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January 11

*The Guardian – “China surpasses
U.S. as world’s largest trading nation”

…. Another step ‘backwards’  for America …
*OneNewsNow – “James Dobson:  ‘We’ll defy abortifacient mandate’ “
Comment from article:  “Respected Christian and author James
Dobson makes it clear his pro-life ministry puts the issue of life first and
foremost — even if it means shutting down. .. He commented, ‘I just absolutely
refuse to do it.  We’ll close down before
I’ll do it.’ “

… We should all have the same resolve
for God’s principles … Good for you, James!

January 12

*The Satellite – “25,000 flee as
Sumatra’s Mount Sinabung erupts”

*Associated Press – “Abbas says he
won’t make concessions on Jerusalem”

…. The Palestinian leader is insisting
that east Jerusalem will be their capital … and will not back off this point.
… This would split Jerusalem, God’s Holy city once again … ain’t gonna
*World Net Daily – “37 Muslim
nations persecuting Christians”
….. What’s all this talk about
‘moderate Muslims?’ … By persecuting Christians, they are ‘executing’ the
teachings of Allah …..
January 13

*National Public Radio – “6.5
magnitude earthquake strikes north of Puerto Rico on heels of 4-year
anniversary of deadly Haiti quake”

*China Times – “H7N9 has mutated and
may spread from human to human”

….. Many things are ‘mutating’ …..
January 14
*The Wall Street Journal –
“America’s dwindling economic freedom — Regulation, taxes and debt knock
the U.S. out of the world’s top 10”

…. Just another reminder of the
impending ‘death’ of a super-power ……

*CP World – “Police arrest U.S.
street preacher in Scotland for calling homosexuality a sin”

…. His name is Tony Miano, a U.S.
preacher and former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff. … The charge?

‘Homophobic language in the condemnation
of sin’  …. another brave soul willing
to speak the truth …

…. Go, Tony!

*The Times of Israel – “U.S.
lawmakers rail against ‘Academic Boycott’ of Israel”

…. More American ‘distancing’ from the
Jewish state …..

*World Net Daily – “Americans warned
of ‘Imminent,’ deadly meteor strikes”

…. This came after a ‘potentially
hazardous’ asteroid nearly half-a-mile wide was possibly heading toward earth,
and some upstate New Yorkers claiming they experienced a ‘loud boom and bright
light’ in the sky last night. ……. Have any of you noticed how much more
often these types of events are occurring?

(Luke 21:11 & 25) …..

*Joel Rosenberg – “White House
strikes ‘secret side deal’ with Iran over nuclear issue, despite State
Department denials, reports the Los Angeles Times”

Here are some of the highlights ….

-Not a single nuclear facility will be shut down …

-Iran will continue to enrich uranium …

-Iran’s nuclear research operations will actually expand …

-New, state-of-the-art centrifuges will be allowed to come on-line in Iran

…. Needless to say, it is another
complete ‘sellout’ by America … What a joke!

*Drudge Report – Geneva Deal Highlights

-Obama:  ‘Give peace a chance’ …

-Rouhani claims huge victory for Iran …

-Iran’s leaders:  ‘World powers
surrendered to Iranian nation’s will’ … 

-Iranian General:  ‘America
pursuing diplomacy because they cannot defeat us militarily’ …

-Secret ‘side deal’ a complete sellout …

-Israel’s Defense Minister:  ‘
‘Messianic’ Kerry should just leave us alone’ …

…. What an amazing time we live in! …

*Fox News – “John Kerry’s
Palestinian diplomacy draws Israeli scorn”

…. Israeli leaders say that “in
reality, there have been no negotiations between us and the Palestinians for
all these months — but rather, between us and the Americans.” … The
Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon said that “the only thing that can
‘save us’ is for John Kerry to win a Nobel Prize and leave us alone.”

… What a mess! …

January 15

*Voice of America – “U.S. Spy Agency
infiltrates personal computers world-wide”

…. Big Brother is here! …. Signs of
the times ….

*Balfour Post – “As Obama and
America dithers, Egypt ramps up its nuclear options”

…. Proliferation abounds! ….

*International Business Times –
“Earthquake shakes northern Israel as former Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon  is laid to rest”

…. Strange timing, I would think … Is
this another warning sign? …

*The Blaze – “Norwegian bay froze so
quickly it caused a ‘Fishapocalypse’ “

…. Minus 0 degree temps combined with a
strong east wind caused this rare occurrence ….   Strange things seem on the rise, don’t they?

