July 18

*Religion Today – “Christians flee villages
in Egypt’s northern Sinai after terrifying murders”

*Reuters- “Alarm as steam seen rising from
Fukushima reactor”

… But they’re saying that everything is just fine
… Yeah, right! … We’ll never hear the real truth from this one …

*EU Observer – “German Finance Minister visits
angry Greece”

Comment fro article:  “He is due in Athens
Thursday (18th) just as Greek Parliament, amid huge street protests,
passed a bill that will see thousands of public sector jobs cut.”

… The Greeks HAD to do this or get NO bailout
money. … Expect more civil chaos there …

*Drudge Report – All is Good

   -Stocks hit another all-time high … 

   -Moody’s upgrades U.S. outlook …


   -Part-time & temp workers say schedules
getting more erratic (Remember, 2nd largest employer in U.S. is

     temp agencies)

   -Historic:  Detroit files BK …
Largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history …

   -$20 billion in debt … city official
demands federal taxpayer bail-out …

   -Pension funds sue to block …

… but hey, quit worrying! … The stock market
is up! …

*Breitbart – “100’s dead as record heat sweeps

*Reuters – “Six new MERS (coronavirus) cases
reported in UAE & Saudi Arabia”

… This stuff just isn’t going away …

*CBS News – “Vatican:  Get time off in
Purgatory by following Pope on Twitter”
….. Under Catholic belief, after one confesses
and is absolved of sin, ‘indulgences’ are granted which can reduce the
amount of time one spends in Purgatory, a place where one’s sins are
weighed after death. … And now, new Pope Francis is presenting a first-time
offer to the Faithful who follow certain events online. ………..

…. Where in the world did this stuff come from?!
… I pray I don’t ‘rock the boat’ too much here, but this is ridiculous!
… This is just another example of the ‘paganism’ that has entered
into the Roman Catholic Church, starting back in the 4th century …. 

July 19

*Stuff NZ – “Residents alarmed:  New Zealand
shaken by dozens of earthquakes in 24-hour period”

*CBS News – “Mystery fish kill in Baltimore’s
inner harbor”

… and no one knows why … I’m stunned!

July 20

*France 24 – “Israel deploys ‘Iron Dome’ near
Red Sea resort of Eilat”

…. Wouldn’t it be a drag to have a constant war
threat on every border … every day … all day …

*Religion Today – “Dozens of Christians killed
in Plateau State, Nigeria”

… Our ‘friendly’ Muslims, once again ….

*Los Angeles Times – ” ‘Bash Mobs’ sweep through
Southern California”

Comment from article:  “Organized ‘bash
mob’ crime rampages of roving groups attacking innocent people &
businesses have been striking cities around the U.S. … These so-called
bash mobs of ‘flash mob’ crime waves are organized through social media
and have been a problem in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC
… Southern California did not experience this problem … until now.”

….. Isn’t our society ‘fun’ these days? … Read
2 Timothy 3:1-4, which tells us that these types of attitudes &
conditions will exist in these last days ……

*Reuters – “Trayvon-like fury seen before …
in Germany”

…. Twice, as a matter of fact. … During the
Weimer Republic when the country was seething in degeneracy and its
economy was floundering after the reparations of World War 1 ….. the
Communists wore masks and beat up people on the streets. … Then the
Nazi movement was formed and Hitler came along after the Communist movement
… and we all know what happened then …..

*World Net Daily – “8 Iranian Christians imprisoned
over ‘National Security’ “

…. Could this ‘come to pass’ here in America?”
… Could, and will it affect those of us who ‘buck’ the sinful trends
of our society? ….. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

July 21

*Al Jazeera – “Powerful 6.5 earthquake strikes
Cook Strait, New Zealand”

*Chicago Sun-Times – “6 dead, 17 wounded in
shootings since Friday night”

…. The beat goes on …..

*Joel Rosenberg – “EU leaders issue anti-Israel
directive aimed at dividing Jerusalem and forcing Jews out of Biblical

Comment from article:  “According to Bible
prophecy, leaders in Europe will seek to impose a dangerous, ill-considered,
unworkable ‘peace treaty’ on Israel in the last days. … It may be
too soon to say we are there yet, but there is no question European
leaders are turning increasingly anti-Israel and seeking to impose a
final status agreement on the Jewish and Palestinian people.”

….. Zechariah 12:3 says that ALL nations of the
world will become hostile toward, and surround Israel in the last days.
… Well?

*World Net Daily – “Detroit not alone under
mountain of long-term debt – State’s pubic pension plans across U.S.
underfunded by trillions of dollars”

….. Like I’ve been saying, the basic economic
‘condition’ is a house of cards, built upon sand, with a major storm
forecast for the very near future!

July 22

*BBC – “China’s Gansu Province struck by two
powerful shallow earthquakes (5.9 & 5.5) … Many dead”

*Volcano Discovery – Today

   -Japan’s Sakurajima volcano shaken
by large, explosive eruption …

   -Large explosions at Ecuador volcano

   -Residents flee as Indonesia’s Mt Merapi
volcano spews ash …

*Ria Novosti – “Russian Orthodox leader condemns
gay marriages, warns of apocalypse”

… Surprisingly, he is absolutely right! … maybe
we can learn SOMETHING from the Russians! …

July 23

*National Review Online – “Obamacare’s branch
of the NSA”

Comment from article:  “The Department
of Health & Human Services (DHS) is about to hire an army of ‘Patient
Navigators’ to inform Americans about the subsidized insurance promised
by Obamacare and assist them in enrolling.”

