January 18

*NBC News – “California Drought of
the Century”
…. This is a very serious situation! ..
This will be a very ‘dangerous’ year for this heavily-populated state …
*Albany Times-Union – “Cuomo:  Conservative republicans should leave the
… He goes on to say that
‘right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay’ people have no place here. …
This is the governor of the state saying this biased stuff! … There seems to
be no hope left for this fallen nation ….
*Fox News – “Entire fishery dead n
Nevada marina:  As many as 100,000 fish
at man-made lake east of Reno”
…… and once again, experts are
‘baffled’ … There is a whole lot of ‘baffled’ going on lately ….
January 19
*The New York Times – “Region
boiling:  Israel takes up ‘Castle’
… It means they’ve built hi-tech fences
around their borders trying to keep all the sectarian violence from spreading
into their land … not to mention all the suicide bombers trying to kill them
…. Sure sounds like Zechariah 12:3 to me ….
*World Net Daily – “Critics
ballistic over Christian film’s Oscar nod”
….. Doesn’t surprise me … Any time
something about God wins out over the likes of Jay-Z and Taylor Swift, it will
draw the ire of the secularists … unless of course it happens to be one of
their over-the-top, distorted versions of a Bible story … The nomination, by
the way, is the title song for the movie “Alone Yet Not Alone”.. by
the same name ….
*NBC News – “Extreme El Nino events
to double, study claims”
…. and once again, the experts are
‘baffled’ as to why … Get a clue, guys!
*NBC News – “Russian President Putin
links gays to pedophiles”
…. I wonder if A & E will stop
broadcasting any news stories about him? …. just sayin’ ….
January 20

*Reuters – “6.2 magnitude earthquake
rattles New Zealand’s North Island”

*RT News – “Italian IOC official
accuses U.S. of ‘absurdly publicizing’ Olympics by sending ‘gay’ athletes”
…. Whether this is true or not is not
the point … to me, at least. … While many nations of the world do not
support, or openly endorse, the ‘gay’ movement, we, the supposed leading
Christian nation in the world, openly do. … Guess the ‘literal’ teachings of
Scripture no long pertain to the majority of our citizens … Signs of the
times …..
*BBC – “Barack Obama:  Marijuana no more dangerous than
…. This doesn’t surprise me in the
least! … The more people get ‘stoned,’ the less they’ll notice or care about
his blatant attempts to ‘take over’ the land! …. Control the masses, control
the world …
*World Net Daily – “Iran ‘2 to 3
weeks’ from Nuclear Bomb”
…. The former IAEA director warns Tehran
could nix deal, arm itself quickly. … This is not good! … The Ayatollahs
are ‘crazy radical’ and will use these weapons! … and even though the West
doesn’t seem to ‘get this,’ most all other Middle East countries do! … They
seem to have no choice but to seek these same types of weapons so as to
neutralize the ‘Persian’ threat. … Sadly, it won’t …
*Jerusalem Post – “Christians
persecuted most in these countries”
Comment from article:  “The top country where Christians
suffer, for the 12th straight year, remained North Korea. .. The other nine
rounding out the top 20 are Islamic: 
Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Pakistan,
Iran and Yemen.”
… We must not forget to pray for them
January 21

*Zero Hedge – “What recovery?  U.S. retail stores now in grim death

…. The two mentioned specifically were
Sears & J.C. Penny ….. Signs of the times ….
*CBS News – “China confirms medical
worker dies from H7N9 virus:  Cases spike
in China”

-Vietnam reports first H5N1 Bird Flu death in 2014 …

*The Telegraph – “New radioactive
water leak discovered at Fukushima plant”

Comment from article:  “Highly radioactive water was detected
inside the #3 reactor building, Tepco said. … It is believed the water has
leaked from inside that reactor.” …
…… I wonder how much there is we
don’t know? ….
*BBC – Chaos in the Streets

-Thailand imposes State of Emergency over unrest …

-Brazilian street protests turn violent …

-Ukraine in chaos .. Streets ‘on fire’ …

…. There’s more, but this is just a
quick ‘snapshot’ of a world spinning out of control ….
*Star-Advisor – “5.9 earthquake hits
near Tonga – no tsunami threat”

*Drudge Report – The Real Numbers

-Record 20% of households on food stamps in 2013 …

-Wall Street advisor:  actual
unemployment is 37.2% …

*CBS News – “Oregon rules bakery
violated ‘gay’ couple’s civil rights by denying them a cake for same-sex wedding”
…. Unbelievable! … Now they have to
pay these people! … What has happened to our ‘right of refusal?’ …..
January 22

