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November 9

*Express UK – “Panic & Fear as double measles
outbreaks hit Britain & Queensland”

*Al Jazeera” – Record number of dolphins dying
off east coast in ‘measles outbreak’ “

…. Don’t ask …..

*The Guardian – “Typhoon Haiyan death toll
in Philippines estimated at 1200:  Strongest storm to ever make
landfall in recorded history”

*Lalate News – “5.5 magnitude earthquake hits
Japan near Tokyo”

*Now The End Begins – “Laodicean con-man Joel
Osteen releases ‘Your Best Life Now’ board game”

….. I’ve never heard of this site before, but
I must say I totally agree! … The world is crumbling all around us,
and even Jesus Himself prophesied that the times right before His return
would be increasingly difficult … but then here’s brother Joel, in
total denial, preaching & selling his false doctrine ……

*Joel Rosenberg – “Arab allies of U.S. horrified
by deal White House is about to cut with Iran – Saudis planning to buy
nuclear warheads from Pakistan”

…. Is there anything this current government hasn’t
screwed up?! … Now every ally is fleeing from us as fast as they can

November 10

*The Times of India – “Philippine typhoon kills
at least 10,000:  Survivors ‘walking around like zombies’ “

*Yahoo News – “Crisis brewing in Israeli-U.S.

… Duh! – – Join the club, Israel! … Every ally
is in ‘crisis mode’ as far as the U.S. is concerned … trust .. betrayal
.. inconsistency in policy .. lack of loyalty .. whatever else! …
With this current ‘cast of clowns’ in DC, Israel may be better off without

*Associated Press – “Atheist ‘mega-churches’
take root across U.S., world”

Comment from article:  “It looked like
a typical Sunday morning at any mega-church … hundreds packed in for
more than an hour of rousing music, an inspirational sermon, a reading,
and some quiet reflection. .. The only thing missing was God.”

…. Sounds like some of the ‘Christian’ churches
I’ve attended. … But to the point, this is another ‘condition’ of
the last days ……

*Joel Rosenberg – “Netanyahu is in a state
of shocked disbelief, feels mislead by Obama team. …Rapidly intensifying
crisis in U.S.-Israeli relations developing due to disastrous Iran nuclear

…… ‘Mislead’ by the Obama team? … I’m shocked!
… but not really … Pretty much the whole world feels ‘mislead’ by
the Obama team …..
*Joel Rosenberg – “France scuttles disastrous
U.S. nuclear deal with Iran at last minute – American delegation en
route to Israel for high-level talks as crisis erupts in U.S.-Israeli

… Enough said …..

November 11

*Wall Street Journal – “Sun exhibiting more
unusual, erratic behavior in recorded history”

…. And scientists don’t have a clue as to why
………… but I do …

*Space Daily – “Scientists baffled over the
deaths of hundreds of Sea Turtles in Central America”

…It would seem that scientists are ‘baffled’ by
most everything these days …. Hmmmmmmmmmm

*New York Times – “Surge in anti-semitism in

….. Just part of the ongoing isolation of God’s
people .. both nationally & abroad …

November 12

*Daily Mail – “Chaos, fear, and desperation
in Philippines, as society in island nation begins to unravel”

…. Just a snapshot of the coming tragedies soon
coming to the entire planet …..

*RT News – “4.8 magnitude quake hits typhoon-ravaged

*RIA – “Strong 6.6 earthquake strikes Russia’s
Kamchatka region”

*Jakarta Post – “Thousands evacuated as Indonesia’s
Mount Sinabad volcano eruption intensifies” 

*McClatchy DC – “The continuing plunge of a
nation:  Tens of millions are being forced out of health insurance
they had”

…. It is beyond comprehension the ineptness of
this current leadership. … and what does this have to do with Bible
prophecy, you ask? … Simply, I’m just trying to show the incredibly
rapid fall of the single remaining world super-power. … These types
of signs show the soon-coming societal implosion about to befall this
once-great nation …. 

