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March 22

*BBC – “Michigan ‘Gay Marriage’ ban

Comment from article:  “A U.S. Federal Judge has struck down a
ban on ‘gay’ marriage in the state of Michigan. 
One local official said she would start issuing marriage licenses to
same-sex couples on Monday.”
…. Another state succumbs to the sin of
homosexuality. … Guess we might as well start endorsing adultery, thievery,
swindlers …. anything that ‘gratifies’ the sinful human nature …
*CP World – “Billy Graham’s daughter
on missing Malaysia Airlines plane and the Rapture:  ‘Glimpse of things to come’ ” 
…. She’s right you know … only it
won’t be just one plane ……
*Fox 25 – “Nine more earthquakes hit
Oklahoma — 14 quakes recorded in two days!”

*The Times of israel – “Chorus of
Israeli voices renews calls for Iran strike”

….. The ‘voices’ are all across the
public landscape, from news reporters to defense officials .. and who can blame
them! … Because of the massive incompetence demonstrated by the U.S. in its
nuke negotiations with Iran, each day that goes by brings Iran ever closer to
completing their plan … finishing the bomb, and then using it!
*Grudge Report – Magog Update

-Russian forces storm Ukrainian base – shots fired …

-Last stand:  Ukrainian commander
orders outnumbered troops to prepare for attacks …

-Putin to put Russian bases in Latin America …

-Ukraine’s east rallies for secession referendum …

*Fox News – “Why does Air Force
Academy encourage atheism, prosecute Christianity?”

Comment from article:  “There appears to be a double standard
at the Air Force Academy.  The Academy is
defending its promotion of an atheist event just a week after a Christian cadet
was pressured into removing a Bible verse from his personal white board because
it allegedly offended non-christian cadets.”
…. The entire U.S. military is heading
in this direction, and the Air Force seems to be ‘leading the pack.’ .. A sad
commentary for this once-Christian nation …..
March 23

*BBC – “Spain Austerity:  Huge Madrid protest turns violent”

….. Another country ‘going up in smoke’
because of economic woes …. unemployment approaching 30% ..
inflation skyrocketing .. food shortages
.. the people are desperate!
*The Telegraph – “New ‘Noah’ epic
awash in flood of criticism for ‘green’ agenda and taking liberties with
… Not to mention that the name of God
is NEVER mentioned in the entire movie!
*Accuweather – “Arctic cold
returning to midwest, east despite Spring”
….. It’s been a long and
record-breaking winter for these beleaguered people ….
March 24
*The Independent – “Crimea
Crisis:  NATO’s top military commander
calls for allies to mobilize after Russia prepares ‘incredible force’ on
Ukrainian border”
…. Will Magog move on eastern
Ukraine?  … We’ll soon see … There
doesn’t seem to be anyone out there willing to stop them …
*CBS St. Louis – “Vatican Chief
Justice:  Obama’s policies ‘have become
progressively more hostile towards Christian civilization”
……. and then, this story …
*CP World – “Vladimir Putin vows to
defend Christianity worldwide”
….. Now wait! .. I’m really confused!
.. Isn’t it, or wasn’t it, just the opposite most recently? …
*BBC – “Deadly Ebola Virus reaches
Guinea capital of Conarky …. raging across entire country”
…. sadly, there is no vaccine, or known
cure for this stuff ….
*BBC – “Kenya Church attack:  Two more die in Mombasa”
*Jerusalem Post – “UN Human Rights
Council debates five anti-Israel resolutions”
…. These people keep trying to find
‘human rights’ issues with Israel, while all along ignoring the likes of North
Korea, The Sudan, Nigeria, and all the Muslim countries killing Christians! …
This is purely anti-semitism at its worst and should not be tolerated! .. The
U.S. should pull all its funding and quit supporting this travesty! ……
*The Telegraph – “Aborted babies
incinerated to heat UK hospitals”
Comment from article:  “The remains of more than 15,000 babies
were incinerated as ‘clinical waste’ by hospitals in Britain.”
…. It’s hard to even imagine a
‘civilized’ society doing such a thing! … God’s wrath is soon coming upon
this fallen world ……
March 25
*Yahoo News – “Canada grapples with
possible Ebola case – patient in isolation”
…. Remember, no cure & no
vaccination ….
*The Guardian – “Fear of slowdown in
U.S. and Eurozone as China’s factories cut output”
Comment from article:  “Manufacturing activity across China
dropped to its lowest level for 8 months as economic reforms put in place last
year restricted access to cheap finance and cut support for unprofitable
…. Just another sign of the coming
‘meltdown’ … We’ve seen that ‘cheap’ money here in America which has kept
this crippled economy afloat, but it also is soon coming to an end. … Then
what? ..
*Houston Chronicle – “Chileans worry
over string of 300 earthquakes in north”
….. These are all aftershocks from the
6.7 quake that occurred on March 16th …..
*Prophecy News Watch – “Israel sets
aside $2.8 Billion for unilateral Iran attack after Defense Minister says we
can’t depend on IU.S.”
….. There is no way they can depend on
America right now. …. Them knowing this then, is it time to strike? … Guess
we will see ……
*Yahoo News – “Brazil scrambles to
avoid power rationing as costs soar — S & P cuts country’s credit
…. Another country on the brink ….
*World Net Daily – “Famous Christian
charity hiring goes ‘Gay’ “
Comment from article:  “The mega ministry World Vision has
announced that it is now allowing employees to be involved in homosexual
‘marriages’ in an effort to encourage ‘unity’ among Christian supporters.  Richard sterns, who is president of the U.S.
branch, said it was a ‘very narrow policy change’ and should be seen by others
as ‘symbolic not of compromise but of Christian unity.’ “
…. First of all, it is nothing BUT
compromise! … and why? .. The key phrase in their statement is “to
encourage unity among Christian SUPPORTERS.” … Obviously, they have
compromised their Christian values for the sake of money! …. The world is
winning .. but not for much longer! ..
March 26
*Hawaii News Now – “6.5 magnitude
quake strikes ocean floor south of Fiji Islands”

