increasing across the entire globe! … But I
think the story that struck me the most this week was the actual chanting
to the world’s biggest enemy .. Satan! … I know the Bible tells us
that many will be deceived in these last days, but to actually see it
in this form … well, it is sobering! … Deception is on an ever-increasing
rampage right before our very eyes …and sadly, those of us who see
it are in the minority! …We must pray against it!

And the world’s economy? … It is marching down
the path we knew it would … total collapse is just around the corner!
… but we know the reason why ..  those of us who study God’s
Word … and because of that, we need not fear these coming events …
just pray for those who don’t understand and depend on the ‘treasures
of this world’ …..

And finally, I mourn for this once-great nation
and how it is self-destructing! … This pro-gay agenda is an obvious
indicator. … The Pentagon now celebrating ‘gay’ troops … The Supreme
Court choosing the side of this debauchery … World-famous entertainers
changing our nation’s anthem in support of this movement … and our
own President PROMOTING this ‘gay’ agenda in foreign lands?!

When we see these ‘liberal-leaning’ folks who support
these types of things – abortion & gay rights – by chanting “Hail
Satan” … we know the end has to be near! … and even if they
were to take the Bible out of the picture and looked just at history,
they would see that EVERY nation who endorsed these types of lifestyles
ALL faded into oblivion! …. OK, I’ll stop preaching … for now …

That’s it for this week … Know that I am praying
for each of you every day … for your protection against this onslaught
of evil. … Please pray for me as well … and I thank you all for
your continued support of this effort concerning the Kingdom of our
Great God!