*Fox News – “North Korea publicly executes
80, some for videos or Bibles, report says”

…. Executed for carrying a Bible? … Sounds far-fetched
for places like America … but is it? …

November 13

*One India – “8 killed storming rice warehouse
in typhoon-ravaged region of Philippines”

…. Another sign that society is, in fact, unraveling
… People in need will do most anything to survive … This is only
a wake-up call of what is to come on a much larger scale … 

*Osnet Daily – “Preparing for a nuclear Iran: 
Russia replaces America in the Middle East”

…. There is irrefutable proof that this is totally
true. … Egypt .. Saudi Arabia .. the UAE .. Turkey … the list continues
to grow daily. … They all fear the radical leadership of Iran and
are seeking nuclear capabilities to counter this apparent & increasingly
imminent threat. … Sadly, our Secretary of State seems desperate to
sign ‘anything’ with the Iranians. … America’s credibility is ‘in
the toilet’ .. and for good reason ….

*CBS – “Report:  At least 3 people shot
at Pittsburgh high school”

…. Besides those who were shot, the real tragedy
here is that I found this story on page 6! … This type of thing is
happening so often now that it has become ‘old news’  … Society
is becoming very ‘calloused’ to violence …

November 14

*ABC & BBC – “Previously thought non-transmittable
Bird Flu strain infects humans for first time”

… Oh good! … Something else to ‘look forward
to’ ….

*Alaska Dispatch – “5.8 earthquake strikes
Alaska’s Aleutian Islands”

*Now The End Begins – “Chrislam starts to spread
in America”

…. We knew this day was coming … where many
pastors are, in fact, wolves in sheep’s clothing … when the liberal
‘love gospel’ preachers who, desiring to fill their seats and bank accounts,
would find a way to ‘merge’ apostate Christianity with the devil’s religion
of Islam … and one of the primary leaders? … Rick Warren …

*Y-net News – “Senators say Kerry briefing
on Iran was ‘fairly anti-Israel”

…. Try this phrase …. “selling them out”
… let’s call it what it is! … An inside source disclosed that ‘senators
were told to ‘ignore’ Israel on Iran … were told specifically by Kerry
to ‘disbelieve’ what Israelis say …. I’m shocked! … but not really

November 15

*RT News – “Russian lawmaker seeks to ban U.S.
dollar — predicts 2017 collapse”

… The chorus of nations is growing concerning
the U.S. dollar. … This Russian lawmaker is rumored to be some sort
of financial genius and bases his predictions on the growing U.S. debt,
which he believes will ultimately lead to financial ‘implosion’. …..
Is he right? … Who knows, but our growing massive debt will only lead
to eventual financial destruction …..

* – “Strong 5.1 quake
hits Argentina”

*Washington Free Beacon – “Report:  Russia
to help Iran build 2nd nuclear reactor”

…. This is simply watching Bible prophecy unfold
before our very eyes … Magog (Russia) assisting Persia (Iran), ultimately
expanding their relationship which will eventually lead to an attack
on Israel  … (see Ezekiel 38-39)

*Space – “Comet Ison outburst”

Comment from article:  “A sudden burst
of brightness from Comet ison has catapulted it to the threshold of
naked-eye visibility”

…. This is the comet the ‘doomsayers’ have been
saying will change life on earth as we know it. ….

*Los Angeles Times – ” ‘Nervous’ Mafia could
target Pope Francis, prosecution warns”

… Why? … The Pope has declared ‘war’ on internal
Vatican financial shady dealings … and in Italy, this is not very
popular … money-laundering .. extortion .. all part of the Vatican
& Mafia’s ‘shady’ actions. …. I’m shocked! … but not really

*NBC – “Moody’s cuts top banks’ debt ratings:
Doubts Feds would bail them out”

These top banks include giants like Morgan Stanley
& JP Morgan-Chase …. Why does this matter? … It will push up
borrowing costs which will certainly be passed on to us … The bottom
line? … more ‘toxic’ debt ……..

Well, that’s it for this week’s headlines …. and
as always, they never cease to keep coming at us ….. and of course
the big story this time around is America’s ‘selling out’ of Israel.
… It is amazing how, in just a short time, America has turned its
back on its once-closest ally. … It is becoming more apparent by the
day that nothing is sacred with this current group of American leaders.

