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December 21
*Real Science – “2013 will finish as
one of the ten coldest years in U.S. history, with largest drop in
….. Just a few months ago, we were
setting heat records in many states ….. These extremes will only continue to
increase as we move forward …
*Yahoo News – ” ‘Duck Dynasty’
fallout:  GLAAD reeling from biggest
backlash in years, says rep”
Comment from article:  ” ‘In the five and a half years I’ve
worked at GLAAD, I’ve never received so many violently angry phone calls &
social media posts attacking GLAAD for us speaking out against these comments,’
the media watchdog organization’s VP of Communications Rich Ferrar said.”
…. This is GREAT news to me! … It’s
about time we stand up for what we believe. … Had we done this much more
assertively in the past, we most likely wouldn’t be seeing all this debauchery
taking place all around us. … Simply GLAAD represents those who are involved
in sinful lifestyles. … Their mentality is spoken of in Isaiah 5:20 …
“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil … ” … Nothing more
need be said.
*Earthquake Today – ” USGS
-5.3 in Asahi, Japan …
-5.4 in New Caledonia …
-5.0 in Ashkasham, Afghanistan …
-5.1 in Solomon Islands …
-5.0 in Shusheklskoye, Russia … 

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Duck’
censorship a warning to ministers?”
…. Absolutely it is! … This is just
the ‘tip of the iceberg’ … but, if enough of us wake up to the fact that
homosexual rights are trumping religious rights, we can at least ‘slow down’
the onslaught …
December 22
*CNN – “Chaos:  Severe & strange weather sweeps U.S.,
threatens holiday travelers”
…. Sounds so Biblical! … Once again,
we are seeing ‘extremes’ in almost all categories of weather …
*CBC – “Weather extremes:  December snowfall breaks 112-year record in
…. See what I mean? ….
*Fox News – “The next Detroit?  Atlantic City & Las Vegas facing
catastrophic collapse”
… These are just the ones who are
talking about it … There are many, many more, believe me!
*World Net Daily – “Dire warnings
issued for coming shortages of water — Acute problems looming for major U.S.
Comment from article:  “According to, there are 10
major U.S. cities facing acute water shortages in the very near future …. El
Paso, Palo Alto, Miami, Lincoln, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Los Angeles, San
Antonio, Las Vegas and Atlanta. … That’s because the fresh water Great Lakes
are at their lowest level ever, reservoirs in California are dry bowls of dust,
the life-giving Colorado River now disappears before it reaches its end, and
underground aquifiers are growing tinier each day.” …
…. Scary stuff! … This nation is
under judgement .. and deservedly so ….
December 23

*USGS – “Seismic shake-up:  Strings of earthquakes rumble across
…. Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas,
California ….. very interesting …..
*World Net Daily – “Surge in cancers
among young in Fukushima”
… No surprise here …. how sad …
*Fox News – “Judge blocks request to
halt ‘gay marriage’ in Utah”
…. and another one bites the
‘proverbial dust’ …
December 24