*RT Live – “5.4 earthquake hits near
Japan Islands”

*CNS News – “Franklin Graham –
“Some administration officials are ‘anti-Christ’ “

Comment from article:  “Some of the people working in the Obama
Administration and in the White House are trying to ‘completely secularize our
military’ and are ‘hostile to Christians,’ to the point that they are
‘anti-Christ’ in what they say and do,’ 
said Franklin Graham.”
….. Needless to say, he is so right!
… We are watching , with our own eyes, the downfall of America …..
*The Times of Israel – “Jordanian
King vows to protect Jerusalem”
…. This is concerning the current talk
over the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. .. Currently, Jordan is the official
‘overseer’ of the Temple Mount. ……. No matter what anyone, or any earthly
king says, the Temple WILL be rebuilt!
*Yahoo News – “Terror grips
Ebola-hit West Africa”
…. can anyone blame them? .. There is
no cure for this deadly stuff .. and the fatality rate hovers around 90%!
*Yahoo News – “CDC:  Hospital infections kill 200 every day in the
… That’s 75,000 people a year!
*Zero Hedge – “The real inflation
story — and fear:  U.S. food prices are
up 19% in 2014”
…. And we are not even through the 1st
quarter! .. Just wait till the rest of the drought impact hits! .. Buy now, eat
later …
*Fox News – “Houston braces for
Invasion of ‘Crazy Ants’ ” 
Comment from article:  “This is one ‘horror film’ plot that may
be all too real! .. Billions of voracious ants are about to descend on the
Houston area, destroying entire homes and anything else that gets in their
…. If this wasn’t so scary and real, it
would almost be humorous! … Where did this come from?!
March 27
*The Oregonian – “KGW:  Swarm of earthquakes recorded around
Government Camp, Mt. Hood”
…. This is ‘close to home’ ……
*The Blaze – “In case you weren’t
paying attention, Russia has been quietly doing something you should know
… What is it? .. They are buying gold
by the tons! .. Considering Russia holds nearly $400 Billion in foreign
exchange reserves, mostly dollars, this could be very important. …. Bottom
line? .. If enough countries go away from the dollar, it is basically ‘all
over’ for America …
*World Net Daily – “Famous Christian
charity in stunning about-face”
This, of course, is World Vision, who
just two days ago announced they were now hiring ‘same-sex’ marriage couples.
.. Now they have suddenly reversed this decision! … Call me a skeptic, but
I’m willing to bet the backlash was much bigger than they expected and it would
have ‘cost’ them more than the other way around. … Sadly, just the fact that
their leadership would even consider accepting the ‘gay’ lifestyle makes them
suspect to the ‘literal’ Christian family. … Simply, leadership is lacking
most everywhere these days ….
*BBC – “Obama meets Pope Francis
during Rome visit”
…. Some say this is the Anti-Christ
meeting up with the leader of the soon-to materialize World Church …
hmmmmmmmmmm …
*Joel Rosenberg – “Facing the
fire:  Standing for Christ in an age of
Comment from article:  “When it comes to the holocaust, we say
‘never again!’ … Yet America has aborted 55+ million babies. .. Is darkness
not falling? .. Is judgement not coming? …….. Trust me when I say,
judgement IS coming to this nation, as well as the rest of the world! ..
*Drudge Report – Magog Update

