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July 4

*Guardian – “London man dies of MERS-coronavirus: 
4th death in two days”

*Post Navigation – “Church of England to build
‘Pagan Church’ “

Comment from article:  “What would it
be like to worship the goddess inside a Christian cathedral, or to hold
a Christian service inside a prehistoric stone circle? … The Church
of England has announced plans to make such a scenario into reality
by forming a church which incorporates pagan styles of worship and ritual.”

…… Unbelievable! …. or is it? ……

*Israel Today – “Abbas:  Israel trying
to rebuild Jewish temple”

…. Well, Mahmoud! … It is prophetic, you know

*Joel Rosenberg – “Putin meets with Ahmadinejad
to strengthen Russian-Iranian alliance amidst mideast drama”

…… Isn’t it interesting how this plays right
into the Prophet Ezekiel’s words in his chapters 38 & 39 concerning
Magog and Persia … modern-day Russia & Iran … in the soon-coming
prophesied Ezekiel War ..

*World Net Daily – “Student ordered to remove
Cross necklace”

….. political correctness out of hand? …. or
is it Christian persecution? ……

July 5

*Times of India – “6.1 magnitude earthquake
strikes near Solomon islands”

*NBC – “Eruption from Mexico’s ‘Popo’ volcano
grounds international flights”

*Drudge Report – “Friday of rage:  Islamists
push back”

   -Egyptian troops open fire on pro-Morsi
protesters …

   -At least 3 dead …

   -Army declares State of Emergency …

   -Oil surges …

*France 24 – “WHO convenes emergency talks
on MERS virus … considers hiking ‘Global Alert Level’ “

…… This stuff is getting more serious by the
day! …..

*World Net Daily – “California lawmakers pass
K-12 ‘transgender-rights’ bill”

…. Basically, this bill will allow transgender
students to ‘choose’ which restrooms they use and which teams they join
…… I hate to ‘burst their bubble,’ bur chromosomes do play a part

*World Net Daily – “Lavish lifestyles featured
in ‘Preachers of LA’ “

Comment from article:  “Fast cars, lavish
mansions in swanky neighborhoods, infidelity and angst-filled episodes
are on full display in the prosperous lifestyles of six mega-church
pastors featured in a trailer for the new ‘reality show’ … “Preachers
of LA” … slated for the Oxygen network this fall. … One of
the pastors to be featured … Bishop Clarence Mclendon … claims,
“The Bible says I wish above all things that you would prosper
and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” … He goes on to
say he believes there is no other gospel.”

… Sadly, this charlatan reaches some 250 million
homes every week! … How tragic, because his ‘gospel’ …
the ‘prosperity’ teaching … is all wrong! …
God intended for our wealth to be of a ‘spiritual’ nature. … In a
quick glance, I found 22 Bible verses which totally refute this ‘earthly-wealth’
teaching! … Oh how I would love to debate this false teacher! ….

July 6

*Hindustan Times – “6.0 earthquake strikes
off coast of Sumatra, Indonesia”

*Reuters – “Europe’s time to fend off crisis
may be waning”

…. Portugal … Spain … Greece … Italy …
the list goes on … all are experiencing increasing unemployment and
civil unrest. … An ‘explosion’ is all but imminent ….

*The Telegraph – “Dalai Lama calls for ‘happier
century’ “

… Now I feel so much better! … This should solve
the whole mess! …

*Drudge Report – “Just another day lately ….

   -Rioting in Lima, Peru …
   -EU southern nations see increasing
civil unrest …
   -Egypt exploding … Coptic priest
shot dead …
   -Turkish police fire tear gas as protests
escalate …
   -30 students killed in school attack
in Nigeria …. students burned alive …
   -Casualties continue to mount as Syrian
war rages on …

*World Net Daily – “90+ Girl Scouts march in
San Francisco ‘gay pride’ parade”

Comment from one parent:  “I want them
to be able to tell their children they were a part of this.”