*TruNews – ” ‘Church’ expecting
festive flock of atheists for Christ-less Christmas service”
Comment from article:  “The Sunday Assembly is a godless
congregation with the slogan ‘Live better, help often, wonder more.’ … Since
it began in London earlier this year, it has grown by 3000 % with Sunday
assemblies being opened in 30 major cities across the British Isles and
oversees from Vancouver to Sydney.”
…. How tragic for these ‘lost’ people!
… and the biggest downside? … a very short ‘lifespan’ …. 
*The Telegraph – “Christians feel
pressure to keep silent about their faith in Britain”
…. The article goes on to say that
Christians overall are becoming much more timid about professing their faith
due to societal pressure. … Well, I have news for you! … I, for one, will
NOT succumb to this satanic plot! … This is exactly what the enemy wants from
us … nothing! …. I encourage each of you who reads this to ‘share the light
of Christ’ at every possible opportunity. …. One thing is certain … Victory
will be ours when this is all over … Hallelujah!
*CNN – “Pope’s approval rating
sky-high at 88%”
…. While most has to appreciate his
reaching out to the poor and infirmed, I believe his popularity has mostly been
spurred by his ‘relaxing of strict church policies such as homosexuality, all
worshiping the same God, atheists can go to heaven, and so on … in other
words, ‘join the world and people will love you’ … it simply eases their
guilt of leading sinful lifestyles. … Guess this means that I will continue
to be unpopular … or well, I’m used to it …
*Breitbart – “Planned Parenthood
releases ’12 Days of Contraception’ 
Christmas Carol”
…. Does it never end?! … Come, Lord
*World Net Daily – “Many believe
Santa actually at Jesus’ birth”
…. Poll shows a worrying lack of
knowledge about Christianity. … Duh! … This has to go along with those who
believe Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife!  …
But seriously folks, this is truly a sad commentary concerning the job our
Churches have, or have not done …. 
December 25 — Merry Christmas!
*Rapture Ready – “Quakes continue
for 2nd day in row in Oklahoma”
*BBC – “Christians targeted by
Baghdad bombs on Christmas Day”
*World Net Daily – “Here’s a world
leader unafraid of Merry Christmas”
… Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel
sends greetings to those who share common heritage … Don’t we wish we had a
leader like this one! …
December 26
“Balfour Post – “Christianity
in Islamic world is a Life or Death experience’
…. When we see this kind of headline,
it should make us take pause and realize just how very fortunate we really are.
… Islam is a violent faith, and it will be no different here in America if it
is to be allowed to become dominant … as is their desire …
*Washington Examiner – “Be
prepared:  Wall Street advisor recommends
guns, ammo for protection in collapse”
…. Forbes contributer and long-time
Wall Street advisor David Marotta says that because of the Obamacare disaster,
the NSA spying scandal and spiraling national debt, the chances are greatly
increased for a fiscal and social disaster … a financial apocalypse. ……
He is absolutely right! … But I don’t agree with shooting people because of
it … We need to trust in our Lord and Savior for deliverance from the
soon-coming disasters that are about to befall this nation and planet …
*Fox News – “Citizens launch Armed
Patrols after Sheriff cuts”
…. This is just the beginning! … With
all the national, state, county, and city budget woes, soon the mobs will rule!
*CNS News – “Iranian Ayatollah:  Jesus would fight America”
… Sorry, Mr. Ayatollah, but this is
simply just another Islamic lie! ….. Ephesians 6:11-12 says this …
“Put on the full armor of God so
that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.  12) For our struggle is not against flesh and
blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of
this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly
realms.” …
December 27

*Live Science – “5.4 magnitude quake
shakes Canary islands:  One of the
largest tremors ever to hit region”

*CBS – “Deadly H1N1 outbreak
reported in two dozen cases in Chicago”

