July 11

*Latin Times – “Explosive:  Mexico’s Popocatepetl
(Popo) volcano erupts 39 times in 24-hour period”

*NBC News – “Record-breaker for stocks sparked
by upbeat Fed comments”

…. and what’s so upbeat?! … The Fed stated that
it would continue to “keep its foot on the stimulus gas pedal for
some time …” ….. Wow! … Keep pumping the ‘monopoly money’
into the system and Wall Street stays happy! … How stupid are these
people?! … It’s a house of cards, and soon a strong wind will come
along and blow it down ……

*Fox News – “Airman punished for objecting
to ‘Gay Marriage’ in military chapel”

…. Not too many years ago, he would have been
held as an advocate of good and been applauded … but now? .. 

July 12

*Space Daily – “Record severe heat-wave grips
Japan:  12 dead”

*First Post – “Northern India hit by worst
flooding in memory:  100 villages swamped in Bihar”

*The Blaze – “Scientists angry over college’s
disturbing hire of Astronomy professor who embraces Intelligent Design”

Comment from article:  “Creationism &
Intelligent Design are causing quite a stir at Ball State University,
a public college in Muncie, Indiana. … In addition to sparking an
internal investigation into Professor Eric Hedin, a Christian who is
accused by the atheistic Freedom From Religion Foundation, among others,
of potentially indoctrinating students in his beliefs.”

… Colleges & universities all across this
land have been ‘indoctrinating’ our young people for years in socialism
& godless communistic thinking … and nobody seemed to care …
but if you are a Christian? … You are almost always viewed as a threat!
…. This also was NOT the case just a few years ago …..

*The Blaze – “Yet another horror:  Christian
man allegedly abducted & decapitated in Egypt”

… It”s becoming more & more dangerous to
be a ‘practicing’ Christian ……

*Beta Beat – “Eyeball-scanning is now a reality
… coming to a school near you”

…… The teachings of Revelation 13 becoming closer
& closer to a reality … the Mark of the Beast …. 

July 13

*CIDRAP – “United Arab Emirates reports its
first  MERS-coronavirus case”

*World Net daily – “Netanyahu to Obama: 
Attack Iran or we will”

…. I know this ‘rhetoric’ has been going on for
quite some time now, but it is usually NOT by Netanyahu himself. …
He’s usually a man of straight talk, so maybe this time it really means
something ….

July 14

*Al-Manar – “Russia launches largest military
exercise in post-Soviet period”

… This is ‘Magog’ – the King of the North – prepping
for her ‘last-days’ role ……..

*The Blaze – “Islamic militant leader vows
to burn more schools and kill more teachers in Nigeria”

… Don’t you just love the ‘peace-keeping’ rhetoric
the Muslims are spouting here in America? … What a bunch of ‘hogwash!’
… The god of Islam promotes, and in fact, demands violence without
conversion. … Do not be deceived by these ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’

July 15

*Volcano Discovery – “Significant earthquake
swarm reported at Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano … Also, Ecuador’s
Tungurahua volcano violently explodes – tremors felt for hundreds of

*Los Angeles Times – “7.3 magnitude earthquake
shakes sea floor near South Sandwich Islands”

*Drudge Report – Zimmerman verdict … Modern Day

   -America gripped by 2nd night of fury
   -Police fire rubber bullets in LA freeway
corridor …
   -1000’s pack Times Square …
   -Sharpton plans protests in 100 cities
   -Conservative filmmaker beaten at demonstration
   -‘You see a black kid, you shoot him’
   -Oakland:  Police stand down as
‘protesters’ terrorized drivers …
   -Vigils set for 100’s of cities …
Aim is to keep up momentum …

.. Wow! … It seems like we’re back in the 60’s!
… and who’s stoking the fires?  … It appears, at least to me,
that our black leaders are leading this ‘fanning of racial flames’ …
As the Fox News headline said, “Why now? .. Jury acquits … FBI
says no bias in case …  but the Department of Justice is still
probing for racism! … But then they insult us by saying it’s not ‘political’
or ‘racist’ … give me a break!

