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July 8, 2014
Are you seeing what I am seeing?! … The
‘Signs’ are exploding at a pace I’ve never witnessed in my nearly 40 years of
‘watching’! …. I was going to share about the soon-arriving ‘Beast’ which
will appear on the world scene at any moment, but this morning’s headlines have
sent me in different direction. … So, I will save that certain ‘Beast’ for
next week and go with the aforementioned ….
To start, have you looked at what is
going on in Israel as of this very moment? … Here’s just a few of the
-130 Rockets fired at Israel since midnight – 220 in last 24 hours …
-IDF (Israeli Defense Force) calls up 40,000 reservists for possible
ground operation in Gaza … 
-Over 1,000,000 Israelis living in bomb shelters right now – have 15
seconds when ‘Red Alert’ sirens go off …
-Israel vows to stop Hamas ‘Once and for All’ …
That’s just in the past few hours! …
OK, scripturally we know that Israel will come under attack in the final days
.. Psalm 83 says … “For behold, your enemies make a tumult;  And those who hate you have lifted up their
head.  They have taken crafty counsel
against your people, and consulted together against your sheltered ones.  They have said, ‘Come and let us cut them off
from being a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.”  (psalm 83:2-4)  …. and that is exactly what her enemies are
sworn to do! ..  Cut her off as a nation.
… This mayhem against God’s chosen people will continue for a bit more, but a
‘Peace Treaty’ is in the very near future, and it will be forged by the coming
Beast (more on how all this ‘goes down’ next week) …
What else are we witnessing right now?
… In the predictions Christ Himself made almost 2000 years ago, He accurately
portrayed the progress of the present age. .. In verses 4-14 in Matthew 24, He
mentions many different signs that would continue to increase up, and into the
Tribulation period. … What are they? .. Wars & Rumors of Wars .. Famines
.. Pestilence .. Earthquakes .. Many Martyrs .. False Prophets .. Increase in
Wickedness with Love Growing Cold …….. Are we seeing any of these things
going on? … You are either blind or dead if you don’t! ….. Let’s for a
moment briefly touch on each one as they relate to todays news headlines:
*Wars & Rumors of Wars – Nearly the entire Middle East is in
turmoil.. Ukraine .. much of Africa .. the list grows by the day …    
*Famines – They are increasing with ferocity all over the world. .. Just
look at America right now .. the Midwest .. Las Vegas is almost out of water ..
California, the world’s 7th largest economy and a major source of the world’s
food supply, is withering away in extreme drought …..
*Pestilence – We are seeing a dramatic increase of pestilences all
across this beleaguered planet .. antibiotic-resistant ‘Super-Bugs’ .. Diseases
that are evolving into possible ‘Pandemics’ .. deteriorating economic conditions
causing revolt in the streets .. increasing worldwide hunger .. diseases in our
food supplies such as this week’s 7-million piglet die-off … the list is
growing by leaps and bounds at every passing moment! ..
*Earthquakes – In an article from Live Science dated July 1st,
scientists said that ‘Major Earthquakes have more than doubled in number in
just the first quarter of 2014’ …. Many skeptics say that we have always had
these events in the word, and while this is true, NOT in the numbers and sizes
we are seeing today …. just ask the secular scientists if you don’t believe
*Many Martyrs – Although we are ‘sheltered’ from this reality here in
America, at least for now, there is one Christian martyr every three hours in
this world … and like everything else, that number will only increase as we
draw ever closer …..
*Increase in Wickedness/ Love Growing Cold – No one living in reality
can deny this ‘symptom’ in today’s world … Look at the shootings and killings
in our city streets! .. Just this past weekend we saw 82 people shot in
Chicago, 14 of which died … Just the previous week, New York City had its own
street-level bloodbath. … And what about families killing each other ..
neighbors shooting each other .. road rage .. prescription drug use at all-time
highs .. suicides … you know the rest …
*False Prophets – It use to be that occasionally we would see some
weirdo rise up to cause havoc, but now our ‘normal’ churches are full of
them!  … We have never witnessed what
we are seeing today as far as the ‘Christian’ community going astray. …. But
we also know that this is prophesied, and it will all evolve into the
soon-coming world church. … We have seen story after story over these past
few weeks concerning how our world religious leaders are coming together to
‘unify the faiths’ … mostly being led by the Pope. … This again is all
prophesied to happen. .. Again I mention that this was to be my subject of
discussion for this week .. and I will explain this in more detail next week
… the coming ‘Beast’ (anti-christ) and the Harlot (world church) that become
partners in the final world-ruling government. …
I realize this is a ‘spur of the moment’
writing, but that is how it all works, isn’t it? … There’s no question the
times are terrifying … Luke 21:25-26 says this .. “There will be signs
in the sun, moon and stars;  and on the
earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;  men’s hearts failing them from fear and the
expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of
the heavens will be shaken.” … Sounds really scary .. and it is! …
However, if we are secure in our faith .. our knowledge of our Savior Jesus
Christ, fear then becomes a thing of the past. .. In fact Luke 21:28 says,
“Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads,
because your redemption draws near.” … Hallelujah!…. What He is saying
is that because all this craziness is taking place, it only means that He is
about to come and put an end to all this madness! .. Again, Hallelujah!
Many Christians all over the world have a
sense that we are living in the final days. .. The mounting crises, the growing
fears .. the signs of great shaking .. all of these things are evident. … But
Jesus tells us that there will be ‘Fearful Events” in these last times.
… For the Church Of Jesus Christ, the real issue is NOT these catastrophic
conditions that surround us, but rather, it is about enduring faith. … True
freedom from fear comes when we TOTALLY resign our lives into the hands of our
Lord! … Hallelujah! (again)
OK, once again I’m sermonizing, but as
you well know, I can’t help it! … Anyway , I need to sign off and go watch
prophecy unfolding …  a rocket just hit
Jerusalem! … Now that has not happened before! ……….  Know that I love you all and am praying for
your endurance and unfailing faith in these quickly deteriorating times. …
May God keep you safe as we move ever closer ……….
Until next time,