As I mentioned in several other brief news article
comments …  the ‘fleeing’ of our allies, all across the globe,
is absolutely unprecedented! … After years of nurturing certain strategic
nations with aid and money, we have now pushed them away because of
the ‘character’ (or lack of it) of our current national leaders. …  
And now with these same leaders desperately trying to give Iran a clear
path to nuclear capabilities, these same fleeing allies are turning
to the likes of Russia & Pakistan to obtain their own nuclear capabilities
so as to offset Iran! …. As Israel’s PM stated, this all taking place
in the most unstable region in the world can only lead to catastrophic
results. …

When I consider all this, Ezekiel 39:6 comes to
mind … “I will send fire on Magog and on those who live in safety
in the coastlands, and they will know that I am the Lord.” …
This, along with many other Scriptures, mentions massive fire &
destruction come upon the earth in the final days. ….  
All that is going on over there right now would seem to be a set-up
for all this to take place. … All it takes is for one leader to go
‘over the edge’ …… 

But hey! … We who know and love the Lord have
NOTHING to worry about. … Why? … Because Revelation 3:10 says this
…. “Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will
also keep you FROM the hour of trial that is going to come upon the
whole world to test those who live on the earth.” (emphasis mine)
…. Simply, if we do our best to follow the teachings of our Lord,
He will KEEP us from the horrible times that are about to befall this
planet …. Hallelujah! ……

Also know that I so appreciate your support of this
site. … It is growing only because of each of you. … If you would
do me a favor? … If you feel the site helps in any way, or if it may
touch someone who is in need of hearing about the real reason WHY everything
is falling apart, I would be eternally grateful if you would forward
it to them. ,,, My ONLY intent is to spread the Word of God to as many
ears as possible. … Thanks in advance for your help. …

Know that I am praying for each & every one
of you, each & every day … and God knows exactly who each of you
are. …. Hallelujah! … So …..

Until next time,


November 12, 2013

I really wasn’t planning on writing a sequel to
last week’s commentary, but with all that is taking place in the Middle
East negotiations with Iran right now, I cannot NOT talk about it! …
Is anyone paying attention to what is going on over there? … Basically,
it is the complete ‘selling out’ of our once strongest friend and ally
in the region … Israel.  

OK, let me ‘collect’ myself ….. What I’m referring
to is the current negotiations with Iran over her nuclear program. …
We all know that most of the world, including America, has placed serious
sanctions on the regime in an attempt to have them agree to halt their
march toward nuclear weapons. … Well it seems, when one reads the
‘fine print’ of an agreement America was more than willing to sign, 
is that Iran is giving up nothing, including their nuclear enrichment
program. … In fact, it has just come out that America has already
secretly ‘lifted’ many of the sanctions that were supposedly already
in place! ….. Of course, this was never disclosed to Israel. … Just
more evidence of lies and deceit this current American leadership team
seems to be so good at. … (at least they’re good at something) …..

So why is the U.S. leadership so anxious to make
this ‘thing’ happen with Iran?. … I believe, along with most commentators
& pundits, that this administration is so desperate for any kind
of perceived ‘success’ that they will do almost anything to achieve
it. …  After the Syrian debacle and Russia’s apparent diplomatic
victory, coupled with all the domestic havoc such as the Obamacare debacle
and the government shutdown, anything will help to divert the attention
away from it all … even at the expense of a good friend  ….

Now if you’ve read any of Israeli Prime Minister
Netanyahu’s comments, you would see how ‘betrayed’ he and his nation
feels. … One comment coming out of their media said this … “When
America says they have our back, the reference is most likely to a knife.”
… Adding fuel to an already blazing fire, the meeting with Netanyahu
& our Secretary of State John Kerry went so badly, they couldn’t
do a ‘news conference’ together afterwards!