*Hollywood Reporter – “A&E
caves:  Phil Robertson back on ‘Duck
Dynasty’ “
…. This has to be considered a blow to
gay activist groups, which I believe is good …  but let’s not kid ourselves  … A&E caved simply because of greed,
and not principle …
*World Net Daily – “General calls
for massive march on Washington”
…. Major General Paul Vallely says it’s
time for the American people to confront the tyranny of Barak Obama. … He
goes on to use the recent example set by the Egyptian people when 33 million
marched against their government, which ultimately led to the demise of the
Muslim Brotherhood. …… More & more are getting fed up with this leader,
but when it’s a respected General, it gives it a bit more credence ….
OK … I’m done for this week … and
another one filled with increasing ‘Biblical’ pestilence worldwide … first,
it’s heat records, now cold records …. new snowfall records … major cities
facing catastrophic water shortages … the results of Fukushima starting to
show their ugly signs …. the list goes on & on, and without a doubt is
growing by the week ….
But are you seeing what i am seeing
concerning the social breakdown in this country? … Just this week alone we
see towns forming their own ‘police forces’ … civil vigilante groups due to
the lack of enough cops on the streets … and why? .. Just look at the story
about how Atlantic City & Las Vegas are following Detroit’s fate … out of
money & the means to pay for fire & police protection. …. Trust me
when I say that  this is just the
beginning of ‘mob rule’ in this land, simply because there are untold thousands
of cities & towns that are out of money! …. And then there’s the Wall
Street guy telling us to buy guns & ammo because it is all going to come
tumbling down. … that’s certainly reassuring!
But topping it off is our own trusted
General Vallely telling us to march on the Capital so as to throw out the bums
that got us to where we are …. If this doesn’t wake any of us up, then most
likely nothing will. …
But then, we all really knew this was
coming … down deep … didn’t we?… Well people, it’s here! … Prepare
yourself for amazing times just ahead of us …..
But remember, when it seems overwhelming
to you, just turn your face to the One who can ease your fears … the One who
can bring you comfort in these difficult times … the Lord Jesus Christ. …
The more your faith in Him grows, the less these times will make you afraid
Love you all and will visit with you
again real soon …. Lord willing ….. so …
Until next time,

December 24, 2013
Here we are once again, smack-dab in the
middle of the holiday season …. and isn’t it so joyful! …… Road rage ..
mall mayhem .. sneaker slugfests .. advertising blitzes .. personal debt
skyrocketing .. increased personal & family stress & anxiety … having
to spend time with people you really don’t like ….  Isn’t it all so joyous?!  … and think of this … the one that tops
it all off for me is “Black Friday.” … Now we as Christians all
know what the color black stands for … darkness, sin …. the opposite of
light. …. Well? ….
Of course the real tragedy is that the
true meaning has all but disappeared from our society. … In fact, if
satanists & atheists had their way, the mere mention of Jesus Christ would
be totally outlawed!…  I never thought
I would hear myself say this, but if the nation continues on its current path,
Christ will be against the law in this land. …. The ‘post-Christian’ America
is now upon us, and when you stop for a moment and look, all that is taking
place in the public square is a stark reminder of this truth.
I promised myself when I sat down to
write this piece that I would stay positive and not rail against all the chaos
& commotion of what is taking place all around, but here I go, ranting and
raving about all that is wrong … so let me stop and share this poem I
received from a close friend … It is a pretty good summation of what is going
on … hope you ‘enjoy’ it as much as I did ……
Twas two months before Christmas – when all through the land
Not a Christian was praying – not taking a stand
Why the PC police – had taken away
The reason for Christmas – no one could say
The children were told – by their schools not to sing
About shepherds and wise men – and angels and things
It might hurt people’s feelings – the teachers would say
December 25th – is just a ‘holiday’
Yet the shoppers were ready – with cash, checks and credit
Pushing folks down to the floor – just to get it
CD’s from Madonna – an x-box, an I-pod
Something was changing – something quite odd
Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa
In hopes to sell books – by Franken and Fonda
As Targets were hanging – their trees upside down
At Lowe’s the word Christmas – was no where to be found
At K-mart and Staples – and Penny’s and Sears
You won’t hear the word Christmas – it won’t touch your ears
Inclusive, sensitive – di-ver-si-ty
Are words that were used – to intimidate me
Now Daschle, now Darden – now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen
On Boxer, on Rather – on Kerry, on Clinton
At the top of the Senate- there rose such a clatter
To eliminate Jesus – in all public matter
And we spoke not a word – as they took away our faith
Forbidden to speak – of salvation and grace
The true gift of Christmas – was exchanged and discarded
The reason for the season – stopped before it started
So as we celebrate ‘winter break’ – under your ‘dream tree’
Sipping your Starbucks – listen to me
Choose your words carefully – choose what you say
Shout Merry Christmas! – not happy holiday!
A bit political. I realize, but hey …
many of the words in the poem ring truthful ……
OK, I also promised myself that I would
keep it short this week because we are all so busy ‘getting it all done’ ….
and I realize that most of you are praising God for the ‘shortness’ … so let
me just say this …. I wish each of you a truly joyful & happy time as you
celebrate the birth of the One who came and freed us all from the bondage of
sin ….. Jesus Christ.
…… I pray that as each of you and
your families join together, you will experience only happiness & unity …
a time of refreshing and renewal ……. 
We know this, we will return to the reality of the days we live in soon
enough! …… So …
Until next time,

