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September 21

*Wall Street Journal – “Hell storm heads for
Hong Kong”

…. Typhoon packing winds of 135 mph after leaving
havoc in the Philippines …

*World Net Daily – “Mall Terror:  Dozens
killed … hundreds wounded in Kenya”

…. This is another ‘loving’ Muslim group causing
havoc! … They enter the mall, order all Muslims to leave, & then
begin torturing & killing everyone else ….  How can anyone
subscribe to such a faith that promotes this kind of thinking? ….

*Today News – “Transgender homecoming queen
makes history”

Comment from article:  “A transgender
teen made history Friday night when ‘she’ was crowned homecoming queen
at an Orange County high school. … ‘She’ commented that ‘this win
is not just for me but for everyone out there and for every kid …
transgender, gay, straight … and should be seen as a symbol of self-acceptance.’

…. How sad! … Another ‘temporary’ victory for
this sin-addicted society … but for not much longer …

September 22

*New York Times – “Dozens killed in attack
on Christian Church in Pakistan”

…… Christian persecution is on a rapid rise
worldwide … I’m just glad we christians don’t attack Mosques &
kill Muslims …..

September 23

*The Blaze – ” ‘Might be greatest man alive’: 
Some Catholics & celebrities gush over Pope Francis’ remarks on
homosexuality, abortion”

… Advocates support the Pope’s new position on
what they refer to as ‘small-minded rules’ on hot-button issues such
as homosexuality, abortion, and contraceptives. … We shouldn’t be
at all surprised by any of this … deception & false teachings
will increase in these final days ….

*The Watchers – “Violent eruption & series
of pyroclastic flows at Santa Maria, Guatemala”

*KOMO News – “Triple swarm of earthquakes shakes

…. This is one to be watched! … This is one
of the ‘big ones’ ….

*The Extinction Protocol – “Oregonians warned
to prepare for the ‘Big One’ – roads cut off for 5 years … no electricity
for 3 months … no gas for 6 months … “

…. I don’t usually like to print ‘pure speculation,’ 
but hey … this is where I live!

September 24

*Reuters – “Powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake
strikes Pakistan:  Island emerges off Gwadar coast”

*The Blaze – “Imprisoned Iranian pastor reportedly
leads ‘over 30 people to Christ”

…. This should be the example for all of us to
follow, regardless of our circumstances … this brother is suffering
intense pain, suffering and mistreatment, but still does not lose his
focus on the Kingdom of God … God bless you, brother!

*The Guardian – “Pakistan worst-ever attack
on beleaguered christians prompts warning by Bishop for christians to
leave the country”

*Catholic News Agency – “Pope expresses good
will to Muslims in letter to Sunni Imam”

Comment from article:  “Pope Francis has
indicated respect ‘for Islam & Muslims’ in a letter to the head
of the main Cultural Institute of Sunni Islam, marking the end of Ramadan. 
– A statement from the Cairo-based university said that the Holy Father’s
letter expresses hope in the attempt to further ‘understanding among
Christians & Muslims in the world’ & to build peace and justice.”

…. What planet is this guy from?! … What we
are really seeing here is the beginning stages of the formation of the
World Church … the “Harlot” of Revelation 17 ……

*The Blaze – “Syria Christians nearing ‘extermination’

… Matthew 5:11 says,  “Blessed are you
when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against
you falsely for my sake.” (NKJV)

*The Times of Israel – “At UN, Israel likely
to ‘stand alone’ against Iran”

…. Again, no surprise here … This will be Israel’s
‘normal’ position as we move ever closer ……

*Yahoo News – “U.S. braces for shutdown a week
before budget deadline”

…. Who knows … but if it does happen, it will
only hit our already fragile economy even more! … It’ll be interesting
these next few hours and days … this budget thing  … Obamacare
… the Middle East … really interesting times …..

*Breitbart – “10 Commandments monument toppled
in Washington”

… When I saw this piece, the first thought that
came to me was this representing ‘spirituality,’ which was toppled in
this nation many years ago ….

