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May 6, 2014
It is amazing just how rapidly the world
is careening towards its final destination with God’s promised conclusion. …
I’ve been a ‘watchman’ of God’s prophetic word for some 35+ years, and NEVER
have I seen such a confluence of events converging with such rapid succession.
… Let me for just a moment review some of the events so as to give you, the
reader, a more complete understanding of just what I’m talking about here …..
To start, let’s just look at America’s
rapid decline. .. Could any of you have seen such a catastrophic fall just a
couple of years ago? … It is amazing to observe this current crowd of
‘deceivers’ in power right now! .. They stand before us and spit out their
blatant lies as well as instructing their minions to intimidate anyone who they
perceive as standing in the way of their ultimate agenda … a godless,
socialist society with privileges for only the elite, and the eventual
evolution to a globalized form of government. …. The prophetic significance
of this of course is the ultimate demise of the remaining world’s superpower so
as to allow such a world government to come into being. …. It is happening,
right before our very eyes!
Another significant sign of the times is
the rapidly increasing isolation of the State of Israel. … Since their
rebirth as a nation in 1948, they have been opposed by much of the world, but
now even America, her longstanding staunch ally, is pulling away from her. ….
The prophet Zechariah said this would be the case in the final days. .. He said
in his chapters 12 & 14 that she would be surrounded by ALL nations in that
time. … Well? … Even the UN singles out this tiny state as the biggest
offender of human rights in the entire world, while disregarding hell-holes
like Sudan, North Korea, and most all Muslim-led Christian-persecuting nations.
…. It simply equates to ‘spiritual blindness’ by an unbelieving world. ..
What else …. Certainly the rise of
Russia & China right now is BIG. .. The kings of the East & North are
rattling their sabers more and more each day … and interestingly, from a
prophetic point of view at least, is the increasingly friendly relationship
between Russia & Iran. .. Never in history have these two nations had any
sort of relationship .. until now. .. Why so important? … Just read Ezekiel
38 & 39! … Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran) will come against the
Israelites in one of the final battles leading up to the last one – Armageddon!
… It can’t be far off ….
And then there’s the Pope. … His
efforts to ‘coalesce’ the world’s religions is nothing short of breathtaking to
us ‘watchers’ … Who could have ever imagined to see such a quick reversal of
church ‘tradition’ in order to make this happen?! …. “We all worship the
same God? .. Atheists are going to heaven?” … Once again, the Bible
tells us this would be the case in the final days. … Just look at Revelation
17. .. It speaks of the world church coming upon the scene which is referred to
as the “Great Whore” or “Prostitute,” which will be the
ultimate partner of the coming world ruler – the anti-christ. … It is my
personal belief that a Pope & Vatican (Rome) will be the ultimate leader
and headquarters for this coming world church — Remember, Rome is the City on
7 Hills.”
Of course there’s so much more happening
right before our eyes. … For the sake of time., I will be brief in my next
prophetic ‘reminders’ …. *The destruction of Damascus – This has never
happened in history but it is now surrounded by civil chaos and war – It will
happen soon (Isaiah 17:1) …. *The rebuilding of the 3rd temple – If you
follow Israel’s news sites at all, you will see quite a bit of discussion on
this right now. .. Why is this important to prophecy? .. The coming world ruler
is said to enter this temple in the middle of the Tribulation. … That simply
can’t happen unless there is one!
(see Daniel 9) … *The Reviving Roman
Empire – This, of course, is the continuing cohesion of the European Union,
which encompasses most of the geography of the original Roman Empire. .. We
will continue to see the emergence of this organization as a more dominant
player on the world scene. .. Especially watch Germany. .. Also, the coming
world ruler will rise out of one of these nations. .. In fact, I believe he is
alive today. … Just wait & see! … *The coming Global Government – None
can deny that most all of today’s world leaders are talking about globalization.
.. And then we have the likes of the UN, The IMF, Central & global banking
organizations, the list goes on & on … It will be upon us before we know
it! … Don’t believe me? .. Just look at the only country that could have
stopped it .. US!
There’s so much else I could share such
as the knowledge explosion prophesied in Daniel 12:4, wars and rumors of wars,
record-breaking weather events almost on a daily level, the incredible increase
in the world’s earthquake activity, world-wide famine increasing,
super-volcanoes such as Yellowstone & Iceland coming out of dormancy, civil
chaos and moral decay increasing at unprecedented levels ….. You get the
picture, and yes, we are seeing it ‘right before our very eyes!’
As scary and intimidating as all this may
seem to some of you, the amazing thing is that most of the world is in total
denial of these events! … I know I refer to the “Days of Noah” a
lot in Matthew 24:37-39, but it is simply astounding to me that more don’t see
what is happening! …. In fact, those of us that try and remind the world of
these events are rapidly become public enemy #1’s! …. People just don’t want
to hear about it. … All they want is for all things to go on as before, and
refuse to be bothered by it all! … How sad, and ‘eternally’ deadly!
While I realize the Bible is clear that
no one will know the exact time of our Lord’s return (Matthew 25:13), we are
told by the scriptures that we will know the ‘season.’ … 1 Thessalonians
5:2-6 says this … “For you know very well that the day of the Lord will
come like a thief in the night.  While
people are saying ‘peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly,
as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.  But you, brothers, are not in darkness so
that this day should surprise you like a thief. 
You are all sons of the light and sons of the day.  We do not belong to the night or to the
darkness.  So then, let us not be like
others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled.”
This passage tells us that yes, Jesus is
coming ‘like a thief in the night,’ but then it proceeds to tell us that this
will be true ONLY for the pagan world and Not for believers. .. His return
should be NO surprise to those of us who really know Him and His Word. ..  We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to
give us understanding of the nature of the times. … 
OK … Enough for now. … But please
just realize that these times are almost over and time is very short for
witnessing to the lost. … We must stop ‘putting off’ what is clearly our most
important mission in life, and that is spreading the good news and saving grace
of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! … KNow that I love each of you and am
praying for you constantly … for strength and endurance in these increasingly
difficult times. … Hang in there and know that Jesus is right at the door!
… Hallelujah!
Until next time,
Note: … Even though we are getting
hundreds of ‘hits’ each week, we are NOT receiving any comments. …. So I
would like for some of you to please try and comment. .. We need to know if it
is too difficult, or if there is any other reason why they are not coming in.
… Also, if & when you do make comments, please ask me about anything you
may personally be interested in us talking about. … Our only purpose is to
share what we know and hopefully help advance the Kingdom in these difficult
times …….Thank you in advance ….