-Russia masses 100,000 troops on Ukraine border …

-U.S. official:  Putin could
invade ‘at moment’s notice’ …

-U.S. Intel:  ‘Indications are
that Russia will invade’ …

-Coming for the North Pole next? …

March 28

*Herald Sun – “A rapid build-up of
tanks and troops with tough talk from Putin raises fears war with Ukraine could
be imminent”
…. watching & waiting …..
*USA Today – “Warning signs are
flashing on Wall Street”
….. Many investors are starting to get
nervous over volatility of world conditions. … There seems to be a consensus
that major change is ‘just around the corner’ …….. I’ve been telling them
this for quite some time now! … The whole thing is a ‘giant bubble’ built
upon sand! …
*Yahoo News – “Ebola ‘a regional
threat’ as contagion hits Guinea capital”
*The Telegraph – “Christian
sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan”
*World Net Daily – ” ‘Noah’ movie
depicts evolution and black magic”

mischaracterization of a man of God’ …

-‘Noah’ epic:  ‘Mad Max meets
Sunday School’ …
….. Sadly, it’s going to ‘influence’
many people who don’t have a clue as to the real story of Noah in the Bible.
Well, again we see all the signs coming
at us this week …. wars & rumors of them on several fronts (Ukraine,
Israel, Syria, many parts of Africa …. ) .. hostility towards Israel with
anti-semitism increasing rapidly all across the globe .. deadly ‘pestilences’
such as Ebola, ‘crazy ants,’ not to mention 200 Americans dying daily from
deadly viruses & bacteria in our hospitals .. obvious signs of the unraveling
of the world’s economy .. Christians being killed in many places for their
faith .. the moral collapse of America continues at an ever-increasing pace,
examples being another state joining the ‘gay marriage’ parade as well as
another major Christian institution, World Vision, succumbing to the worldly
pressures of ‘tolerance’ as well as the ‘greed factor’ .. more & more
countries falling into chaos because of their economic ‘condition’ (Brazil,
Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland … the list goes on) …. and to
top it all off, now we are seeing aborted babies being used for fuel so as to
heat hospitals in Britain?! …. As far as I’m concerned, with that story,
we’ve hit bottom … I expect the ‘trumpet’ to blow at any moment!

OK .. I’m outta here for another week
…. and remember, when you see all this, don’t get discouraged because Jesus
promises us deliverance from the final woes of this age. .. Revelation 3:10
says this … “Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will
also keep you FROM the hour of trial that is going to come upon the WHOLE world
to test those who live on the earth.” (emphasis mine) … What we need to
learn from all this is an understanding that, yes, we ARE living in the last
days and to USE what we learn to witness to as many as we can BEFORE the
‘trumpet’ does blow. … Salvation and security waits for ANYONE who chooses to
accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior … Hallelujah! 

Know that I am praying for each and every
one of you, and that God knows exactly who you are! … Hallelujah! …….. So

