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June 21

*Associated Press – “Putin orders
forces in the Urals on combat alert”

-Fighting rages on in Ukraine despite declared truce …

….. He is a;so building up his forces
on the Ukraine border …

*Jerusalem Post – “ADL condemns U.S.
Presbyterian Church vote to join Israel divestment movement”

…. The day after they voted to say
‘gay’ marriage is Christian, they have moved another step away from the State
of israel. … Over the past 10 years, PCUSA leaders have fomented an
atmosphere of open hostility to Israel within the church. ….. I wouldn’t want
to be one of these leaders on Judgement Day …..

*Zero Hedge – “Inflation?  Only if you look at food, water, gas,
electricity …. and everything else”

…. But wait! .. Aren’t the ‘talking
heads’ in DC telling us things are getting better? … I’m shocked! .. but not
really ….

*The Telegraph – “Iraq’s beleaguered
Christians make final stand on the Mosul front line”

Comment from article:  “Some Christian families from Mosul have
sought refuge in St. Matthew’s Monastery. .. Others vow to take a stand against
the Islamists, whatever the cost.”

…. We must remember to pray for them

*Associated Press – “Obama advances
‘Transgender Policies’ “
…. and it’s all happening out of the
spotlight …. again, I’m shocked! .. but not really …      
June 22

*Extinction Protocol – Volcano Activity

-Volcanoes are waking up in the Aleutians:  Most activity in decades …

-Reunion Island volcano wakes up after 4 years with major eruption …

-Lake Tahoe  region rattled by 5
quakes – Scientists say area long overdue …

*Yahoo News – California’s catastrophic
drought just got worse – a lot worse”
Comment from article:  “How bad is California’s devastating
drought? .. Just in the past week, the percentage of the state identified as
being in ‘exceptional drought’ – the most severe category – jumped from a
quarter to a third. .. The government-funded U.S. Drought Monitor classified
the entire state as in drought, and as of Tuesday, nearly 77% of California was
in ‘extreme drought,’ which is just one notch below ‘exceptional drought.’
…. Not everyone realizes just how much
of our food supply comes out of California. .. The state itself is the world’s
7th-largest economy. … Scary stuff! …
*Drudge Report – Iraq Update

-Islamic Law spreads in Iraq …

-Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death is captured and executed

-Insurgents capture 4th town this week …

*Joel Rosenberg – “Pray for
Peace:  Syrians kill one israeli, wound
two on Sunday – Palestinians in Gaza fires 20+ rockets at Israel. – In turn,
Israel strikes nine targets in Syria, strikes targets in Gaza”

….. It’s heating up … just like I
knew it would ….

*Fox News – “Louisiana Governor
Jindal claims ‘rebellion brewing’ against Washington”

….. Is revolution coming? ….

June 23

*ABC News – “7.9 magnitude quake
hits Alaska’s Aleutian Islands – 6.9 strikes Kermadec Islands”

*Business Insider – “Current Ebola
outbreak is now the worst in history and ‘totally out of control”

* Reuters – “North Korea Army
mobilized as rivers run dry in worst drought in memory”

*Jerusalem Post – “Israeli air raids
killed at least 10 Syrian soldiers”

…. Then I guess they should quit firing
rockets into Israel! … The Jews still believe in “an eye for an eye ….
*Associated press – “Polish Foreign
Minister says U.S. ties ‘worthless’ “
…. Another glimpse of the current
worldview of America .. the fast-fading superpower ….
*Joel Rosenberg – “The Presbyterian
Church USA turns against Israel .. But they have already rejected Christ and
His Word, so is this surprising? ”
Joel’s comment: .. ‘Let us pray for
people to leave PCUSA and find orthodox evangelical church congregations that
teach sound doctrine and preach the true Gospel!’
Here’s some stats concerning this outfit

-A 2010 survey found only 35% of its pastors agreed that Jesus Christ is
the only way to salvation

-In 2012 alone, the PCUSA denomination lost 102,000 members. .. It also
lost 196 congregations – 110 left, 86 dissolved …

-In 1965, the PCUSA denomination boasted 4.25 million members. .. By
2013, that number had declined to 1.84 million …

-19% of PCUSA pastors don’t believe Jesus is coming back to Earth one
day and 30% of members don’t believe it either …


