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November 5, 2013

” …. evil men and impostors will go from
bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” .. 2 Timothy 3:13

For those of you who have seen the “Left Behind”
movies, do you remember the part about how the Antichrist shot the two
guys in a meeting, and then deceived those in attendance into thinking
they had actually shot themselves? …. This was an interesting portrayal
of pure deception at the highest level … and it is eerily similar
to what we are seeing today with our current government … and its
primary leader,  President Barak Obama.

Let me share just two glaring examples of what I’m
talking about … First, just a short time back, Syria and its possible
use of chemical weapons was at the top of the news agenda. … President
Obama stated specifically that if President Bashar Assad were to use
chemical weapons, he would have crossed the “Red Line” and
severe consequences would result. …. Then, when it was proven beyond
a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Assad had in fact used chemical weapons,
world leaders confronted our president and reminded him about his ‘Red
Line’ statement. … Mr. Obama looked the world in the eye and denied
ever having said such a thing … all this while re-runs of the previously
recorded statement were showing just the opposite!  

Then, of course, there’s the current Obamacare roll-out
debacle. … You would have to be declared dead if you hadn’t heard
such statements such as …. “If you like your health care coverage,
you can keep your health care coverage .. PERIOD.” … “If
you like your current doctor, you can keep your current doctor .. PERIOD!”
…. In just the past few days, positive proof has surfaced indicating
that most everyone, including the president, knew at the time of these
statements that this would not be the case … that some 15 million+
people would most likely lose their current coverage …. OK, that’s
bad enough … but to compound it even further is beyond rational comprehension!
… They are now ‘spinning’ it to be the insurance company’s fault ….
that those words weren’t exactly what we said at all …. and that the
fault lies in ‘inferior’ insurance products. … In short, Barak Obama
and his minions are completely denying any of these statements, all
of which are being shown all across the media outlets for all to see

But now here’s the scary part … over 50% of the
American voting public believe them and most likely will continue to
keep liars like these in power! …. But then, Romans 16:18 says quite
clearly … “… By smooth talk and flattery, they deceive the
minds of naive people.” …. How so very true this appears to be!

Many in today’s rapidly deteriorating society wonder
just how we could have descended to such a level … and what the future
holds for this once-powerful nation. …. Let me share my view with
you … I’ve been searching & studying Scripture for quite a few
years now, and I have come to the conclusion that America is, in fact,
NOT specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy. … Certainly we had a
major role in God’s plan for our time. … Personally, I think there
were two primary purposes … The first was to insure the rebirth of
the Nation of Israel. .. Without America’s guarantee of protection back
in 1948, this would most likely not have happened. … And secondly,
America has played a major role in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ
throughout the far corners of the earth. … Both of these prophecies
needed to come to pass before the Lord’s victorious return. …. Sadly,
during the time of America’s role in God’s plan, she most recently has
turned her back on the principles of God and therefore will face severe
judgement in the coming moments just ahead.

Taking it one step further, we know that America
is the last remaining super-power on the planet. … Now tie this fact
in with all the world leaders spouting about a coming ‘New World Order,’
with a super-power on the scene, it would not be possible for a ‘new
world order’  to come on the scene. … Simply, the super-power
would rise up militarily to stop it.

Now we know that God is ALWAYS in control. … In
fact, why would he allow such a bunch of totally clueless and inept
people to rise to power in our nation … all at the same time? …
Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Biden … the list goes on and on …. Obviously
I believe with all my heart that this IS part of God’s plan. … Let’s
look at just a few things, besides the blatant lying & deception,
that is going on to support my thinking about how America will weaken
in power, and ‘fade back’ into the pack of nations …..
   -The purging of the current military
leadership … Nine generals this year!
   -Federal agencies buying weapons and
ammunition en masse … IRS, DHS, Social Security ……….
   -Media in fear of reporting ANYTHING
contrary to the administration’s thinking ….
   -Public school curriculum being totally
controlled by the government ….
   -Alienating long-time allies because
of Lying & Spying ….
   -Promoting ‘hate speech’ laws to mute
any and all opposition to their agenda ….
   -Suppressing scandal after scandal
with lies & misinformation ….
   -Signing international treaties through
‘executive power’ that undermine longstanding Constitutional issues

Now when we add in the national debt and the pure
chaos we see in any attempt to solve this fatal condition, America’s
future is not so bright. ..The great American Patrick Henry said this
….. “It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”

Many have asked me if Barak Obama is the Antichrist
…… While he seems to possess many of the characteristics prophesied
by scripture, I do not think he is. … I know I used to say ‘not at
all’ … But this latest performance of lies & deceit makes one
wonder sometimes. …. We do know this … the coming Antichrist will
have these types of characteristics, but his influence will spread across
the entire planet.  Mr. Obama seems to have lost that ability.

