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April 12

*CNN – “Pacific Ring of Fire
becoming increasingly more active”
   -7.6 quake strikes Solomon Islands .. Tsunami warning issued …
   -7.1 quake hits New guinea …
   -6.6 quake rattles Nicaragua, less than 24 hours after 6.1…

*Yahoo News – “Syria rebels,
government report another Poison Gas attack”

*Drudge Report – Magog Update
   -Pro-Russian protests spread in Ukraine
-Kerry expresses concern …

   -White House warns Putin …
-Biden to Kiev …

Betcha Putin is ‘shaking in his boots’ …
April 13

*Malaysian Digest – “Powerful 7.5
magnitude quake strikes Solomon islands: 
2nd large quake in 24 hours”

*Drudge Report – “Week of the Blood
Moon:  Popular Televangelist claims four
Blood Moons are sign of world-shaking event”

Comment from article:  “Four complete lunar eclipses will
appear in the sky starting April 15th. .. Pastor john Hagee, of Texas’
Cornerstone Church, believes God is trying to communicate with humans through
these celestial signs.”

April 14

*BBC – “Third earthquake, a 5.6,
strikes Nicaragua in less than a week: 
Fears rampant of the ‘Big One’ “

… Man, the ‘Ring of Fire’ is literally
on fire!
*Reuters – “Europe’s top banks cut
80,000 more staff”
…. As I’ve ‘predicted’ all along, the
economic chaos in Europe is far from over … just wait until we move into the
summer months! …
*Wall Street Journal – “Deadly MERS
virus spread raises alarms in Mideast”
*CBS – “Deadly Yellow Fever-carrying
Mosquito discovered in central California”

* – “Rancher’s stand-off
against Federal Government is ‘a line in the sand’ “

Comment from article:  “Judge Andrew Napolitano denounced the
federal government’s operation against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy,
asserting that BLM agents should have been arrested for seizing his
property.” … He went on to say that the American public has about ‘had
it’ with this over-reaching federal government. …
…. Is civil war coming? … Don’t
laugh! … Is this why the government has been buying up all the ammunition out
there? … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
April 15

*Times of Israel – “Time for U.S. to
forsake peace efforts, New York Times says”

….. The article went on to say that
it’s time to focus on other international challenges as neither the
Palestinians or the Israelis seem ready for an agreement.  …… There will soon be a peace
‘agreement,’ and it will be orchestrated by the coming world leader …..

*Washington Free Beacon – “Russia
tests multi-warhead ICBM — increasing military spending at a rapid pace”

… Interesting that while they are
increasing their military spending, the U.S is doing just the opposite! …

*Drudge Report – Ukraine on Brink
-Ukraine military re-captures eastern airport …
-Pushes tanks toward flashpoint separatist city …

*Weekly Standard – State of the Union

-Feds begin fingerprinting ‘high risk’ Medicare providers and suppliers
-Postal Service buying more ammo …
-Obama Administration has proposed 442 new tax hikes since coming to
power …
-Fed attack on Nevada cattle ranch imminent? ….
…. What is interesting  here is the Postal Service buying more
bullets! … What’s it all coming down to? … “Take your mail or I’ll
kill you?!” ….. Just sayin’ …

*International Business Times –
“SARS research lab loses 2000+ tubes of killer virus”

Comment from article:  “A prestigious research institute in
France said it had lost 1000’s of tubes of samples of the deadly SARS

…… I wonder who’s hands this stuff
will end up in?

*NBC – “Ebola spreads from jungle to
urban centers”
-Death toll now tops 120 …
-African countries ban flights from ‘hot zones’ …

*Yahoo News – “India High Court
recognizes transgenders as ‘third gender’ “

… Are you kidding me?! … It’s really
sad to see the world ‘caving’ to the deceit and lies of the homosexual agenda

*Associated Press – “Fed’s
Yellen:  U.S. mega-banks might need to
hold more capital”

Comment from article:  “Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said
Tuesday that the largest U.S. banks might need to hold additional capital to
‘withstand periods of financial stress.’ “

…. Unbelievable! .. They are now actually
‘saying it out loud!’ … Financial ‘stress’ is coming, and no amount of
large-bank monopoly money is going to help …..