……Any and all Christians who are
associated with this organization needs to flee from the false teachings of
this leadership. 
*Drudge Report – “Nearly half of
Detroit residents can’t pay water bills – UN may be called in”
…… Did we ever think we would see the
day the UN would have to come to help our citizens? … It’s coming to the
streets, people!
*World Net Daily – “Iraq invaders
threaten nuke attack on Israel”
…. and these ‘nut-jobs’ will do it! …
It is getting close …..
June 24
*Drudge Report – Iraq Update

-Jihadists recruiting Syrian children for suicide missions:  ‘Allah is calling you’ “

-Insurgents seize key oil refinery – gas prices skyrocketing …

-Iraq, Syria, Jordan borders crumbling …

-ISIS threatens to storm Jordan with 15,000 fighters …

*Zero Hedge – “Banks:  Fear ‘Barometer’ hits all-time high”
… and these people should know .. it’s
what they do ….. 

*CBS News – “Duck Dynasty star Phil
Robertson:  ‘Time to vote this ungodly
bunch out of Washington’ “
…. Washington is so ‘poisoned’ now that
I’m not sure ‘good people’ could survive there … The whole system is based
upon deceit and compromise .. things Christian people need to stay away from
… The basic premise of America right now is ‘Separation of Church and State’
— can anyone, or any nation survive when God is ‘separated’ out of it? … I
think not!
June 25

*CNBC – “Bad to Worse:  U.S. economy shrank more than expected in
…. Almost 3%, which is huge by economic
measures … Anyone surprised? …
*World Net Daily – “Mysterious Space
Signal baffles Astronomers”

…. Maybe it’s ‘Morse Code from Moses’
telling us to get our act together! ….. OK .. it was a slow news day ….
June 26

*Christian News – “Federal
Judge:  Forced removal of Christian
materials from classroom was legal”
…. The place? .. Buffalo, New York ..
*Christian News – “Convicted Heavy
Metal ‘Christian’ singer admits being atheist, duped fans to sell music”
…… I’m not surprised at all by this
admission. … Heavy Metal music is an instrument of the devil! .. Now I know
this sounds ‘old fashioned, judgmental & out-of-date,’  but please consider this … in my previous
life, I was in, and played a part in this world   … Heavy Metal, along with a large portion
of rock music, is intense and chaotic, the intent being to create an atmosphere
of commotion, confusion, chaos, and ultimately, delusion …. and if anyone is
totally honest with themselves, the overall attitude and outlook of the world
since the introduction of this music has gone straight to hell! … I’m sorry,
and have repented for ever being a part of it ….   
*Christian Post – “Pluralism is the
Enemy:  ‘Jesus is the Only Way’ will be
deemed ‘Hate Speech’ “
…. So says Bryan Chapell, a
Presbyterian pastor who is not associated with PCUSA which just approved ‘gay’
marriage … and he is absolutely right! … Pluralism – meaning that people
from any and all faiths can achieve salvation – is now one of the forefront
issues espoused by the rapidly-growing World Church movement ….
*Christian News – “Bad news for the
Big Bang:  Secular scientists claim
Universe shouldn’t exist”
….. I’m shocked! .. but not really …
But seriously, this conclusion came nearly 2 years after the highly-publicized
discovery of the elusive ‘God Particle.’ … They (the scientists) have
determined that the current Big Bang model cannot account for the existence of
the Universe ….. I could have told them that and saved them a lot of trouble
*The Sydney Morning Herald – “Pope
has most influence on Twitter, study finds”
…. Why is this worth mentioning? ..
This is the guy promoting ‘unity’ of all the world religions! … Sadly, his
thoughts resonate with most all people, and Twitter is a powerful tool to shape
his World Church propaganda ….
*World Net Daily – “Wendy Davis
supporters now ‘praying’ for campaign help”
Comment from article:  “Supporters of Wendy Davis, a rabidly
pro-abortion democratic state senator in Texas who is running a distant 2nd in
this year’s race for governor, appear to want to cover the bases when it comes
to asking for ‘extraterrestrial’ help in their campaign. … First, they
chanted ‘hail satan’ in support of Davis. .. Now, they’re asking for help from
‘God, our Father, our Mother.’ “
…. Who knows, maybe ‘Zeus’ or ‘The
Force’ will be next! .. But seriously, we need to pray for these seriously
disillusioned people ….. No question they have ‘lost their way’ ….