Until next time,


March 25, 2014
When Jesus was asked about the signs to
watch for just prior to His coming triumphant return, the first thing He said
was … “Watch out that no one deceives you.” (Matthew 24:4) ……
There is no doubt then that we are living in those times He so accurately
portrayed. … Certainly, deception is rampant in all walks of our lives today!
To support this claim, I want to share this
story from ‘Church Watch’ … “Brian Houston:  ‘The Muslim and you, we actually worship the
same God” …. A comment from the article said this … “Hillsong is
famous all around the Christian world for their worship music.  But what god do they worship?  What god do they serve?” …. Just to
make sure you know who we are talking about here, Brian Houston is the Senior
Pastor for Hillsong, which is a mega-church in Australia. …. The following
comment is how he summed up his headlined statement ……
“How do you view God?  In a
desert there are two types of birds; 
there’s vultures and there’s hummingbirds.  One lives off dead carcasses, rotting
meat.  The other lives off the beautiful,
sweet nectar in a particular desert plant. 
In the same desert, they both find what they’re looking for.”
What?! … How misleading and deceptive
is this kind of nonsense? ….. And sadly, more and more prominent leaders of
the day are falling into this satanic trap … Pope Francis, who also says we
worship the same God along with atheists and everyone else going to heaven …
and there’s Joel Osteen who flat out refuses to condemn any kind of sinful
lifestyle as it might affect his church’s attendance and tithing, let alone his
temporary popularity! … The list goes on to include a plethora of wealth
teachers that are popping up everywhere these days ….
But let’s get back to this ‘Muslim
worshiping the same God’ thing … After looking deeper into the likes of these
leaders who profess this lie, and why they would even consider such a thing, I
believe it comes down to the fact that Muslims do share some of the same
beliefs as Christianity such as the Books of Moses, the Psalms of David, and
even some of the Gospels. … They also share many of the same prophets such as
Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus .. and claim that they were all Muslims, and
that Mohammed is the greatest of prophets. …. But ultimately, they believe
that Allah is the one and only God who is NOT a trinity and does not have a son
… and that the Holy Qur’an is the ‘last revealed Word of God .. the primary
source of faith for every Muslim.’ …. Sound like the same God to you?
I’m sick of this stuff! … and the
reason it is so dangerous is because the vast majority of people out there
claiming to be Christian don’t know the first thing about the teachings of
their professed faith! … Tragically, the end result then is that this kind of
deception leads these ‘unaware’ folks down the path which can lead to their
eternal destruction!
There comes a time in the Church when the
spiritual fog, or religious deception must be removed by a clear and unbiased
pursuit of truth. .. The facts need to be spelled out so we all can witness
against this kind of nonsense. … So let me start here …. Devout Muslims
believe that killing Americans and Jews is the will of Mohammed the prophet,
and the will of their god .. Allah. …. Islam not only condones violence, it
COMMANDS it! …… The Quran teaches this: 
“Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them,
beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).  (Surah 9:5) ……
Another one … “The punishment of
those who wage war against Allah and his messenger, and strive with might and
main for mischief through the land is: 
execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from
opposite sides, or exile from the land: 
That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs
in the hereafter.”  (Surah 5:33)
…..  Sound like the same god to you?
Iran’s Ayatollahs declare this
theology:  “The purest joy in Islam
is to kill and be killed for Allah.” …. We here in America label this as
fanaticism. …. The truth? … This is simply being faithful to THEIR god!
…. Sound like our God?
Mohammed, the founder of Islam,
slaughtered thousands of people in establishing and spreading Islam. .. He told
his followers … “Who relinquishes his faith, kill him.  I have been ordered by Allah to fight with
people till they testify there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his
messenger.” … Sound like our God?
Simply, Islamic terrorists are not
fanatics, but devout followers of Mohammed who are following his example and
doing what their Islamic Quran teaches them to do. ….
This following quote sums up just the
opposite position from the Gospel of Jesus. … It is from John Robert’s’
thesis on ‘Seven Mountains’ …. “Whereas the Gospel of Jesus Christ
spreads despite persecution and by the power of its truthfulness, satan’s false
religions are typically spread by terror and the power of the sword. ..
Therefore, satan uses military might to impose his will on mankind.” …..
Quite a difference, don’t you think?
There’s so much more I could share with
you .. and I will over time .. but for now this will do. … We do NOT serve
the same God as the Muslims! … They serve a distorted and angry myth that
promotes hate and violence … just the exact opposite of the teachings of our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
I will close with this piece I found a
little while back … It sums it all up quite nicely … It is from fellow
brother in Christ Rick Mathes … and I quote …
 “Last month I attended my annual training
session that’s required for maintaining my state prison security clearance.  During the training session there was a
presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and
Muslim faiths, who explained each of their beliefs.
“I was particularly interested in
what the Islamic Imam had to say.  The
Imam gave a great presentation of the basics of Islam, complete with a
video.  After the presentations, time was
provided for questions and answers.
“When it was my turn, I directed my
question to the Imam and asked:  ‘Please,
correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand most Imams and clerics of Islam have
declared a holy jihad (holy war) against the infidels of the world and, that by
killing the infidel, (which is a command of all Muslims) they are assured of a
place in heaven.  If that is the case,
can you give me the definition of an infidel?’ … There was no disagreement
with my statements and, without hesitation, he replied, ‘Non-believers.’
“I responded, ‘So, let me make sure
I have this straight.  All followers of
Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of your faith so they can
have a place in heaven.  Is that
“The expression on his face changed
from one of authority and command to that of ‘a little boy who had just been
caught with his hand in the cookie jar.’ …. He sheepishly replied, ‘Yes.’ ..
I then stated, ”Well sir, i have a real problem trying to imagine the Pope or
any protestant Christian leaders commanding their followers to kill those of
your faith.’ …. The Imam was speechless. 
“I continued,  ‘I also have a problem with being your
‘friend’ when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill
me!  Let me ask you a question.  Would you rather have your Allah, who tells
you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or my Jesus who tells me to
love you because I am going to heaven and He wants you to be there with me?’
….. You could here a pin drop as the Imam hung his head in shame.
“Needless to say, the organizers
weren’t too happy with me because of the way I dealt with the Islamic Imam and
exposing the truth about the Muslim’s belief.”
We should all be so bold and courageous
when professing our faith with those in this world who need it so desperately!
….. When these kinds of bald-faced lies surface, we must combat them with the
loving message of Jesus Christ at every opportunity! …. Jesus was right (as
always) when he said deception would rage in the end days … and who are His
true disciples .. and what are we supposed to be? … Jesus said,  “You are the light of the
world.”  (Matthew 5:14) … Well
brothers & sister in Christ, it’s time we are this light and shine just as
brightly as we can as we draw ever nearer to His glorious return! ….
Hallelujah! ..  And remember what Rick
Mathes said … ” .. because I am going to heaven and He (Christ) wants
you there with  me.” …. He’s
talking about all those we care about .. all those we come into contact with ..
all of them!
Love you all, and remember that I am
praying for each and every one of you … and I, too, want you standing next to
me when I get to heaven … Hallelujah! ……….. So ……..
Until next time,