Until next time,

July 2, 2013
One of my favorite ‘sarcastic’ statements these days concerning the condition of the world’s economy is … “why worry? … The stock market is up!” …. 
To the point … some friends of mine handed me an ‘Investment Advisory’ from Porter Stansberry, a well-known financial guru who is involved on a moment-by-moment basis in today’s financial world. … I want you to bear with me for a moment while I share just a few of his comments concerning today’s financial ‘condition.’ … I will finish up by explaining why this stuff is important to us as Christians and how it relates to end-time prophecies …
I quote Mr. Stansberry …”On May 7, the yield on the Barclays U.S. Corporate High Yield Index fell to a record low of 4.97%. … It was the first day in the history of the U.S. ‘junk’ bond market (where less creditworthy companies borrow) that the index yield fell to less than 5%. … The next day, yields fell again to 4.96%.
“Watching the action that week, we simply couldn’t believe our eyes … General Motors issued new debt paying a return of only 3.75%. … General Motors is a company that’s sitting on roughly $100 billion in pension obligations. … It went bankrupt less than five years ago, and it operates in a sector that’s still suffering from massive overcapacity. … To say GM’s 5-year note isn’t investment worthy could well be a punch line of a joke. ….. And yet, there it was! … You should imagine us sitting at our desk, rubbing our eyes in disbelief.
“It is impossible to justify the high price of junk bonds (and their corresponding low yields). .. You must remember that the default rate on these bonds will soar, sooner or later. … In March 2009, the default rate on this category of debt hit 14.9%. … And of course, default rates rise when more bonds are issued. … Issuance hit an all-time record in 2012. … Through the beginning of May, the high-yield sector was on pace to beat that record this year. … In other words, NEVER before in modern American finance have so many investors places so much capital in riskier assets with less compensation. … It is a sure bet – a 100% guaranteed lock – these investments will end badly.
Be patient as he continues … “Believe it or not, that’s not even the worst sign that the debt market is headed for an enormous crash. … Not only are investors no longer being compensated adequately for the risk of default, issuers of these debts have also succeeded in placing clauses in the contracts that allow them to repay investors with additional debt securities rather than cash. … So-called pay-in-kind toggle notes allow corporate borrowers the option of issuing still more debt rather than payingbondholders interest in cash. … These kinds of terms were invented during the last credit bubble, at the height of the market in 2006 and 2007. … Needless to say, a borrower who requires the option to repay you with still more debt isn’t likely to repay you. … These investments are sure to end badly, too.
“So, we are saying to our listeners … GET OUT OF BONDS. … The defaults will soar.  This is certain. … Bottom line? .. The U.S. bond market – particularly junk bonds – is going to crash. … When this crash comes – and is certain to do so – it will be the largest destruction of wealth in history.
Just a few more points …. Stanberry goes on to explain that the coming collapse in the bond market will be far worse than it was last time (2008) …. The reason? … The Federal Reserve’s actions have driven forward the huge bull market all across the board. … Why? … The Fed is printing up to almost $100 billion per month and buying bonds. … That has forced the other buyers of bonds to buy riskier debt that, historically, has offered much higher returns.  
Now all this goes along with what we’ve been saying for some time now … these reckless policies of the Fed and the central banking systems around the world are creating immense new amounts of ‘worthless’ paper money and using it to buy TRILLIONS of dollars worth of financial assets. … Simply put, this is a paper pyramid of wealth. … and like the ‘house built upon sand,’ it will soon come tumbling down!
… To add to this financial fiasco, In addition to this gross monetary stimulus, nearly all of the world’s major Western economies continue to run mountainous fiscal deficits. … Governments of all types are spending huge sums of money they can’t even begin to finance with their current tax revenues. … Now these policies – monetary and stimulus – were supposed to “jump-start” the world’s economy. … Simply again, that is not possible … It cannot happen! … It is the same thing as you or me making payments on some credit cards with other credit cards … eventually, they all will come due, but are maxed out! …. you get the picture ….  
There’s so much more, but for the sake of ‘length’, I will share just one more of Stansberry’s observations … 
and I quote:  “It’s no coincidence America’s massive NSA spying program, which clearly violates the Fourth Amendment … the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS … or the harassment of bona fide journalists by the Justice Department, all occurredduring this period of economic upheaval. .. These are the political policies of a bankrupt and desperate state. … Just as it has ignored the time-tested laws of economics, so will it ignore the time-tested laws of limited government embodied in the U.S.Constitution.
He concluded with this statement … “We know these overreaching political and economic policies will not create prosperity. .. What we don’t know … what we can’t know … is exactly when these policies will fail. …… How long can the world’s major central banks continue to print trillions to finance the vast expansion of governments around the world without causing a serious economic disruption and a collapse of the world’s paper currency system of money and credit? …. Unfortunately, God does not whisper in our ear … but the markets do.”
Oh, but God DOES whisper in our ears! … We just need to walk closely with Him to know that. …. And what He is telling us through Bible prophecy is that all this IS going to take place, but … as even Mr. Stansberry 
understands, we are just not exactly sure as to when … (Matthew 24:36) 
So what does this coming economic ‘armageddon’ mean for us? … Again, as Bible prophecy tells us, the coming world ruler … the Anti-Christ … will come upon the scene and will take control of world politics, but not by means of war. … We see in Revelation 6:1-2 (the 1st Horseman of the Apocalypse) where a ruler will come upon the scene riding a white horse and wearing a crown. …  He will have a bow in his hand but there is an absence of arrows, which translates to power but not military aggression. … In other words, he will take control of the world by another means …. and I believe that will be the soon-coming economic collapse. …. The world will be in utter chaos and will welcome someone … anyone … who seems to possess the answers to the massive problems of starvation and civil calamity. … This world ruler, who will possess the power of Satan, will be the ‘answer’ to all who are doomed to destruction … those who do not posses the discerning power of the Holy Spirit. … Sadly, it will be the vast majority. ….. 
This commentary is getting lengthy so I will stop here for this week. … Next week, I will attempt to answer a question that comes up quite often in the Christian world … what should we be doing to prepare for this coming ‘event’? …. Until then, may God keep you safe and also give you peace in these increasingly difficult times ….
Until next time,
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