December 14

* – “Mystery:  Sun grows strangely quiet — Lowest activity
in 100 years”

… This is after a very brief
high-activity period. … The sun is supposed to be at its peak activity level
right now, so what is this? … Could be the ‘calm before the storm’ …..
*Accuweather – “One thousand
mile-long snow storm to pummel U.S. northeast — Will affect 110 million

* – “China bans shellfish
imports from U.S. West Coast”
….. And it isn’t because of Fukushima
… at least not yet! … The culprit is high levels of arsenic … and, as
usual as of late, no one really knows why …..
December 15

*World Net Daily – “U.S. plan gives
Jerusalem Holy sites to Vatican”

…. It’s amazing what level of idiocy
this current American leadership displays almost daily! … This also could be
construed as playing right into the prophetic plan laid out for these final
days …. Most of you know that I believe the Vatican will be home base for the
“Great Whore” of Revelation 17 … the headquarters for the
soon-coming world church ….
December 16

*CNA – “Experts warn of ‘ominous
trends’ in western secularism — discrimination and persecution of Christians
is growing in many regions of the world”

*Metro – “4.7 quake shakes Vancouver

*The Telegraph – “Iraq battles to
save its Christian souls:  ‘Christians
are finished here
‘ ”
Comment from article:  “10 years after the fall of Saddam
Hussein, Christians have dwindled from more than a million to as little as
*CNBC – “Researchers race against
time for ‘Superbug’ cure”
…. The overall feeling amongst these
scientists is that the new deadly ‘bugs’ are evolving faster than their
research for cures …… not good news …..
December 17

“ – “4.2 earthquake
rattles south-central Kansas”

*NZ City – “Magnitude 6.2 earthquake
strikes New Zealand’s South Island”

*Voice of Russia – “Syrian
Christians turning to Russia for protection”

…. Isn’t this simply amazing?! … They
have to turn to a known ‘secular’ country to be protected … This just proves
beyond a shadow of a doubt that this once-Christian nation (America) is no
longer … and even more sadly, doesn’t seem to really care what happens over
there …..
*Breitbart – “Report:  Syrian rebels throw civilians in ovens”
…… Once again, these are our
‘friendly’ moderate Muslims we are supporting in Syria. … As an American, I
am ashamed!
*CNS News – “Poll:  Americans’ belief in God declining”
…. I’m shocked! … but not really
*Breitbart – “Gay rights magazine
names Pope Francis ‘Person of the Year’ “
…. I wonder if he feels ‘honored’ to
receive this reward? … Just askin’ ..
*National Journal – “Is Congress
turning off your Televangelist?”
….. In most cases, this would be a plus
for Christianity overall …. So many of them are ‘false teachers’ dealing in
pure deception!  …..  But the bigger story here is that the ‘good
ones’ will be cut off as well …. just another sign of the ongoing attack on
the Church …
*Click Orlando – “Gun sales booming
as Christmas gifts”
…. Speaks volumes concerning people’s
view of the near future, doesn’t it ….
December 18
*ABC News – “Mystery illness kills 4
in Texas — China reports new H7N9 cases”

*Terra Daily – ” ‘Superbugs’ found
breeding in China’s sewage plants”

