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May 10

*CBS – “CDC:  Syphilis reaches highest level since 1995 –
Steady rise in ‘gay’ & bisexual men”
…. Gee .. I wonder why?
*Fox News – “Arkansas judge strikes
down Gay Marriage ban”
… and another state bites the dust
*Hollywood Reporter – “NBC
greenlights Ellen-produced lesbian comedy for the fall season”
….. What an unjust America we live in!
.. Duck Dynasty went to war because of their ‘traditional’ beliefs, and now
another show that was scheduled to air on HGTV was cancelled for the same
reason! … While America celebrates perversion, it is shutting the door on
anything and everything ‘normal’ …. Judgement is coming to this nation!
*CNS News – “Chlamydia sets U.S. record
for most cases of reportable disease”
…. Widespread VD is another clear sign
of a crumbling society …..
*World Net Daily – “California
revamping Birth Certificates for ‘gays’ “
Comment from article:  “Homosexual men will be able to cite
selves as ‘mother,’ lesbians as ‘father’ “
….. Can you believe this day?! … Five
news stories and they are all about the homosexual agenda … God help us!
May 11

*Lalate News – Quakes Today
-6.0 strikes Mexico near Acapulco …
-5.8 hits Cook Inlet region of alaska …

*CNN – “Obama congratulates Michael
Sam, first openly-gay player drafted by NFL”

*Yahoo News – “Secretary of Defense
Hagel:  Military should review
‘transgender’ ban”
…… We are witnessing the end of America
right before our eyes! ….
May 12
*Yahoo News – “Three new MERS deaths
in Saudi Arabia – Fatalities reach 142”
-Second case reported in U.S. – Florida …

*Yahoo News – “Record number of
French Jews flock to Israel amid ‘climate of anti-Semitism’ “
—- It’s increasing all across the
globe, but especially in Europe ….
*Reuters – “Israeli Prime Minister
says Iran’s nuclear program a ‘clear and present danger’ “

May 13

*ABC News – “6.8 magnitude
earthquake strikes off coast of Panama”

*USGS – “Moderate quakes hit off
coast of Oregon – 5.1 & 5.3 …

*USA Today – “U.S. Measles outbreak
largest in decades”

*CBS News – “Ohio college (Oberlin)
considering mandatory ‘Transgender Sensitivity Training’ for Athletics
…… Maybe the NFL should fund it, now
that anyone involved in their program caught speaking out about their
disapproval of the gay lifestyle is apparently required to go through the same
May 14
*The Economic Collapse –
“De-dollarization:  Russia is on the
verge of dealing a massive blow to the Petrodollar’
…. Bottom line? .. It’s retaliation for
U.S. sanctions over the Ukraine issue. … Russia is trying to get other
countries like China and the Muslim middle east to change to a different
currency. … If this were to happen, it would have a far-rraching negative
impact in the U.S. economy ……
*Associated Press – “San Diego on
Fire:  30 homes burn in raging inferno –
thousands evacuated”
…. Just wait until later this year! …
the whole state is a ‘tinderbox!’ …..
*Hollywood Reporter – “Tyra Banks to
produce transgender Reality Show for VH1”
….. Another one! … and isn’t VH1
mostly geared to the young audience?
*National Journal – “Poll:  Only 4% of Americans think they have
below-average intelligence”
…. Talk about delusional! …. Just
look at who we vote for! …..
* – “Scientists:  Robots could be programmed to kill you ‘for
the greater good’ “
… The question has to be .. who’s going
to program them? .. who decides what represents ‘the greater good?’
*The Weekly Standard – “French
Foreign Minister:  ‘500 days to avoid
climate chaos’ “
…. That equates to about a year and a
half! …. I have no idea what science he is basing his claim upon, but let’s
hope it   originated in the UN … They
are NEVER right!
*World Net Daily – “White family
stalked, pummeled by black mob”
…. Isn’t it ‘interesting’ how racism
has increased since we’ve elected a black president?
May 15 

*Star Advisor – “6.1 earthquake
strikes Micronesia”

*New York Times – “MERS outbreak
becomes more urgent, WHO says – Saudis report five more deaths”
-22 U.S. airports put on alert …

