April 19

*Reuters – “7.5 magnitude earthquake
strikes off coast of Papua, New Guinea”

*Associated Press – “6.9 quake hits

*The Vigilant Citizen – “The Occult
meaning of Lady Gaga’s new video G.U.Y.”

Comment from article:  “While one could argue that Gaga playing
the role of a fallen angel might not inherently imply that she’s referring to
Lucifer, a look at the symbolism later in the video strongly points towards it.
.. Indeed, much of the video plays on the esoteric associations between
Lucifer, Venus and Ishtar.”

… The tragedy is that this obvious
satan-follower influences many young minds all over the world! .. She is another
‘pawn’ in the massive deception being seen in this world … just as Jesus
Himself prophesied in Matthew 24 ……

*Arutz Sheva – “EU forces pressure
on Israel to make concessions, restart talks”

 ….. Why doesn’t anyone try to get the
Palestinians to give something? … This is just nuts!

*Drudge Report – Magog Update
-War drills in eastern Europe …
-Russia says reinforced military on border as ‘precaution’ …
-U.S. Pentagon considering troops troops to Poland …
-Holocaust survivor:  Jewish
people should leave Ukraine now …

*World Net Daily – “Christian
publisher releasing pro-homosexual book:”

Comment from article:  “God of the ‘gay’ Christian:  The Biblical case in support of same-sex

…. In looking deeper into this story,
we find the author to be Matthew Vines, a homosexual activist and Bible
‘revisionist’ known for manipulating Christian terminology to advance the
counter-Christian homosexual agenda. … The bottom line? .. The Bible is clear
on this subject … homosexuality is considered perversion and participants
‘will not inherit the kingdom of God!’ 
(see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 as just one of many scriptures supporting
this) ……

April 20

*The Telegraph – “China on course to
become ‘World’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years”

*Rapture Ready – Earthquakes Today
-5.0 hits near St. Kitts (Caribbean) …
-5.6 Alaska quake followed by aftershocks …
-Philippines rocked by 20 earthquakes in two days …
-Oklahoma hit by more earthquakes …

*Yahoo News – “Public smoke-out
marks Pot Holiday in Denver”

Naturally, it fell on Easter Sunday, one
of Christianity’s holiest days …… Just shows the ‘spiritual condition’ of
our nation! … Unless there is a spiritual ‘awakening’ – and soon – America is

*London Telegraph – “Nursery worker
fired for refusing to read ‘gay’ stories”

… and on top of that, a former lesbian
colleague has filed ‘harassment’ charges against her … Her crime? … She
gave her a Bible when she was recovering from an accident! …… Her name is
Sarah Mbuyi and I wish more of us were like her … she’s not ashamed or afraid
of sharing her faith. … We must remember to pray for her ……….

April 21

*Reuters – “Saudi Arabia announces
spike in MERS cases – 20 new infections” 

*BBC – “Venezuela Unrest:  Fresh violence erupts in Caracas”

…. The reason? … The economy! ….

*Drudge Report – State of the Union
-Oklahoma Militia joins fight with Feds …
-Ready to take up arms if needed …
-BLM eyes Texas land …
-Battle lines harden …
-Ron Paul:  Symptom of increasing
authoritarianism …

*NBC – “9 dead, 35 injured in Easter
weekend shootings in Chicago”

*KOMO – “Easter ad:  Jesus smokes marijuana joint”

Comment from article:  “A Seattle restaurant chain is taking
advantage of an odd combination of circumstances by creating a controversial
Easter promotion featuring Jesus smoking marijuana.”

April 22

*Drudge Report – State of the Union
-IRS revokes conservative group’s tax-exempt status over anti-Clinton
statements (Washington Times) …
-Parents met by police in Georgia who were trying to meet with school
principle to discuss standardized state testing – told they were trespassing (TruNews) …
-Obama calls for highest sustained taxation in U.S. history (CNS News)
-U.S. middle class:  World’s
richest no more …

*Inquirer.net – “5.9 quake rocks

*Fox News – “Humanist group sues New
jersey school district over ‘Under God’ in Pledge of Allegiance”

These people will not give up until God
is totally removed from our society! … What they don’t understand? .. They in
fact are removing their ‘covering of protection’ against the onslaught of evil!