*Joel Rosenberg – “Three Christians
killed by former KKK leader in Jewish Community Center shooting rampage in
Kansas – Please pray for the grieving”

…… Amen! …

*Washington Times – “Obama taps
‘gay’ bishop for Easter prayer”

…. Just another ‘rub’ in the face of us
‘literal’ traditional Christians … you know, the ones that actually follow
what the Bible teaches, regardless of societal changes along the way …
April 16

*Drudge Report – World War lll
-Ukraine humiliation:  Tanks
flying Russian flags! …
-Troop defections …
-NATO plans more deployments …
-Obama urged to resurrect ‘Missile Shield’ for eastern Europe …
-Kiev sends more troops east …

*EU Observer – “EU Parliament gives
final nod to Banking Union”

…. Another sign of the coming economic
‘globalization’ in the re-emerging Roman Empire! …

*Zero hedge – “Beef, Pork and Shrimp
prices soar to record highs”
-Diarrhea virus wipes out pigs …

*Yahoo News – “Clashes at mass
evictions in Rome as crisis bites”

…. Mass evictions, being caused by the
economic crisis in Italy, is forcing people into the streets. …. Authorities
say it’s just the beginning!

*CNS News – “Shock! .. 86 million
workers sustain 148 million benefit takers”

…. Just wondering how long this can
last …..

April 17

*KOMO – “Scientists puzzled by
recent flurry of quakes in central Idaho”

…. Once again, the scientists are
‘baffled’ …

*Med Page Today – “West Africa Ebola
confirmed in outbreak is new strain”

*Eturbo News – “6.9 magnitude quake
strikes remote Bouvet Island in south Atlantic”

*Times of Israel – “Fearing repeat
of riots, police bar non-Muslims from Temple Mount”

…. Another issue i wonder just how long
will last ….

*EU Observer – “EU countries to
boost defense budgets in light of Ukraine crisis”

…. No surprise here … The Roman
Empire is reviving right before our eyes! …

*Drudge Report – Magog Update
-Three dead after Ukraine military base attacked …
-Putin asserts right to use force …
-Poland uneasy …
-Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine …
   -Kerry condemns …

*Washington Post – “Drought
conditions now in 40% of USA”

*Joel Rosenberg – “Jews ordered to
register in east Ukraine:  Very serious
crisis developing, evocative of Germany in the 1930’s”

….. Anti-semetism appears to be nearing
the same level as in the 1930’s, which eventually led to the slaughter of some
6 million Jewish souls ….. What is wrong with the human race? … O. I
remember, it’s the devil!

*The State – “University accused of
‘Christian Worship’ “

Comment from article:  “The leader of an organization that
monitors ‘separation of church and state’ said Clemson U.’s head football coach
and his staff have leavened their athletic program with so much Christian
indoctrination that the administration needs to step in and say ‘hands off the
consciences of these kids.’ “

… How dare these coaches! … Teaching
young people the real truth can be dangerous! … They should be ashamed!
April 18

*ABC – “7.2 magnitude quake strikes
northwest of Acapulco, Mexico”

…. Another ‘big one’ along the Americas
coastline ……

*Star Examiner – “Strong 6.0 quake
hits off Solomon Islands”

*Yahoo News – “U.S. Orange
production hit by disease, juice prices soar”

…… Beef, pork, bananas, honey bees,
bumble bees …. and now oranges! … What’s next? …

Wow! … Another amazing week! … Where
to start …. OK, how about earthquakes. … Man, the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ is
absolutely on fire!  … This week alone,
we saw four quakes at 7.0 and above, and three more that were over 6.0, not to
mention a whole bunch of 5’s …..  And
then there’s the ‘Disease’ thing … SARS, MERS, Ebola ..