*Arutz Sheva – “Muslims stone, attack
Christians at Church near Bethlehem”

*BBC – “Sudan woman faces death for
…. Her crime? .. She married a
Christian man …..
*Breitbart – “Department of
Agriculture orders Submachine Guns with 30-round magazines”
…. Another government agency arming
itself ……
May 16

*Jamaica Observer – “Strong 6.0
quake hits French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe”

*New Scientist – “California Burning
– Half of U.S. now in Drought”

*Jerusalem Post – “Netanyahu to
Hagel:  Israel not surprised by new
report on Iranian missile work”
…. Of course the whole world knows
Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities including ballistic missiles … except
Chuck Hagel of the U.S.! … Another ‘clueless wonder’ which just so happens to
be in control of our nation’s military! ….
That’s it for this week … and I must
say it’s a bit light compared to recent weeks. … But this is not unusual for
this period of the year. … Much of the world is in transition as we move into
the summer months. … My thought is that it will stay a bit ‘docile’ for a
very brief period of time, and then ………………. Look Out! …. I truly
believe that late summer moving into the fall months will bring much havoc and
chaos to the entire globe … and in many forms … pestilence, economic
mayhem, civil chaos, natural disasters … pretty much the list Jesus pointed
out Himself in Matthew 24, verses 4-14 …… Like I’ve been saying for the
past few weeks, I’ve NEVER seen the signs coming together as they are right
now! …. Something major is on the near horizon!
Of course, we know that we have nothing
to fear if we just trust in the saving grace our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
.. What I think we all should be doing right now is studying Ephesians 6:10-18.
… Briefly, it lays out how we can ‘put on the armor of God’ in these times so
as to protect ourselves from the increasing onslaught of the devil’s schemes
…. Trust me when I say, we are going to need this armor more than ever in
these next few weeks and months as we move ever closer to our Lord’s return.
Know that I am praying for each of you every
day, and will not stop until the trumpet blows! …. Hallelujah! … Please
pray for me as well as we all need each other’s support ……
Until next time,