*Joel Rosenberg – “Has the End-Game begun?
Privately, senior Israeli officials now warning Iran war could come
in 2013 … Netanyahu prepping the country”

…. I’m surprised he’s held off this long … It
has to be attributed to the current total ineptness of America’s leadership.
… Joel has said before, and I agree, Israel WILL NOT allow Iran to
obtain a nuclear bomb! … We will be watching this one very, very closely

*Joel Rosenberg – Israel launched air strike on
Syrian arms depot from Turkish military base”

… Israel has no choice but to attack and destroy
these arms depots … they’re survival totally depends upon it!

*World Net Daily – “Fukushima nuclear disaster
… contaminated water leaking into ocean”

…. and it has been for two years! … Just wait!

July 16

*The Telegraph – “Gay Marriage clears the House
of Lords … set to become law in England”

…. The whole world is falling for the lies of
Satan … and will soon pay the ultimate price for ‘spitting in the
face of God’s laws’ ….

*The Jerusalem Post – “John Bolton:  Israel
should have attacked Iran ‘yesterday’ “

Comment from article:  “Former U.S. Ambassador
to the UN says every day that goes by ‘puts Israel in greater danger’
… urges Israel to stop waiting. …

*Christian Today – “Former New York Times writer
ridiculed for being a Creationist”

…. We ‘practicing’ Christians are becoming a smaller
& smaller group by the day!

*Drudge Report – The Rage Grows

   -Baltimore:  Group of blacks beat
Hispanic man …
   -White jogger beaten in Mississippi
   -Los Angeles:  Protesters storm
Walmart …
   -Soul singer attacked after dedicating
song to Trayvon …
   -Pennsylvania business graffitied with
“kill Z” .. then set on fire …
   -CBS reporter, photographer attacked
   -LAPD vows crackdown …
   -Zimmerman’s parents in hiding from
‘enormous amount of death threats …
   -Chicago Church Marquee:  ‘It
is safe to kill black people in Amerikkka’ …
   -Nugent:  Vindicates citizen patrols,
self defense …
   -Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida …
   -Verdict unleashes pent-up rage …

…… and this last ‘bullet point’ says it all
…… There is so much rage & frustration in the world today …
because most are living without God, and therefore have no sense of
hope. … How tragic! … and sadly, this ‘condition’ will only continue
to increase in the coming days, setting up the perfect scenario for
the coming world leader who will appear to have all the answers …
and you know who that is ….

*World Net Daily – “Professor on Zimmerman
verdict:  ‘God is a white racist’ ”

… Professor Anthea Butler from the University
of Pennsylvania goes on to say … “More importantly, he is carrying
a gun and stalking young, black men.”

….. Just the kind of people we need in our schools
influencing our young people!

July 17

*EU Observer – “Israeli PM rejects EU ‘dictate’
on borders”

… Now the European Union wants to tell Israel
where their borders should be?! … I wonder how they would feel if
Israel were to tell them where to ‘put’ their borders …. I have a
few suggestions ….

*Forbes – “Bernanke: The ‘pumping’ must go

…. Why? … Because the economy sucks & unemployment
remains high …. Duh! … So when are these ‘quantitive easing’ idiots
going to let the economy stand on its own, if in fact, it can …. Eventually,
they will have to ‘shut off the pump’ … and simply, the longer they
keep it up, the less chance the economy CAN stand on its own …..

*World Net Daily – “Reinterpret your Bible,
urges Bishop”

… This mislead leader goes on to say that “attitudes
towards homosexuality have changed considerably.”

…. OK … I will ‘admit’ that he’s right about
the world’s attitude change towards this sinful lifestyle choice, but
that does NOT give us the right to ‘rewrite’ the Holy Scriptures just
to make them more appealing to the masses! ……
I remember back many years ago when I had a conversation
with a Lutheran pastor who actually said this to me ..
“I no longer believe that Paul’s teachings
are relevant to today’s society.” …. After a brief pause, I asked
him this question … “Then where do we draw the line?” ….
As expected, he had no answer …. I would love to ask this ‘bishop’
the same question … I’m sure his non-response would be the same ……..

That’s it! … I’m out of here for another week
…..  Love you all, and know that I am praying for each of you
… and God knows who you are! … Hallelujah!

Until next time,


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