*The Telegraph – “Christians called
to ‘Martyrdom’ says Welby”

Comment from article:  “Speaking in Istanbul, the Most Reverend
Justin Welby singled out the persecution of believers across the Middle East
and said Christians are ‘still called’ to suffer and even die for the faith in
the 21st century.”

…. He is right, of course, and it’s
only going to increase as we draw ever nearer ……

* – “Despite dangerously
high radiation levels, no caution signs at surfer’s beach in California”

…. They don’t want to ‘set off’ any
alarm bells ……….. (Fukushima ……Shhhhhhhhhh  … )

*World Net Daily – “District bullies
students over faith again”

Comment from article:  “For the 3rd time since 2007, and the
2nd time in only a few weeks, teachers at Temecula Valley Unified School
District in California have been accused of bullying students because of their
faith. .. In the most recent episode, a teacher told a 1st-grader,  ‘you are not allowed to talk about the Bible
in school.’ “

…. This story is just a snapshot of
where America has gone … from a Christian nation to one in total denial of
‘WHY’ it has been so blessed  …. how

January 16

*Arutz Sheva – “Moroccan drought
ends after Jews pray for rain”

… The rain came 48 hours after Jews
prayed in Synagogues throughout the country. … Never under-estimate the power
of prayer! … (maybe they should be invited to California)

*Arutz Sheva – “Analyst:  U.S. abandoning Middle East, leaving Iran in

Comment from article:  “Iran is set to become the ‘Alpha Dog’ –
the dominant power – in the Middle East, according to Fox News commentator K.T.
McFarland, the network’s security analyst.”

…. Simply, she ‘gets it’ ….

*USA Today – “World Economic Forum
founder says, ‘Push reset button on world’s economy’ “

… I read the whole article (pray for
me) and after many ‘big words’ and much self-adulation, what the message
basically points to is this — The world’s current system is beyond fixing, so
just start over. … I need to send these folks the Bible, which clearly points
to a soon-coming ‘reset button’ … one that will truly .. and permanently ..
‘fix’ it all … Hallelujah!

*Los Angeles Times – “Scorch:  Fires hit Southern California”

… It’s started! … Southern California
has just experienced its driest season on record, as the drought continues to
worsen — and now the fires start, and it’s only January! … This will only
get worse!

…  “Birth Pains”

*The Hill – “House democrats offer
bill demanding government study on internet ‘hate-speech’ “
…… Mark my words … it will include
Christian sites .. like this one .. that speaks Biblical truth concerning
certain lifestyles being sinful, such as homosexuality. … We will be labeled
as ‘homophobic’ and shut down. … But hey, we knew this was coming … we’ll
just keep doing it as long as we can ….
*Bloomberg – “China holds record
U.S. debt”
…. How does this make us feel? …
Being indebted to a godless, communist nation! ….
*Breitbart – “Hollande critics dump
Horse Manure in front of Parliament Building”
… You gotta love the French! … But
hey, our government officials ‘dump’ this stuff on us every day! …
*Joel Rosenberg – “Sales of Adolph
Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ manifesto are skyrocketing — but why?”
Comment from article:  “Is it a sign of surging global
anti-semitism, or merely evidence of historical curiosity?”

….. Thinking it’s ‘historical
curiosity’ is completely wishful thinking and naive, Joel! …. The Bible says
that Israel would experience increasing isolation in these final days … well?

*Yahoo News – “Obama to Dems:  ‘I’ll act with or without Congress”

-‘I have a pen and a phone’ …

-Boehner:  ‘We have a
Constitution’ …

-Senior British advisor:  ‘Obama
incapable, crazy’ …

-Napolitano:  ‘Few checks and
balances on Obama’s ‘bully pulpit’ …

…. This guy is becoming more dangerous
by the day! … Will there even be an election in 2016? … Harry Reid ‘may not
allow it!’ ….
January 17

*BBC – *Has the Sun gone to sleep?  Strange solar behavior baffles

Comment from article:  “Scientists are saying that the sun is
in a phase of ‘solar lull’ — meaning that it has fallen asleep — and it is
baffling them. … History suggests that periods of unusual ‘solar lull’
coincide with bitterly cold winters, and may have serious implications as to
its contribution to our current climate issues .. and even global

… Scientists seem ‘baffled’ about a lot
of things lately. … but  I’m not! …
These are the ‘birth pains’ spoken of by Jesus himself …

