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July 12

*Drudge Report – Gaza War Update

-Hamas fires major barrage at Tel Aviv – Iron Dome stops …

-Israel orders residents of northern Gaza to evacuate …

-Mosque and clinic bombed …

-Sirens blare in Jerusalem …

-Foreign Minister Liberman says Israel must ‘go all the way and
eradicate Hamas Regime in Gaza’ …

-Lebanese rockets hit Israel as Palestinian deaths pass 100 …

*Boston Globe – “Gay stance
threatens Christian college’s accreditation”

…. The New England Association of
Schools and Colleges Commission is considering pulling Gordon College’s
accreditation because of its longstanding policies prohibiting gay activities
among students, faculty and staff. .. This would essentially put them ‘out of
business’ ….

July 13

*The Australian – “Climate
Chaos:  Brisbane hits coldest temperature
in 103 years – Antarctica hit by record low”

-Coldest Antarctic June ever recorded …

*Bloomberg – “Ebola spreads to
Sierra Leone’s capital of Freetown:  WHO
gravely concerned deadly virus could go global”

*Bloomberg – “Deadliest, rarest form
of Plague contracted near Denver”

…. Its name is ‘Pneumonic Plague’ and
is spread through sneezing and coughing —- not seen since 2004″
*The China Post – “Japan bracing for
more violent aftershocks from deadly 2011 9.0 earthquake”
…. The 6.8 quake that hit Saturday was
one of them and seismologists warn of more to come ….
* – “Magnitude 6.1
earthquake hits off northern Chile”

*The Telegraph – “Israel carries out
first ground operation of gaza crisis”

-Israeli troops wounded …

-Thousands abandon homes …

-Middle East to John Kerry:  ‘Butt
Out’ “

*CNS News – “Gallup:  Majorities of Muslims and Atheists approve of
Obama:  Christians don’t”

*The Telegraph – “Bank of
International Settlements chief fears fresh Lehman-type crisis from worldwide
debt surge”
Comment from article:  “The world economy is just as vulnerable
to a financial crisis as it was in 2007, with the added danger that debt ratios
are now far higher and emerging markets have been drawn into the fire as
*Drudge Report – Police State

_DOJ investigates Nebraska parade float critical of Obama …

-Holder blasts Sarah Palin for Impeachment comments …

-Homeland Security swarms small town in bizarre unannounced show of
force …

*Yahoo News – Clashes in Paris as
thousands march against Israeli offensive”

-Chaos at Synagogues …  

-Jews taken to hospital …
….. It’s the Muslim population rising
up in the streets of Europe …. So much for ‘multi-culturalism’ …
July 14

*Reuters – “As some high-rise assets
take a hit, Investors fear worst is yet to come”

… World financial markets became
reacquainted with fear last week, even though it was short-lived. … The
concern lies in the strength of the world’s banks, verses the ‘reported’ assets
…. Portugal’s largest bank proved that point ……… It’s coming!
*Lalate News – “6.4 quake strikes
Philippine coast of Mindanao”
-5.6 hits east Java …

*The Australian – “Putin calls for a
New World Order”
…. Like everybody else these days! ….
Trust me when I say, a world government is coming  … and soon ….
*Jerusalem Post – “Neo-Nazis,
Islamists declare ‘You Jews are beasts’ during protests of Israel
…. This happened in Germany in the
1930s just before the Holocaust …..
*Breitbart – “Border Control
Agent:  Diseases coming into the country
we haven’t seen in decades”
July 15
*The Truth – “People are undergoing
extreme Body Modifications in order to look like the devil?”
Comment from article:  “When does ‘body modification’ go too
far?.. In recent years, the popularity of tattoos and body piercing has soared,
but now there are thousands of people around the globe that are taking body
modification to ridiculous extremes. .. For example, would you be willing to
have your tongue slit in two so that you could have a forked tongue? .. What
about getting eyeball tattoos or having titanium horns implanted in your head?
.. Well, there’s a sub-culture of people out there that truly seem to enjoy
‘pushing the envelope’ – and some, the devil himself.”