April 23

*Balfour Post – “Jerusalem is not up
for grabs”

…. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
has blamed the sudden deadlock in peace negotiations between Israel and the
Palestinians on Israel’s plan to build additional apartments in Gilo, a
southern Jerusalem neighborhood beyond the so-called ‘Green Line.’ … But the
bottom line is this ….. He (John Kerry) and the rest of the American leaders
just don’t get it! …. Until the Palestinians recognize Israel as a nation and
that they are NOT going to divide Jerusalem, there never will be any kind of
talks …….

*Prophecy News Watch – “Reformation
or Revolution?  A review of God and the
‘gay’ Christian”

….. This ‘review’ was based on ‘gay’
Christian  and advocate Matthew Vines new
book.” …. Cutting to the chase, this is the kind of stuff that appears
to be splitting the American Christian community right down the middle .. and
the numbers on the conservative side appear to be getting smaller by the day.
… and how tragic is this? … Vines is coming right out of the new ‘Emergent
Church’ generation that not only supports these perverse lifestyles, but also
deny the existence of sin, as well as hell itself! … Their whole agenda
appears to be an attempt to ‘adjust’ the Bible’s teachings so as to fit into
their sinful desires …….

*Blacklisted news –
“Antibiotic-resistant MRSA ‘Superbug’ spreading from hospitals into U.S.

*King World News – “Massive volcanic
eruptions wreaking havoc on the world”

…. and get this! .. This statement
comes from a 43-year market veteran with Raymond James Investment firm… He goes on to say it is one of the
chief reasons for increasing drought conditions across the globe and will lead
to famine and chaos. ….. Well, there’s no question that the earth’s volcanic
activity has increased significantly over the past several decades ……. He
may well be right ….

*Drudge Report – Magog Update
-American troops arrive in Poland …
-Russia ‘wargames’ Ukraine …
-Dutch scramble jets after bomber approach …
-Brit jets chase off Russian spy planes …

*Lifestyle News – “Canadian aborted
babies incinerated in Oregon Waste-to-Energy facility to provide

….. This is simply hard to believe, but
it appears to be the truth ….. How much farther can we fall before God steps
in? ….

*The Daily Caller – “America’s Power
Grid at the limit:  The road to
electrical black-outs”

…… This shouldn’t surprise anyone …
The grid is antiquated & also vulnerable to terrorist attacks…..

*World Net Daily – “Obama sends
Pro-Abortion Delegation to Vatican”

…. From what I’ve observed so far, this
Pope may go along with this ………

*London Daily Mail – ” ‘Married lesbian
threesome expecting baby”

…. and we go to another level of
perversity! ……

April 24

*Lalate News – “6.7 magnitude quake
strikes south of Port Hardy, Canada”

*Virtue Online – “Stop twisting the
Bible … to make it fit same-sex marriage”

…. This comment comes from Gary DeMar
at the American Vision Organization. .. He’s taking on this issue and I
couldn’t agree with him more! … There is NO WAY homosexuality and same-sex
relationships can be justified in Scripture! .. In fact, it is said to be a sin
punishable by eternal damnation!

*Spiegel Online – “Weapon of last
resort:  ECB (European Central Bank)
considers possible ‘Deflation’ measures”

…. and, needless to say, this has
raised major concerns within the global economic community. .. Why? .. Ever
since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, deflation has been seen as the most
dangerous ‘illness’ that can befall any economy. .. A downward spiral
consisting of falling prices, rapidly rising unemployment and shrinking
economic output. …. There’s no question the ECB has to do something! .. They
just can’t keep pumping money into these dead economies (sounds like the Fed in
America) …. Just wait til summer hits! …

*BBC – “Hamas & Fatah unveil
Palestinian reconciliation deal — Israel calls off talks”

…. and why not! … Hamas has said over
and over that the only solution to the Jewish state is complete and utter
destruction! ….