*Christian Post – “Bill Maher:  ‘Obama’s a drop-dead atheist’ “
…. The president’s actions seem to
support this position …..
June 27

*The Daily Sheeple – Armageddon on the
Doorstep:  The ISIS conquest of Iraq
leads to Jerusalem – are you ready for the next world war?”
….. No one is ever ready for any war
… and there will NOT be another world war until Armageddon. … However,
Matthew 24:6 talks about the increase of ‘wars & rumors of wars,’ and what
we are seeing in Iraq is just such the case. .. Also, Psalm 83 speaks of many
‘skirmishes’ concerning the ‘sons of Ishmael (Arabs) .. Plus, Ezekiel 38-39
sees Russia (Magog) & Iran (Persia) teaming up in the last days to come
against Israel. … So these things taking place before our eyes are all
prophesied in the Holy Scriptures … proof of their truth and inerrancy ….
*Arutz Sheva – “Hamas calls on Iran
to join the ‘struggle’ against Israel”
…. No surprise here … Hamas has only
one agenda .. the ultimate destruction of Israel .. which isn’t going to

*Breitbart – “Man gets 6 years in
Egyptian prison for ‘liking’ Christian facebook post”

*Jerusalem Post – “Arab states at UN
deplore ‘Israeli Aggression’ “

… Their reason? .. Israel is building
homes in the West Bank, which just so happens to be their own land! … The
Arab plan? .. Keep up the pressure on as many ‘fronts’ as possible ….

*The Washington Times – ” ‘Warrior
Princess’ becomes Pentagon’s Poster Girl in Transgender Recruiting effort”
… Who is ‘Warrior Princess,’ you ask?
… A former Navy Seal who decided to become a woman ……. It’s totally out
of control! .. America is doomed! … We’re starting to make Sodom &
Gomorrah’ look like ‘Ding Dong School!’ ….
*Breitbart – “Ebola outbreak
spreading:  World Health Organization calls
for ‘Drastic Action’ ” 
…. Health experts are now saying it is
no longer a ‘country-specific’ outbreak ….


It is simply amazing just how fast it is
all coming together in the ‘prophetic scheme of things,’ isn’t it? …Just one
example is how Israel is becoming more isolated by the moment! … and her
enemies are really gearing up to cause her as many problems as possible ….
and of course, Iraq is a mess, along with Syria and many parts of Africa …..
and sadly, this will only increase in many other parts of the world. …. This
is prophesied for these last days …

And are you seeing what I am seeing
concerning our nation’s ‘condition?’ …. It is incredible just how fast we are
fading on the world scene. .. But then, when we take a closer look as to why,
it isn’t difficult to identify. … The homosexual/overall moral condition is the
same, or even worse than in all the nations preceding us just before their
collapse. … Now we are flying the ‘gay’ flag around the world as well as
using transgenders to recruit our next generation of soldiers?! …. God help
us! … And then there’s the Church. …. The prophecies were, as always,
dead-on when they showed us the picture of what the end-time church would look
like …. Deceit, false doctrine, acceptance of immoral practices, false
teachers & prophets, lukewarm in our fervor for God … the list goes on
& on …. Simply, America is a land divided and is collapsing from within
… and the end is extremely close unless there is a miracle from God … and
that miracle will only come if there are signs of repentance from within …
and other than the remnant, I don’t see any signs of it in any quarter of this
society! …. A tragic condition that will ultimately result in death.  

As for you, the remnant, please keep
praying for strength for each other as we move ever closer to the end
…..  We must never get discouraged
because God will NOT abandon us! … He will raise us up in victory as He has
promised! …. Hallelujah! …. Know that I am praying earnestly for you and
will not stop until either the Lord takes me home, or the Trumpet blows … and
thanks for sharing with me each week. .. It is encouraging for me to know that
you are out there and praying as well …