…. How desperate & deluded the
people of this world have become! 
*National Post – “Crisis of Faith at
CDC after latest blunder:  It somehow
shipped a deadly strain of Bird Flu to a poultry lab”
…. Who’s running the incompetent
*The Telegraph – “Ukraine &
Russia edge closer to war amid accusations of cross-border attacks”
*CNS News – “White House boasts
‘Tranquility’ of global community”
…. I’ve been suspicious of ‘delusional
people’ being in charge of this country … and this statement proves this out
beyond a shadow of a doubt! .. These leaders are, in fact, totally out of touch
with the reality of this world … and sadly, it impacts us all!

*Los Angeles Times – “Downtown Los
Angeles is now driest since rain records started in 1877”

-Fines of up to $500 for ‘wasting’ water … 

*Joel Rosenberg – “Rocket War
Update:  israel accepts Egypt cease-fire
plan, but Hamas rejects it – Here’s the big picture so far….. “

-Over 1080 rockets have been launched at Israel …

-845 of those rockets hit Israel …

-Approximately 190 rockets were intercepted by ‘Iron Dome’ …

-IDF has targeted over 1600 terror targets …

Other related headlines —

-Israeli man dies after being struck by missile – 1st israeli casualty

-Netanyahu says will intensify offensive, hit Hamas with ‘Great Force’

-Turkey PM accuses Israel of ‘State Terrorism’ …

July 16

*CNBC – “Boom:  Dow closes at record high — again:  15th time this year”

…. Just shows how ‘out of touch’ Wall
Street is with Main Street … The bubble continues to grow, only to soon burst
*Drudge Report – “Gaza War Update

-Israel warns 100,000 Gaza residents to evacuate …

   -Ground invasion likely …

-8,000 additional reservists called up …

July 17

*Drudge Report – “Israel launches
Gaza Ground Invasion”

-Calls up another 18,000 reservists …

-Troops hope to dismantle militant’s tunnel network …

-IDF shoots down 2nd drone …

-20 missiles found in UN-run school in Gaza …

*Sky News – “Passenger Jet shot down
over Ukraine”

-298 on board all dead …

-Finger pointing ‘in all directions’ as to responsibility …

-Big question .. Why was it flying over a war zone? …

*Rapture Ready – Diseases Increasing

-HIV diagnoses hit 20-year high …

-Ebola death toll and new cases continue to rise in Africa …

-Florida reports 1st case of Mosquito-borne virus acquired directly in

*The Economic Collapse – “Signs of
Epic Drought in the U.S. is starting to become ‘Apocalyptic’ “

-LA driest ever – 50 communities on verge of running out of water –
Usage bans forced on citizens – Las Vegas close to being ‘out of business’ –
Lake Mead water level lowest since 1937 – Colorado River ‘drying up’ and will
affect tens of millions of people – Lake Powell less than half full – Over half
a million acres left bare due to lack of water which will affect food prices all
across the nation – Underground aquifers running dry – Massive dust storms
forming – Crime rates rising as people begin stealing water ……
…… Signs of the times …
*Bloomberg – “Wall Street:  Paranoia setting in”

-3rd-biggest bubble in history …

-Microsoft to lay of 18,000  …

-Analysts:  ‘Nothing makes sense’

July 18

*Sacramento Bee – Strong 6,8 magnitude
earthquake jolts Alaska near Canada border”

*The Watchers – “New activity at 3
volcanoes – Indonesia, Philippines and Chile/Argentina border – 23 total active
volcanoes across world right now”

*Fox News – “300+ Vials labeled
Influenza, Smallpox and Dengue found at lab in Maryland”
…. Why, all of a sudden, are we hearing
these stories of utter incompetence in the scientific labs across the country?!
… This just can’t be something brand new … I guess like everything else,
we, the public, are the last to know ….
*Drudge Report – Downed Jet Update