*Joel Rosenberg – “Netanyahu to address UN
– fear in Jerusalem:  Israel will emerge more isolated than ever
in Iran showdown”

…. Zechariah 12:3 says this … “On that
day, when ALL the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will
make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.  All who
try to move it will injure themselves.” (emphasis mine) … ……..
It’s getting close!

September 25

*Gulf Times – “Torrential rains & floods
claim scores of lives in Thailand & Vietnam”

*The Sydney Morning Herald – “U.S. default
risk is real, Washington warns Wall Street”

…. This is something that no one thought possible
could happen, but is now a credible threat … The feeling is one of
‘anxiousness’ among most leaders ……

*World Net Daily – “4,188 Dutch killed by Euthanasia
last year”

… An example of a nation ‘playing God’ ….

*World Net Daily – “Key conservative in Vatican
gets boot”

Comment from article:  “Pope Francis,
who has been shocking the world with statements on faith and practice
that seem conciliatory toward non-Catholics beliefs, demoted an outspoken
and highly conservative Cardinal who led the Vatican’s Department on
Clergy. .. Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, an Italian who strongly supports
traditional views concerning the liturgy and priestly celibacy, has
been moved to an obscure department that reviews confessions of grave
sins that only the Pope can absolve, according to an Associated Press

…. Simply, this new Pope is moving the whole of
Catholicism to the left … a more ‘worldly’ level that will evolve
into the platform for the forming of the coming world church … again,
the “Great Harlot” of Revelation 17.

*World Net Daily – “Frightening new assault
on homeschooling”

…. Among major democratic nations, homeschooling
already is banned in Germany, under a Hitler-era law … and in Sweden,
kids have been ‘taken out of their parent’s arms’ in a crackdown on
education … Also, Scotland & the Netherlands are looking to join
the crackdown. ….
… Control the kids … Control the masses …
Control the world!

September 26

*Sky News – “Nicaragua’s Telica volcano shaken
by violent explosion & eruption”

*Maui News – “7.0 magnitude quake strikes along
the coast of Peru”

*The Guardian – “28 killed, hundreds injured
by swarms of giant hornets in China”

*Inquirer News – “5.7 quake hits off Mexico

… They’re baaaaaaaaaaack! …

*The Hollywood Reporter – “Modern Family: 
Broadcast TV airs first-ever ‘gay’ marriage proposal”

… Again, another very temporary win for the ‘sin
agenda’ … but fortunately, for only a short time ….

*Chicago Tribune – “Meteor lights up early-morning
sky in midwest”

… “There will be signs in the sun, moon and
stars.” (Luke 21:25)

*World Net Daily – “Christians … the number
one target of extremists & bigots”

…. Again, no surprise here … They must somehow
feel threatened by us … I wonder what it could be? ..

September 27

*Lalate News – “5.2 earthquake hits near Cabra,

*CNS News – “Boehner warned of Obamacare’s
abortion ‘slush fund,’ ‘secrecy clause’ “

Comment from article:  “Today, 72 congressmen
sent a letter to House Speaker Representative John Boehner urging him
to insert language ending abortion funding and religious discrimination
in Obamacare into any funding or debt ceiling legislation. .. The Obama
Administration has committed unprecedented attacks against the unborn
and religious freedom guaranteed in the Constitution, all under the
guise of ‘access to health care,’ the letter tells Boehner.”

…. Anyone surprised? .. The more we learn about
the people running this government, the more we realize the devil is
directly involved ……

*CNS News – “Company sued over miner’s religious
objection to hand scan”

… The miner refused the new tracking device used
to track employee hours based on Revelation 13’s
“Mark of the Beast” teachings …. Good
for him! … I would have, also …..