*Haaretz – “Defense Minister rises
as U.S. – Israeli relations plunge”

….. This comes after the Minister’s
comments about his disdain for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry … and Prime
Minister Netanyahu isn’t trying to ‘fix’ it … seems they’ve about ‘had it’
with this American entourage of baffoons ……

*Y-Net/Jewish News – “Report:  Jews suffer hostility in 71 countries”

….. Sound Biblical? … and isn’t it
interesting how the ‘Holy Land’ news is skyrocketing all of a sudden? …

*NBC News – “Dried Up:  California Declares Emergency”

…. A state that has ‘led the way’ in
sinful lifestyles now suffering severe drought — the driest year in their 3rd
year of drought — and what about the radiation levels discovered at a beach
near San Francisco? …

Call me a ‘doomsayer’ if you wish, but
God’s judgement is a fact of life (just read the Bible)  and I believe what is going on in California
— and the rest of our nation — is exactly that … God’s judgement on a land
that has … for all intents and purposes– turned its back on God. …. It
WILL continue to get worse! …..  Stand
by! …..


Well, that’s it for another week of
prophecy-related news … and this last article concerning California’s
problems pretty much sums up the ‘pestilence’ issues facing the world right now
… I truly believe God’s judgement is upon us and it will only increase as we
continue to ‘shut Him out’ of our collective national daily lives ….

But the one thing that is actually
blowing my mind is the absolute free-fall we see taking place in America’s
national, and international stature! … Israel wants us out … Egypt &
Saudi Arabia are looking for nuclear weapons 
elsewhere as we have totally turned the Middle East over to the
religious nut-cases in Iran … the Palestinian negotiations centered around
‘dividing’ Jerusalem … both domestic & international spying on an
unprecedented level … leadership credibility & trust at an all-time low
… Another $1+ Trillion budget passed while again, no one appears to have even
read it … I could go on but it makes me ill just talking about it! …. It is
absolutely amazing as to how fast everything is evolving! …. Last week when I
said that these 12-18 months were going to pivotal … well maybe I should have
said the next 12-18 hours & weeks! … Anyway, we are living in
prophetically amazing times!

But … Praise the Lord … We know it
won’t last long & that Jesus will return & ‘fix it all’ … Hallelujah!
… But until that time, we need to pray for each other … lift up one another
.. reach out to those who are suffering and are hungry … to those who are
lost in the rush of this crazy world. … Know that I am praying for each of
you, and am so grateful for your sharing all this with me. … Please pray that
I ALWAYS listen to God before I write a word ….. God bless you ….. and …

