The Horror of Heartfelt Hypocrisy
August 28, 2013

The following are excerpts from an e-mail I received
from a dear sister in Christ and fellow worshiper.
While she will remain anonymous, I feel her comments
need to be shared with all of you, many of which, if honest, will share
in her ‘spiritual’ anguish. 

“Red, for about two months or more, but especially
the last couple months, I have been feeling a yearning and need to repent
of my ‘facade’ if you will.  A while back, shortly after I led
worship with you, I was convicted of my lukewarm walk with the Lord
… and a major conviction in my heart that I wanted to recommit my
life to Jesus.  Truly.  Although I grew up in Church and accepted
Christ at a young age and love Him and have basically lived my life
for Him, I took a good look at my life, habits,.etc., and was brought
to tears at my complete lack of devotion.

“I have been struggling with the hypocrisy
and lack of obedience in my life.  I’m tired of just ‘going through
the motions’ and sometimes not even doing that.  I know I’m saved. 
I know I’m forgiven.  I know that God loves me.  But boy do
I feel like a phony. I don’t read the Word.  I don’t regularly
attend Church.  I pray now and again.  I have much to repent
for.  I feel I am a terrible example of Christ to many. …… 
Sometimes when I hear sermons on the radio (and lately there have been
many that I think the Lord ordained) I want to pull over and cry out
to God.  I’m sorry!  I am an impostor!  If only people
knew …… .”

Wow! .. It is not often we see such honesty in anyone
these days. …May God richly bless you, sister!

Sadly, her heartfelt spiritual ‘condition’ seems
to be prevalent among the vast majority of professing Christians today.
… So how and why has this happened? … How is it that Christ’s bride
has fallen to such depths of despair? …

Certainly it’s not a lack of churches. … We have
them by the thousands … on almost every street corner all across this
land.  So what is the problem? … Why are so many feeling this
spiritual emptiness so well portrayed by our sister’s earlier comments?….
The answer, quite simply, is that God’s Word has been replaced with
‘artificial’ food. … The wolves of this modern world have invaded
the pantry, so that now houses of worship that once were places of nourishment
have now become places of famine.  … The dinner bells ring loud
each Sunday … and many beautiful tables are set with the finest dinnerware,
but there is no solid food served … only junk food …. and sadly,
everyone leaves hungry.

As a result of this famine, our sister is not alone.
… Many are starving for real nourishment, especially in this fallen
world, but the contemporary churches of today offer very little by way
of ”food value’ to hungry worshipers. … So it shouldn’t surprise
us to see this massive famine in the land.

So what can be done about it? … What should we
expect .. in fact, demand from our church today?
Not surprisingly, the Bible gives us very clear
instructions for what we should see in our houses of worship. … 
… A brief overview is this … the Church is a body called out from
among the world for the distinct and unique purpose of glorifying their
Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. This body is without political roots
or cultural boundaries. … it is absent of language or racial barriers.
.. It has no denominational or political ties. … The Church of Jesus
Christ is not a corporation or a business establishment. … Simply,
the Church Jesus promised to build was, and is, a spiritual entity.

As an example, let’s look at Acts 2:42-47 which
provides a simple, yet complete overview of what a true fellowship should
look like … They praised God … they devoted themselves to the teachings
of the Apostles … they enjoyed continual fellowship … they broke
bread together … they prayed together … they had all things in common
… they sold their possessions and goods and gave as anyone had need
… they met together daily. … And the results? … They were filled
with awe! … They witnessed miraculous signs and wonders! … They
added to their numbers daily those who were being saved! … Hallelujah!!!

Is this what we are witnessing in our churches today?
… To bring it closer to home, are you seeing this happening in your
own church? … Sadly, if most of us are completely honest, we would
have to say no … and I tell you this with a heavy heart that as we
draw ever closer to the end of the Church Age, it will get worse &
worse. … There are a few strong fellowships out there, but they are
few and far between. …. Jesus taught us in the Seven Church teachings
of Revelation, chapters 2 & 3 that there would be a remnant in these
last days, and I believe these few strong gatherings of the faithful
are that remnant.

So what about you? … Are you a part of any fellowship?
… If not, you must try and find one of those few mentioned here. …
This is totally too difficult a world for anyone to try and spiritually
survive it alone. …  But if you are a part of a church body,
is it serving real food? … Is it focused on real nourishment instead
of all the worldly niceties that lead to nowhere? … Do you leave every
time feeling the same as when you walked in … unmotivated and feeling
no change in your heart? … Well, if that’s the case, there are only
three options available to you … you could leave and give up on the
church … you can stay and ‘continue to die’ in the pew along with
everyone else around you … or you can reach out to the leadership
with sound Biblical teachings that show them the error of their ways.

While I realize this is a bold thing to do, quite
simply, you don’t really have any choice but to try and change it …
or leave it! … Let me use an example from a recent news headline 
….  “Virtue Online” had this story of an African Bishop
calling out the head of the American Episcopal Church, Katherine Jefferts
Schori, claiming she had committed the one unforgivable sin, that of
blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. … She stated that “All the
writings of St. Paul are satanically inspired.” …… Now here’s
the punch line … he then said,  “I therefore call upon all
her followers to quit the Episcopal Church or be subjected to the same

OK, here’s my point.  If you are sitting in
a dead Church that’s not teaching the truth of the Gospels, and are
aware of the fact, you have no choice but to try and change it … or
flee it!   … This African bishop is exactly right in his
summation of the situation involving this church body. … But then
if you don’t know .. and don’t really care, well that is another serious
matter altogether …..

OK … Enough sermonizing for this week. … What
I truly hope and pray for is that our sister’s honest and sincere testimony
convicts some hearts out there … hearts that are experiencing the
same feelings of emptiness … and that it will wake up those of you
who may be slumbering through it all … just ‘going through the motions’
… We, who are the Church, must awaken and face the reality that we
live in difficult times. … Savage times! … These treacherous days
will ravage our homes and hearts if we do not awaken and stay alert.
… In light of such perilous times, we must remain convinced of the
long-standing truths of the Bible, without which we would never find
our way.

I pray that no one out there is afraid and lonely
tonight … but if you are, please remember that you are NEVER alone
… that Jesus will NEVER leave your side, even in the most difficult
of times! …. Hallelujah!!! … Also know that I am praying for each
and every one of you, and our great God knows exactly who each of you
are. … Once again, Hallelujah!!!

Until next time,


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