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August 6, 2013
Is America languishing in her last days? … Are the ‘forces of evil’ about to overthrow this once-proud nation? … From all indications of our current moral and economic condition, I would have to say that this appears to be the apparent outcome. … 
Many Bible leaders of today hope and pray that there is still time for a renewal .. a ‘revival’ of sorts .. to restore this land to its once-great position in our world. …  Leaders like Billy Graham, Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie say it’s America’s only hope. … And then there’s Reinhard Bonnke who prophesies that “a mighty wave of Salvation is about to sweep the USA.”   … While God is capable of anything, I don’t quite agree with Reinhard. … If we are to look back at all the nations who have come to the same place America has today, every one of them have fallen into the ashes of the history books.  
So what were the glaring reasons for the demise of these once-dominating empires? … In every case, it was both moral and economic. …. So, based upon that, let’s take a look at these two areas of concern and how they relate to our nation today …. 
Before I get started, let me share this …..Just a while back, I read an article from someone who said something like this … “America is racing toward ruin!  Our country is morally crippled.  Any thinking citizen can see we’re sinking into a mire of degradation beyond all comprehension.  We elect people to our highest offices knowing they’re liars, adulterers, immoral, and two-faced.  We Americans seem to be saying, ‘give us a good economy.  We want to be left alone with our computers, our DVD’s, I-pads & I-phones.  We want time and money to eat, drink, and enjoy ourselves.  So give us any leader who’ll provide all this for us. It doesn’t matter if he or she is a scoundrel – as long as we can prosper!’ ” ….. Sadly, most Americans, including Christians, see our country as an island of abundant prosperity and endless security. … How tragic!  
First, let’s look at the economy … Why should we worry, or be concerned … after all, the Stock Market is at an all-time high! … But the bottom line? … America is broke … bankrupt! .. And as a result, serious financial commentators are now predicting riots in the streets and even a complete economic collapse.
Some basic facts … the U.S. dollar, the world’s reserve currency for as long as anyone can remember, is its reserve currency no more.  Each dollar bill the administration prints is a forgery, with basically the same value as the currency used in the game of Monopoly. …. Every two months, the administration prints or borrows more money than the combined annual profits of the 100 biggest publicly traded companies in America! ….. Every second, the U.S. government spends $64,000 it doesn’t have. … The $64,000 question is not whether … but when … the collapse will come. … The crash of 2008 will look like a walk in the park compared to what’s coming! … This is the BIG ONE! … And sadly, the current left-leaning, socialistic regime now in power is not taking ANY steps that are urgently needed to save America! … and the aforementioned issues are just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ ……
As for morality, America has been on a course to rid our society’s soul of all thought or memory of God since the 1960’s. … Just look at a few of the issues …
 *Federal courts are doing everything within their power to outlaw even the mention of God’s name in public life.  Judges are banning the symbols of faith left & right — crosses, religious plaques, manger scenes, prayer in schools. … The list goes on & on ……
 *We’re drowning in an ocean of bloodshed as we continue to allow the murder of millions of unborn babies.
 *There are hundreds of millions of TV sets and computers, as well as hundreds of thousands of movie theaters in America today … and the vast majority are serving as conduits for pornography! … It’s sad to say that most movies and other forms of entertainment today won’t make any money unless they are filled with this ‘R’ & ‘X’ rated garbage!
 *Violence in America today has far surpassed all levels of what was thought possible just a few years ago. … Almost every town, village, and city in this country has experienced the shock of senseless murders. … In many places, people are locking themselves in their homes for fear of physical harm.. … Even the children in our schools are now unsafe. 
Now let’s go back to the history books and to those nations who followed the same path, leading to their ultimate demise … 
 *The Days of Noah…. Prosperity & moral decay was the last call –  God destroyed Noah’s society because of its awful violence, pursuit of pleasure, and abounding wickedness. … God gave this society 120 years of wonderful prosperity, but then sent Noah to warn them that it would all come to an ugly end if they didn’t repent of their sinful ways. … They didn’t. … In fact, they thought Noah a fool for building a boat on the side of a mountain! … But his was the ONLY family to survive God’s wrath.
 *The Days of Lot ….. Prosperity & moral decay was the last call – Sodom & Gomorrah also enjoyed the booming economy as did Noah’s society …. But what happened?  Ezekiel 16:49-50 says,  “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom:  She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. 50) They were haughty and did detestable things before me.  Therefore I did away with them as you have seen.” …. Can you even imagine if the Prophet Ezekiel were to walk thestreets of America today? … I’m certain he’d be shocked by all the arrogance, the hatred toward God, the materialism, the flaunting of sins, the militant homosexuality, the crime & drugs …..  He even might think that Sodom was like kindergarden compared to this society!
The list of nations goes on and on … The Days of King Josiah (2 Kings 22:11-13),  Babylon, Greece, Rome … all had reached the pinnacle of economic success & experienced the moral decadence that resulted from it. ….  Peter warned , ‘If you sin as Sodom and Gomorrah did, the Lord will destroy you just as he destroyed them.’ (2 Peter 2:6) …
So who’s right? … Is there time for America? … Will there be a great revival that will turn this land’s face back towards God? …. Heed the words of the Prophet Isaiah … “The eyes of the arrogant man will be humbled and the pride of men brought low;  the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. .. The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled),  
… for every lofty tower and every fortified wall, for every trading ship and every stately vessel. … The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled;  the Lord alone will be exalted in that day, and the idols will totally disappear. .. Men will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground from dread of the Lord and the splendor of His majesty, when He rises to shake the earth.” (Isaiah 2:11-12, 15-19) ….  
I will continue to pray for this nation and its people, as I will for all of God’s children all across this planet … but rest assured, God’s patience is just about at the end of its rope, as prophetic signs show us. …… Whether He holds off on the judgement due this land for the short term, only tomorrow will tell. … So what and how should we be responding to all the signs being shown to us? … Follow the Lord’s teachings of Luke, chapter 10 …. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into the harvest field.  Go!  I am sending you out like lambs among wolves …. ” …. It is only going to get worse before it gets better and the Lord needs as many strong and dedicated workers as He can get to bring as many as can be brought into the flock before He blows the final trumpet. …. It’s time to rally! … to quit putting off what God is calling you to do!  
… Now is the time! …. Hallelujah!!!
Until next time,