-Russia denies involvement in passenger plane downing …

-General consensus:  ‘Separatists’
fired missile …

-Looting at crash site …

-Nearly 100 passengers were AIDS scientists, researchers …

-Russia isolated amid international furor …

*Fox News – “World in Chaos as Dow
Jones continues to soar”
… Like I said, they live inside this
giant bubble and are totally oblivious to what is going on in the ‘real world’
*Drudge Report – “Gaza War update

-Israel preparing for wider ground assault …

-World opinion turning against Israel as protests increase – Israel
evacuates diplomatic families from Turkey …
….. The world opinion is turning
against Israel primarily because of the civilian casualties being sustained in
Gaza … but that is because these Muslim cowards who are firing rockets at
Israel’s innocent civilians use women and children as shields to hide behind!
…. I can’t even imagine how these so-called men and self-proclaimed warriors
live with themselves ….


Never a dull moment on this planet, is
there! … Are we seeing the quickening of the prophesied ‘Birth Pains’ or
what?! …. Just briefly, this week we see Israel going to war, the Ukraine
situation is heating up, Syria is still a mess, Iraq continuing to fall  to radicals, Africa in turmoil along with
South America, passenger planes being shot out of the sky, famine/drought
increasing in epic proportions, chaos in the streets across the world, climate
chaos, several possible Pandemics on the horizon, moral decay raging, the
world’s economy showing signs of implosion ……. to name just some of it! …

….. But the reality of it all is being
missed by a vast majority of the masses! … This headline from Fox News pretty
much sums up the oblivion of just one segment of the society … “World In
chaos as Dow Jones continues to soar” …..  Then there’s our illustrious president who
‘lives’ somewhere else in la la land! … While the world is falling apart on
many levels, he’s either fund-raising, on vacation, or hanging out with his
celebrity friends … it is simply amazing to witness the ‘detachment’ of this
man! … and then of course, the politicians just want to keep throwing
‘monopoly money’ at all the problems the country is facing without coming up
with a solid plan as to how to use it! …. For anyone who follows this stuff,
it is simply hard to believe the level of self-delusion that exists in our
world today … Deception abounds!!!

But then, didn’t Jesus say it would be
like this near the end? …”As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be
at the coming of the Son of Man.  For in
the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving
in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark;  and they knew nothing about what would happen
until the flood came and took them all away. 
That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”  (Matthew 24:37-39) …….. and that is how
it is today! … People are just going along as if nothing is happening of any
significance, and that all will turn out fine in the end. … Yes, it will turn
out fine at the end … but only for those who know and accept Jesus Christ as
their Lord and Savior! …. The rest will be ‘taken away in the increasing
flood of chaotic world events …..

OK … I’m outta here for now … I DO
love all of you and am praying constantly for you … and don’t let this old
world drag you down … victory is only moments away for those of us who
persevere in these most difficult times … Hallelujah!