…….. and let’s not forget ‘Famine’ ..
Prices of beef, pork, shrimp, bananas & oranges are soaring due to various
factors, but primarily because of drought & disease. … And what about the
bee die-off. … Bumble Bees & Honey Bees are critical to the world’s food
supply and they are dying off en masse!

And of course the ‘Wars & Rumors of
Wars’ is always a factor these days … What caught my eye this week is how the
Russians & Chinese are increasing their military spending at a nearly 20% pace
while we, the U.S. are going in exactly the opposite direction! …. Sad to
say, the world’s only super-power is fading into the sunset, right before our
eyes ….. and then the revival of the Roman Empire (EU) is also taking place.
… Just this week alone, we saw the creation of  ‘banking union’ as well as an increase in
their military spending. ..  To finalize
it all, we also saw the beginning of the ‘Blood Moon’ phenomena! …..

 What would the world be like for a person
without the knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! …. Just think
about that for a moment! … It is absolutely the reason suicide rates are
skyrocketing ..  why drug use is soaring
.. why domestic violence is becoming commonplace .. while workplace shootings
are becoming the norm …. Simply, people without God do feel hopeless … and
this is where we come in, people! … As I constantly preach, we ARE the ‘light
of the world’ and we need to shine bright now more than ever! ……

OK, end of sermon …. Love you all and
am praying for you constantly. … Keep up the ‘good fight’ and share the love
of Jesus wherever & whenever you have the opportunity. .. Jesus is
Lord!  … Hallelujah! ……..