To the point, what drives Mr. Netanyahu ‘nuts’ is
that most of the world doesn’t truly understand the situation in Iran.
..,. For starters, the newly-elected President Rouhani doesn’t really
run the country … the Ayatollah does! … So when he comes out and
says that ‘all is good, and we want to be friends with everybody, and
we promise to be good” stuff, even thought the world seems to be
falling for it, Israel knows better! … These people are driven by
a fanatic religion that believes in the 12th Imam (their version of
the Messiah), and that in order for him to return in glory, they must
create chaos and destruction. … Now couple this with the fact that
they’ve sworn Israel’s destruction, one can see why Mr. Netanyahu is
so concerned .. and this is why he is so upset about everyone giving
in to the lies of these fanatics! ….

Let me share just few of the headlines just released
by the world media ….
   *Joel Rosenberg – “Netanyahu is
in a state of shocked disbelief …feels ‘mis-lead’ by Obama team”
   *Wall Street Journal – “Arab allies
of U.S. ‘horrified’ by deal White House about to cut Iran”
   *New York Times – “U.S. offering
to ease sanctions on Iran.. Netanyahu warns this is an ‘historic mistake’
   *BBC – “Saudis nervous – cut deal
with Pakistan to buy nuclear weapons”

Now this last BBC article is scary … and Netanyahu
predicted this would happen in his UN speech he made just a few days
ago … He warned .. “Iran obtaining the nuclear bomb would trigger
nuclear proliferation throughout the middle east, turning the most unstable
part of the planet into a nuclear tinderbox.” …. Wow! …. The
Saudis make him look like a prophet! …   and here is America
playing right into this scenario.

Last week I talked about how the world’s remaining
super power (America) would fade from the scene, so I won’t go into
detail this week … but this is just further proof of its demise. …
And what a ‘spectacle’ it is! … With every recent move made by our
leadership, it looks as if children are in charge of America’s foreign
& domestic policy! …. I mean, let’s re-visit the recent Syria
debacle … Charles Krauthammer, one of the most respected political
commentators in the world, called it “the worst failure ever in
U.S. foreign policy.” … Then, Commentary Magazine labeled President
Obama’s flip-flopping on syria a “debacle” and said it showed
“staggering incompetence” by the White House.

OK … enough pontificating …. With all that is
going on in the halls of America’s governing bodies, I believe it can
be attributed to only one thing …. simply, America is being attacked
from within and without. … There are failures on every front … economically
.. culturally .. politically .. militarily .. and morally. … The reality
is this … something deadly & dangerous has seized the country
… far more than most people realize. … There is no doubt a spiritual
dimension to what is happening …  and it is intensifying by the
moment! …. It all started when we began the process of removing God
from our society back in the 1960’s … and like the “birth pains”
spoken of in Matthew 24:8, it is intensifying by leaps & bounds!
…. Some translations of this verse say “the beginning of sorrows”
… which is also fitting. … The sorrows of this nation are just beginning
in comparison to what has taken place so far.
… (I will go into further detail on this in the
coming weeks) ….

The Lord is coming back very, very soon. … What
is taking place in our nation right now is living proof … another
sign confirming this fact. … So what do we do? … If you are ‘good’
with the Lord, then reach out to others & tell them why you are
joyful in these apparent times of sorrow. … but if you are not, I
urge you to ‘turn to the Cross’ … the place where our Lord & Savior
paid the ultimate price for each & every one of us. … No matter
where you look … no matter what anyone tells you, that is the ONLY
place that will bring you ultimate peace and eternal victory! …..

Until next time,


November 2

*USA Today – “Food banks brace for run on supplies”

…. The reason? .. It’s because of a 13% cut in
the federal food stamp program beginning November 1st. … Can we even
imagine what it will be like when there’s a 100% cut?!