Until next time,


July 15, 2014

“And the dragon stood on the shore
of the sea.  And I saw a beast coming out
of the sea ….”  (Revelation
OK … as promised last week … Let’s
talk about the coming Beast! … To start, I want to briefly explain the coming
‘unholy Trinity’ made up of satan, the anti-christ, and the false prophet,
which are described in prophecy as the dragon (satan), the beast (anti-christ),
and the 2nd beast in verse 11, which is the false prophet, the counterfeit of
the Holy Spirit. …. We, over time, will spend time talking about all of them,
but today we will focus on just the 1st beast .. the anti-christ. …. There is
more about this character in scripture than most people realize, and I could go
on for hours about him, but for the sake of time, I will just highlight the key
points. … You can also go to the ‘Teaching Tab’ on this site for more details
as well …..
So who is this ‘beast?’ …  Revelation chapter 13 shows him as the coming
world leader who will be empowered by satan (the dragon). … Also, Daniel
chapter 7 shows him as the ‘little horn’ which rises to power in the final days.
… In Daniel 8: 23-26, the prophet tells us of his attributes … “a
stern-faced king .. a master of intrigue who becomes very strong, but not by
his own power .. will cause astounding devastation and will succeed at whatever
he does .. he will destroy mighty men and the holy people ..  will cause deceit to prosper and will
consider himself superior .. and will ultimately be destroyed, but not by human
Let me now take you to Revelation 6:2 ..
the ‘White Horse’ .. the first of the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.’ …
“I looked, and there before me was a
white horse!  Its rider held a bow, and
was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.”
……….  So who is this and what does it
mean? … First, this is the coming world ruler, the anti-christ, who is riding
the horse. .. It shows him with a crown, which indicates power and sovereignty,
and also with a bow representing military might. … But notice, there is no
mention of any arrows! ..
Cutting to the chase, this means that
this ruler will come to power in the end times, but he will accomplish it
without the use of military might. ….
Now let’s take a look at at today’s
conditions and see if they are ripe for such an event. … Besides military
might, how else could someone come into control of the masses? … You got it!
… a complete worldwide economic collapse! …. Now unless one is completely
brain-dead, or on Wall Street or in Washington, DC, it is obvious that the
world is in terrible trouble in most all categories, including the economy. …
South America is unraveling .. the southern part of the European Union ..
Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, to name a few, are falling apart with
unemployment rates exceeding 50%! … And America’s economy? … I’m so sick of
the lies coming out of our leaders’ mouths! … In what once was the haven for
success and financial security, America currently has over 92,000,000 million
people out of the work force, not to mention a national debt of some $18
Trillion! …. One day soon, this world economy which is totally built upon
sand is going to come tumbling down, and when it does, people will be
desperate, and looking for anything or anyone who can ‘save them’ from the
living hell that has fallen upon them. 
In April, Michael Collins, an investment
journalist with Fidelity Worldwide Investment, delivered the following
warning:  “The rise of Adolf Hitler
and Benito Mussolini during the 1930s depression shows how an economic crisis
creates political chaos that demagogues can exploit.” … We all know what
happened back in those days ….. and it all led to massive and unimaginable
human suffering. … Are we at that point again in human history? … Looking
through the ‘eyes’ of Bible prophecy, there is no doubt in my mind. … Satan
is turning up the heat and “prowling around like a roaring lion” (1
Peter 5:8) and I believe the world leader which is soon to come upon the scene
is alive and well and living somewhere in the European Union right now! …
Soon, as world conditions continue to deteriorate at an ever-increasing pace,
the dragon (satan) will raise him up to take the reins of human government and
he won’t require any arrows for his bow because humanity will submit to him out
of sheer desperation for a way out of the chaos.
These words were written on July 20th of
2013 by a man with the pseudonym Archbishop Cranmer. .. He runs the sixth-most
influential independent political blog in the UK … “What Europe needs
most of all right now is strong leadership. 
We await the man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all
people;  the one who will lift us out of
the economic morass in which we are sinking. 
Send us such a man and, be he god or the devil, we will receive
him!” …..
Wow! …. But that is exactly how it’s
going to ‘go down’ in these next coming months. … Some charismatic leader
with great oratory skills will appear to have all the answers and will tell the
world what they want to hear (sound familiar?) ..  and that he can lead them out of their misery
and into the utopia they all dream of. ….  Sadly, the masses will follow him to their
ultimate destruction. ….
So is all this possible!? … Could it be
true?! … You bet, because the Bible tells me so … (and yes, Jesus loves me)
… This coming ‘beast’ is not an imaginary monster such as Dracula in the
Stoker novel, or Darth Vader as in Spielberg’s fictional wars among the stars.
.. Anti-christ is a real monster, and a most treacherous one, because he will
through supernatural deceit appear as a geopolitical and socioeconomic savior
of mankind. .. Be sure, the beast of Revelation 13 is about to step into the
spotlight of history’s final act. … 
There’s so much more I could share with
you, but again, for the sake of time, I’m going to leave it here for now .. and
because time is so short, are you still thinking about the ‘Salvation’
question? … Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior? … If you have,
you can and will avoid the wrath of these closing days … but if not, you most
very likely will have to deal with this coming ‘beast’ and his lies. ……….
Jesus is waiting with open arms for you right now! … Hallelujah!
Love you all and will talk with you again
real soon. … Know that I am praying for you constantly, and God knows exactly
who you are! … again, Hallelujah!
Until next time.