July 27

*The Blaze – “Report:  Feds demand major
internet companies, turn over user passwords”

… Now this is nice! … Big Brother becoming BIGGER
by the day!

*BBC – “Egypt crisis:  Scores killed at
Cairo protest”

*Reuters – “Israel blocks EU projects in West

Comment from article:  “Israel has blocked
the EU from aiding tens of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank,
in retaliation for an EU ban on financial assistance to Israeli organizations
in the occupied territories.

*World Net Daily – “Dictionary considers new
‘Marriage’ definition”

….. Oxford, because of the world’s shifting views
on homosexuality, is considering changing the definition of marriage
….. I never thought I would ‘see the day’! …  Come, Lord Jesus!

*CBN – “Obama hosts IFTAR dinner for Muslims
at White House”

… The President went on to say … “Throughout
our history, Islam has contributed to the character of our country.”
….. Oh, really! … Please name ONE! ….. and what’s really interesting
here? .. This is the fifth annual IFTAR dinner held by Obama and the
White House. .. Oh yeah, that’s how long he’s been President …. and,
by the way, he is also the one who said “America is no longer a
Christian nation,”  and soon after, cancelled National Prayer
Day …… I wonder ………………………..

July 28

*Associated Press – “4 in 5 in U.S. face near-poverty
— no work”

…… That’s 80% of our friends & neighbors,
people!  …. But aren’t the government’s ‘talking heads’ telling
us a totally different story? … This is how Socialism works … give
people a ‘sense of security’, and then wake up one day to a very few
controlling the masses! … It’s amazing to me how so many can be so
easily deceived … or is it? 

* – “Report:  Israel attacked
Syrian weapons convoy”

…. It’s not confirmed, but most likely true …
Israel ‘hitting’ another weapons convoy … it’s really very simple
…. self-preservation …..