The bottom line is this … The world’s only super-power
is quickly fading into oblivion …. the world’s economic situation
is built totally upon sand and very soon will come tumbling down …
The Bible tells us in Daniel 7 & Revelation 13 that an authoritative
government will soon emerge under the control of a powerful world leader.
… The nations of the earth will open their arms
to welcome this leader’s promise of peace & security. … But it
will be a false promise sold by pure deception in order to manipulate
humanity. … In reality, this charismatic leader will be the Antichrist.
… and his deceptive promise of peace will lull the nations to sleep
while he sets up his reign of terror & destruction. … Daniel tells
us,  “By peace he shall destroy many.” (Daniel 8:25)

I pinch myself almost every day because I suddenly
realize we are truly living in the final moments of the Church age and
that the “Trumpet” is going to blow at any moment! …. I
know many are oblivious to this fact, but when we study Bible prophecy,
there is absolutely no denying these facts! …. I just pray that more
& more people will ‘wake up’ to the fact that WE ARE HERE! ….
We are at the crossroads of Biblical history. … We are at the end
of the chaotic & treacherous days of mankind’s futile attempts at
trying to run this planet. … Finally, God IS going to take over, and
how glorious the coming days will be! …. Hallelujah! 

But for just a short time more, we must endure the
final attempts of Satan to control the world. … Yes, it will be incredibly
difficult for many, but nevertheless, it will be. … During these final
moments, I want to encourage each of you to reach out to all those friends
& family members who are walking around in a fog, totally unaware
of what is taking place …. (like the days of Noah – Matthew 24:36-39)
… reach out to them and share the love and saving grace of our Savior
Jesus Christ. …. And even if you are rejected, don’t give up! …
When you meet Jesus face to face, He will reward you for your efforts
… Hallelujah! …. May God richly bless you all ……

Until next time,


October 26

*Washington Free Beacon – “Iran announces 34
new nuke sites – Working with Russia to boost nuclear program”

….. This is Ezekiel 38 to the tee! … Magog (Russia)
working with Persia (Iran) … Never before have these two countries
had any kind of relationship … until now … the ‘End Times’ …..

*Fox News – “Israel issues military threat
to Iran after nuke report”

…. And why not? … Iran continues to threaten
Israel’s destruction as they constantly add new nuclear capabilities

*The Washington Times – “Armed agents seize
records of reporter – Washington Times prepares legal action”

Comment from article:  “Maryland State
Police and Federal Agents used a search warrant in an unrelated criminal
investigation to seize the private reporting files of an award-winning
former investigative journalist for the Washington Times who had exposed
problems in the Homeland Security Department’s Federal Air Marshall
…. This is simply ‘gestapo’ tactics, which sadly
seem to coincide with everything else that’s going on with this ‘gaggle
of thugs’ currently running the government …..

October 27

*BBC – “Mount Etna eruption lights up Sicilian

*The Daily Mail – ” ‘We’ve reached the end
of antibiotics’:  Top CDC expert declares that ‘miracle drugs’
that saved millions are no match against ‘superbugs’ because people
have over-medicated themselves”

*CNN – “Terrorist attacks and deaths hit record
high, report shows”

Comment from article:  “More than 8,500
terrorist attacks killed nearly 15,500 people last year as violence
tore through Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, according to the National
Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism. ….
That is a 69% rise in attacks, and an 89% jump in fatalities … 2012
over 2011.”

…. More examples of ‘birth pains’ …….
*Joel Rosenberg – “Israel capable of setting
back Iran’s nuclear program, ex-air force chief indicates”

…. I’m not really surprised by this …. I think
Israel has a whole lot more military ‘stuff’ than we know of …

*Center for Investigative Journalism – “Methodist
bishop fuels ‘gay’-marriage battle”

Comment from article:  “Church policy
calls for punishing those who perform same-sex weddings. .. San Francisco’s
former United Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbert gave a sermon at the denomination’s
global conference last year, urging pastors to defy Church law by performing
same-sex wedding ceremonies. … This past Saturday, Talbert answered
that call himself, performing a ceremony for two ‘gay’ male members.”