Until next time,


June 24, 2014

Why is it that we humans learn nothing
from history? … Referring to the title, we look to the city of Sodom and
Gomorrah as just one example of a society that ‘fell to the depths’ concerning
their moral behavior. .. Blatant sexual 
perversion and immorality was the order of the day for most all who
lived there. … And what happened? … God’s judgement fell upon them and destroyed
them.  (see Genesis 19) … We’ve also
seen this same result in most every other society of the past that followed the
same pattern – Rome being a classic example. …
With this in mind, let’s look at what
happened just this week in America. … To start, the Pew Research Center had
this story on June 19th …”Where Christian Churches, other religions
stand on ‘Gay’ Marriage.” .. The opening paragraph said this … “The
Presbyterian Church (USA) plans to hold a historic vote on same-sex marriage
this week that could reverberate beyond the church’s nearly 2 million
members.  Church leaders gathering in
detroit are expected to decide as early as today whether to allow ‘gay’
marriage or to continue to prohibit it, a move some Christian leaders believe
could influence other centrist and liberal mainline protestant churches as they
grapple with the issue.” …… The next day we saw this headline from the
Associated Press … “Presbyterian Assembly:  ‘Gay’ Marriage is Christian.” ….. I’ll
share some final thoughts as to my take on this in a bit ….
Did any of us ever expect to see this
kind of thing happening in this land, or in our churches? … Well sadly, it is
quickly becoming the norm across the entire spectrum of America’s moral
landscape. .. Let me for a moment share with you a few other stories that have
taken place in just these past few days concerning this issue …
*June 12th – World Net Daily – “U.S. Ambassador flies ‘Gay’ flag in
Tel Aviv”
*June 14th – Huffington Post – “Hallmark releases ‘Gay’ Father’s
Day E-card”
*June 15th – The Daily Caller – “Public Universities around the
country allow ‘specific tributes’ to ‘gay’ graduates”
*June 16th – Newsmax – “Obama to sign order barring federal
discrimination against ‘gays’ “
*June 17th – World Net Daily – “5-year-olds taught to celebrate
‘Queer Pride’ in Oakland, California”
*June 18th – World Net Daily – “Judicial appointments of
homosexuals surge”
…. And this is just in the past few
days! …. It is becoming the accepted ‘way of life’ in America’s society, and
its churches as well. … Sadly, the comment in the Presbyterian Church’
article is true concerning the centrist and liberal church bodies as to
succumbing to this blatant acceptance of sinful lifestyles entering into their
midst. … I have Christian friends and acquaintances whose churches are
considering the same issues. … For those who have a solid basic knowledge of
Bible teaching, they absolutely know this stuff is wrong … but here is the
huge problem! … The majority of Americans in today’s churches don’t have that
knowledge and therefore willingly accept the very things that will ultimately
not only bring their churches to their knees, but also will destroy the land
they live in!  
Let me next give you some ‘ammunition’ to
use to combat this sinful onslaught …. Bible verses you can use to share with
those that really don’t know and are searching … I will only share one
complete one, but will list the rest for you to look up on your own. … 1
Corinthians 6:9-10 says this … “Do you not know that the wicked will not
inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be
deceived:  Neither the sexually immortal
nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor
thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit
the kingdom of God.” …… Additional verses are Genesis 19:1-29 (Sodom
and Gomorrah) – Leviticus 18:22; 20:13 – Matthew 15:19 – Acts 15:20, 29 – Acts
21:25 – Romans 1:24-29 – Romans 13:13 – 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 – 1 Corinthians
6:9-10, 13, 18-20 – 1 Corinthians 10:8 – Galatians 5:19 – Ephesians 5:3 –
Colossians 3:5 – 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 – 1 Timothy 1:8-11 – 2 Timothy 3:1-5 –
Jude 4, 7 – Hebrews 12:16, 13:4 – Revelation 2:14, 20 – Revelation 9:21 –
Revelation 21:8 – Revelation 22:12-16. …. I know this is a lot of verses, but
isn’t it our job to know these things so that we can combat the evil that is
creeping into both our nation and our churches? … Take your time … learn
them, and then use them. …. It just may save someone from the fires of hell!
Because this issue is affecting both our
nation and our churches, let me share a couple of pieces that clearly spell out
the truth of all of this. … The first is from the year 2007 … “When
Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate,
everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this was what they heard …
‘Heavenly Father, we come before you
today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. .. We
know Your Word says ‘Woe to those who call evil good’ but that is exactly what
we have done. .. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our
values. .. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. .. We have
rewarded laziness and called it welfare. .. We have killed our unborn and
called it choice. .. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. .. We
have neglected to discipline our children and called it ‘building self-esteem.’
.. We have abused power and called it politics. .. We have coveted our
neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition. .. We have polluted the air with
profanity and pornography and called it freedom of speech and expression. .. We
have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.
… Search us, oh God, and know our hearts today … cleanse us from every sin
and set us free …. Amen.’ “
And then the church …
“A certain minister had a reputation
for being eccentric. .. One Sunday morning, he told his congregation that he
believed his church was dead. … You can imagine the murmurings from the pews
when he said,  ‘Come back tonight, I’m
going to preach the funeral service of the church.’ …. The members were
shocked:  The attendance for the evening
service was larger than it had been in years. ….
“In front of the pews was a casket
and as the people sat in stunned silence, the pastor delivered the message. ..
After the last ‘amen’ the pastor said, 
‘Some of you may not agree with me that this church is dead. .. So that
you may be convinced, I am going to ask you to view the remains. .. I want you
to file by the casket, one by one, and see who is dead.’ .. In preparation for
this unorthodox presentation, the minister had placed a mirror in the bottom of
the casket. .. It is obvious who everyone saw when he came to view the
I know I’ve used these two pieces before,
but I can find nothing that says it more clearly than they do. … They are
simple and to the point … just like I like it … and the simple truth is
this … as long as we allow all this sin into our society and churches, you
can be sure that the wrath of God will fall on both! … Sadly, the country may
have already passed the point of no return, and the churches must repent .. and
quickly .. for there to be any hope for them  
… but we must remember this … it is NEVER too late for a person to turn
his or her face to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. …  Remember, there is no sin so deep that His
love isn’t deeper .. no life so hopeless 
.. no soul so far away .. and no darkness so so dark that His love isn’t
greater still .. God is salvation .. God is deliverance .. protection .. rescue
.. freedom .. refuge .. and safety. …. It just begins with receiving .. with
the opening of one’s heart .. with the turning away from darkness and to the
light .. with the giving of oneself .. the committing of one’s life .. a prayer
.. a decision .. a total and unconditional YES!
…… I love you all and am praying for
you …. and God knows exactly who you are ……..
Until next time,