July 29

*The Extinction Protocol – World Pestilence

   -Siberia heat:  Arctic region
breaks heat records …

   -Black Sunday:  7 killed as powerful
winds lash coastal beaches of France …

   -Tropical storm ‘Flossie’ to hit Hawaii
today …

   -Raging flood flips tour bus in Arizona
… (I thought this was a desert)

   -Deadly storms rage across much of

   – Record rainfall in Philadelphia,
New Jersey …

   * Earthquakes

   -5.4 in New Zealand …

   -5.5 in Kashmir, Afghanistan …

   -5.2 off Fiji Islands …

   -6.1 in Vanuatu …

…………….. busy day!

*Huffington Post – “Pope Francis on gays: 
‘Who am I to judge them?’ “

…. The Catholic Church, even with all its inherent
ritualism, has at least always opposed the homosexual lifestyle. 
…. But now? … Looks like their new leader is succumbing to the ‘political
pressure’ brought on by this current controversial subject. … 
It does, however, make sense in the context of his statements concerning
the ‘loss’ of members throughout the Church. .. Like many others, it
seems he will do just about anything to lure people back to the Church.
… The deception rages on!

*Natural News – “MSNBC host says newborn infants
don’t count as ‘alive’ unless parents decide they do — infanticide
is the new abortion”

…. I’m speechless! …… (I know that is rare)

*Associated Press – “Bank of Cyprus depositors
lose 48% of savings”

… Why? … Simply, people’s savings are being
converted to ‘guaranteed’ capital’ so that the country can receive its
‘bailout’ money. … Doesn’t this make us all feel more secure about
our savings accounts, be it money markets, 401K’s, or whatever … Remember,
we are $17 trillion in debt as a nation and when the Fed stops pumping
‘monopoly money’ into the system, this very same thing could happen
to our money ….

*World Net Daily – “Broadcast giant ‘dropping’
Limbaugh, Hannity”

…. Some will say this is the next move in our
liberal, socialistic government’s move to control the media, which in
turn dictates the ‘shaping’ of the public opinion on most all social
issues ….. not so far-fetched …

July 30

*Pravda – “Russia to ban foul language on Social
Networks & Discussion Boards”

….. Wasn’t it just last week that Russia banned
all ‘gay’ lifestyle public support? … Just maybe our ‘Christian’ nation
could learn something from these people …. how ironic ….

*CNS News – “70 straight days:  Treasury
says debt stuck at exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00”

…. I wonder why!? …. Oh, I remember! … That’s
the currently allowed debt ceiling! … What blatant liars these people

*Fox News – “Government creates team to ‘Nudge’

Comment from article:  “In a move some
warn is a case of government claiming to know what’s best, documents
obtained by Fox News shows the White House is forming a new team that
will try to subtly influence people’s behavior — potentially concerning
everything from energy usage to tax filing.”

… Wow!!! … Be sure and read my commentary this
week called “Government’s Godless Grab” ….    

July 31

*Stuff – “Scientists say Ison, so-called ‘Comet
of the Century’ may fizzle”

… Wasn’t this the same comet several ‘doomsayers’
thought would create the ‘end-of-our-way-of-life?’ … Sadly, many have
tied these ‘prophets’ to the Christian faith …. just more speculative
deception …

*Fox News – “Chunk of sun headed toward earth
at 2 million miles an hour”

…. Sounds really scary! …. but, according to
scientists, this is not that unusual … This one just appears to be
much larger than other previous events …. At 2 million MPH, guess
it won’t be long before we know the results ..

*BBC – “China issues heat alert as ‘hottest
July’ ever hits country”

….. More records keep falling …

*Fox News – “San Antonio proposal could bar
Christians from city council”

…. A few days ago, we knew Christians could be
in ‘hot water’ over ‘biased’ positions … but now being banned from
the government process? ….. Don’t be surprised, fellow disciples!
… We have seen this coming for quite some time now … well, it’s
here! … Satan running rampant in these last days! …. 

