August 17

*ABC News – Nepal to cull 500,000 chickens near
Kathmandu to combat major Bird Flu outbreak:  Declares emergency

…. It’s baaaaaaaaaack!

*Sky News – “Earthquake shakes Mexican capital
– measures 5.3 magnitude”

… This area has seen a major uptick in seismic
activity recently …  second 5+ this week …

*The Blaze – “Gunmen indiscriminately ‘massacre’
Christians in Syrian village:  Women & children among dead”

…. Our brothers & sisters are not safe anywhere
in the middle east right now …..

*The Blaze – “Middle East expert Erick Stakelbeck
warns:  ‘There is a bullseye on the back of every Christian living
in Egypt”

…. See what I mean? …….

*Speigel Online – “M, F or blank:  ‘Third
gender’ official in Germany from November on”

…. So some kids have no gender? … Ridiculous!
… and besides, I looked all through the Bible & couldn’t find
that part! ….

*The Wall Street Journal – “Russian gays look
to U.S. for asylum”

…… Great! … Now we get to ‘import’ more debauchery!

August 18

*The New York Times – “Philadelphia borrows
so its schools open on time”

…. We just saw Detroit go belly-up … Chicago,
New York, LA … the list goes on & on … & is growing BY THE
DAY! … All are scrambling as they edge closer & closer to the
financial precipice … People? .. We are broke! …

*Zero Hedge – “Radioactive water leaking from
Fukushima:  Millions of lives are at stake”

…. Any idiot could have figured this out at the
beginning! … This idiot did (me) … been preaching this since the
This is truly a ‘last days’ pestilence developing
by the moment! …

*Voice of America – “Massive record flooding
hits Russia’s far east”

… I feel so sad for these people! … It’s been
a season of increased volcanoes & earthquakes … now this … We
must pray for them …..

*The Telegraph – “Egyptian bloodbath threatens
crucial routes for oil & gas supplies”

… Why is this such a big deal? .. The world’s
economy is built on sand, and a large oil price increase could push
it over the edge. … So many variables! ….

*Politico – “McCain says U.S. has no credibility
in Arab world”

…. Duh!! … Earth to John! … We don’t have
any credibility here at home, let alone anywhere else!

*Drudge Report – Domestic Violence

   -Violence in Oakland forces residents
to seek private security …

   -Baltimore neighborhoods look beyond
police for protection …

   -New Jersey town considers neighborhood
watch …

… and it will spread to most everywhere before
it’s over …..

August 19

*CNN – “Market Watch:  Is the bond market
finally bursting? … Rates creep up”

… On the surface, all seems well … but underneath,
most everyone in the loop is nervous ….

*The Weather Channel – “Sakurajima volcano
erupts in Japan:  Largest eruption in decades”

*The New York Times – “On the air:  Al-Jazeera

.. I’m telling you … the Muslims are on the move
in America …..

August 20

*ABC News – “Record rainfall:  More than
60% of Philippine capital under water”

…… more records ….

*Press TV – “TSA to purchase 3.5 million rounds
of ammunition”

…. What is extremely interesting about this is
that they are usually an ‘unarmed’ agency … Man, the entire government
seems to have all the ammo! …. I wonder why? ….

*Fox News – “Public school promotes ‘5 Pillars
of Islam’ “

Comment from article:  “Parents at a Wichita,
Kansas elementary school were shocked to discover a giant wall display
inside the building promoting the ‘Five Pillars of Islam.’ ”

…. Can you imagine if it had been a Christian
display? ….

*Herald Sun – “Cops:  ‘Bored’ teens killed
college baseball player ‘for fun of it’ “

…. Take a moment and read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 …
it pretty much sums it all up ….

*Associated Press – “Mystery: Aretha ‘miraculously’

…. She says the cause was ‘faith healing’ ….
I still believe in that also, Aretha! … Praise the Lord!

August 21

*Reuters – Opposition says as many as 1300 killed
in gas attack near Damascus”

…. This was Obama’s supposed ‘red line’ … guess
he’s color-blind …..

*Reuters – “Japan’s nuclear plant crisis deepens,
China expresses ‘shock’ “

…. Wormwood! ….

*The Washington Post – “Strong 6.2 earthquake
shakes Mexico coast and capital … some damage”

…. Another one in that area! …

*Breitbart – “Al-Jazeera America opens with
endorsements from McCain, Hillary”

…. How stupid are these people! … Oh, I forgot
.. the Muslim population is rapidly growing .. and they vote!

*Zero Hedge – “European stocks hammered …
Spanish bad loans hit 50-year high”

…. The world-wide crash is coming … the ‘band
aids’ are running out …

*Breitbart – “Gallup:  Unemployment rate
jumps from 7.7% to 8.9% in 30 days”

… I was wondering how long this inept government
could continue to hide the real truth … and even 8.9% is generous!

August 22

*Drudge Report – “89 year-old World War 2 veteran
beaten to death by two black teens”
This stuff is simply out of control … pestilence
is now roaming the streets of America .. Just look at this …

   -Aussie baseball player shooting was
‘gang related’ …

   -Racist tweets: 90% of white people
are nasty .. # hate them …

   -Time:  ‘Don’t ignore race’ …

   -Buchanan:  ‘Interracial violence
is overwhelmingly black-on-white’ …

   -Update:  ‘Homeland Security employee
preparing for coming race war’ …

*Arutz-Sheva – “Four rockets fired from Lebanon
into Israel”

…. Now another border is involved!

*Fox News – “New Mexico Supreme Court finds
refusing to photograph ‘gay’ wedding illegal”

…. In short, it is now ‘against the law’ to stand
for what you believe in! … It will be decision time for many professing
Christians as we move ever-closer to the end of this age. … Simply,
in NO case can we EVER compromise our Lord’s teachings … Who will
stand strong till the end will soon be witnessed …..

August 23

*Associated Press – “Tons of fish die in lake
near Rio’s Olympic Park”

… The cause? … raw sewage!

*Drudge Report – ‘Recovery’ Update

   -Health care premiums climbed $2976
since 2009 …

   -Incomes drop twice as much during
‘recovery’ as recession …

   -New home sales collapse 13.4% in July

…. so glad things are improving!

*Joel Rosenberg – “Israeli jets attack target
in Lebanon after rocket attacks”

Comment from article:  “Given the tragedies
unfolding in Syria & Egypt, please pray that a new front isn’t opened.”

…. Amen! ….

*World Net Daily – “India’s richest man loses
$5.6 billion as Rupee stumbles”

Comment from article:  “The nation’s currency
under pressure as international investors sell emerging market assets.”

… What really caused the sell-off? .. The rumor
that the Fed will begin to pare back the $85 billion monthly American
stimulus … There it is again! … Just a glimpse of what is coming
when the dollar collapses ….

Well, that’s it for another event-filled prophetic
news week … and this race ‘thing’! … There is no question that it
has totally accelerated since Obama came into office in 2009. … How
tragic is that?! … You would think it would be just the opposite with
the first black president, but he has played the ‘race card’ more than
any president I can ever recall, and that goes clear back to Harry Truman!

We know from studying last-day Scripture that ‘pestilence’
in many forms will take place, and we are truly seeing this phenomenon
unfolding before our very eyes! … It just means that we need to continue
to strengthen our resolve in our faith as we move further into the fray.
… We must pray for one another on a constant basis … never backing
off regardless of our surroundings ….

Know that I am praying for each of you … and remember,
God knows exactly who each of you are … Hallelujah!

Until next time,


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