June 28

*Jerusalem Post – “Report:  Israel, U.S. prepared to help Jordan fight

…. They’ll need it if ISIS attacks …
but … who can count on the U.S.’s word these days? ….
*BBC – “Iraq Crisis:  U.S. drones in use to protect advisors”

-Syrian rebels buckling in face of Jihadists …

*Zero Hedge – “Last time lenders did
this, they triggered the financial crisis”

…. What are they doing? .. Issuing 3.7
million credit cards to sub-prime borrowers, which is an increase of 40% over
the previous year, and the most since 2008. … Remember what happened then?
*Zero Hedge – “Economist Martin
Armstrong warns civil unrest is rising everywhere:  ‘This won’t end pretty’ ”

…. So who’s been saying this all along?
… Me! … but it’s not because I’m smart .. it’s just the pattern of the
coming economic collapse we are seeing taking place in order to usher in the
coming world ruler … won’t be long!
*Reuters – “Venezuela goes dark:  Chaos in the streets”

…. Bad economy, inadequate power grid,
corrupt government are the causes … what & who does this remind us of?
….. US!

June 29

*Star Advisor – “No tsunami threat
to Hawaii after 2 South Pacific quakes – A 6.7 near Samoa & a 6.4 near

*Rapture Ready – “Magnitude 7.1
earthquake hits near Visokoi Island off South America

-Strong 6.4 quake strikes off Japanese Island of Iwo Jima …

*Yahoo News – “Pop icon Elton John
calls Pope Francis ‘Wonderful’ – says Jesus would support ‘Gay’ marriage”

…. John also said this .. “He’s
excited me so much by his humanity and taking everything down to the humility
of faith … it’s all basically about love and taking everybody in
inclusiveness.” …..
…… There’s that word again
(inclusiveness), and no Elton, Jesus would NOT approve of ‘gay’ marriage …
simply His Bible doesn’t support it!
*CBS – “Violent weekend leaves 21
shot across the 5 Burroughs of New York”

…. guess they don’t want Chicago to
‘outdo’ them ……
*The Telegraph – “The Race to stop
Las Vegas from Running Dry”

…. After 14 years of severe drought,
the nation’s most decadent destination is on the verge of losing it all …..
*New York Times – “World’s Central
Bankers issue strong warning on Asset Bubbles”

Comment from article:  “Investors, desperate to earn returns
when official interest rates are at or near record lows, have been driving up
the prices of stocks and other assets with little regard for risk. .. The
consequences could very well be catastrophic.”
…. Ya think?
*Associated Press – “Gunmen torch
churches, kill scores in Nigeria”

June 30

*The Telegraph – “Italy to push for
‘United States of Europe’ when it holds the EU presidency”

…. No matter .. it will happen soon
enough, no matter who’s in charge ….
*Rapture Ready – “Shock as it’s
revealed Obama orders U.S. military to submit to Sharia Law during

….. This will be required for all those
serving in the Middle East. .. Amazing fact that our soldiers are ‘required’ to
observe the demonic doctrine of Sharia Law …. Somehow I’m not surprised …..
*CBS – “New York City hunger problem
reaching crisis levels”

…. Just the beginning …..
*Reuters – “Kidnapped Israeli teens
found dead in West bank – Israel says ‘Hamas will pay’ ”

… and they will … just watch as this
whole thing escalates daily …
*Fox News – ” ‘We Will Attack’:  Ukrainian President ends unilateral ceasefire
with rebels”

….. Wars & Rumors of Wars …..
*Fox News – “U.S. Hog Farmers
struggle to overcome rampant Piglet Virus – 7 million dead”

….. This’ll really help food prices!!!
July 1

*Live Science – “Big Earthquakes
double in 2014”