Until next time,


April 15, 2014
Today’s the day! … It is the beginning
of the “Four Blood Moon” phenomena, and it is causing quite a stir
around the world. … Just today, several news outlets were sarcastically
predicting that it was a sign of the ‘end of the world.’ .. Many others were
making ‘light’ of it as well, which is usually the case with anything that is
surrounded with biblical overtones  ….
So what are these ‘Blood Moons’ and what
could they mean to us, and to the world? … According to Pastor Mark Blitz of
El Shaddai Ministries, they are “Four blood-red total lunar eclipses which
will fall on Passover and Sukkot (Jewish events) in 2014 and 2015, which are
the same back-to-back occurrences that took place in 1492, 1949 and 1967. ..
Those three dates were the most important dates in all of Israel’s
history.” … Pastor John Hagee, in his book entitled ‘Four Blood Moons,’
said that there have been several Tetrads (four consecutive blood moons) since
NASA first recorded their occurrences, but Tetrads linked to significant Jewish
history have happened only three times in more than 500 years  …..
*1492 – The Spanish Inquisition …. A time where the Jews were
persecuted by the Catholic Church .. were converted or killed, their land taken
from them, and some 200,000 forced to leave the country. .. It was the 15th
century version of the holocaust. …
*1948 – This was the year when Israel once again became a nation after
hundreds of years of being scattered throughout the earth.  It happened on May 14th. … Never has a
nation existed, then not, then came back into existence!
* 1967 – This was the year of the Six-Day War that saw Israel, against
overwhelming odds, defeat its enemies and regain the control of the Holy City
Jerusalem … after some 2600 years!
So what does the Bible say concerning the
‘Blood Moons?’ … We’ll start with Acts 2:19-20 which says,  “I will show wonders in the heavens
above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke.  20) The sun will be turned to darkness and
the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the
Lord.” …… (Also see Joel 2:30-31) …. Will this be a sign of the
imminent coming of our Savior? … Only God knows the answer to that question,
but one thing is for sure, as a student of Bible prophecy, I am certainly going
to watch and see how Israel comes through this ‘Four Blood Moon’ period (April
15, 2014 – September 15, 2015). … History definitely shows that this has been
a significant time in the past as to something major taking place concerning
the Jewish people. …
Luke 21:25, 26 & 28 tells us to watch
for signs in the heavens as to our Savior’s soon return …… “There will
be signs in the sun, moon and stars.  On
the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing
of the sea.  26)  Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of
what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.  28) When these things begin to take place,
stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”
Let’s look at this for just a moment. …
Are nations in anguish and perplexity? … You bet they are, and it’s
increasing rampantly with each passing day! … Are people fainting from
terror? … Once again, the answer is a resounding yes! .. Suicide rates are
skyrocketing .. public shootings are now almost a daily occurrence … family
violence is careening out of control .. no one in their right mind can deny, or
scoff at these facts! … Are people apprehensive as to what is coming upon
this God-denying world? .. You bet they are! … Just ask most anyone and they
will tell you they think something BIG is coming down .. and soon. … 
“When these things begin to take
place …..” … Well people, they are! … If we were to look at all the
prophesied signs at once concerning the time of the end, you would have to be
either brain-dead or in total denial NOT to see that we are on the brink of our
Lord’s return. … Let me give you just a few ……
*Israel regaining her land and taking control of the Holy city
(Jerusalem) …
*Russia (Magog) returning to international prominence …
*Russia & Iran (Magog & Persia) building a relationship for the
first time in history (see Ezekiel 38-39)
*Destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) .. Never in history has this
happened but the city is now in the middle
of civil war … … It’s destruction is imminent …
*Rebuilding of the Third Temple … Follow the news and watch the
discussion going on in Israel right now!
…. It will be rebuilt soon …
*Record-setting weather and earthquakes (Pestilences) .. Scoffers say
they have always been with us, and
while this is true, most all scientists will tell you they have
quadrupled since 1980! ….. They will continue to
increase as we draw closer (Birth Pains) …  
*Israel’s isolation .. We (U.S.) are pulling away from them after many
years of support .. and the UN is
hounding them constantly … They virtually have NO national friends in
the world (Zechariah 12:3) …
*Revival of the Roman Empire … Watch the EU closely as it will produce
the eventual world leader …
(Daniel 2 & 7 and Revelation 13) …
*Globalism … Talk of a ‘New World Order’ is in almost every national
dialogue today … it is coming to us
soon …
*One World Church – Anybody watching many of today’s key religious leaders
and how they are promoting
unity? .. Pope Francis, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland, to name just a
few … entire denominations leaning
toward world unity .. and at the cost of total compromise! …..
(Revelation 17) …..
* The Knowledge Explosion .. Daniel 12:4 says that in the last days,
people will be “running to and fro” and 
that “knowledge would increase” ….. well? … It is
exploding! …
There’s much more but that is enough for
now … I plan on writing more about the ‘signs of the times’ .. and in much
more detail. … People need to know just what IS happening all around us so
they can explain to those they come in contact with just what is taking place
.. and why! 
My biggest sadness is the state of denial
that most folks are in. … But then, Jesus said it would be this way …
Matthew 24:37-39 says,  “As it was
in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.  38) For in the days before the flood, people
were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah
entered the ark;  39) and they new
nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all
away.  That is how it will be at the coming
of the Son of Man.”
It is amazing just how oblivious people
really are as to the ‘spiritual condition’ of our society, and our world. …
Just like then, they ‘know nothing’ …. and that’s where you and me come in!
… Jesus said we are ‘the light of the world.’ (Matthew 5:14) … So hey, we
need to turn up the amperage and shine just as bright as we can while there is
still time! … Even though this old world is falling apart right before our
eyes, there is an answer for all, and that is Jesus Christ, our Lord and
Savior! … Hallelujah! …. Start telling every one you know … RIGHT NOW!
OK .. end of sermon. .. Know that I love
each of you and am praying for you constantly. .. Please do the same for me as
we ‘watchmen’ are under constant attack from the enemy. … He would like
nothing better than to shut us up! ….. Ain’t gonna happen! ……. so ….
Until next time,