April 26

*Space – “Powerful solar flare
temporarily disrupts communications on Earth”

….. It was a small ‘X’ class flare, ‘X’
being the classification for the most powerful category of flares …

*Reuters – “Small 4.7 earthquake
strikes off Oregon Coast:  Tension
mounting on dangerous Cascadia Fault”

Comment from article:  “University of Washington launches
effort to prepare northwest region for 9.0 magnitude quake.”

*Yahoo News – “Saudi Arabia says
MERS virus cases top 300, 5 more die”

*Yahoo News – “Kim urges North Korea
soldiers to ready for ‘impending conflict’ – Nuclear test could be near”

April 27

*BBC – “Britain is a
‘Post-Christian’ country says former Archbishop”

……. Just a snapshot of the entire
world ……

*Bloomberg – “Russia unexpectedly
raises main rate as S&P lowers rating”

…. The S&P cut the nation’s
sovereign rating to one level above ‘junk’ —- Of course, the main reason for
the increase in the rate is to try and curb the ‘outflow’ of assets. .. The
escalating crisis is pushing the Russian economy to the brink of recession with
inflation above the Central Bank’s target and put the Ruble trading to near
record lows … Bottom line? .. Their economy is on the brink ……

* – “The Mark:  Scientist claims human microchip implants
will become ‘not optional’ “
….. right out of Revelation 13 ……
*The Telegraph – “Chaos in Brazil –
Gunfights & killings in shanty towns escalating at a rapid pace”
…… It’s the economy! …
*CBS – ” ‘Luxury Bunkers’ with
pools, gyms, movie theaters sold for upscale disaster preparation”
…… This is utterly amazing! .. How
naive are these people? .. Just how long does the ‘ultimate selfish mind’ think
this kind of living can continue when it all comes tumbling down?! … They
simply just don’t get it ……..
*Yahoo News – “Killer virus spreads
unchecked through U.S. hog belt, pushing pork prices to record highs”

*Joel Rosenberg – “Netanyahu vows
Israel will never allow another holocaust — asks,  ‘Has the world learned from the mistakes of
the past?’ “

…. Evidently not! …. America should
take some time and review the history of the original Roman Empire …

April 28

*Daily Star – “Set to Blow: Toxic smog
from Icelandic volcano could kill millions”

Comment from article:  “Ministers are on ‘Red Alert’ that the
Icelandic monster could erupt which would create a doomsday explosion.  Experts say toxic plumes of smoke would
quickly fill the skies over the UK and northern Europe, creating climate chaos
and killing millions.”