…. I wonder just how far the ‘assisting’ will
go? … and an army of more federal workers?! … Like we can really
afford this, not to mention another arm of the soon-coming all-controlling
government we now live under ….

July 24

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Secret Obama plan’ forfeits
Temple Mount to Palestinians”

Comment from article:  “The Obama Administration
has quietly presented a plan in which the Palestinian Authority &
Jordan will receive sovereignty over the Temple Mount while Israel will
retain the land below the Western Wall.”

…. Remember this … the Temple Mount is the Holiest
site in Judaism. … This will NEVER be agreed to! …..

*World Net Daily – “U.S. city looks to penalize
Bible believers”

Comment from article:  “Think it’s hot
in Texas these days? … Just wait a few weeks, until the San Antonio
City Council ends its summer hiatus and resumes work on a proposed change
to its non-discrimination ordinances that apparently will discriminate
against all who take the Bible at its word and follow it. … That’s
because the change creates a penalty for those who ever exhibit a ‘bias’,
which clearly could include adopting the Bible’s condemnation of Homosexuality.”

… I, along with others, have been saying that
this was soon to be ‘the way of the land.’ … and, as my friend Victor
said, this particular situation is occurring in the Bible belt!  

*Fox News – “Liberal media love new Jesus book
‘Zealot’ … fail to mention author is Muslim”

…. Riding high on this media ‘love affair.’ the
book has rocketed to #2 on Amazon’s list. … The media had reported
that author Reza Aslan was a religious scholar, but failed to mention
that he is a devout Muslim. .. Not surprisingly, the book is about a
Muslim’s opinion of Jesus … yet it is being peddled as objective history
on national TV & radio. … More deception!

*Joel Rosenberg – “Putin heading to Tehran
to strengthen Russian-Iranian alliance”

….. Wow! … This is Ezekiel 38 unfolding right
before our eyes! … The alliance of Magog (Russia) & Persia (Iran)
in the last days! … and what makes it more fascinating .. and real
… is that this alliance has never happened before in history! ….

July 25

*Bloomberg – “Spanish pension raids spell bad
news for bond sales:  Euro credit”

… Bottom line? …. Economically, the Spaniards
are hosed! …. 

*EU Observer – “Germany stalls Greek bail-out

… The Eurozone financial problems march on ..
and it’s only a matter of time before we see the southern region totally
collapse economically …..

*The Weather Space – “Earthchange:  Unusual
storm system moves backwards across continental U.S. … causes 100+
MPH winds and softball-size hail in Kansas”

… This is an extremely rare occurrence … weather
systems just don’t go from east to west in this geographic area!

*Fox News – “Chaplain ordered to remove religious
essay from website”

Comment from article:  “A Chaplain at
Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska was ordered to remove a religious
column he had written titled, ‘No atheists in foxholes:  Chaplains
gave it all in World War 2’, because it allegedly offended atheists
serving on the base.”

…. How about this? … Their belief offends me
so why should all things be godless to please them?.. Just sayin’ …

*New American – “Evangelical Fuller Seminary
says ‘yes’ to homosexual campus club”
…. Wow! … Fuller Seminary has always been considered
one of the top theological training centers in the world … and now
even they have succumbed to the deceptions of our times! … How tragic!
… I’ve been lashing out at these ‘human institutions’ for more than
10 years now, and this is exactly why! … Why do we humans think we
can improve on God’s Word? … Come, Lord Jesus … and fix this mess!

*CNS News – “Two Americans added to food stamp
rolls for every job administration says it created”

…. The truth? … 15 million more on government
rolls today than when Obama took office. … But why worry? … The
stock market is up! ……

July 26

*CTV News – “Magnitude 5.1 earthquake recorded
off of Vancouver island”

*Australian Network News – “Large 6.2 quake
off Vanuatu … No tsunami warning”

*NBC News – “Egypt’s rival rallies turning
deadly … Crowds swelling in Cairo”

…. Could be a scary weekend over there … and
it seems to be Muslims verses the secularists, while Christians are
hanging on for dear life! …

Well, that’s it for this period. … I’m sure you
noticed this report covered a longer period … 9 days. … I’ve finally
learned how to podcast without my producer sitting right next to me
… I’m a ‘dinosaur’ if you must know. … Anyway, I want to get to
where we have the commentary coming out on Tuesdays, and the news headlines
on late Friday or early saturday … just please be patient with me.
… We’ll get it all figured out soon!

Still a lot of news volume, especially for the summer
months. … Normally it really slows down during the ‘dog days’ of summer,
but not so much this year. … The one thing that has tapered a bit
is the economic news … but trust me when I say … it will be back
with a vengeance just as soon as our ‘illustrious rulers’ return from
their respective holidays … but soon they will swarm back to their
lofty abodes and once again screw up pretty much everything they touch
…. Should get really interesting here in a few weeks …

In the meantime, I want to thank you all for your
continued support of our site. … We had more ‘hits’ this past week
than we’ve had in quite some time … unusual considering the time of
year … and as for getting the podcasting on your I-pads & I-phones,
it looks to be just around the corner.

Pray for us as we are constantly praying for each
of you. … May God richly bless you and keep you safe in these perilous
times …

Until next time.


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