*CBS News – “Doomsday volcanoes on the planet
are awakening in record numbers:

   -New super-volcano forming in Chile

   -Lava pool beneath Yellowstone super-volcano
twice as big as previously thought …

   -Santorini in Greece …

   -Uturuncu in Bolivia …

   -Long Valley in U.S. …

   -Laguna del Maule in Chile …

   -Campi Flegrei in Italy …

   -Others in Central America .. Kamchatka
.. Alaska .. Indonesia .. and Iceland …

*Yahoo News – “Israel vows to deny Hezbollah
weapons as details of Syria raid emerge”

… This simply means that as Russia & Iran
ship more and more weapons, Israel is going to ‘blow them up’ …. Doesn’t
really enhance the peace process too much!
*Baptist Press – “Baptist child-care agency
weighs hiring homosexuals”

….. Why? .. Because the ministry has become dependent
upon government funding! .. This is tragic. … Herein lies the problem
with churches being involved with any kind of government program, especially
ones that seem to promote sinful lifestyles. … The tax-exempt 501(c)3
option that most churches are involved with today makes them vulnerable
to compromise, as this child-care agency proves … not to mention the
signing of an agreement, or oath with an entity that promotes separation
of church & state. …
Jesus teaches in Matthew 5:33-37 not to sign any
kinds of oaths .. in any circumstance. … I wonder how our leaders
get around this compromise? …….

November 3

*The Extinction Protocol – “6.4 magnitude quake
shakes Archipelago of Tonga”  

*The Bellingham Herald – “UN report sees violent,
sicker, poorer future”

Comment from article:  “Starvation, poverty,
flooding, heat waves, droughts, war & disease already lead to human
tragedies. .. They’re likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made
climate change, a leaked draft of an international scientific report

… Does this sound Biblical to any of you? …
like the “birth pains” of Matthew 24:8? … Oh yeah, it is!

*New York Post – “First men marry at West Point

…. Another American institution’s ‘traditional’
barrier falls ……..
*World Net Daily – “Prophecy Scholar: 
America at crossroads”

…. Basically, CNN & History Channel commentator
Paul McGuire says America has two future options ..
   1) The Church & nation must turn
back to God in order to experience a ‘great spiritual awakening’ .. 
   2) America doesn’t repent of its immorality
& will experience a ‘crisis of unprecedented proportions’ .. a complete
economic collapse .. a surprise nuclear or terrorist attack .. or a
wave of devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, solar flares,
and other cataclysmic disasters. …
…. For me personally, I believe the 1st scenario
is purely wishful thinking. .. While I realize God can do anything,
I believe America has fulfilled her purpose in the prophetic timetable
& must now ‘fall back’ into the ‘pack’ of worlds nations. … This
is needed to happen in order for the antichrist to rise up & take
the reigns of world government. … With America out of the way, there
is no one ‘in the way,’ so to speak. … Oh, and one more significant
point … I can find NO scriptural evidence supporting the 2nd position,
that being a great revival during what remains of the Church age. …
However, I DO see evidence of a ‘great awakening’ during the tribulation
period, which will begin immediately after the Church is taken up in
the Rapture .. (see Revelation. chapter 7) ….. 
November 4

*Associated Press – “Strong 6.6 earthquake
shakes Chile’s capital”

*UPI – “Deep 5.0 quake rattles wide area of

*Drudge Report – “Public university pays ‘gay
sex’ columnist $24,000 for advice on ‘kinkier’ sex for students”

…. Guess what public university? … University
of Oregon!

November 5

*RT News – “Another earthquake:  New 4.9
tremor near Fukushima”

*BBC – “U.S. Senate backs ‘ENDA’ gay rights

…… In short, ‘ENDA’ stands for Employment Non-Discrimination
Act. … What is it? … A bill banning workplace discrimination against
gay & transgender people. … … So, if a Christian business refuses
to hire someone of this sexual persuasion, it will be deemed illegal
& most likely would result in civil fines, lawsuits, and even closure.
…. Just another way to ‘shut us Christians up’ …….

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Purge Surge:’  Obama
fires another commander”

Comment from article:  “Naval commanding
officer alarmed by ‘relentless’ attack on Armed Forces.”

…. Add this to all the other very similar actions
by this administration, something is obviously up!