*The New Zealand Herald – “Farmers
warned to prepare for the worst as risk of El Nino grows”

….. Just what the world needs right now
… More drought-enhancing conditions …..

*The Telegraph – “China accused of
anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins”

…… Guess they feel they have to do
something since they are predicted to be the ‘most Christian nation’ in the
world within 15 years ……

*Yahoo News – “John Kerry warns of
Israeli ‘Apartheid’ “

… He says this will be the result if
there is no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and soon.
…… How utterly stupid and clueless is this guy?! … If he would just ask
the Arabs (many Palestinians) living in israel right now, they would
overwhelmingly tell him to leave things they way they are and that they have it
‘really good’ in the Jewish state. …… Simply, I’ve never seen a collection
of American leaders more clueless and inept than this crowd!

*MyWay – “Twister weekend:  17 dead”

April 29

*Reuters – More Chaos:  U.S. storms roar through Mississippi cities –
death toll now above 30″

*The Balfour Post – “Why the Media
doesn’t cover Christian persecution by Muslims in the Middle East”

Comment from article:  “The UN, western governments, media,
universities, and talking heads everywhere insist the Palestinians are
suffering tremendous abuses from the State of israel. .. Conversely, the
greatest ‘Human Rights’ tragedy of our time is the radical Muslim persecution
of Christians, including in Palestinian-controlled areas — and it is devotedly

…. So true! .. In fact, the UN is
constantly charging Israel with Human Rights violations while ignoring the
likes of the Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Egypt, and on & on! ….. but we
just keep spending money on this totally inept organization .. money we
certainly don’t have!  (Oh yeah, I
forgot, just call the Fed and they’ll print it) …..

*Drudge Report – Magog Update

-Ukraine falls further into chaos …

-Violence flares …

-Canada deploys fighter jets for eastern Europe patrols …

-Claim:  U.S. taped calls from
Moscow to spies …

-Putin foes fear internet crackdown …

-Russia condemns ‘Iron Curtain’ sanctions …

*CNS News – “Bureau of Labor
Statistics:  In 20% of American families,
no one works”

-Men who work full-time now earn less than 40 years ago …

-Home ownership falls to lowest level since 1995 …

-Rents soar to record highs …

*World Net Daily – “Big Chill:  Feds to start monitoring net, media for ‘Hate
Speech’ “

…. That would be us, people! … Those
of us .. that is .. who take the Bible as God’s ‘literal’ word will be branded
as ‘intolerant and hateful’ …. It’s been coming and is finally here! ……

*Yahoo News – “Spanish jobless rate
nears 26%”

….. Just wait till this summer!

April 30

*The Independent – “Humanists put
Faith to the test by giving schools free copies of atheist ‘bible’ “

Comment from article:  “A free copy of a secularist text called
‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ is being sent to every secondary school in
England & Wales, in a drive to help teenagers ‘live well’ without recourse
of religion.”

…… Jesus was so right (as always)
when he spoke of the mass deception that would be a clear sign of the end of
days .. (Matthew 24:4) ….

*World Net Daily – “Supreme Court
green lights detention of Americans”

…. In other words, the government can now
arrest anyone viewed as a troublemaker! .. Do you think that puts a bullseye on
us ‘literal’ Christians? … You bet it does!

*The Daily Dose – “High school
students in Colorado say ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ in Arabic:  ‘One nation under Allah’ “

…. Nothing, of course, will happen
because of this … but … if they were to say ‘Under God,’ plenty of noise
would go on! … What has happened to our country?!

*Drudge Report – U.S. Economy Update

-Dow closes at record high …

-China to surpass America as world’s largest economy .. this year! …

-U.S. growth slows drastically …

-City looks to build ‘pods’ to shelter homeless …

-House to hold hearings on poverty …

*The Independent – “WHO:  Antibiotic crisis ‘bigger than AIDS’ as common
infections will kill”

….. WHO (World Health Organization)
says that antibiotics are becoming totally useless against the new ‘superbugs’

May 1

* – “Strong deep 6.7
earthquake hits off New Caledonia”

*NBC – “Monster Storm:  More than 2 feet of water in 26 hours –
brings ‘life-threatening’ flooding and submerges Pensacola, Florida”