April 5

*Reuters – “Japan orders military to
strike any new North Korean missile launches”
…. They ordered this after Pyongyang
fired a Redong mid-range missile over the sea …..
*Real Clear Politics – “Maher:  ‘There’s is a ‘gay’ mafia — if you cross
them, you get whacked’ “
… He was responding to Mozilla CEO’s
resignation because of his position opposing gay marriage. … And Mr. Maher’s
response was surprising, considering he is an avowed atheist and
Christian-basher. .. Guess this just shows how obvious the bias really is ….
Wonder what would have happened if the same CEO would have supported a
gay-based agenda? ….. NOTHING! …

*The Independent –
“Bananageddon:  Millions face hunger
as deadly fungal disease decimates global banana crop”
…… Another food supply in jeopardy

April 6

*Yahoo News – “Series of small
earthquakes rock Oklahoma in record seismic activity”

*Times of Israel – “Israel strikes
targets in Gaza after rocket attacks”

*BBC – Pakistani couple get death
sentences for blasphemy”
 …. And again, they are Christians who’s
witness offends Mohammed’s followers …….
April 7

*Washington Times – “Russia, China
leading efforts to bypass U.S. as IMF reforms stall on Capitol Hill”
…. Everything seems to be ‘stalling’
these days … The short story is this — more & more countries are lining
up to abandon the U.S. and its currency, which would ultimately devastate this
greed-based society. …

*Bellingham Herald – “3.3 quake in
Portland area”
…. Actually, it was in Sherwood, which
is almost in my backyard! ….

*Times of Israel – “No breakthrough
seen in last-ditch Mideast peace talks”
…… I’m shocked! … but not really

*Bits of Science – “Two hottest
years ever:  2014 will set new world
temperature records – and 2015 will break it”
…. This is after some of the coldest
temperatures ever seen on the planet. … Global ‘cooling’ says one camp… the
other says global ‘warming’ … I call it “birth pains” …..

*Drudge Report – Magog Update
-Pro-Russian protesters storm government offices in east Ukraine …
-Seize weapons from State Security Headquarters …
-Putin on the move? …

*World Net Daily – “UN scientists
forecasting ‘Doomed Earth’ scenario”
Comment from article:  “In a new report, the UN’s
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, warns the catastrophic
risks posed by man-made climate change not only threaten the world with
ecological disaster, but will soon be an even greater factor in the
proliferation of disease, economic chaos, and even wars.”
…. Sounds so ‘Biblical,’ doesn’t it? ..
I would have to say that these ‘predictions’ will happen because the Bible says
so, not because the UN says so …..

April 8

*Investor’s Business Daily – “Muslim
Brotherhood launches its own U.S. political party”
Comment from article:  “With an eye towards the 2016 election,
the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built a framework for a political party in
America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.”
…. And just like in Europe, the general
public is totally oblivious! …

*Peru This Week – “Earthquake of 6.1
rocks Chile”
….. Another ‘big one’ down there!

*Prophecy News Watch – “The coming
war of Gog Magog”
Comment from article:  “The winds of war are brewing in the
Middle East and they aren’t the ‘run-of-the-mill, what-you-see-on-the-news,
day-after-day, year-after-year’ skirmishes between Israel and their
adversaries. …. It is a war of great magnitude that is thought to be the
trigger war that will culminate in Armageddon .. and interestingly enough Jews,
Muslims and Christians seem to agree on the basic premise that indeed, an
‘end-of-days war’ is in the making right before our eyes. … Jews are talking
about the possibility that Russia’s annexation of Crimea is a prophesied sign
that the Messiah is soon to come.”
…. Regardless of who we are or how we
think, the general consensus is that ‘something big’ is about to happen ….