June 13

*Arutz Sheva – “Pope Condemns
Religious Fundamentalism”

…. His interpretation is this …
“A fundamentalist group, even if it kills no one, even if it strikes no
one, is violent. .. The mental structure of fundamentalism is violence in the
name of God.”

….. What?! .. Must be the ‘Vatican
version’ of the dictionary. .. Webster’s says the meaning of fundamentalism is

“religious belief based upon a
literal interpretation of the Bible.” … That makes me ‘guilty’ of being
a fundamentalist. …. (see my June 17th commentary titled “Fundamentalism
on the Firing Line” for more details) … 
*The Washington Times – “Pentagon
preps for ‘Mass Civil Breakdown’ “

-Secret prisons, drone bases, surveillance stations kept secret …

….. Even though this shocks many, not
so me! .. Why else would all the government agencies by buying up weapons and
ammo? … Civil unrest is coming .. and soon ….
June 14

*AFP – “Moderate 5.6 quake hits
Japan’s north”

*Huffington Post – “Pope Francis
warns the Global Economy is near collapse”

Comment from article:  “An economy built on money-worship and
war and scarred by yawning inequality and youth unemployment cannot

…. Of course, he’s right about these
specifics, and the World Church he is striving to create will be a major player
in the prophetic events created by these conditions ….
*Drudge Report – Iraq Update

-Iraq imploding …

-Baghdad fights back …

-Iran sends in troops …

-Pentagon moves warship to Gulf …

-Fall would make current gas prices ‘look like bargain’ …

-Vets watch as insurgents undo sacrifices …

-‘Died for nothing’ …

-ISIS leader:  See you in New York

Ukraine Update

-Russian tanks roll into Ukraine …

-49 dead as rebels down military plane …

*Huffington Post – “Hallmark
releases ‘Gay’ Father’s day e-card”

…… Who’s left? …
June 15

*Fox News – “Number of Police
Officers killed on job up 40% over last year”

*The Daily Caller – “Public
Universities around the country allow ‘specific tributes’ to gay

…. Their reason is because ‘these
graduating seniors amazingly managed to complete their degrees while suffering
the grueling hardship of being lesbians and homosexuals,’ reported Campus