… A part of what? … The moral collapse which
will lead to this nation’s destruction?! … How blind can people be?!
… This kind of thinking can only be attributed to pure satanic deception!

*World Net daily – “The perils of watered-down

… Pastor Greg Laurie notes,  “You can’t
have your own Bible … you can’t edit God.” …. Thank God there
are still a few out there who are willing to teach & speak the truth,
no matter the cost …. God be with you, brother!

*Fox News – “Christian preachers brutally beaten
at ‘gay pride’ festival”

…. This ”movement’ is so evil! … There’s only
one kind of ‘movement’ that comes to mind ……

July 7

*Global News – “Freak hailstorms dump tons
of ice on New mexico and Alberta, Canada”

….. OK … but an ice storm in New Mexico? ….
in July!?

*Fox News – “12 dead, 60 wounded in Chicago
during holiday weekend shootings”

July 8

*Reuters – “Strong 5.9 quake strikes off Pacific
Coast of El Salvador”

*News 24 – “Moderate 5.1 earthquake shakes
Johannesburg, South Africa”

*Reuters – “7.2 & 6.6 magnitude earthquakes
hit Papua, New Guinea” 

*Jakarta Post – “6.0 earthquake hits East Java”

*Space Weather – “Big sunspot faces earth”

Comment from article:  “Colossal sunspot
AR 1785 is now directly facing earth and harbors energy for X-class

*The Telegraph – “EU plots trans-atlantic bank

…. Their goal is to see the introduction of an
American-European super-regulator. ….. The march towards a world government
increases with each passing day …..

*Associated Press – “Saudi Arabia:  2
more deaths from new virus:  Count now stands at 38 … WHO calls
emergency meeting”

*Drudge Report – Egypt in Crisis

   -Bloodbath in Cairo:  51 dead

   -Massacre at Muslim Brotherhood sit-in

   -Islamists call for ‘Intifada’ …

   -Sexual assaults rampant …

   -Gang throws rivals from top of building

   -Lynch mobs waving Al-Qaeda banners

*Drudge Report – The Truth About Our Economy

   -Stimulus:  2nd largest U.S. employer
is Temp agencies …

   -101 million Americans receive food
aid from federal government …

   -More than number of private-sector
workers …

…. The socialistic welfare state continues to
grow … but has been well hidden from our eyes by all the phony jobs
numbers and other federally reported economic lies ….

*World Net Daily – “Churches boost security
as violent incidents grow”

Comment from article:  “This is the ‘norm’
in our world’s culture and there’s a need for security. … We need
to be prepared …” … There’s a DVD out now called “Shooting
Back:  The Right & Duty of Self Defense.”
…. This, in itself, is one of the most debated
Christian issues of our day. … The large majority believe that ‘shooting
back’ … or retaliation … is our duty .. especially in this American
culture. … But then there are those who believe this is NOT what the
Lord teaches … that we are to “turn the other cheek” (Sermon
on the Mount  – Matthew, chapters 5 through 7). … I’m sure the
debate will continue until His glorious return. … Personally, it is
very difficult for me to envision Jesus sitting in a tank with ammo
belts around His shoulders … or pulling the trigger of a gun pointed
at any human being … the ones He died for … and aren’t we to try
and be like Him?

July 9

*The Star – “Epic rainfall devastates Toronto: 
More than a month’s rain falls in less than 2 hours … ‘like nothing
we have ever seen!’ “

*Virtue Online – “American evangelist arrested
in London for preaching homosexuality is a sin”

Comment from article:  “Tony Miano was
arrested for preaching against sexual immorality and was found to be
in violation of Public Act, Section 5 … for ‘using homophobic speech’
…… Soon this will be the ‘norm’ across the entire
globe …

*World Net Daily – “Will the Anti-Christ be
the Pope?”