*Yahoo News – “West Africa Ebola
outbreak ‘most challenging’ ever: WHO”

*Houston Chronicle – “Drought now
affecting two-thirds of Texas”

*USA Today – “Awesome
Alignment:  Rare Mars, Earth, Sun to line
up Tuesday”
… This is just one week prior to the
beginning of the ‘Blood Moon’ Phenomena …. Interesting times we live in! …

*The Daily Caller – “Americans spend
more on taxes than food, clothing, housing … combined!”
-State tax revenue hits record …
….. and we’re still nearly $18 Trillion
in debt! …

*Merco Press – ” ‘State of
Emergency’ in Buenos Aires – Overwhelmed by crime and an outbreak of ‘lynching’
….. Much of South America is in civil
chaos … and why? .. it’s the economy! .. People are becoming desperate in
much of the world …. (an interesting side note – are we hearing much about it
in our American press?)

*McClatchy DC – “Famed Jesuit priest
abducted, beaten and executed in Syria”

*Fox News – “Holder exploring
gun-owner ‘tracking bracelets’ “
…. and why is it the country, for the
most part, is continuing to ‘look the other way?’ ….. I wonder if there will
even be a presidential election in 2016 …. 

April 9

*Osnet Daily – “OECD wants your
financial data for Planetary Taxation Regime”
Comment from article:  “The Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development (OECD) – a 34-member (presently) international
economic organization that works to influence world financial operations –
openly announced plans to advance the long-time socialist-backed dream of a
planetary taxation regime. .. The plans call for legitimate governments and
dictatorships worldwide to share all private financial data on citizens. .. It
is openly inspired by, and modeled on, Obama’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance
Act (FATCA) aimed at coercing banks and governments around the world into
reporting all accounts and assets held by ‘U.S. persons’ to the IRS.”   
….. More clear evidence of the apparent
‘take-over’ socialist agenda being advanced by our current ‘regime’ …

*The Watchers – “Worst flooding in 8
years and magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Solomon Islands”

*Times of Israel – “Kerry focuses
blame on Israel for collapse of talks”
-Netanyahu instructs government ministries to cease cooperation with
Palestinians …
…. This is absolutely absurd! .. Until
the Palestinians ‘recognize’ the existence of Israel, there’s nothing to talk

*EU Observer – Magog Update
-U.S. & EU prepare to strike Russian banks, energy firms …
-Russia to increase ‘defense spending’ by some 18% this year despite
worsening economic outlook …
…. Why is it that we nations call our
military spending ‘defense’ budgets? .. It would be much more appropriate
(& honest) to call them ‘offense’ budgets …..

*Los Angeles Times – “Beef prices
hit all-time high in U.S.”

*World Net Daily – “Fears of market
collapse amid record margin debt”
….. What is ‘margin debt?’ .. It is
when investors ‘borrow’ money from their brokers to buy more stocks from them!
.. Just like the Feds ‘printing’ program, the Wall Street boys are creating
non-existent ‘borrowed’ funds to keep their portfolios looking good ….

April 10

*Star Advisor – “Strong quakes off
the coast of Nicaragua, Chile”
-6.1 near Managua, Nicaragua …
-6.0 southwest of Iquique, Chile …

*Newsmax – “Rare magnitude 5.0 quake
rocks France”

*Wall Street Journal – “Stock
collapse – Nasdaq notches biggest one-day slide in nearly three years”

*CNBC – “2014 crash will be worse
than 1987’s:  Marc Faber”
… Mr. Faber is editor and publisher of
‘Gloom,Boom, & Doom Report’ and has a very successful track record for
market predictions. … We’ll see …..

*The Telegraph – “Tick, Tock:  Top economists warn EU crisis as dangerous as
Comment from article:  “The Eurozone debt crisis is deepening
and threatens to re-erupt on a larger scale, a leading panel of economists

*Washington Examiner – “U.S. debt
bill more than $106,000 per worker — 77% surge in food-stamp use …
… Anyone surprised by these economic
facts? .. It’s all coming to a head very, very soon!