Until next time,


January 14, 2014 
Is America really dying? … Is the
world’s remaining super-power fading into the annuls of history? …. From most
all  indications, one would have to say
yes. … Now to make this bold statement, one needs to give solid reasons as to
why, I would think … So here they are …..
Fist of all, it is my belief that America
is not mentioned in Bible prophecy…. I know some disagree with this
statement. … In fact, there is a belief out there that America and Britain,
the english-speaking modern nations, are the descendants of the 10 northern
tribes of Israel which were conquered and dispersed in 721 BC. …. While this
proves interesting, I can find no solid biblical proof supporting this claim.
…. To ‘assume’ anything concerning this fact is very dangerous, so therefore
I will stick to the obvious reality … and that is …. America is NOT
mentioned in prophecy. … 
Next, we know that The Holy Roman Empire
will re-emerge in the last days, and that the coming world ruler (anti-christ)
will rise up from its ranks. … This will ultimately evolve into the one-world
government. … Now if we truly believe we are in the last days, to which I
obviously do, then a super-power cannot exist, because it would ‘stand in the
way’ of  this taking place. ….  
For a moment, let’s look at what will
happen when this super-power does die .. when the geopolitical order that has
stabilized the world for several decades crumbles. … We are about to learn
first hand. … The fact is that America, for most of the past century, has
been the world’s single greatest guarantee of global stability. .. Without
American military might in World Wars 1 & 2, Britain, France, and the rest
of Europe would have been trampled under the boot of a German-led military
takeover. …. At that time, America was a strong, proud and Christian nation,
but not now … those days are over. …
Let’s look as to why I say this … To
start, I want to share an excerpt from Bob Woodward’s article concerning former
Secretary of Defense Bob Gates and his “seething” anger against
America’s current leadership and their approach towards foreign relations.  ….. Here it is …
“Notably, while Gates has gone public with his feelings and the
reasons for them, I hear this same sense of deep frustration with the President
and his national security team from a steady stream of generals, special forces
operatives, intelligent operatives, and other national security officials up
and down the line. .. They are leaving government service, or actively
contemplating leaving. .. They are losing respect for the Commander-In-Chief.
.. They believe he is leading  a retreat
from America’s role as the world’s only super-power, and creating a vacuum in
very dangerous places, the epicenter (middle east) chief among them. .. Few of
them want to speak publicly. .. Perhaps Mr. Gates is speaking not just for
himself, but for them as well.” … One would have to say this is a sad
commentary for where we are heading ….
Looking further, the decline of American
power has been years, even decades, in the making. .. But I think this past
November saw a sequence of events that effectively marked its end. .. The stage
was set with President Obama’s handling of the crisis in Syria. .. First he
drew a ‘red line’ in the sand, promising to attack the regime of Bashar Assad
if he dared to use chemical weapons. … They did, and he hedged. .. Then to
compound that failure, he accepted a sham ‘peace’ plan that kept Assad in power
and supposedly put the banned weapons under international control – a plan
orchestrated by Russia. …
Then, soon after, President Obama
personally phoned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, showing his desperation for
a deal over Iran’s nuclear program. .. This move sent shock waves through the
international community. .. America has been the number one constraint on the
world’s biggest terror-sponsoring nation obtaining regional supremacy and
nuclear power. … Washington’s decision to abdicate that responsibility
utterly changes the entire landscape of the Middle East and beyond. …
Needless to say, Israel and Saudi Arabia are beside themselves!
Finally came what Israeli journalist Caroline
Glick called “the most significant international event since the collapse
of the Soviet Union in 1991” — Washington offered Tehran relief from the
economic sanctions it is suffering for its nuclear program. .. What made this
so significant Glick explained: 
“The collapse of the Soviet Union signaled the rise of the United
States as the sole global super-power. 
The developments in the six-party nuclear talks with Iran in Geneva last
week signaled the end of American world leadership.” …
Wow! …. I couldn’t have said it better
myself! …. This definitely marks the end of U.S. influence in the region and
cements Iran’s merging dominance. … Simply, this leaves Israel, Saudi Arabia,
and any other ally thinking that they are ‘on their own’ … that any trust in
their once-staunch ally has all but disappeared. … The fallout will be
“American foreign policy is in
unprecedented free-fall.” wrote analyst Daniel Pipes,  “with a feckless and distracted White
House barely paying attention to the outside world, and when it does, acting in
an inconsistent, weak and fantastical manner. .. If one were to discern
something so grand as an Obama Doctrine, it would read: ‘snub friends, coddle
opponents, devalue American interests, seek consensus, and act unpredictably’
” (Nov. 12, 2013).
Simply, what was once decisiveness has
become apology, and now the apology has become retreat and retrenchment. ..
America’s will is inarguably broken.
The bottom line is this – the more
passive America becomes, the more assertive others grow .. There will, and now
is, a rush by second-tier powers to fill the vacuum that has resulted. … The
Middle East is a terrible muddle. .. Iran’s power is growing. .. Weapons of
mass destruction are proliferating and will end up in the hands of more tyrants
and terrorists. .. Islamism will spread in northern Africa. .. Volatility will
rise in Europe. .. Arms races in multiple regions will continue to mushroom.
…. It will be ugly!   
Now tie all this in with the current
world-wide economic condition … what we are seeing emerge is a world
careening toward total chaos … and without the world’s once-great American
super-power, nothing will be there to stop it ….
As the world continues to fall into deeper
and deeper chaos, soon one will ‘rise out of the ashes’ … one who will have
all the answers to mankind’s current problems. …. People will be so desperate
that they will willingly follow just about anyone, or anything that can ‘save’
them from all the destruction surrounding them. … Those of us who ‘know’ ..
and study God’s Word knows who this will be …. the eventual anti-christ.
….. (another subject for another day) ..
I know that all this stuff about our
nation isn’t easy to listen to, or even accept, but it must take place in order
for the prophesied sequence of events to take place. …. Just remember this,
it WILL NOT last all that long! …. Our great God is about done with all this
human ‘junk’  and His Son will be
returning soon to save us from ourselves … Hallelujah! …..   so,
Until next time,

January 4

*The Guardian – “Another
Pandemic?  H1N1 sweeping across U.S.
& Canada in deadly wave”