July 5

*The Washington Times – “Rising
‘Red’ Tide:  China’s Navy in frenzy to
build new nuclear-powered attack subs”

….. The King of the East flexing her
muscles …..

*Jerusalem Post – “Rocket fire into
Israel continues as ceasefire remains elusive”

Comment from article:  “Iron Dome intercepts one
projectile;  soldier injured from
shrapnel after mortar shell explodes in Eshkol – Israel gives Egypt 24 hours to
broker ceasefire.”
*The Washington Post – “Fierce
clashes in east Jerusalem after teen’s burial revive Intifada fears for Middle

-Palestinians say teen ‘burned alive’ …

-Protests spread …

-Jews attacked in Israeli Arab town …

…. It’s only going to get worse ass we
move ever closer …
*The Blaze – “Cop-turned
Demonologist says he believes demon-possession is on the rise”

…. The minute we hear or see this kind
of statement, many of us ‘turn it off’ as weird and uncomfortable. .. But think
for a moment back to when Jesus walked the Earth … He would “heal the
sick and cast out demons” (see Matthew 10:1 & Mark 16:17 as examples)
…… Today, especially in America, we see two basic positions concerning
demons. … Either the church is totally over-the-top (radical Pentecostalism)
or in complete denial of their existence (conservative denominations). …
Bottom line – it is a real form of human ‘illness’ and should be dealt with
rationally, just like Jesus did. … Many people suffer today because we
totally ignore their plight unless it is of an obvious physical nature …
*Drudge Report – “Dollar fade:  South Korea, China to trade in National

…. So too are Central Banks, France,
Iraq, Ukraine, etc., talking about the same thing. … Most don’t realize just
how serious this is concerning America’s already-damaged economy …  Could very well be one of the keys to its
demise …..
*Chicago Tribune –
“Chicagoland:  Already 13 shot as
holiday weekend begins”

July 6

*Daily Star – “445 Dead:  Deadly Ebola Virus could hit Britain – Virus
‘Out of Control’ “

…. Could this become one of the coming
‘Pestilences’ prophesied about in scripture? ….
*Voice of Russia – “Kamchatka’s
Shiveluch volcano rocked by 2nd large eruption in 5 days”

-Indonesia’s Mt. Slamet erupts …

*Alaska Dispatch – “Mysterious
Earthquake ‘Swarm’ near Noatak, Alaska continues .. baffles scientists”

*USGS – “5.7 Quake hits northeast

-Light quakes also hit Oklahoma and Southern California …

*The Jerusalem Post – “Israel
skeptical of Iran Nuclear deal by deadline – pledges to help Jordan push back

…. This is very interesting! .. Israel
committing like this to helping a neighbor is very rare … and remember, when
Israel pledges something, it will happen! .. We will watch this one very
closely ….
*The Jerusalem Post – “IAF attacks
Gaza as Rocket Fire continues to pummel south – Israel considering major
offensive in Gaza”

…. ‘Wars and rumors of wars’ are on the
rise in the Middle East … Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan … The list is
growing by the hour! … It’s just like Psalm 83 & Matthew 24:6 said it
would be like …..
*Zero Hedge – “CEO of one of the
world’s largest energy companies ‘see’s no reason for Petrodollar’ “

…. Wow! .. This international attitude
towards the dollar is popping up everywhere! 
…. Germany, China, Russia, France … and now private mega-firms. …
What happens to America if this happens? … Financial destruction! … Our
current freshly-printed ‘monopoly money’ will not be worth the paper it’s
printed on … then what do we do?!
July 7

*Associated Press – “7.1 magnitude
earthquake strikes Pacific Ocean just off southern Mexico coast – 5 dead”