*The Daily Caller – “Obama denies ‘you can
keep it’ videotaped promises”

… This, after some 34 recordings showing just
the opposite! … This is scary, because it ‘qualifies’ our leader  
as a ‘pathological liar’ …. Having trouble believing it? … Read
my November 5 commentary … “Liar. Liar .. Pants on Fire”

*Los Angeles Times – “Crowd dances, cheers
as man burns to death during Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood”

…. Definitely a ‘sign of the times’ …. What
a ‘wonderful’ holiday it is anyway! … Grown people dressing their
kids up as witches & goblins … all things satanic. …. I know
that most don’t even realize it, but they, in fact, are promoting the
Kingdom of Hell, not to mention the influence it has on their kids …..
Oh, I know … Many are saying it’s just harmless fun, but I must lovingly
warn you, anything to do with satan is NOT harmless! ..It is real &
it is dangerous! ……

*CNBC – “Rich families hoarding cash: 

… Who can trust any institution these days. …
But ironically, I doubt the cash will have very much value when it all
comes ‘crashing down’ …..

*CNS News – “Federal debt jumped $409 Billion
in October — $3,567 per U.S. household”

… Enjoy it while you can, people! … The bill
is soon coming in the mail ……

November 6

* – “Moderate 5 magnitude quake strikes
east Pakistan”

*UPI – “Pope survey asks about same-sex unions,

…… The underlying motive here is for this new
Pope to ‘modernize’ the Church … to bring it out of the ‘dark ages’
… so as to bring ‘the masses’ back to the Church. …Once again, today’s
leaders will do anything to fill the pews … a sad commentary ….

*Space – “Another X-class solar
flare takes center stage”

… The incredibly high solar activity continues
… Let’s pray that an X-class flare, the largest designation for solar
flares, isn’t directly aimed at our planet ……

*Arutz Sheva – “Obama: ‘Bibi’ is a pain in
the —“

… This statement was made by President Obama in
his new book. … FYI, ‘Bibi’ is Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
… Glad to see our relationship with Israel continue to ‘blossom’ …

*World Net Daily – “General blames ‘Night Stalker’
for military purge”

… He goes on to say a ‘mysterious’ advisor’s influence
on Obama now negatively affecting U.S. Armed Forces. ……. Want to
know who this ‘mysterious’ advisor is? … It is none other than Valerie
Jarrett, a very well-known extreme left-wing socialist and member of
the president’s ‘in-group’ advisory staff.  … Truth be known,
many say that she , in fact, calls most of the shots in the White House.
.. Being aware of her extreme political leaning, and then observing
the current direction of our nation, one would easily believe this scenario

*BBC – “General strike against cuts brings
Greece to a halt”

… The ‘cuts’ are necessary in order for the country
to receive additional ‘bail-out’ money. …. But the people are saying
that there is nothing left to cut, so therefore feel justified in shutting
it all down because they have nothing to lose …..

*Mirror News – “Floating Island of rubbish
3 times the size of Britain floating towards California”

…. This is causing HUGE environmental concerns
…. I just wonder how ‘radiated’ this pile of junk is? …..

November 7

*CNN – “Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest
ever, heads for central Philippines”

   -195 MPH winds …

   -Among strongest storms EVER recorded

   -Significant loss of life predicted

…. How many ‘super’ typhoons have we seen this
year? ……

*BBC – “New breed of poison-resistant ‘Super-Rats’
spreading across the UK”

… This is ‘fun!’

*New York Daily News – “Massive fireball streaks
across skies of southern California”

….. Luke 21:11 & 21:25 …..

*Live Science – “New explosions spotted at
snowy Russian volcano”

*NBC – Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupts for 3rd
time, covering villages in ash”

*Fox News – ” ‘Common Core’ lessons blasted
for sneaking politics into elementary classrooms”

…. Just to refresh, ‘Common Core’ is the new federally
approved education curriculum just introduced in our public schools.
… This is the same one that ‘promised’ creationism alongside evolution,
but somehow turned up missing when the program hit the classrooms …..
I’m shocked! .. but not really ……..

* – “Gay activist calls for mandatory
abortion — says there’s too many ‘God .. people’ on the planet”

…. Obviously he must feel a threat from us ‘God
.. people’ ….. 