….. Many United Methodist churches already have
‘gay’ Church services and classes, so it most likely won’t be long before
‘marriage’ is included in their already-skewed doctrine ……

*UPI – “Northern Europe cleaning up after monster
‘Biblical’ storm hits”

*Yahoo News – “EU considering sanctions against
U.S. over spying”

…. Interesting! … The ‘Revived Roman Empire’
sanctioning the world’s remaining superpower .. Wow!

*Gatestone Institute – “EU proposal to monitor
‘intolerant’ citizens”

…. I would LOVE to see their definition of just
who these ‘intolerant’ citizens are! …. If the Lord chooses to tarry,
we WILL see these conditions here in America … we are already experiencing
Christian ‘censorship’ in many circles ……

*Mail Online – “Arctic doomsday bunker stores
every kind of seed mankind relies upon”

…. Matthew 6:19 says … “Do not store up
for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and
where thieves break in and steal. “

* – “Food bank CEO suggests welfare
cuts may spark riots”

… Whatever the result, it will be child’s play
compared to what will take place when the entire system implodes …..

*MIT Technology Review – “Now technology allows
computers to read emotions”

…. This is scary stuff, especially when we consider
the coming ‘Mark of the Beast’ …….

*Space – “Sun fires 3rd massive solar flare
in 3 days … severe storming is not expected”

…. See Luke 21:11 & 21:25 ……

October 30

*RT News – “Renminbi Rising:  China’s
‘de-americanized world’ taking shape?”

Comment from article:  “China’s leadership
will soon usher in bold reforms to support a domestic consumption-driven
economic model, and globalizing the Renminbi as an alternative store
of wealth to the U.S. dollar is at the center of the strategy.”
… We Americans should not scoff at this news …..
most emerging developing world nations say it’s ‘music to their ears.’
… Most nations today feel that America has abused its only ‘superpower’
status by bullying through economic and military means ….. If this
were to occur, it would be a disastrous blow to America’s already fragile
economy. …. (Note:  The ‘Renminbi’ is the official national currency
of the Republic of China ,,, the ‘Yuan’ is the basic unit of the Renminbi).

*The Watchers – “Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes
off Chile’s coast”

*The Fresno Bee – “California reservoirs in
dire need of a wet winter”
…. All across the state, reservoirs are at critically
low levels. … Little rain this season could be catastrophic for masses
of people in the region ……

* – “Brain implants will be connecting
people to the internet by the year 2020”

…. Great! … A chip in the head .. right next
to the ‘mark of the beast’ on the forehead!

October 31

*Lalate News – “6.6 quake strikes Taiwan”

* – “Obama’s justice department
argues before Supreme Court:  International treaties trump Constitution”

Comment from article:  “The Justice Department
is going before the Supreme Court and arguing that the Obama Administration
has the authority to trump the Constitution with international treaties.
… Some in Congress feel this is a blatant move toward a ‘globalist’

… Duh! …

*World Net Daily – “Muslim Brotherhood ‘just
like Evangelicals’ “

Comment from article:  “Department of
Homeland Security top advisor attacks Christians and compares the Muslim
Brotherhood’s indoctrination to Christian Bible study groups.”

…. These are the kinds of ‘advisors’ this administration
has brought on board in just the past few months …..

*Fox News – “Pentagon Training Manual: 
White males have unfair advantages”

Comment from article:  “A controversial
600+ page manual used by the military to train it’s equal opportunity
officers teaches that ‘healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian’ men
hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail
about the so-called ‘white male club.’ “

…. Those promoting this propaganda are the same
ones who were responsible for briefings at at military bases around
the country that falsely labeled Christians, Catholics, and a number
of high-profile Christian ministries as ‘domestic hate groups.’

*The Jerusalem Post – “White House official
confirms Israeli attack on Syrian missile site”

…. And Israel is furious with the U.S. for ‘spilling
the beans’ about this stuff! …… Whatever, war is just moments away
… the Middle East is a virtual powder keg! 

November 1

*IB Times – ” ‘Major’ fireball spotted in U.S.
Pacific Northwest:  More than 200 sightings reported”

… Darn it! … I missed it! …

*ABC News – “6.6 earthquake strikes north-central

*Reuters – “Many injured after double 5+ quakes
hit northeast China”

*The Herald – “Our oceans are dying: 
Health of the world’s oceans threatened by pollution, scientists report”

… Just wait until the full effects of Fukushima
take hold …. Wormwood!

