May 17

*Chicago Tribune – “CDC:  Illinois man is third reported case of MERS
in nation”

-Two cases now in The Netherlands …

-WHO calls on countries to step up prevention …

*Zero Hedge – ” ‘Feeding the
homeless’ is a crime in increasingly more U.S. cities”

…. The purpose is to ‘clean up the
streets!’ …. What an amazingly ‘loving’ nation we have become ….
*MyWay – “Record Balkan floods claim
at least 20 lives … sends tens of thousands fleeing”

*Mail Online – “Freak Frequency from
outside the Milky Way baffles astronomers”

…. Sounds like the movie ‘Contact’ ….
and possibly another ‘excuse’ for the massive disappearance of Christians in
the very near future …..
May 18

*The Telegraph – “The exodus of
Nigeria’s Christians”

… Why? .. They are fleeing the Islamist
Boko Haram, which are bent on eradicating them ….
*ABC – “Strong 6.4 quake hits

*World Net Daily – “Claim:  Christians sin by putting kids in public

…. Who claimed this? .. His name is E.
Ray Moore and he is running for Lt. Governor of South Carolina. …. With
Bibles being banned all over the place and the government-funded and very
secular ‘Common Core’ curriculum now in place, I would have to agree with him!
May 19

*Jerusalem Post – “Israeli Defense
Chief warns of ‘storm on the horizon’ “

….. He cited two main reasons  …. the missile buildup in the Gaza Strip
and Iran’s ability to now go nuclear … 

*NBC – “70,000 fish turn up dead in
Marina Del Rey, California”

…. and once again, the scientists are
baffled …

*KHOU – “Dozens of Texas communities
with less than 90 days of water”

…. It was only a matter of time …
this horrible drought is now starting to take its toll …..

May 20

*The Examiner – “Obama’s
Israeli-Palestinian mediator accused of anti-Israel beliefs”

…. Figures! .. With the combination of
Obama, John Kerry and now this guy (Martin Indyk), what chance is there for Israel to get ‘fair treatment?’
*The College Fix – “Notre Dame
denies official recognition to pro-traditional marriage student group”

….. But same-sex support groups are
just fine! … The inequity continues to grow ……

*Reuters – “Hundreds evacuated in El
Salvador as volcanic activity picks up”

*World Net Daily – “Israel faces a
Global Media War”

…… The facts are in … Study reveals
blatant media bias, slanted reporting against the Jewish state. … Should we
be surprised? … It is prophetic! .. The Bible clearly states that  israel will
become more and more isolated in these last days ….

*Associated Press – “Judges order
bans on ‘gay’ marriage in Utah and Oregon as unconstitutional”

…. Does no one in public service
remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

*Associated Press – “Nosebleed
revives talk in Japan”

…. It started again when a journalist
visited the Fukushima nuclear disaster site, and now he has constant
nosebleeds. … and notice the word ‘revives’ in the headline? .. Did we really
think this thing was just going to go away?! ….

May 21

*Reuters – Magnitude 6.0 earthquake off
India’s east coast – no damage reported”

-5.4 quake strikes southern Iran …

-5.6 tremor hits Taiwan …

*Yahoo News – “California’s central
valley drought to cost 14,500 jobs”

…. Not what we need right now .. for
either unemployment numbers or the food supply. … Remember, California
supplies a large portion of our nation’s food supply ….

*Public Weather Service – “Mega
El-Nino developing – Potential ‘perfect storm’ for catastrophic weather”

…… ‘Birth Pains’ ……

*The Daily Caller – “Dem
Congressman:  ‘We’ve proved that
Communism works”

….. What ‘nut-job’ said this? ..
Florida Representative Joe Garcia ….. Well, Mr. Garcia, the only thing that
appears to have worked in your pathetic scenario is the nearly complete
elimination of God from the public square! …..

*Market Watch – “Fed President:  ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ “

…. His name is Charles Plosser and he
is the head of the Philadelphia Fed. … The ‘bomb,’ he says, is the $2.5
Trillion in ‘excess reserves,’ which translates to ‘loanable funds’ available
to both individual and corporate borrowers through the nation’s banks. … The
problem is the ‘funds’ are basically worthless, most all being purchased through
the printing of worthless, non-backed money! … (It’s called ‘Quantitive
Easing’) … We’ve known all along that this facade couldn’t go on forever. …
and it’s just about time to ‘call it in’ …. Look out!

Plus …

-47% of unemployed have ‘completely given up’ looking for work …

-Record 10,996,447 on disability …

May 22

*World Net Daily – “Big Chill:  Feds want to scour net, media for ‘hate
speech’ “

….. This is the intent of a new bill
from a pair of democratic lawmakers — Senator Ed Markley, D-Mass & Rep.
Hakeem Jeffries, D-New York. … The focus of the bill will be on internet
sites, broadcast, cable Television and radio shows. … Doesn’t take a ‘brain
surgeon’ to know that ‘conservative Christians’ will be one of their main targets

*BBC – “Thailand Military seizes
power in Coup”

 ….. Just wonder who and what the next failed
effort will be lead by? … Going forward, we will see more and more civil
unrest throughout the world …..

*Christian – “Many
criticize Glenn Beck’s Mormon speech at Liberty University Convocation”

…. He said this — “I am Mormon
and share your faith.” …. No wonder many are critical! .. Being a Mormon
and then claiming to share the Christian faith is an out-and-out lie! .. and
Liberty University should know better than to invite a member of a cult to be a
keynote speaker! ……. Now I know some will disagree with me and say I’m
judgmental and ‘non-diverse,’ but if you do, then I suggest you ‘read up’ on
what Mormons believe. … Two quick examples — ‘They don’t believe in the
Trinity’ and ‘Jesus and Satan are brothers’ …. Need I say more?! 

*Drudge Report – “Chuck Hagel:  ‘New World Order being built”

…. For once he’s right on something! ..
The Kings of the North and East (Russia & China) are working together —
The Revived Roman Empire (EU) is solidifying — The world’s previous
‘protector’ (USA) is ‘fading into the sunset’ — Quite perceptive, Chuck! ..
Now read your Bible and you will really know why!

*CBS – “Duck Dynasty star Phil
Robertson:  ‘They railed against me for
giving them the truth about their sins.”

…. Love your boldness, brother Phil!
… We all should be the same way … consistent and strong about our faith

*Fox News – Wars & Rumors of Wars

-Korean warships exchange fire …

-At least 13 killed as Ukraine violence spikes …

-Thailand’s military seizes power in Coup …


Well, that’s it for another week. .. Did
you notice it is only a ‘six-day’ period? … I’m leaving for Boise, Idaho
first thing in the morning so I wouldn’t have been able to finish this up …
hence, six days. … So why Boise, you ask? … My oldest daughter’s youngest
son (my grandson) is graduating from high school and we want to be there to
celebrate with him. … Also, we are going to meet our newest family member …
a brand new great-grandson! …. We are so excited! … My request is that you
pray for Robbin & I as we travel on this very busy holiday weekend. .. It
will be comforting to know that my Christian family has our backs as we venture
out in such crazy times. … May God bless you in advance!  — Stay tuned as I will be back in touch in
just a few days ..

Until next time,


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