January 21, 2014

Acts 2:17 & 18 says this,

“In the last days, God says,

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy.

your young men will see visions,

your old men will dream dreams.

Even on my servants, both men and women,

I will pour out my Spirit in those days,

and they will prophecy.”
It was in 2002 and 2003 that I personally
experienced the truth of this prophecy. … I was in the midst of my ‘Red
Letter’ study, which ultimately evolved into a complete transformation of my
life. … I certainly qualify as an ‘old man’ so hence, I received a short
series of four dreams during this time. … Like most all of you, I have had
many different experiences concerning dreams over the years, and most all are
disjointed and fragmented … but these four were totally different. … It was
like I wasn’t really asleep, and as soon as I became fully awake, I knew I
needed to write them down … so I did. … 
Over the years since the dreams, I’ve
briefly mentioned them a few times to other brothers and sister, but have never
really found an opportunity to ‘use’ them for any specific purpose …. until
yesterday! … I was in a Sunday school class, being a good student like most everyone
else, when all of a sudden I was prompted to share one of these dreams, and
why  …. and It just so happens to be
the first one I received. …. Here it is ….
“I’m lying on my back in an open field looking up at the sky when
I’m prompted to look off to my left … then I see a very large storm on the
horizon. … It was very dark in color and had what appeared to be a funnel
cloud in the center. … I immediately got up, turned to my right, saw an old
building … a barn of sorts … and ran to it. … Once inside, I looked for a
place to take shelter but soon realized there was nothing in this place that
could provide that.
“I went back outside, again looking off to my left, and the storm
was much closer than before. … It was so much larger, darker and angrier! …
But what was really different was that it was full of raging fire! … So
again, I fled down a path to seek safety …… ” ………………  then the dream ended ……….
Here it is … 10+ years later … and
God is now telling me it’s time to share this dream! … OK, so why now? ….
First of all, everything must be done in His timing. … 10 years ago, it
wasn’t time … but now, it evidently is! … I guess the storm wasn’t big
enough yet back then …. but now? ……. 
let’s look at the highlights to see what the message is. ……  
For sure, those of us who study the Bible
understand that we are in the midst of increasingly difficult times. … We see
the “birth pains” accelerating by the moment. … The coming
last-days ‘storm’ is fast approaching with lightning speed, and I’m confident
this is what the dream was showing me … Knowing this then, let’s now look at
the ‘shelter’ … or lack of it. …. After praying and dwelling upon this
since yesterday’s ‘prompting,’ it has become clear to me that this issue of the
‘shelter’ comes down to two main areas …. our nation, and then the Church.
… So, for the sake of time, this week I’ll address just the part about the
nation …  then next week, the Church.
Unless a person is deaf, dumb and blind
… or in complete denial … he or she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that
this nation is in a complete meltdown, both spiritually and morally. … So how
does this relate back to the dream? … I’ve been involved in corporate
America, as well as many other aspects of our society, and it is truly
unbelievable as to how many out there … the vast majority …    believe that America, no matter what, is
here to stay and that no matter what transpires down the road, she as a nation
will survive. … It has become their ‘shelter,’ their perceived security
through anything this world throws at them. …. They have put their ‘faith’ in
an old barn that will not protect them from the coming ravages of the enemy!
Let’s for a moment look at 2 Timothy
3:1-4 to see if we ‘fit’ the end-time condition spoken of here ….
“But mark this:  There will
be terrible times in the LAST DAYS. .. People will be lovers of themselves,
lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents,
ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self
control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited,  lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of
God.” (emphasis mine) ……
When reading this, one would have to
admit that our society has become the model of this writing! …. We are guilty
of every charge listed. … We as a nation have fallen to a level of sin and
depravity that no one would have thought possible … and yes, it has been
coming for some time, but one cannot disagree that it is accelerating faster
and faster with each passing hour! …. Just look at the ‘gay’ movement in this
country …. I know lots of you are weary of hearing about this, but that is
exactly what the enemy wants! …   for
us to fall asleep and give in to the inevitable! … But the Bible is, beyond
any shadow of a doubt, specifically clear as to the ‘sin condition’ of this
lifestyle. … (see Romans 1:27 & 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 as examples) …
And then there’s abortion … some
56+million babies have been ‘legally’ killed … and for what!? …
inconvenience? .. not ready for responsibility? … to lazy to bother raising
the child? …  costs too much in this
day and age? … Is that all a life is worth to this society?! … Go back and
read the 2 Timothy Scripture and see if it doesn’t fit. …. …… school shootings
.. mothers and fathers killing their families or each other .. children running
amok in the form of ‘flash mobs,’  street
gangs and ‘knockout’  games …. suicide
rates at all-time highs, which can only be caused by hopelessness …. you can
fill in the rest of the blanks ….
Is this the ‘old barn’ we are going to
depend on in these crazy days? … If it is, i promise you it WILL NOT
withstand the fast-approaching storm. … 
Mark these words .. it IS God’s timing to share this dream with you …
no matter how much time has passed … because IT IS time! … 
Two final points … First, what will
your ‘shelter’  be in this reeling,
out-of-control world? .. Will it be ‘the world’ .. or will it be the promise of
salvation through faith in Jesus Christ? …. I pray you choose the latter because
it will be the ONLY one that will save you. … Secondly, refer back to the
opening Scripture .. Acts 2:17-18 for a moment … This is a pure and promised
prophecy concerning the times we live in … Regardless if you’re a man or a
women, old or young, it applies to every one of us. … My appeal to you is
this … to write down anything that you think may have come from God .. then
‘log’ it somewhere and then pray about it. … Not all things given is for
everyone, but a few are … and God will show you if you are faithful in prayer
… Hallelujah!
The Lord’s day is upon us and I am
praying for each & every one of you each day!  ….. Just know that you are NEVER alone in
these most difficult times … and build that ‘shelter’ upon a foundation of rock
… and that ‘rock’ is the knowledge of Scripture. … Keep the faith … and
Until next time,

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