*The Brody File – “Ted Cruz kneels in prayer
outside the White House”

… No wonder he’s under attack! … We need to
pray for him that his focus remains on the Lord …

*The Telegraph – “Pakistan’s Christians fear
for their lives – live in constant fear”

…. This should remind us as to how fortunate we
are … at least for now ….
Well, that’s it for another crazy week of news in
this out-of-control world …. record-setting storms and a resurgence
in worldwide earthquake activity … economic woes which lay dormant
for most of the summer are now beginning to raise their ugly heads,
issues such as the looming debt ceiling deadline, the possibility of
a U.S. default which would affect the economy all across he globe …
the list goes on & on …
And what about the Pope? … This guy is setting
new levels in the area of pure deception! …. He truly is setting the
stage for the soon-coming world church .. the partner of the world ruler
who will burst upon the scene any day now. … And Christian persecution
is taking center stage more & more in the daily news headlines …
all across the middle east, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Libya … pretty
much anywhere the Muslims have any kind of control …
But besides all this, what jumps at me this week
is the rapidity of how Israel is being isolated by the rest of the world,
including its biggest ‘ally’ .. the USA. …  Scriptures tell us
that this would be one of the signs just prior to Christ’s return …
Well, here it is!
OK, enough for now … Please remember to pray for
Mary and her family as she is still in the UK with them. … Also thanks
for your patience with the site over these past few days as we’ve had
a bit of inconsistency due to Mary’s absence. .. Don’t give up on us!
… We will keep doing whatever we can to advance the Kingdom of God,
whatever the circumstances. … Thank you all for sharing in our ministry
Until next time,
September 24, 2013

Luke 21:11 says this … “There will be great
earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful
events and great signs from heaven.”

A fairly well-known scientist and spokesman for
the UN made this statement just recently … “If you live by the
coast, move inland to escape hurricanes, tsunamis and rising sea levels
… If you live inland, you may want to move closer to the coast to
escape the increasing tornadoes, drought, and wildfires … If you live
in the mountains, you might want to move to lower ground to escape the
coming extreme cold … and if you live in the valleys, you might consider
seeking higher ground against flooding …. but no matter where you
go, you are doomed!”

While we might think of this as humorous, it should
actually evoke just the opposite human reaction.  … In reality,
what he is saying is true … no matter where we may live in these perilous
days, we are not excluded from the growing dangers of the coming world-wide
pestilences that are now, and will increasingly befall this beleaguered

Now I realize that this category of prophetic signs
have always been the least respected, even among believers. … The
mere mention of it usually produces a sneer accompanied by words like 
…  “Come on!  what else is new? 
There have always been earthquakes and hurricanes and tornadoes ….
.”   … While this is true, they have never, in recorded
history, been at the level they are right now all across this planet!
… Jesus Himself told us in Matthew 24:8 that these kinds of signs
would be like “Birth Pains” in these last days … which simply
means they will be more often and more intense. … So, with that said,
let me show you proof of the Lord’s teachings on this stuff ….   

Let me start with just the current month of September,

   -Plague:  Dead animals are turning
up all over the place … a major deer die-ff in South Dakota … dead
whales washing up on the beaches of Russia … massive starfish die-off
near British Columbia … salamander die-off in the Netherlands …
3000 dead antelope in Kazakhstan … 100 elk die-off in New Mexico …
mystery disease killing dogs in Ohio …

   -Disease:  Climate change driving
spread of crop & pest disease … fungal diseases spreading
… brain-eating amoebas in Louisiana plumbing systems
… avian flu outbreaks in Italy & Mexico …

   -Weather:  Record torrential rains
hit Ukraine … Colorado flooding after  ‘Biblical’ rains … rain
‘apocalypse’ hits Mexico after rare twin storms slam both coasts simultaneously
… monster storm hits Philippines, heading toward China …  Scotland
sees 4 seasons in one day, lashed by 100+ mph winds …

   -Wormwood:  Fukushima radiation
levels ’18 times higher’ than thought … Fukushima dumps 1000 tons
of radioactive water into ocean after being hit by storm …

   -Earthquakes:  In the 1st week
of September, there were some 10 quakes of a magnitude of 6+ that hit
along the Pacific rim, causing several news outlets to comment, 
“Planet reeling from series of powerful quakes” …

   -Volcanoes: 4 significant eruptions
during this period .. Peru, Japan, Mexico, and Guatemala …

   -Signs in the sun, moon and stars: 
Massive “Comet of the Century” to light up the skies for weeks
in December, January … meteor blows up over Alabama …

Now this all has taken place JUST since September
1st! … To continue to hammer the point home, let me take you back
just a couple of years …

   -2010:  A news outlet had this
headline … “This was the year the earth struck back” …
it continues with this .. “Earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes,
super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and drought killed at least 250,000
people in 2010 … the deadliest year in memory.” ..
In just one more story, it was reported that “U.S.
temperature records were being set twice as often as ever before …
and around the world, 19 countries set new national records in 2010.
… The amount of rain falling in intense downpours has increased some
20% over past records ….