*Chick Publications – “Pope’s Unity
Push in high gear”

Comment from article:  “The new Jesuit Pope is moving rapidly
into the vacuum of world politics. .. As post-Christian America gives up its
leadership to the ‘community of nations,;’ a vacuum is left that Satan’s
end-time leaders are quick to fill.”
…. No question … The World Church is
moving forward with breathtaking speed! …
*Christian News – “Children’s
Christian ministry called ‘psychologically harmful to children’ “

…… The place? … Portland, Oregon
Public Schools ……
*Arutz Sheva – “Britain’s largest
trade union joins Israel boycott”

…. Israel’s isolation increasing
*Chicago Tribune – “4th of July
weekend toll:  82 shot, 14 of them fatally,
in Chicago”

*Reuters – “Super Typhoon takes aim
at Japan”

…. Not good! … Fukushima is still
very vulnerable to disruption ….
*World Net Daily – “Kerry signaled
OK to Palestinian Intifada”

…. This ‘creep’ will say or do most
anything to disrupt Israel’s existence! … He is an embarrassment to what
America once stood for …..
*Fox News – “Leak at Fukushima
Nuclear Plant threatens dangerous meltdown”

…. and now there’s a Typhoon heading
there?! … I just knew down deep in my bones that this thing wasn’t over …
July 8

*LaLate News – Earthquakes Today

-6.3 quake hits New Caledonia …

-Moderate 5.6 quake hits northern Japan …

*Jerusalem Post – “Ayatollah
Khamenei calls for Iran to raise uranium enrichment capacity …

….. So much for all the international
attempts and threats … and remember, these ‘nut-jobs’ will use anything to
advance their cause …

*Front Page Magazine – “Part-Time

Comment from article:  “Last Thursday, Obama-centric mainstream
media trumpeted the creation of 288,000 jobs and the reduction in the
unemployment rate from 6.3% to 6.1%. … Lost in the manufactured euphoria are
the sobering details:  America is well on
its way to becoming a nation where millions of workers can only find part-time,
low-paying jobs.”
*Drudge Report – “Rocket attacks on
Tel Aviv”

-Rocket hits Jerusalem …

-Hamas launches missiles at Israeli Nuclear Reactor …

-Half of country’s population in bomb shelters …

-Sirens sound all across the country …

-Arabs celebrate …

-Israel launches military campaign against Gaza …

…. This is just the beginning of what I
believe will be an extended campaign for Israel … Could it ultimately lead up
to the prophesied Ezekiel War? … We will watch and report going forward …
*CNBC – “Marc Faber:  The Asset Bubble has begun to burst”

… There is much support for his
thinking, and digging further into their ‘world,’ almost every Wall Street
‘Bull’ is expecting a ‘major correction’ any day … is it time? ….
Everything else is coming together ….
July 9

*Jerusalem Post – “Israeli Defense
Minister Ya’alon says IDF campaign against Hamas to expand, vows ‘will exact
huge price’ “

… They are now in the process of
destroying arms, terrorist infrastructure, command and control centers, and
institutions …. I wouldn’t want to be Hamas right now …
*BBC – “Greek Public Sector workers
hold 24-hour strike”

…. The reason is government spending
cuts … Austerity measures which include 40% cuts to salaries and pensions
*Associated Press – “Water levels at
Nevada’s Lake Mead drops to record low – no relief in sight”

… Las Vegas, Southern California water
supplies are drying up due to severe drought …
July 10

*Business Insider – “Argentina
‘Going Down in Flames’ – unable to pay debts”

….. The ‘band aids have run out for
this country, as they will in many more countries in the very near future …
*Arutz Sheva – “Israel’s Gaza
Operation – War at Last”

-IDF kills senior Hamas rocket commander …

-Hamas steps up Psychological Warfare – promises ‘suicide attacks on
every bus, cafe, and street’ in new video …

-Barrage of Hamas rockets intercepted over central Israel – explosions
heard in Tel Aviv …