*CNN – “Iranian official on nuke
deal:  ‘We did not agree to dismantle
anything’ “

….. He goes on to claim that the Obama
Administration mischaracterized concessions. … I’m shocked! … but not
really … Seems like this crowd ‘mischaracterizes’ just about everything they
touch …
*Washington Times – “Half of
American fans say ‘super-natural’ forces are in play during sports events”
…. Who says we don’t worship ‘false’
gods in this misguided society? ….. Just drive by a sporting event on a
Sunday, the drive by the Church parking lot … which one draws the most
people? ……just sayin’ …
*The World Out Of Control

 ……… Here’s just a few headlines today
from various sources …

-Twisted:  Google Glass
application lets wearers watch themselves have sex from partner’s point of view

-Video game is ‘Murder Simulator’ like no other …

-Sundance:  ‘Nymphomaniac’ opens
to laughs & shocks …

-‘Anorexic doll’ that shuns food provokes outrage …

-Naked woman sought by Swat Team after man shot dead in trailer park …

-Naked woman jumps to death from Beverly Hills building …

   -Woman beaten to death after accidently
walking in front of camera while group posed for picture …
…. Don’t think the world isn’t out of
control? … The enemy is stalking this world like a “roaring lion”
… see 1 Peter 5:8 ….
*Joel Rosenberg – “I am deeply
saddened by the president’s praise of abortion – 55 million abortions is a
holocaust – we face implosion”
…. He is absolutely right! … If we
continue, God’s judgement will fall upon this nation with a fury not previously
seen. …..  Personally, I think we’ve
already crossed the line some time ago ….
January 23
*Star-Advisor – “2 earthquakes
– 5.9 & 5.5 – strike near Guam:  No
tsunami alert”

*CBS – “Extreme winter ‘cold blast’
to last weeks”

*Breitbart – “House Democrats:  Pro-life views ‘revolting’ “
….. The ‘classic’ liberal view … keep
killing the babies …
 *The Week – “Anti-Christian persecution
spreading across Mideast”
Comment from article:  “The world’s most ancient Christian
communities are being destroyed … and no one cares. .. Christians in the
Middle East have been victims of pograms and persecution. .. Where’s the outrage
in the west?”

….. Good question .. Out of sight, out
of mind …
*UPI – “U.S. sailors sue for
illnesses they believe caused by Fukushima”
…. There’s proof they were exposed to
radiation levels at least 300% over what is considered safe. …
Representatives say they are suffering from ‘the whole Chernobyl panoply,’ and
are suffering from cancers, leukemias, bleeding from vagina and rectum, loss of
eyesight, migraines, and many other symptoms. 
….. and it’s all heading our way! …..
January 24

*Drudge Report – “Yankees pitcher to
lose over half of $155 million contract to taxes”

…… I bring this story to you .. not
because of the tax issue .. but because of how it depicts our out-of-control
society. … Think of it! … Unemployment at 37.2%, one in five families on
national food assistance, poverty increasing across the land in ‘leaps &
bounds’ … but because this guy throws a little round object faster than most,
he gets $155 million?! … There’s simply no words to describe how ludicrous ..
and  tragically sad .. this really is! …
*CNBC – “Wall Street joins global
stock rout”
…. The so-called slow-down in the Fed’s
money-printing has supposedly hurt the emerging markets, and has caused stocks
worldwide to plummet. … What’s amazing is they only reduced the printing by
$10 billion … from $85 to $75 billion per month … wonder what will happen
when they stop altogether? ……..


Well. that’s it for another week of
‘fun-filled’ news ….. record-breaking drought in the Southland .. chaos in
the streets of the world’s cities – the Ukraine, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq,
Thailand …. the list grows by the day ..

and then of course the ‘Fukushima’ thing
just isn’t going away .. more leaks of deadly radioactive water, and now
American sailors claiming life-threatening illnesses … sadly, this is just
the beginning of this ever-growing pestilence …..

As for the world’s economy, today’s Wall
Street dive is just a glimpse of what is about to come  … and then couple it with the
ever-increasing political & moral divide in this nation …. did we ever
think we would see the day where a governor of a state would say that anyone
who doesn’t support the ‘gay’ movement, or abortion should leave his state …
or  a president come out with statements
supporting abortion, or downplaying the dangers of marijuana? …. I agree with
Joel Rosenberg when he said that our nation will implode .. meaning that God’s
judgement will fall upon this land! 

OK .. I’m outta here for another week.
… Let’s be sure and keep praying for one another in these increasing
difficult days. … Lord knows we will all need it more than ever! … I love
you all, and appreciate your support .

….. so ……

Until next time,



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