*The Telegraph – “China cracks down
on churches:  Christianity’s growth
‘excessive’ “
…. What a GREAT problem! ..

*Washington Times – “Barna
Group:  Younger Americans losing faith in
…. The number of skeptics grows by 10%
since 2011 — The shift is attributed in large part to the growing doubts of
the Millennial Generation and Generation X ……….  This should be no surprise to anybody! … Church
leaders today are NOT teaching very much Bible … This then is the ‘expected’
result! ..

April 11

*Virtue Online – “Even LGBT
historians admit no one is ‘born gay’ “
Comment from article:  “The mountain of scholarly research
continues to show no ‘gay gene’ accounting for sexual orientation.  It then is entirely a modern invention.”
…. I think God already knew this! …..
and LGBT ‘historians?’ … I didn’t know there was any …..

*The Telegraph – “NATO satellite
images reveal huge build-up of Russian troops at Ukrainian frontier”
-Putin threatens to cut gas to Ukraine, EU countries …

*The Week – “Bird Flu close to
mutating into ‘global’ pandemic: 
Human-to-human transmission feared”

*Virtue Online – “Christian speaker
detained — in Canada!”
Comment from article:  “The Canadian Border Services Agency,
apparently responding to an intense campaign by a homosexual-rights group, has
detained an American Christian activist who was scheduled to speak at the
Saskatchewan Pro-life Association this weekend”
… I’m shocked! .. but not really ….

Well, that’s it for another ‘fun-filled’
week of news relating to Bible prophecy …. and again, it doesn’t
‘disappoint!’ … What stands out for me is first, the total collapse of the
mideast peace talks, and how John Kerry is blaming Israel for their failure!
… What a joke! …. Israel was asked to give up everything, while all the
palestinians really needed to do was just recognize them! …. Our current
leaders seem to live in ‘la-la land’ … it has to be purely demonic deception
for them to be so clueless! ….

And then the big quakes along the Pacific
Rim, especially along the coasts of North & South America just keep coming!
….. Prophetic, yes, but still unnerving …..

But what really jumps out at me this week
is the rapidity of the world’s economic decline. … Just this week alone we
saw our ‘record-setting’ markets take a sizable hit. .. In fact, Nasdaq saw its
biggest one-day decline in 3 years. .. Then the experts are now predicting the
Eurozone financial crisis to rear its head once more, only this time it is
predicted to be much worse. … We need to especially watch out for the
southern EU nations. .. Their current unemployment is somewhere around the 30%
mark already!  … And then of course,
the U.S’s current problems, contrary to the ‘propaganda’ coming out of our
leaders’ mouths, is spinning out of control at an unprecedented pace — already
we citizens are paying more in taxes than we do for food, clothing and housing
.. combined” … So if we are paying so much already, why is the national
debt racing toward $18 Trillion?! …. There’s much more here but I need to
wrap this up …

Finally, are we now hearing the words
like ‘Planetary’ .. ‘Global’ .. ‘Multi-lateral’ .. and the like more &
more? … I’m telling you, we are closer to an actual world government than
most all the world realizes! … Most are totally oblivious!. … It truly is
like the “Days of Noah” where people went merrily on their ways until
suddenly, it all came crashing down. … Well people, there are a few of us who
are ‘awake’ and need to warn as many as possible before the crash does come.
… Simply, just tell as many as you can .. friends, family .. about Jesus
Christ and how He, and He alone, can save us from the coming wrath! ….
Hallelujah! …………………..

Enough rambling from me for now …. Just
know that I love each of you and am praying for you constantly. … Keep
praying for one another as we go forward. .. Times will get more difficult and
we need each other’s strength as we move ever closer …… So …..

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To comment on a post, click the post title to go to the post page, then scan to the bottom where the comment box is enabled. Thank you.