-Netanyahu says more ‘stages’ to come in Gaza Operation …

-IDF preps for ground strike …

*Zero Hedge – “ISIS has seized 88
pounds of Uranium in northern Iraq”

…. Add this to the previously-seized
chemical weapons and it adds up to end-time repercussions …
*CBS – “Obama has not spoken with
Netanyahu since Israel-Hamas violence flared up”

…. If anybody is still deluded enough
to think the USA is Israel’s ally, this should ‘wake them up!’ …. The Bible
prophesies Israel’s isolation in the last days …. Well? ..
*Breitbart – “Muslim Prayer Rugs
found on Arizona border”

…. They’re coming! …
*The Telegraph – “Typhoon Neoguri
heads for Fukushima Nuclear Plant”

…. More ‘good news’ for the beleaguered
planet Earth  …..
*Associated Press – “Hot Spot:  Yellowstone road melts due to ‘Hot Spot’ –
scientists now say super-volcano twice as big as once thought”

*World Tribune – “Muslims sought for
military, Pentagon posts”

…. I’m shocked! .. but not really …
So much for our once ‘Christian’ nation …..
*Fox News – “Feds say pastors not
welcome at border immigration camps”

…. Anyone surprised? … Probably will
send Muslim clerics instead …..
July 11

*Al Jazeera – “Ebola cases
explode:  44 new cases, 539 deaths – Doctors
send out desperate pleas for help – whole villages infected”

*ABC News – “6.8 magnitude quake
strikes off the coast of Japan near Fukushima – triggers tsunami”

…. A new leak, then a typhoon, and now
a big earthquake! … What’s next for this ‘poisonous’ plant?
*The Hill – “CDC discovers botched
shipment with Bird Flu – closes down labs”

… This happened in Atlanta, where last
month these same people mishandled an Anthrax situation ….. Who’s running
this mess? … Probably the federal government …..
*Yahoo News – “WHO warns HIV
‘exploding’ among gay men, urges preventive drugs”

…. I know a better way …. Abstention!
*Jerusalem Post – “Rocket from
Lebanon lands in upper Galilee, sirens blare in Haifa”

-Ian calling for ‘Mass Israeli Casualties’ to provoke ground assault …

-Ben Gurion airport target of rocket attacks …

*Time – “42% of Millennials say
they’re Socialist – but only 16% knows what it means”

….. and we wonder why this country is
in trouble? …..


That’s it for another ‘fun-filled week of
prophecy-related news. …. And as usual, this watchman is not lacking in
information to report. .. In fact, I have to sift through it all so as it
doesn’t inundate us! …..

So what are the ‘stand-out’ stories this
week? … For one, it has to be Fukushima. .. We know it is still very
vulnerable to most any interruption that may come its way. .. Well how about a
new leak .. a typhoon .. and then a 6.8 magnitude earthquake! .. just this
week! …. I think we are probably ‘fortunate’ that we DON’T know the whole
truth about just how much of the radioactive poison that escaped ….. if the
Lord tarries for even a short time longer, we here on the West Coast will know
soon enough ….

And this Ebola thing is really starting
to scare most all the medical experts around the globe. … They can’t seem to
get a handle on it …. Who knows just how far ‘out of control’ this stuff can
get before it runs its course!

But the big story this week is obviously
the Holy Land/Israel. …. Many wars and rumors of wars are swirling around us
most every day, but this small piece of real estate … God’s chosen land …
has to be the focal point for all of us to watch. … We know that there is one
large war prior to Armageddon, and that is the Ezekiel War, which is prophesied
in Ezekiel’s chapters 38 & 39. …. Is all that is going on over there
leading up to it? … I have to say that it is certainly possible . … All the
players foretold are involved, either directly, or indirectly. … Only time
will sort out this possibility, but for sure, it is all part of the end-time
scenario leading up to the 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ …..

OK … Enough for now … Keep the faith
and lets all keep praying for one another … we know things are only going to
get worse before it gets better, so we need each other now more than ever …..
Love you all! … So, …

Until next time,


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