May 13, 2014
Even though scripture tells us this, it
is amazing to watch just how fast the devil is moving in today’s world.
…   1 Peter 5:8 says,  “Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a
roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  … The onslaught of the devil’s schemes are
exploding at an ever-increasing pace. … Just look at the news headlines over
the past couple of weeks …. A ‘Satan Mass’ at a Catholic University (Harvard)
… A very large Evangelical Christian conference in Texas featuring
‘Contemplative Prayer’ … Satanic groups trying to bring a statue of satan
holding little children into the public square … Kids in a public school
being instructed to bow to a ‘sun-god’ so as to experience ‘oneness with god’
… A public figure, which just so happens to be a pastor, losing his position
for calling out ‘Disney’ as being a 
‘dark empire of superstition and witchcraft’ … The list goes on, and
this is just the last few days! …. (Contemplative Prayer, by the way, is an
approach to prayer to which the participants are to ’empty their minds’ so as
to experience anything and all things that may come to them’ …. It is purely
rooted in ‘mysticism’ and has ‘eastern’ origins). .
Here’s an amazing paradox in our time.
… While the vast majority of people do not believe in Satan the devil, there
seems to be an insatiable appetite for demons, magic, supernatural powers,
possession, witchcraft, zombies and vampires. … These themes are dominating
movie theaters and prime-time television shows, not to mention much of the
literature being read by our young adults. … Newsweek Magazine said that
while there have been occult revivals in the past, this time it has become a
‘crossover hit, going mainstream.’ … Sadly, not many are expressing much
concern. … In fact, do you see anything at all about it in the mainstream
Going back to the headlines this week
that saw the Pasadena Health Director (and pastor) lose his job because of his
Disney comments, is he right or what?! … Just look at Disney and the rest of
Hollywood as to the ‘occultic poison’ they are spreading. … Look at the Harry
Potter phenomenon as an example. .. It is a series of books for young people.
.. The first installment was published in 1997, and the final book came in
2007. .. The popularity of the books has been nothing short of a phenomenon! ..  Translated into 67 languages, over 400
million Harry Potter books have been sold. .. And plus the books, there has
been a wildly successful theme park, eight blockbuster films and six popular
video games. .. The Harry Potter brand is now estimated to be worth over $15
Criticism of the series has basically
fallen on deaf ears. .. Most critics are accused of being ‘right-wing
fundamentalist kooks’ looking to deprive children of innocent pleasure. … But
here’s the bottom line .. The major theme is based upon witchcraft. .. Children
who read these stories learn about demons, werewolves, magic spell-casting,
levitation, animal sacrifices, astral projection, crystal gazing and communing
with dead souls! … Now while they seemingly started out innocently enough, as
it progresses, it explores darker themes such as death and obtaining
immortality, and increases in violence as Harry grows older. … Even the
publishers were concerned as to how dark the themes were becoming over time and
how it might threaten its popularity. … That never happened. …. And of
course now, bookstore shelves are full of many new Harry Potter-like poison for
children and young adults. …
 People, we need to face reality … This stuff
is not normal, it is ‘para-normal!’ … Matters of the occult are never normal
and safe, especially for young minds! … In fact, Webster’s Dictionary defines
‘paranormal’ as “very strange and not able to be explained by what
scientists know about nature and the world.”
In Newsweek’s article, they had another
comment worth mentioning … “Some 20-year-olds said ‘they appreciate the
supernatural because it’s a non-denominational method of self-exploration that
reminds them that the world is both older and bigger than they are.” …
It went on to say that many college-educated young adults are ’embarrassed’ by
traditional religion, yet a growing number consider the spirituality associated
with the occult as ‘cool.’ ” … The tragedy here? … Most do not
understand the menacing, perilous path they are walking down!
One thing we Christians must remember …
there is real power behind the occult. .. But it is NEVER a power for good! ..
It is a highly organized plan to do evil and catch as many as it can in its
twisted grasp! … Contrary to some of today’s ‘religious’ thinking, Satan and
his minions are real beings with an insatiable hatred for God and human beings
(see Isaiah 14:12-14 & Revelation 12:12)… The tragedy is that few today
even begin to understand their deceptive power! 
… But instead of ignoring it, we must call it what it is – a
‘substitute religion.’ 
.. And again, most are blind to the fact
that the occult is the worship of Satan and his demons.
A rapidly increasing number of people
today are scoffing at the Bible and its teachings, and this is most likely the
reason that people are blind to this deception. … The Bible which they reject
teaches that Satan is literally ‘the god of this world’ (2 Corinthians 4:4) …
It is his personal desire for all humans to worship him and his goal is not to
help us, but to make human life as wretched and miserable has possible! … In
fact, all the horrendous evils threatening our world today – the destruction of
families, rampant crime, civil chaos, disease, poverty, violence, wars, natural
disasters – can all be traced back to him!
So what do we need to do? .. To start, we
need to understand what we are up against. … Let’s look at Ephesians 6:10-13
which says,  “Finally, be strong in
the Lord and in His mighty power.  11)
Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the
devil’s schemes.  12) For our struggle is
not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil
in the heavenly realms.  13) Therefore
put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be
able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”
… Can’t get much clearer than that … and the day of evil is now upon us!
We all need to be concerned about the
evil of the occult. … This is where we, the Christian, the “light of the
world,'” must shine as bright as we can! .. We need to tell our children
and grandchildren, our friends and neighbors … anyone who will give an ear ..
about the inherent evil that is taking place all around us.” … We most
likely won’t win a popularity contest, but seriously, that should be our last
concern! …. Our predecessors weren’t popular, and neither will we be … but
… by stepping out in truth and faith, we may just reach that dying soul that
is searching for the truth of God ……..
OK … end of sermon … for now …but
trust me when I say, I will NEVER give up the fight! … I’m in it just as long
as the Lord allows me to be. … I pray you will join me in this most important
battle of all, and that is spreading the saving Word of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ! ….. Hallelujah! ……. Know that I am praying for you ..
Until next time,

May 3

*CNN – U.S. reports its first case of
deadly MERS virus – Indiana”

*The Blaze – “Are the End Times upon
us? – Author says ‘unrestrained immorality’ mirrors ‘pandemic godlessness’ seen
in the Bible”