*BBC – “Fukushima Nuclear Plant set for risky

…. Engineers are preparing to extract the 1st
of 1000’s of nuclear fuel rods from one of the wrecked reactor buildings.
… The task is considered “extraordinarily delicate & very
dangerous.” …. We must pray & wait ….

*The Jerusalem Post – “Netanyahu says nuclear
deal with Iran would be a ‘mistake of historic proportions’ “

….. He, as usual, is absolutely right! ….

*CBS News – “10-20 large fireballs expected
over U.S. Southwest next week .. More asteroid strikes likely”

November 8

*Christian News – “Minneapolis school bus driver
fired for praying with passengers”

…. How dare he!!!

*Bible Prophecy Blog – “Kerry threatening Israel
with sanctions”

…. This is the latest rhetoric coming out of the
Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. … It appears that Secretary of State
John Kerry plans to use, or threaten, Israel with sanctions so as to
pressure them into giving up land to the Palestinians. … One major
point, Mr. Secretary … Didn’t God promise this land (& more) to
Israel? .. Guess you would have to read your Bible to know that ……
Just sayin’ …..

*IHLS – “North Korea develops Russian-based
EMP weapons”

…. Great! .. Another lethal weapon in the hands
of a ‘nut-case’ regime ……

*The Jerusalem Post – “Kerry warns of 3rd Intifada,
Israel’s isolation, if peace talks break down”

…. “On that day, when all the nations of
the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable
rock for all the nations.  All who try to move it will injure themselves.”
(Zechariah 12:3) …  So it sounds like whoever goes up against
her WILL regret it. … This is a near-perfect scenario for the soon-coming
prophesied Ezekiel War (Ezekiel 38 & 39) …….

*The Weekly Standard – “Netanyahu:  This
is a bad deal … a very, very bad deal”

   -Furious Israel confronts U.S.A. …

   -Obama secretly lifted Iran sanctions
months ago …

   -Iran will not give up right to enrich
uranium …

   -Israel abandoned …

   -Deal of the century …

Another week, and certainly NO shortage of stuff
to look at ….. We continue to see  growing persecution in our
land. … As for perversion, it is completely out of control. … It
appears to be invading every part of our society. … And our current
governing administration seems to be ‘keeping up the pace’ of lies &
deceit … and this purging of the military is plain scary! … There
is absolutely no doubt they are preparing for the worst concerning the
coming civil unrest that is about to befall this nation. … Otherwise,
why would so many agencies be purchasing military supplies? …. i don’t
think Canada or Mexico is posing an immediate threat.
… It’s their own people they fear!
Also, we see the world falling deeper & deeper
in debt with absolutely no end in sight. … And as for pestilence,
Fukushima is posing a greater threat to the entire planet by the hour
… and what about this latest super-typhoon? … They are saying it
may be the biggest one EVER! … Then there’s the super volcanoes coming
to life all over the place … Every day there is something ‘big &
bad’ hitting this beleaguered planet. …. But then, prophecy said it
would be this way ….
With all this going on, the one thing that jumps
out at me this week is the rapidly increasing isolation of Israel. …
These talks going on over there concerning Iran’s nuclear program are
all going the Iranian’s way. … Is no one listening to Prime Minister
Netanyahu? …. This guy knows what is ‘going down,’ and now pretty
much knows he’s on his own. … Sadly, his people are the ones the Iranians
have sworn to destroy. … As I mentioned in one of the previous stories,
the Bible tells us that Israel will be isolated in these last days,
and what we are seeing is just another sign as to the proof of our being
in the last days. … How anyone can doubt this fact can only come from
pure ignorance of Bible prophecy. … The ‘writing is on the wall!’  
Finally, I’ll wrap it up with the story of the floating
rubbish pile in the ocean that is heading our way. … What it reminds
me of is the ‘floating rubbish pile’ coming out of Washington, DC today.
…. Only in this case, we don’t have to try and interpret what it is.
… It is a pile of rubbish, and will remain as such. … too bad the
other ‘pile’ is so complicated …..  
Until next time,
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