*Drudge Report – “Dobson goes
ballistic on Obama at National Day of Prayer – ‘Abortion President, come and
get me — I will not yield to your wicked regulations’ “

…. Finally, a show of courage by one of
our most well-known Christian leaders ……

May 2

*World Net Daily – ” ‘Harbinger’
Rabbi warns America of ‘Impending Judgement’ “

Comment from article:  “At the National Day of Prayer event
held on Capitol Hill Thursday, Rabbi Jonathon Cahn issued a dire warning to
America:  ‘The nation stands in danger of
impending judgement, and we all know it. 
Too much of the Church has lost its saltiness to do anything about it, and
now the same biblical signs of national judgement that appeared in the last
days of ancient Israel are re-appearing on American soil.’ “

…. Wow! … Another voice of warning!
…… but will America listen? …….. At this point, all signs point the
other way ….
*China Times – “Obama forced to
concede new ‘International Order’ “

Comment from article:  “The rise of China and Russia is forcing
the U.S. President, Barack Obama, to concede the dawn of a new ‘International
Order’ that is no longer controlled by the U.S.”

…. In other words, the world’s only
remaining superpower is admittedly ‘fading away’ by our current president’s own
admission! … Like I’ve been preaching all along, this scenario needed to
happen in order for the next phase of prophecy to take place …. a ‘new world
order’ which will soon evolve into a global government …..

*The Voice of Russia – “6.0 quake
hits eastern Indonesia”

-5.7 shakes Jakarta …

*Drudge Report – U.S. Economy

-Unemployment plummets to 6.3% ……… but …..

-92,594,000 Americans not working – new record …

-Women not in labor force hits new record high …

*Drudge Report – State of the Union –

-Disturbing disregard for legal obligations …

-House:  Withholding E-mail
criminal …

-Krauthammer:  Like discovery of
Nixon tapes during Watergate …

-Mag:  Benghazi lies! …

…. I bring this to you only to show how
far we’ve fallen as a nation of people … of how easily our current leaders
can stand before us and blatantly lie about most anything! …. The example
being set by these people concerning the young minds in this nation is tragic,
and will have a lifelong effect on them. ….. 
*Los Angeles Times – “Pasadena
Health Director put on leave over controversial comments”
…. His crime? .. He called ‘Evolution’
a religion created by satan … he compared Disney to a ‘dark empire of
superstition and witchcraft’ … and he criticized homosexuality. ….. How
dare He! .. By the way, he’s a pastor …..
*The Telegraph – “MERS virus
spreading across entire Middle East region”

-Newly arrived virus gains foothold in Caribbean …

*Drudge Report – Magog Update 

-Russian separatists down 2 choppers as fighting escalates ….

-Gunfire blasts as Ukraine forces attack Russian insurgents …

-Russia warns of ‘catastrophic consequences’ …

-CBS news crew blindfolded, detained …

-Russian ‘happiness’ index highest in 25 years …


Another week comes to a close .. and what a week it was! …. More
evident signs of the world’s failing 
economy ..

killer viruses spreading across the globe
… the continuing onslaught against Christians, not only by militant Muslims,
but humanists and homosexuals as well …

But the big story has to be the
breathtakingly rapid decline of America as the world’s only remaining
superpower! … It is almost impossible to believe as we watch this taking
place right before our very eyes. … This current administration is the 13th
to be in power in my lifetime, and I can easily say that none have even come
close to the utter incompetency of this bunch! … They stand before us and lie
with ease .. they show complete ignorance in their relational exchanges with
other countries, Israel being just one of the classic examples .. their
socialist policies are all but killing an already damaged economy … they’ve
destroyed the best health care system in the world .. racism has increased
under their leadership .. their ‘fascist’ agenda concerning suspected
‘troublemakers’ and the monitoring of what they perceive as ‘hate speech’ is as
dangerous an agenda to freedom as we have ever witnessed …… To sum up, the
warning by Rabbi Jonathon Cahn is exactly ‘on the mark!’ …. Unless America
turns it’s collective face back to the true God of heaven, there is neither any
hope, or time left for this once great nation. …. As difficult as it my seem
for some of us, we must pray for our leaders to turn their hearts to the Lord.
… That is theirs, and this nation’s only hope to escape destruction and
eternal damnation. …..

I’m outa here for another week. … Who
knows, the Trumpet may blow this week! … The signs sure point to it happening
soon! … Hallelujah!

Until next time,


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