….. The author is Jeff Kinley and his
book is titled “As It Was in The Days of Noah.” .. Basically, he
talks about how human beings continuously and perilously cut God out of
society. … I don’t know this author or am I recommending his book, but certainly
the moral condition of our current society bears him out ……

May 4

*Shanghai Daily – “Twin 6 magnitude
earthquakes shake seafloor south of Fiji – 6.6 & 6.1”

*Times of Israel – “Ukrainian Jews
fleeing to Israel amid growing unrest”

….. Who can blame them! .. History
points to very similar conditions in Europe in the 1930’s, just prior to
Hitler’s purge…
*World Net Daily – “Major Christian
Conference ‘pushing Mysticism’ “

Comment from article:  “A major Christian Church organization,
which brought thousands of pastors and church leaders together in Carrolton,
Texas, this week, succeeded in raising eyebrows from some of the attendees. ..
The reason? … Over so-called ‘Contemplative Spirituality.’ “

…. Just more nonsense so as to raise
the attendance levels. … It is of ‘eastern origins’ and is just another of
the many false teachings creeping into the church community ….. Many are
calling it a ‘quick-spreading spiritual cancer’ ……

*Fox News – “Satanic group says
Oklahoma must give the devil his due”

… The short version is … they want to
put a sculpture of satan next to the 10 Commandments on the statehouse lawn …

*Fox News – “Magnitude 6.0 quake
jolts Tokyo – 17 injured”

May 5

*Reuters – “6.3 earthquake strikes
Thailand causing damage”

*Prophecy News Watch – “Push for
Amazon & PayPal to blacklist Christian/conservative websites”

Comment from article:  “For years, the Southern Poverty Law
Center has labeled groups with values it doesn’t tolerate as ‘hate groups,’ but
now the organization is taking its attack a step further, demanding Amazon and
PayPal to blacklist bloggers and websites that don’t ‘fall in line’ with its
leftist liberal agenda.”

…. The onslaught continues to intensify

*The Times of Israel – “U.S. State
Department, IKEA ‘partner’ in book fair featuring anti-Semitic literature”

…. Anyone surprised? .. To name just a
few of them …. ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolph Hitler plus holocaust-denying
literature ……

*Los Angeles Times – “Scientists
race to develop farm animals to survive climate change”

*Fox News – “A win for
religion:  High court rules prayers OK at
council meetings”

Comment from article:  “The Supreme Court has upheld the right
of local officials to open town council meetings with prayer, ruling that this
does not violate the Constitution even if the prayers routinely stress

…. Hallelujah!

*Breitbart – “Florida school bans
Bible from ‘free reading’ time in classrooms”

….. Just last week it was a second
grader in Texas  … Now a fifth grader
in Florida …. America’s public schools are now increasingly seeing the Bible
as ‘subversive’ literature! …..

* – “Virginia county in
effort to ‘downsize’ assemblies in private homes”

… Wow! … Underground we are headed!

*The Weekly Standard – “John Kerry
on religion:  ‘Not the way I think most
people want to live’ “

…. Another wow! .. No wonder the guy
doesn’t really ‘have a clue’ when it comes to Israel ……

May 6

*BBC – “World facing Polio health
emergency – WHO declares it is an International Public Health Emergency”

*Bloomberg – “Russia plunging into
recession as Ruble value plummets”

May 7

*Breitbart – “Democratic leaders
demonstrate their hatred for the Bible”

Comment from article:  “John Kerry makes no distinction between
the Koran and the Bible. .. Today’s Democratic Party has become the enemy of
Biblical religion. … In April 2008, then-Senator Barak Obama was caught on
tape at a fundraiser in San Francisco as saying,  ‘Only idiots, racists, xenophobes, and
gun-clingers believe in the Bible.’ “

….. It does appear that the vast
majority of opposition to the basic fundamental practice of Christianity is
coming from the left-leaning community …. and in the cases where they do
support it, it seems to be ‘manipulated’ so as to fit their liberal views ….
(homosexuality, abortion, etc)

* – “Shallow 6.1
earthquake strikes Papua, New Guinea”

*Voice of Russia – “More than 270
aftershocks continue after 6.0 quake in Thailand”

*Defense One – “Every country will
have Armed Drones within 10 years”

…. and I am sure they will pick their
‘targets’ at random …..