March 15

*Extinction Protocol – “Planet
shaken by spasm of moderate earthquakes over last 24 hours”
-5.3 & 5.6 in Indonesia …
-5.4 in Philippines …
-5.3 in Japan …
-6.3 & 4.6 in Peru …
-5.0 in Easter Island …
-5.4 in Columbia …
-5.4 in Chile …
-5.4 in South Africa …
-5.2 & 5.0 west of Africa …
…… Seems like most are taking place
along the “Ring Of Fire” … Very unusual for so many in such a short
time …
*Y-Net/Jewish World – “Hungary:  Jewish graves spray-painted with
…. Anti-semitism is rising rapidly all
over the world …
*Drudge Report – Ukraine Crisis
-Ukraine reports Russian ‘invasion’ on eve of Crimea vote …
-Forces seize natural gas station …
-Paper:  Paranoia leads Putin to
‘point of no return’ …
-U.S. Navy destroyer to conduct more Black Sea drills …
-Report:  Russia downs U.S. drone
-Obama National Security aides meet …
….. I’ll bet Putin is ‘shaking in his
boots’ because our aides are meeting ….
* – “Russian companies
withdraw billions from western banks, says Moscow bankers”
…. Their fear is sanctions by the west
which could lead to frozen accounts. … We’ll soon see how the markets react
to this latest news ….
*Breitbart – “Al Qaeda calls for car
bomb attacks on American cities”…. If it isn’t bad enough over there,
now these Muslim ‘nut-jobs’ are bring their chaos to a city near you …
March 16

*Reuters – “Strong 6.7 magnitude
quake strikes off north coast of Chile – coastline evacuated”
…… Another one …… Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
*Washington Times – “Bill
Maher:  God a ‘psychotic mass murderer’
who ‘drowns babies’ “
…… This is just the latest rant from
this well-known God-bashing atheist …..
*Drudge Report – Rise of the New
-Crimea votes for Russia union …
-60,000 troops mass on border …
-Putin’s popularity soars …
-Goals reach far beyond peninsula …
-Report: Russia downs U.S. drone …
-Obama rejects vote results …
-Kasparov:  ‘Carter looks like
Churchill in comparison …
-Soros predicts Ukraine could ruin EU …
-State TV says Russia could turn USA to ‘radioactive ash’ …
-Russia threatens switch to other currencies over sanctions …