*Joel Rosenberg – “Abbas vows:  There
will be NO israelis in Palestine”

…… Now this is great rhetoric considering how
peace talks are just now getting underway …. I would have to say it
doesn’t look promising. ….  (don’t you just love how smart i

*World Net Daily – “Devious election plot bypasses

… The story goes on to say that the largest population
states will control election outcomes, and that the plan is backed by
George Soros’s vast liberal empire. …. I’m telling you, this liberal,
socialistic junta will never willingly give up control of the U.S. government
of which they now almost totally control! …

August 1

*Space – “Massive solar flare narrowly misses
earth — EMP disaster barely avoided”

…. This time maybe, but Jesus said “There
will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.” (Luke 21:25)

*Albawaba – “Saudi Arabia confirms more MERS
coronavirus cases”

*CBS News – “South Carolina church vandalized
with swastikas”

… They also misspelled Christ and painted “Satan
loves me” on a wall …. Persecution will only increase as we draw
ever closer …..

*CBS News – “Pro-choice group:  ‘Abortion
providers are heroes”

…. How sick is this mentality?!! … Killing is
heroic?!! … This is nothing other than ‘the forces of darkness’ at
work ..
Deception rages on!

*World Net Daily – “Kids, don’t forget to make
your gender choice”

…. California is on the edge of ‘freeing’ students
from their anatomy. … Wow! … Why not just throw the door wide open
for Satan and his demonic forces!

*Fox News – “School defends textbook calling
Muhammad ‘god’s messenger’ “

Comment from article:  “School officials
in Florida are defending a textbook that declares Muhammad as the ‘messenger
of god’ after critics accused an Islamic education group of launching
a stealth jihad in American public school classrooms.”

….. Soon our children will be required to wear
burkas to school! … Don’t laugh! … This ‘takeover’ is already succeeding
in many places in Europe and it appears we are not far behind ….

August 2

*The American Dream – “The name of Jesus has
become a ‘dirty word’ in politically correct America”

…. There is so much truth in this statement! …
There are so many who “just don’t want to talk about it” …..

*Guardian Express – “5.4 earthquake rocks region
in India triggering panic” 

*The Jerusalem Post – “Iranian president-elect
Rouhani:  Israel a ‘wound’ on Muslim world and must be removed”

…… Big surprise! … Nothing has apparently
changed since the election ….

*Drudge Report – The Economy

   -953,000 jobs created in ’13 — 731,000
of which are part-time …

   -Study:  Record number 21 million
young adults living with parents …

   -Black teen unemployment rate at 41.6%

…. but why worry? .. the Stock Market is up!

*The Asahi Shimbun – “Mystery objects with
high radiation found on Fukushima coast”

…. Again, I’m shocked! … only the beginning
of the coming destruction from this nuclear disaster …..

*World Net Daily – “Gays to sue Church to perform
‘marriage’ ceremonies”

Comment from article:  “Faith institutions
facing fight over government adoption of same-sex unions.” …

…. But no matter the consequence, the “True
Church” will NEVER” give in to condoning, or ever participating
in any way concerning this lifestyle, referred to in Scripture as perversion

Well, that’s it for another week of prophecy-related
news stories …. and once again, it does not disappoint. … It is
truly unbelievable just how much stuff is going on out there! …. You
don’t even know how much I have to leave out because of sheer length
…. Pray that i will be discerning in what I do choose to share with
you. … As you know, my only intent is to show as many as I can just
how close we are to the end of the Church age … the Rapture of the
Church … and ultimately, the victorious return of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ! … Hallelujah!!!!

The one point that really stuck out this week for
me is the continuing march toward socialism of our once strong &
proud nation. … Story after story reflect the evil intent of this
current government. … Isn’t it amazing that over half the people still
support these charlatans? … But then again, it will all come to the
conclusion that Jesus Christ Himself has destined. … He made it very
clear to His disciples that we are to reach out & share His Word
to, and with as many as we can while there is still time.

Keeping this in mind, I have an assignment for each
of us ….. Starting this week, we all need to focus on a loved one
who does not know the Lord, be it family or friend, and spend concentrated
time in prayer for them. … If we all do this, and fervently believe
it can & WILL make a difference, I think the results will be amazing!
… What could be more important than to pray for the lost, especially
with time running out …. Going forward, I pray we will have testimonies
of the blessed results these focused prayers can, and will, bring.

Know that I love each & every one of you and
that I am praying for your strength and perseverance as we move forward
in these times … and remember, God knows who each of you are ….

Until next time,

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