… Now, not only do we (society) accept
it, we now celebrate it! …. God help us! …
*Jerusalem Post – “Israeli Defense
Force (IDF) calls up reserves, deploys Iron Dome in south”

…. Looks like the new Palestinian Unity
Government deal with Hamas joining in has Israel raising its defenses to a new
level …
June 16

*Newsmax – Obama to sign order barring
federal discrimination against ‘gays’ “

…. Another ‘short-lived’ victory for
the Gay Rights Activists …..
*Associated Press – “Kerry:  U.S. open to talks with Iran over iraq”

…. Now wait a minute! .. Aren’t these
the same people who consider us the ‘Great Satan?’  .. and have also sworn our destruction?
*Lalate News – Earthquakes Today

-5.6 rocks Costa Rica …

-5.7 hits Ecuador …

-5.2 strikes Guatemala …

-5.7 hits near Noatak, Alaska …

*CBS – “U.S. Officials keep close
eye on ‘miserable’ mosquito-borne Chikungunya Virus – Now confirmed in 15

*Mail Online – “Bodies piling
up:  From Kenya to Iraq, shocking images
show wave of Islamist carnage”

…. No matter how the press, or our
leaders try to paint it, this is the true motive of the Islamist mentality we
are seeing across the globe right now … This violence is what their Koran
teaches them to do … There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim, unless he
or she is an apostate ….. 
*Breitbart – “Chicago erupts in
violence over Father’s Day weekend – 2 dead, 25 shot”

*Joel Rosenberg – “Chaos in Iraq,
Syria setting stage for the Twelfth Imam, says Ayatollah, but more must be

…. That’s comforting! … What he is
saying is that they need ‘more mass killings’ in anticipation of their ‘false
messiah’ …
June 17

*CNS News – “Price of meat, chicken,
fish soars to all-time high”

-Consumer prices rise sharply in May …

… and it doesn’t look to be improving
any time soon …
*Mail Online – “Indian teenager
worshipped because he has a seven-inch tail”

…. This would seem to indicate an
’emptiness’ in many who are obviously in a desperate search for ‘spiritual
fulfillment’ …. All they need to do is look to Jesus! …….
*Times-Dispatch – “Horror:  Man kills wife, children, himself in Father’s
Day rampage”

…. Another family gone! .. Don’t tell
me evil isn’t present in this land!  ….
*World Net Daily – “5-year-olds
taught to celebrate ‘Queer Pride’ “

…. The place? .. An elementary school
in Oakland, California … Start the ‘brain-washing’ early! ……
June 18

*Extinction Protocol – Volcanoes Coming
to Life

-Sabancaya volcano is southern Peru wakes up after 15-yerar slumber …

-Yellow Alert declared for Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador …

-After 30 years:  Hawaii’s Mauna
Loa volcano showing signs of stirring (this is the world’s largest volcano) …

-Awakening?  Seismic unrest
reported at Alaska’s remote Semisopochnoi volcano …

*BBC – “Seven die in Monrovia Ebola

*Jerusalem Post – “U.S. Treasury
Secretary Lew:  Iran’s nuclear program
will remain peaceful”

…. Isn’t that what they said about
Hitler? … Now let’s see … They consider Israel the ‘Little Satan’ and have
sworn their complete destruction … they consider America as the ‘Great Satan’
and have sworn our complete destruction … and they believe their messiah, the
12th Imam, will ONLY come back if they create enough havoc and chaos in the
world … Lew’s position is incredibly naive, but is typical of this entire
administration’s mental perception … Clueless!
*World Net Daily – “Judicial
appointments of homosexuals surge”

…. and why not? .. Besides accelerating
biblical sin, what other achievements are there? …
*The Washington Times – “Job seekers
hurt by Faith on resume – cuts chances by 26%” 

…. I’m surprised the number is so low
June 19

*The Watchers – “Strong magnitude
6.4 earthquake registered off the coast of Vanuatu”

*MyWay – “Number of Syrian refugees
in Turkey now exceeds one million”

…. We must remember to pray for these
poor people who, for all intents and purposes, have lost their homes and means
to survive ….. Can we even imagine ……………………….
*BBC – “Ebola deaths pass 300 in
West Africa”

*Zero Hedge – “Putin advisors
propose ‘Anti-Dollar Alliance’ to halt U.S./ aggression abroad”