…. This all centers around the prophecies of St.
Malachy, a 12th century pope. … All sorts of interest and speculation
is swirling around the fact that the new Pope Francis will be the last
pope before ‘the end.’ … Will he, or can he be? … I think not! …
I do believe that Rome … the Vatican … will be the headquarters
for the soon-coming world church and partner of the Anti-Christ (see
Revelation 17) … But will the pope be the Anti-Christ? ….. No Way!

*The Telegraph – “Former Fukushima nuclear
plant boss dies of cancer”

This guy stayed behind when it all broke loose to
help stop a complete reactor meltdown … and now he has paid the ultimate
price … This is just the beginning of a trail of tragedy concerning
this catastrophe …

*NBC News – ” ‘Blasphemy’ teen flees Pakistan
amid persecution of Christians”

… This girl was falsely accused of burning Islam’s
holy book ….

July 10

*Volcano Discovery – “Japan’s Suwanose-Jima
volcano erupts”

*Charlotte Observer – “Worst floods in memory
lay waste to China’s Beichuan County – scores buried alive”

*Charisma News – “BBC says Christians who oppose
Gay Marriage are ‘damaging the Church’ “

… Which Church?! … It would have to be the ‘apostate’
Church, and future partner of the Anti-Christ …. The ‘true’ Church
… the remnant … will NEVER EVER endorse any part of the ‘gay’ agenda,
simply because it is defined very clearly in Scripture as a sinful lifestyle!

*Drudge Report – “Obama orders federal workers: 
Spy on each other”

   -Watch lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors

   -Odd working hours, unexplained travel

   -Monitor co-workers stress, divorce,
financial problems …

   -Track on-line activities …

   -Those failing to report face penalties,
criminal charges …

….. Wow! .. Big Brother is on the move! … So
when does he change the law to either seek a 3rd term … or … eliminate
elections altogether! …

*World Net Daily – “Black mobs go ‘bang’ on
July 4th”

….. Dozens of episodes reported in more than 15
cities … Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Cleveland,
Atlanta, St. Louis … but also in in 20+ smaller cities as well ……

*World Net Daily – “Wife’s Boy Scouts rant
threatens pastor’s job”

… The story goes on to say how she attacked the
Southern Baptist Convention’s position opposing the ‘Gay’ Agenda. …
In an article posted in her town’s daily newspaper, she called the Southern
Baptists the “crazy old paranoid uncle of Evangelical Christians.”
…. Sounds like she’s ‘bought in’ to the deception that is rampant
in our world today ….

Well, that’s it for another week filled with tons
of prophecy-related news stories. … It is utterly amazing how the
“Birth Pains” are increasingly being ‘poured out’ all across
the globe! …. continued civil, moral, economic and religion-based
chaos in so many places! …..

… An the world’s economy? … It continues to
weaken by the day … so much ‘monopoly money’ being pumped in the world’s
economy with absolutely nothing to support it! … and the EU, after
a short respite because of this ‘money-pumping, is now rearing its ugly
head once again … not to mention America & Japan … both of which
are so far in debt that eventual complete bankruptcy is the ONLY option

… And pestilence? … Toronto inundated by rain
… Ice storms in New Mexico .. in July?! …. But the issue that stands
out this week is the rapidly increasing Christian persecution all across
the globe. … Pastors being arrested  for preaching against sin
… Pastors being brutally beaten for opposing the gay agenda … 
in Seattle, USA! …..  more & more Christians fleeing the
Muslim-dominated countries   …. and to top it off .. as
if we Christians don’t have enough issues with our ‘image’ … A TV
series depicting wealthy preachers … “The Preachers of LA”
… will only degrade and distort our Lord’s teachings even more!  
….. But hey! .. The Dalai Lama said we were going to have a ‘happier’
century … and the stock market is up! … so why worry? …. Yeah,

OK … I’m out of here for another week … Thanks
so much again for your continued support, and let’s remember to pray
for one another has these “Birth Pains” continue to increase
with each passing day … God bless you all!

Until next time,


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