*Lalate News – “5.0 magnitude quake jars Philippines”

*World – “While Obamacare stuns
the U.S., ‘Leading from Behind’ is unraveling world peace”

…. What we are seeing is the continuing ‘fall’
of the world’s lone superpower …. and eventually the rise of the coming
leader of the ‘new world order’ …. Of course, the Anti-christ ……

*Los Angeles Times -“28 solar flares in last
7 days … more on the way”

….. 4 of the 28 were in the X-class range, which
is the designation for the strongest flares possible. … Scientists
agree that we are in a ‘Solar Maximum’ period, which most likely will
last well into 2015 …..

*The Washington Times – “Chinese state media
show plans for nuke strike on U.S. cities”

… More signs of ‘world parity’ ….

*Joel Rosenberg – “Iranian reports say Supreme
Leader’s health worsening – the Bible commands us to pray for our enemies
– so let’s pray for him”

…. What a terrific example & witness for our
faith, which promotes love and forgiveness. … As I said in my last
commentary, it sometimes is difficult to pray for certain individuals,
but it is our Lord’s command … so therefore, we must …..

*World Watch Monitor – “Iranians jailed for
‘house-Church attendance”

….. Iran may be out-of-sight, out-of-mind for
the vast majority of Americans, but trust me when I say that we here
in America are on the verge of experiencing the same fate …….

OK … That’s it for another ‘fun-filled’ seven
days …. So what are the highlights that jumped out? …. For me, there
were four …….

The Middle East is 1st … We saw Iran (Persia)
announce 34 new nuke sites, and then Israel threaten them with military
action …. and also in Iran, the Ayatollah is ill. and what happens
there if this guy becomes incapacitated? …. Someone more extreme?
… Civil war? …. Guess we’ll wait & see…… and finally, we
see Israel striking the Gaza Strip as well as weapons & missile
sites in Syria .. and then the U.S. (us) telling the world what they’re
doing …. Needless to say, Netanyahu is furious with America……..
and who can blame him. …. This whole area, as prophesied, is on fire
and just waiting to blow up! ……

Next is the prophecy of Daniel 12:4 which says that
knowledge will increase in the last days. … Well, just this week we
see two stories that totally support this prediction … 1) Computers
now on the verge of being able to read people’s emotions! … and 2)
Brain implants connecting people to the internet. … Guess they can
put this chip right beside the “Mark of the Beast” on their
foreheads! …

Thirdly, the signs of persecution are now ‘front
& center’ almost every week .. this one being no exception. …
First, we see the Iranians jailing Bible study home groups. .. Now I
know this is in a Muslim country, but with the current laws being implemented
here in America, we are just moments away from facing these same conditions.
.. Those of us who hold firm to the full truth of the Holy Scriptures
will be considered ‘haters’ .. ‘intolerant’ .. and any other negative
adjective this evil world can place upon us ….. …… And then this
story … The EU planning to monitor ‘intolerant’ citizens … That’s
us, people! … (didn’t I just use that word in the previous comment?)

And finally, our nation …. Just like the rapidly
increasing persecution, our nation is on  a rampage as related
to shutting down individual rights, both secular & religious ….
Look at the story where the feds swooped in with a phony search warrant
& confiscated a former Washington Times reporter’s files, most likely
because she was doing stories on the Department of Homeland Security
…. and then the same department’s (DHS) advisor comparing Christian
study groups with the Muslim Brotherhood! ….

I gotta stop! …. This is supposed to be a News
Headlines overview, not a commentary, or rant of sorts ..

I just want to say how much I appreciate each of
you who visit the site ….  I love doing it, and I will stay fully
committed to this ministry as long as I know it is benefitting any one
person out there in this crazy, out-of-control world. … Know that
you all really do matter to us and we love each & every one of you!
….. Know that I am praying constantly for each of you … and remember
this … this dark world will not be this way very much longer. …
The more I watch, the more I just know the “Trumpet” is going
to blow at any moment! ….. Hallelujah!!

Until next time,


Note: .. I just want to extend my gratitude to Pastor
Marvin and the First Baptist Church in Florence, Oregon for their wonderful
hospitality this past Sunday (the 27th) …. My wife and I were surrounded
by loving & caring brothers & sisters in Christ as we shared
God’s Word. …. Know that we are, and will continue to pray for each
of you, just as I know you are for us. ….
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