…. 3 more die in Michigan with many
more on life support …
*USA Today – “Death toll in U.S.
blizzard continues to rise:  Even colder
air on the way”

*The Australian – “Israeli war
planes hit rocket sites in Gaza”

…. it never ends …
*BBC – Egypt unrest:  11 deaths at Muslim Brotherhood

January 5

*The Telegraph – “Rise of Exorcists
in Catholic Church”
Comment from article:  “Dioceses across Italy, as well as in
countries such as Spain, are increasing the number of priests schooled in
administering the rite of exorcism, fabled to rid people of possession by the
devil.  The rise in demonic cases is a
result of more people dabbling in practices such as black magic, paganism,
satanic rites & ouija boards, often exploring the dark arts, the church

….. This is basically the same thing
the charismatic & pentecostal churches practice … and something the more
conservative flocks totally avoid. … It is very controversial, at best. ….
My question to anyone interested? … What did Jesus & his disciples do?
*Arutz Sheva – “If we withdraw from
the Jordan Valley, Hamas will take over”
…. and why would Israel have to do
this? … I’m glad you asked … because it is part of John Kerry and America’s
‘peace’ plan. … Israeli leaders know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would
turn into another ‘Gaza Strip’ … It would be just another piece of real
estate bordering them that would be rife with terrorists, ultimately leading to
increased terrorist attacks …. I can’t imagine them agreeing to this

*The New York Times – “Power vacuum
in Middle East lifts militants”
….. As the superpower fades away (us),
increased chaos reigns in the region. … We just saw Fallujah in Iraq fall to
Al Qaeda …. next will be massive nuclear proliferation! …. It’s close!
*Zero Hedge – “Federal Reserve is
hiring — lots of cops”
… Here is agency with federal ties
‘loading up’ ….. Something ominous is definitely afoot …..
*Fox News – “Sub-zero freeze grips
….. Judgement is upon the nation ….
January 6

*Wall Street Journal – “More
violent:  Indonesia’s Sinabung volcano
erupts 77 times in 24 hours:  People

*ABC News – ” ‘Polar Vortex’ pushes
sub-zero temperatures into much of U.S. Midwest”

-Records falling everywhere …

-Historic:  Wind chills 70 degrees
below zero! …

-Life-threatening …

-Canada startled by ‘frost quakes’ …
…… So what is a ‘Polar Vortex?’ …
It is an Arctic cyclone of cold air. ……. Let me share a warning from 2009
…. “The winter storms in the northern hemisphere have, and will continue
to turn notably more vicious, producing some of the most catastrophic winter
systems ever seen. … This dramatic increase in the number and intensity of
these storms will be unprecedented compared to anything humanity has dealt with
before.” …… Well? …
…….. What are the “Birth
Pains” Jesus himself forecast for the times just before his return? ….
This is a classic example of just what he prophesied. … America, and the
world, is under judgement ….
*BBC – “UK storms:  Giant waves hit amid fresh flooding
…… See what I mean? …
* – “Has Fukushima’s
radioactive wave already hit California?”
…. One would have to say yes. ….
Geiger counter readings of background radiation at a beach in San Francisco are
over five times the safe level …. Missouri snow found to contain double
normal amount ….
January 7

*CIDRAP – “Four more cases of H7N9
reported in China”

*RT News – “Officials reject
concerns over 500% radiation increase on California beach”
….. The culprit? … No question it’s
Fukushima …. and also, of course ‘officials’ would reject the seriousness of
all of this … What would they do with so many millions of displaced people?!
… I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to believe any government official
right now ……
* – “Huge sunspot
targets earth”
Comment from article:  “Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on January
7th producing a powerful X-1 class solar flare and it looks to heading directly
toward earth.”

….. We’ll know in a couple of days
*Anchorage Daily News – “5.1 quake
off Alaskan peninsula — 5.1 also hits Yonakuni, Japan”
*Associated Press – “Group unveils
Satan Statue design for Oklahoma”
…… Sadly, it shows little children
sitting at the feet of this evil character ….
*CNN – “New poll finds Americans’
support for legal ‘weed’ is soaring”
….. Just another ‘nail in the coffin’
*World Net Daily – “Atomic lie:  Fukushima danger ‘under control’ “
…. This is an absolute lie! … Again,
if they were to tell the truth, there would be mass chaos all along the west
coast of North America ….. just wait & see ……
January 8