*Washington Examiner – “Feds warn
that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face

….. Again, Wow! …. Big Brother is
flexing its muscles more & more …..

*Drudge Report – U.S. Economy

-Fed regulations destroying more businesses than created …

-Working-age people not in work force hits new record …

   -Record low number of ages 25-29 employed …

-Fed Chair Yellen:  ‘We must pump’

-Pelosi:  ‘Pretty confident’ China
will not overtake U.S. economy … ‘We must lighten up’ …

….. Fed pumping to continue means the
‘monopoly money’ will continue to pollute our economy ….. and Pelosi? .. How
on earth do people like her get elected to lead us?! … She may be the most
‘clueless’ of the reigning ‘clueless’ crowd! …

I think we should have a minimum IQ
requirement before someone can run for any office ….. 

*The Hill – “FCC flexing more power
to regulate internet”

…. Like I said, we will all be ‘shut
down before long …..

May 8

*New Scientist – “World is
unprepared for major El Nino later this year”

Comment from article:  “Wild weather is coming in 2014, with
floods, storms and drought expected. .. It will wreak havoc and death around
the globe later this year.”
*CNS News – “Harvard will host
‘Reenactment’ of satanic mass”

Comment from article:  “A satanic black mass reenactment is
scheduled to take place at the Queen’s Head Pub in Memorial Hall at Harvard
University on May 12, with the mass performed by the Satanic Temple, which is
being hosted by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club.”

…. It’s an American university campus!
… What else should we expect! … Save your money and send your kids to these
places at a young age? … And we wonder what’s wrong with the kids?

*BBC – “Barclays to cut 19,000 jobs
over three years”

…. More banks ‘downsizing’ ….
interesting ……

*CNS News – “Fed Chair:  ‘Deficits are rising to unsustainable levels’

…. Duh!!! …. She also went on to say
that she’s not sure if America is still a capitalist system and suggested that
we may have evolved into an Oligarchy (the masses ruled by just a few) … I
don’t think there’s any question as to the fact we are rapidly heading that way

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Harbinger’
Rabbi:  ‘Smile of Heaven’ removed from
America’ “

… How sadly correct he is ……

*Associated Press – “Strong 6.8
magnitude quake shakes Mexico City”

*Deadline Hollywood – “HGTV pulls
new home-flipping series after report emerges identifying its stars as anti-gay

….. Amazing how ‘one-sided’ things have
become ……

May 9

*World Net Daily – “School
‘scorched’ for having kids bow to ‘sun-god’ “

…. Their point was to have the children
‘become one with god,’ according to a brief filed with an Appeals Court

*Daily News – “Atheists to launch
the first TV channel dedicated to godlessness”

…. Satan, like Scripture tells us, is
working overtime in these final days ……

*The Telegraph – “Decline of
religious belief means we need more exorcists, says Catholics”

Comment from article:  “Decline of religion in the West has
created a rise in black magic, satanism, and the occult.”

*Fox News – “Terror TV for
Tots:  Hamas show has child vowing to
‘shoot the jews’ “

Can you believe all the stuff going on
out there right now that’s focused on destroying us Christians and our freedom
to either express it or even practice it?! … 
Satanists & atheists pushing their agendas without the least bit of
opposition! … but just mention God and the Bible? …. Literally all ‘hell’
breaks loose! …. And the government is pushing all their media-controlling
agencies to shut us down completely. … Unless God decides to intervene for a
time, we will be soon pushed underground and in hiding just to practice our
belief. … Trust me when I say, I totally agree with the Rabbi who said that
God/heaven is no longer smiling on this nation. … Judgement is coming to
America, and sadly most people are totally oblivious to it! …….. We must
pray and also shine the Light of Truth whenever and wherever we can while there
is still time ….. Some, praise the Lord, will listen!

I love you all and am praying for you
each & every day! … Please do the same for me, and each other as well
…. This will greatly increase our needed strength and endurance in these
increasingly difficult times……..

Until next time,


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