…. They claim this will help curb the
rebuilding of the cold war. … Bottom line is any attack on the dollar from
any quarter right now is extremely dangerous to our already fragile economy
*BBC – “U.S. Central Bank cuts
growth forecast for 2014”

….. More signs of an economy that is
NOT recovering …..
*Pew Research Center – “Where
Christian Churches, other Religions stand on ‘Gay’ Marriage”

Comment from article:  “The Presbyterian Church (USA) plans to
hold a historic vote on Same-Sex Marriage this week that could reverberate
beyond the church’s nearly 2 million members. .. Church leaders gathering in
Detroit are expected to decide as early as today whether to allow ‘gay’
marriage or to continue to prohibit it, a move some Christian leaders believe
could influence other centrist and liberal main-line protestant churches as
they also grapple with the issue.”
…… The mere fact that ANY Christian
denomination would even consider allowing what is clearly considered as
specific sin according to the Holy Scriptures, is beyond me! … It’s like,
‘Gee, these things are popular in today’s society so let’s go ahead and change
God’s Laws to accommodate their desires in these times.’ …. Sorry, but it
doesn’t work that way! .. Our job is to ‘love them and work to ‘change’ them,
not accept their wrong choices ……
*The Telegraph – “Iraq Crisis:  ISIS Jihadists ‘seize’ Saddam Hussein’s
Chemical Weapons Stockpile”

… What a minute! .. I thought there
wasn’t any chemical weapons in Iraq! …. Anyway, this is really bad news …
These ‘nut-jobs’ will use them …..
June 20

*World Net Daily – “Health
Experts:  Diseases at southern border
becoming ‘Crisis’ “

…… TB, Measles, Scabies, Lice, Dengue
Fever, Leprosy …. To name a few ….
*Jerusalem Post – “Israel Air Force
strikes Gaza overnight in retaliation for rockets”

….. Second time in the last 24 hours
… As predicted, with the Palestinian Unity Agreement which included Hamas in
Gaza, things are picking up …..
*The Balfour Post – “French Jews
leave for Israel at pace unseen in decades”

… The reasons? … Anti-Semitism,
militant Islam, poor economic outlook are the main reasons …..
*Wall Street Journal – “Boom:  Dow sets sights on 17,000”

….. Wall Street is living in its
‘bubble’ while the rest of the world is falling apart …. Soon, that ‘bubble’
will burst …
*Breitbart – “Doctors:  Ebola ‘Out of Control’ “

…. Just the beginning of things to come
*Associated Press – “Presbyterian
Assembly: ‘Gay’ Marriage is Christian”

…. Sorry Presbyterians, but ‘gay’
marriage is NOT Christian! … Simply, it is a compromise of scriptures,
something these leaders, as well as those who follow them, will have to answer
for on Judgement Day ….. Another ‘casualty’ in the rapid fall of today’s
Church …. The ‘Laodicean Effect’ (as I call it) is now in full force! ….


Another week full of the prophesied signs
of today’s rapidly-declining world …. and it was completely ‘across the
board’ ….. I know that some weeks we see certain prophesied areas getting the
most attention, but this week, it was the whole package! ….

One thing I want to talk about … I know
that in my brief comments, I sound very ‘doomsday,’ and I don’t want this to
depress anyone. … But I feel that I must be completely honest about each
situation as it relates to the prophetic picture laid out in the Holy
Scriptures. …. And also remember this! … The ‘bad’ stuff only applies to
those who HAVEN’T accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! … My hope
is that for those non-believers or lukewarm folks who might just ‘stumble’ onto
this sight and see just what the Bible says concerning today’s events, it just
might wake them up to the fact that they need to turn their faces to the Lord
for hope and salvation. … Simply, “The wages of sin is death, but the
gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)
” …. These headlines and comments are only intended to hopefully ‘wake
up’ those who are sleeping through all the obvious signs … like the
“Days of Noah” (see Matthew 24:36-39) … The Lord is coming for His
Church at any moment and we all need to spread the Word as much as we can,
while we can … Every soul saved creates a celebration in heaven, so let’s be
responsible for many celebrations! … Hallelujah!

Know that I am praying fervently for each
and every one of you who shares time with me each week …. and please pray for
me as well. … Lord knows we all need the support while we wait for the
Trumpet to blow! .. Hallelujah!

Until next time,


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