*Fox News – “Teacher tells
6-year-old ‘Jesus is not allowed in school’ “
…. The youngster brought candy canes to
school to share with classmates. .. Attached to them was a message explaining
the religious legend surrounding these candies. … My question? … Why are
those who ‘celebrate’ the age of diversity & tolerance so quick to ‘bully’
anything Christian? … Trust me when I say …. it is guilt ….. (and I have
no idea what the ‘candy cane’ story is) ….
*Zero Hedge – “Gun sales surge to
record high in 2013:  Expect ammo to
spike in 2014”

…. That is, if the government hasn’t
already bought it all ….. More signs of the times ……
*Fox News – “Outbreak of ‘nightmare
bacteria’ in Illinois stirs worry”
….. Another drug-resistant super-bug on
the prowl …..
* – “1400% radiation
‘Hot Spot’ found on San Francisco beach — ‘Experts’ say no link to
…… Oh really! ….. What liars! ….
*Reuters – “Survey:  Christian ‘martyr’ deaths double in
…. The primary cause? …. Islamist
extremists! …… Im shocked! … but not really …..
January 9
*Yahoo News – “Canada confirms fatal
case of H5N1 Avian Flu in Alberta:  First
in North America”

*The Telegraph – “We want a United
States of Europe, says top EU official”
….. Wow! .. Is it time for the
‘reviving’ Roman Empire to finally come together? … They will be voting on it
this spring …. & we will be watching! …..
*CNS News – “CDC:  U.S. fertility rate hits record low for 2nd
straight year — 41% of babies born to unmarried women”
….. signs of the times …
*The Washington Times – “Poverty
level under Obama breaks 50-year record”
…. more signs of the times ….
*The Guardian – “Disease resistance
to antibiotics at a ‘tipping point’ “
…. and even more signs of the times …
no one can deny that this is an emerging pestilence with the potential for
catastrophic consequences …..
January 10

*The Truth – “More Americans believe
Aliens have visited earth than believe that Jesus is the Son of God”
…. This statistic came from a National
Geographic survey …. and we wonder what’s wrong with everything?
*RT News – “No ‘Polar Vortex’
here:  Record heat grips Australia
killing thousands of animals”
….. Doesn’t seem to matter where we live
… records of all kinds are falling all over the world …..
*Red Orbit – “Natural disasters were
rampant in 2013, creating widespread chaos”
…. Nay-sayers may nay-say, but facts
are facts … Chaos is spreading .. and increasing ….. on all parts of the
globe …..
*Drudge Report – The Economy

-92 million Americans not in labor force …

-Record number of women not in labor force …

-Growth slumps …

-Slowest in 3 years …

-1500 people camp out for chance at one job …

-For every one job added, nearly five people left work force …

*Yahoo News – “One in 10 babies in
England are now Muslims:  census”

*World Net Daily – “General:  Muslim Brotherhood inside Obama
…. Last week, we saw highly respected
General Vallely calling for a march on Washington DC to protest the tyranny of
Obama & his minions …. Now we see another highly respected General, Tom
McInerny, who served as both Assistant Vice Chief of Staff & Commander in
Chief of U.S. Forces in Europe, saying that the presence of the Muslim
Brotherhood in the current advisory team to our leaders is real. … Things are
not good when the commanding generals of the world’s only super-power are
unhappy & restless. …..

OK … We are done for another week …
and once again, what a week it was! …. To highlight, I think the stories that
stand out this week are these …. The increasing power vacuum in  the middle east. .. This will certainly lead
to a massive proliferation of highly dangerous weapons … and with the sheer
number of nut-cases over there, it can’t turn out good. …. And there is also,
and I say this with sadness, the rapidly continuing deterioration of our
American society. … Man, it seems to be unraveling in all the wrong places, doesn’t

But the big one this week has to be the
absolutely incredible increase of the pestilences all across the globe. …
antibiotic resistant super bugs on the rise .. crazy weather patterns that are
setting all sorts of records in most all categories … possible pandemics
rising on almost a daily level .. and then this Fukushima thing … trust me
when I say, we are seeing only the beginnings of the heartbreak this mess will
soon bring to many folks ….. Any doubters out there still? … Then I suggest
you read Matthew 24:4-8,  and then look
at what is taking place … then we’ll talk ……

OK, I’m outta here! … Know that I love
you and am praying constantly for each & every one of you every  day ….. Hallelujah! …….. So ….

Until next time,

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