*Fox News – “More than 100
Christians killed in village attacks blamed on Muslim herders in Nigeria”

March 17

*Los Angeles Times – “Quake fear
grips Los Angeles after 4.4 hits center of region”
…… This is getting serious .. all
these earthquakes right now! … and they are coming after an extended ‘quiet’
period ……
*Washington Times – “USA gives up
control of Net:  New Global
…. Anyone surprised? …. World
government is ‘dawning’ right before our eyes .. and tragically, most are
oblivious to it …
*World Net Daily – “White House
seeks to replace Netanyahu?”
….. It would appear so, as our reps are
meeting more and more with Israeli opposition party leaders. … And I’m not
the least bit surprised … Simply, they can’t ‘get their way’  with Netanyahu. … Sad, isn’t it? … These
incompetent fools have mostly destroyed this country, and now Israel too? …..
March 18

*World Net Daily – “Christians’
throats slit in pagan slaughterhouse”
…. Where? .. Syria … A Muslim
conclave where people are forced to either convert … or die!
*BBC – “Moldova’s Trans-Dniester
region pleads to join Russia”
…. Crimea is now being annexrd .. and
now Moldova? …. Gog from the land of Magog is restless and growing ….
*Drudge Report – Ukraine Update
-Putin in charge …
-Russia laughs at Obama ‘sanctions’ … calls him ‘prankster’ …
-Biden in Poland to ‘re-assure’ allies …
-Ron Paul:  Crimea secedes .. so
what? …
-Romney:  Price of failed
leadership …
-Israel Defense Minister says U.S projecting weakness – ‘We stand alone
against Iran nukes’ …

*NPR – “Venezuela in turmoil for
lack of flour, milk and diapers”
-Inflation rate hits 57% …
-International flights cancelled …
…. Sadly, we are hearing very little
about this tragedy … primarily because of a lost airliner! …. Yes, the
airliner story is sad, but we are talking about an entire nation of people
falling into utter chaos here! ….. Strange days ..
March 19

*Lalate News – “5.6 magnitude quake
strikes Taiwan”
…. and they just keep coming …..
*Osnet Daily – “JP Morgan ‘suicide
wave’ resumes:  Manhattan banker leaps to
….. And the ‘experts’ are baffled as to
why this is going on. .. This latest victim was only 28 years old! … How many
is this now? .. I’ve lost count, but one thing is for sure .. something ‘under
the surface’ is definitely going on …. This is a ‘snapshot’ of the economic
currents taking place throughout the world …
*Church Watch – “Brian Houston:  ‘The Muslim and you, we actually worship the
same God’ “
Comment from article:  “Hillsong is famous all around the
Christian world for their worship music. 
But what god do they worship? 
What god do they serve?”
…. Brian Houston is the Senior Pastor
of Hillsong, which is a mega-church in Australia. .. This is how he summed up
his ‘same god’ statement … “How do you view God?  In a desert there’s two types of birds:  there’s vultures and there’s
hummingbirds.  One lives off dead
carcasses, rotting meat.  The other lives
off the beautiful, sweet nectar in a particular desert plant.  In the same desert, they both find what
they’re looking for.”
…. How sad is this? .. Guess he, like
many other ‘false’ teachers of our day, have forgotten things like what
Muhammad teaches .. like Jesus ISN’T the Son of God, and that they kill people
if they refuse to convert. .. Doesn’t sound like the same God Jesus talked
about to me. …….. How can these so-called men of God fall for such
nonsense? … I can tell you one reason … ‘adjust’ to the times ..
‘compromise’ whatever is necessary so as to stay popular and ‘relevant’ .. and
keep the seats and collection plates filled! … We are truly seeing the truth
of Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:4 concerning the deception of the last days
*Jerusalem Post – ” ‘Mystified’ U.S.
slams Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon’s criticism of Obama”
…. The President’s minions are just
defending their, and their leader’s total incompetence! … Israel has every
right to criticize this administration. .. They have totally abandoned Israel
for all intents and purposes .. allowing Iran to develop nukes .. trying to
force them to divide their capital city and give away a bunch of land,
something they really don’t have to start with …. Who can blame them?!