   -2011:  Again, the news outlets
said this … “Disasters in U.S.:  An extreme and exhausting
It goes on to say “Nature is pummeling the
United States this year with extremes. .. Unprecedented triple-digit
heat and devastating drought .. deadly tornadoes leveling towns .. massive
rivers overflowing .. a billion-dollar blizzard .. and if that’s not
enough, the ground shook in places that most always seem stable .. Colorado
and the entire east coast. … Another story told of this .. “On
April 27, 2011, the U.S. was hit by 199 tornadoes , a single-day record.”
…  There’s so much more, but for the sake of time …

   -2012:  This year’s headline read
this way … “Rains that are almost ‘Biblical’, heat waves that
won’t end, tornadoes that strike in savage swarms – there’s been a change
in the weather lately.  What’s going on?” …. Let me just
list some of the other 2012 worldwide events … Largest U.S. drought
disaster declaration in history – 1,016 counties in 26 states … 
Nebraska, Texas recorded the driest year on record …  famine
killed some 30,000 children in Somalia alone … record snowfalls in
Alaska … hottest U.S. year on record … hurricane Sandy largest hurricane
in known history … super typhoon Bopha leaves over 1900 dead &
700,000 homeless … Switzerland experiences unprecedented 130 mph winds
… killer record flooding in Cambodia, Calgary, Sri Lanka, Brazil,
Australia, India, Thailand … worst U.S. fire season ever … largest
& most damaging tornado outbreak in known world history … OK …
STOP! … You get the picture …

My point? … I just wanted all of you to see it
all put together this way. … It is, at least to me, truly mind-boggling
when looking at it this way! … It really makes me realize how right-on
Jesus was when He prophesied all these things in His teachings. …
Just seeing one event at a time sometimes helps us to lose perspective
concerning the big picture … but this way? … Wow!

Luke 21:25-26 says this … “There will be
signs in the sun, moon and stars.  On the earth, nations will be
in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 
26) Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the
world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.” … Then, in Luke
21:28, Christ finishes by saying this … “When these things begin
to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption
is drawing near.”

These are the days we are living in right now! …
All the catastrophic events just listed are simply the fulfillment of
Bible prophecy. … We are experiencing the outer edge of a storm that
is about to inflict the worst suffering mankind has ever known. …
Jesus said that   “All this is the beginning of sorrows.”
… This is where we are right now in Bible prophecy! … Sad to say,
the ever-intensifying disasters we are seeing are only the beginning
. … It is prophesied to get much worse!

But Jesus did not leave us without hope! … All
these coming events are but to last for just a short period of time,
and then … we will see the dawning of a brand new age … the age
of the reign of our Messiah! … And what a beautiful picture it is!

Right now, this world is being violently shaken
by a rapid succession of agonizing ‘birth pains.’ … But Jesus tells
us that these catastrophic events will soon ‘give birth’ to a new age
of world peace and prosperity … a paradise that will be totally free
of weather extremes … of pain & suffering … of hunger … what
a glorious day it will be! … Hallelujah!

OK … Enough for this week. … Know that I love
each of you and am praying constantly for you …
Though it is dark for the moment, a bright light
will soon break out across the land and then all will be well! .. Once
again, Hallelujah!

Until next time,



I just wanted to drop a quick note to apologize for the delay in getting the news headlines posted this weekend & for anticipated disruption for the coming weeks. I am currently in the UK visiting with family & the time difference paired with traveling alone with two babies and staying with family makes for limited computer time. 

For those of you that are following on iTunes, there should be less delay as podcasts are retrieved directly once done. 

Thank you for your patience & support…. We will try our best to keep things somewhat regular. 


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