*The Blaze – “Barbara Walters to
Piers Morgan:  ‘We thought that Obama was
going to be … the next Messiah”
…. Very Interesting!  .. In total contrast is that most of what
people have asked me is if he’s the Anti-Christ ..
*Associated Press –
“Scientists:  African mosquito virus
spreads to Americas”
….. Pestilence abounds!
December 19
*Voice of America – “China
investigating new deadly Bird Flu strain H10N8”
….. Never heard of this one before ….
*Yahoo News – ” ‘Superbug’ bacteria
widespread in U.S. chickens”
… Can you believe how many ‘superbugs’
are floating around these days?!
*CBS New York – “Some parents upset
after Long Island school removes religious references fro “Silent Night’
… The specific words removed were
“Christ the Savior” …. This is getting ridiculous! …. Satan is on
a roll!
(but not for long) …
*Drudge Report – “Duck Dynasty star
suspended from TV show for speaking out against homosexuality”
….. I read the article, and his crime?
… He quoted 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 … How dare he! …. (more in the wrap-up)
*Zero Hedge – “Former top NSA
official:  ‘We are now living in a police
state’ “
… and just watch our freedoms
increasingly disappear … we’ll go as long as we can, but it is my belief that
it won’t be long before this site will be considered ‘hate speech’ and shut
down …
*MSNBC – “New Mexico high court
legalizes gay marriage”
…… Another one ‘bites the dust’ …
December 20
*The Sun Daily – “5.6 magnitude
quake hits south Pakistan”

*ABC News – “Scientists believe
death could be reversible”

…. Sorry guys, but God already has the
patent on this one … He has a bullet-proof solution on how to avoid ‘eternal
death’ …
*Israel National News – “PLO
official:  We supported Nazis during
World War 2”
…. This is a perfect example of the
Palestinian leadership’s mentality toward Israel …. hatred for, and complete
destruction of the Jews is their only goal ….
*Fox News – “Sickened by
service?  U.S. sailors tie cancer cases
to Fukushima”
…. So far, 51 sailors are filing a
lawsuit claiming their cancer and other catastrophic diseases have been caused
by their months of rescue efforts near japan’s damaged nuclear plant after the
2011 earthquake and tsunami. … We knew this type of thing was coming … and
I believe it’s just the beginning! … This IS going to be one of the ‘biggies’
as far as end-time pestilences are concerned …..
Another week of crazy stuff unfolding
before our eyes …. and as usual, this time of year seems to slow down just a
bit as far as the number of stories. ……… No. they are not slowing down ..
it’s just that people are focused on other things this time of year (I wonder
what it could be?) …..

There are two areas that stand out this
week …. Pestilence & Christian persecution. …. Of all the forty-some
stories reported, almost half are related to the growing pestilences taking
place all over the world. … When I commented that “pestilence
abounds,” I wasn’t kidding! … Jesus said in Luke 21:11,

“There will be great earthquakes,
famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs
from heaven.” …… Well? … How many times this week did we see the
word ‘superbugs’ … or how scientists are once again baffled as to what all
these new things are, and how to deal with them 

… And Satan’s onslaught against
Christianity is moving into high gear by the moment! … This ‘Duck Dynasty’
thing is going to be interesting to watch unfold. … These guys make so much
money for the networks and advertisers that sponsor them … Somehow, I think
greed over principle will ultimately prevail in this one. … Father Duck will
most likely be re-instated … not because of his beliefs, but because of
greed. … I have to say I’m proud of him, and stand with him in his position
concerning homosexuality. …

His comments are supported by the Holy
Scriptures of which no one can deny, if only they were to read them, and then
not ‘adjust’ them to today’s societal desires …. I’m also happy to see such
an outpouring of support he’s getting from many folks out there … It’ll be
interesting to see how this one turns out going forward …

OK, I’m out of here for this week. …
God bless you all, and I pray the support keeps coming! … Usually our ‘hits’
slow down during the holidays, but not so this year. … Too much going on, I
guess. …. Well guess what, don’t plan on it slowing down any time soon …
that is until the Lord returns and fixes this mess .. so,

Until next time,

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