*Drudge Report – ‘Magog’ Update
-Russian forces seize Ukraine naval bases …
-Estonia next? …
-Ukraine surrenders Crimea — will pull troops …
-Moscow warns it may change stance on Iranian nuke talks …

*Bloomberg – “U.S. stocks drop as
Fed’s Yellen outlines stimulus exit”
…. The Feds cut another $10 Billion of
stimulus dollars and laid out a plan to fully stop all of it by fall. … Then
Yellen added that interest rates would most likely begin to rise shortly after
…..   Too little, too late, but at
least she is trying to ‘end the madness’ …..

*CNS News – “Federal debt up $7,000
per household since end of shutdown”

….. A lot of good it did! … We aren’t
seemingly learning a thing no matter what happens … economic destruction is
soon upon us! …
*SF Gate – “2nd radiation release
indicated at New Mexico nuclear site”
… But relax! … They say it’s small
and there is absolutely nothing to worry about ….. Yeah, right! … I feel so
much better! ..
*World Net Daily – “Physicist:  Big Bang breakthrough ‘confirms creation’

…. An Israeli physicist says the
breakthrough scientific discovery of further evidence of the Big Bang Theory,
which some are calling ‘Cosmology’s missing link.’ confirms the universe was
created. … The physicist stated this .. “To deny this now is to deny
scientific fact.” …….. I’ll bet a bunch of Darwinists and such are
really ‘baffled’ now! ….
…. Another important comment from the
article said this … “One thing the announcement does do is make clear
that the universe had a definite starting point – a creation – as described in
the Book of Genesis,”  Bar Ilan
University physics professor Nathan Aviezer told The Times of Israel.
……  So there, evolutionists! …
March 20

*Yahoo News – “Israeli air strikes
escalate tensions with Syria”

….. Oh well .. Just another border
that’s ‘on fire’ for the Jewish people …..
*Fox News – “Michigan District
‘baffled’ by union clause giving hiring preference to non-Christians”
…. The district is Ferndale Public
Schools and the clause specifically states that the district was to give
‘special consideration’ to applicants that are of the ‘non-Christian’ faith.
…….. Could this soon be the state of affairs in more and more places? …..
*Fox News – “Kevin Sorbo:  Why is Hollywood so afraid of God?”
…. He stated,  “There’s a negativity towards Christians
in Hollywood, and a negativity towards people who believe in God.” … He
went on to say that since he has ‘come out of the Christian closet,’ his role
offerings have decreased dramatically …..
March 21
*KHBS – “Multiple earthquakes rock
Comment from article:  “The U.S. Geological Survey reports four
earthquakes ranging from 2.9 to 3.7 magnitude hit the state in the past 24
*CBS – Rampant growth in drug-resistant
infections seen in U.S. children”
…… And, as per usual, the ‘experts’
are baffled …..   
*Los Angeles Times – “Update:  Mysterious polio-like virus spreads across
state — first case detected in southern California”

*Reuters – “6.7 magnitude quake
strikes off India’s Nicoma Islands”
…… and another big one this week!
In the predictions that Christ made
almost 2000 years ago, He accurately portrayed the progress in the present age.
… In verses 4-14 of Matthew 24 for example, He predicted at least nine
distinctive features of the period:
1) false christs (vv. 4-5);  2) wars & rumors of wars (vv. 6-7);  3) famines (v.7);  4) pestilence (v. 7, KJV);  5) earthquakes (v. 7);  6) many martyrs (vv. 8-10);  7) false prophets (v. 11);  8) increase in wickedness with love growing
cold (v. 12);  9) worldwide preaching of
the Gospel of the kingdom (vv. 13-14) …. (Also see Luke 21:8-24, which
records similar prophecies) …..
As we view the news headlines each week,
do we see these things occurring? … Do we see the prophecies of our Savior
coming true? ….. Simply, there is absolutely no doubt about it … and this
week is no exception. … So what is the purpose for showing proof of these
signs each week? … To convince as many people as possible to the fact that we
are in the final days of the Church age and that time is short. … Hopefully,
this will motivate each of us to tell as many as we can about the saving grace
of Jesus, and also to prove to them the absolute truth of Christ’s
teachings!  …. Hopefully, each of you
will be one of those who is motivated by this proof …..
OK … end of this brief sermon …. but
hey, you all know this stuff riles me up! …. I just get excited when the
absolute proof of Jesus’ soon return keeps jumping out at us! ….. Hallelujah!
…… Know that I am praying for each of you constantly and will continue to
do so for as long as I can. …  I pray
you are doing the same for me ….. so ..
Until next time,
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