*Drudge Report – Magog Update 
-Putin warns of consequences as Ukraine steps up offensive …
-Foreign Minister:  Ready to fight
Russia …
-Gingrich:  WW l parallels …

*World Net daily – “Teacher yanks
second-grader’s Bible”

Comment from article:  “Girl says book of ‘choice’ forbidden
during reading time.”

…. The teacher went on to tell the
child the Bible is not allowed at the school …. (Texas)

*Associated Press – “Bible verse
removed from high school gym, team website”

The school is in West Virginia … A
complaint was lodged by the Wisconsin-based ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation.
… The verse says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens
me.”  (Philippians 4:13)… Sounds
really harmful, doesn’t it?

April 25

*CNS News – “Reverend Graham:  ‘Christians are being attacked by Hollywood
and some of News Media’ “

Comment from article:  ” ‘Anti-Christian actions are occurring
in America and much of it is ‘coming out of the entertainment industry and some
segments of the news media,’ said Reverend Franklin Graham, who added that ‘Christians
are being attacked and this is on the rise globally, along with increasing
anti-Semitism.’ “

*Zero Hedge – “Another financial
services executive death – Woman, 52, questioned her superiors before jumping
out the window”

…. This one happened in France …..

*Associated Press – “Beijing
splurging on Military as U.S. pulls back”

…. Their leadership is calling for
China to become a major Military-Industrial power. ….. Isn’t it fascinating
to watch the Kings of the North & East rise up while America, not mentioned
specifically in Bible prophecy, is declining? …


Another week goes by … and the
“birth pains” continue to mount. … One thing is the Middle East
peace talks breaking down. .. Of course, that shouldn’t surprise those of us
who follow Bible Prophecy. .. Israel will continue to see increasing isolation
and national hatred until the time of the peace treaty that will be
orchestrated by the soon-coming world leader . … Another thing that is
becoming more apparent by the moment is the rapid rise of the Kings of the East
& North. .. Both China & Russia are ‘flexing’ their collective muscles
through increased military spending & political posturing … and the U.S.?
… We are moving quickly in the other direction .. but then, that is what I
expected would happen to the world’s only remaining superpower. … We are not
specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy, so therefore we must soon ‘exit’ the
power position on the world stage. …

There’s much more, but the one issue that
really stands out this week is how we Christians are becoming the world’s
‘Public Enemy #1 …. the ‘Enemy of the State’ …. The comments by Reverend
Franklin Graham sum it up quite adequately. … “Christians are being
attacked and this is on the rise globally, along with increasing incidents of
anti-Semitism.” … Is he right or what?! .. In the last seven days we saw
more firings in the public workplace for those refusing to submit to sinful
practices … Easter ‘insults’ through the public onslaught of legalized drug
use …  A teacher taking away a
second-grader’s Bible, telling her it is not allowed in public schools .. A
Bible verse being taken away from a high school sports team because it is from
the Bible .. and of course the continuing battle of the militant homosexual
movement to literally change the meaning, or re-write Bible scriptures so as to
justify their perverse lifestyles, and making those who stand against them the
‘hateful, intolerant enemy’ ….. It’ll be interesting to see just how long our
God will put up with America, and the rest of the world before His wrath is
poured out …. Bible history shows that it WILL COME! …..

OK … I’m done for another week ….
Remember that I love you all and am praying for you constantly. … hang in
there, and NEVER give in to these evildoers that are promoting these lies of
the devil … and if you feel like you are under attack, go to Ephesians
6:10-18 where we are told to “put on the armor of God”  in difficult times. … Rest assured, we will
be victorious in the end! ….. Hallelujah!

Until next time,


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