Comment from article:  “A new study finds there were more than
twice as many big earthquakes in the 1st quarter of 2014.  The U.S. Geological Survey says,  ‘we have recently experienced a period that
has had one of the highest rates of Great Earthquakes ever recorded.’
…… Birth Pains …..
*Business Standard – “6.2 quake hits
near Japan’s Bonin Islands”

*Jerusalem Post – “Israeli jets
pound Gaza, hit 34 targets in overnight strikes”

-Hamas warns ‘Gates of Hell will open’ if Israel attacks …

*Christian News – “City cancels
Chick-Fil-A sponsored event, cites owner’s ‘criminal beliefs’ “

…. The city is in British Columbia,
Canada .. and the ‘criminal belief’ is Christianity!
*USA Today – “259 million painkiller
prescriptions in USA”

…. Just another sign of a nation
falling apart …
*Drudge Report – “Boom:  Stocks hit another all-time high – approach

… The bigger it grows, the bigger the
fall …… the ‘bubble’ will burst .. and soon!
*Associated Press – “Militant Leader
calls for Muslims to build Islamic State – calls on all Muslims worldwide to

…. He now claims a Caliphate is now
established and vows to continue conquering more territory …
July 2

*Charisma News – “Apostasy
Rising:  4 denominations in less than a
week defy God’s Word”

-United Church of Christ (UCC) endorses the ‘gay’ agenda …

-Presbyterian Church USA says ‘gay’ marriage is Christian …

-Moravian Church votes to ordain ‘gay’ clergy …

-Affirming Pentecostal Church International affirms ‘gay’ agenda …

… 1 Timothy 4:1 says,  “The Sprit clearly says that in later
times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things
taught by demons.” ……
.. The Great Apostasy is fully underway!
*Associated Press – “America
divided:  Obama vows to act alone, taunts

…… A land divided cannot stand! ….
*BBC – Disease Outbreak

-Ebola:  WHO calls Emergency Talks
on outbreak ..

-UN says Ebola killer outbreak could become ‘Pandemic’ …

-Sharp rise of Chikungunya virus cases in Caribbean …

*CBS Los Angeles – “SoCal towns
brace for Migrant dumping backlash – sides dig in”

-CDC activates ‘Emergency Operation Center’ as diseases spread …

-Smugglers threaten ranchers – ‘Look other way or face
consequences’  …

-Sheriff Joe claims this is a ‘calculated crisis’ …

-Rick Perry invites President to visit border …

…… This is not going to end nicely
*Wall Street Journal – “Deadly
violence escalates in Israel after Palestinian youth, Israeli teens

…. Signs of the times …
*Money News – “Billionaire Donald
Trump tells Americans to prepare for ‘Financial Ruin’ “

…. He went on to say that we could soon
become a large-scale Spain or Greece …
*World Net Daily – “Burger King
sells ‘Gay’-Pride Whopper”

… says ‘It shows how we, as a brand,
believe in ‘self-expression’ “
…. Are you kidding me?! .. Never
thought I would see the day of a ‘gayburger’ …
-More ‘Gay’ News ……
-Judge tosses Kentucky ‘gay’-marriage ban …
-Seattle offers free weddings for LGBT couples …
-Chase Bank hounds workers for LGBT support …
…. And we wonder why this nation is
*The Telegraph – “Superbugs could ‘Cast
the World into Darkness’ … so says David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister
… Known cures are showing signs of failing to stop them at an increasingly
alarming rate …

*The Telegraph – “Christian
Archbishop:  ‘Buddhism helps me pray’

Comment from article:  “The former Archbishop of Canterbury
Lord Williams has disclosed that he spends up to 40 minutes a day squatting and
repeating an Eastern Orthodox prayer while performing breathing exercises as
part of a routine influenced by Buddhism.”
…. Another example of a leader falling
to the lies of satan!
*Fox News – “Divine calling:  Vatican leaves phone message fro
Massachusetts woman over death of son”

…. I have no words …….
July 3

*Reuters – “Israel boosts forces
near Gaza as border heats up – Israeli air strikes, Palestinian rockets

*Christian News – “TV Preachers
glowingly describe meeting with Pope to tear down ‘Walls of Division’ “

…. and who are these preachers? ..
kenneth Copeland and James Robison. .. Sadly, both draw huge crowds to their
services and events. .. They also are a part of the group identified as the
‘Delegation of Evangelical Christian Leaders’ who met with the Roman Catholic
pontiff last month. .. The Pope, Robison and Copeland all have serious flaws in
their theologies. … The bottom line here is this is just part of the agenda
concerning the advancement of the coming World Church. …
*Drudge Report – The Economy

-Record 92,120,000 Americans not working, not looking …

-Disability claims at all-time high …

-Now hiring:  The Government …

-Black unemployment more than double that of whites …

…. but unemployment numbers went down
and the Stock Market hit another all-time high! … So who do you believe? .. I
think you know who I do …..
*CNS News – “Satanic ‘Black Mass’
scheduled at Oklahoma City Civic Center”
…. The following is a quote from the
Event Ticket website:  “A religious
Black Mass will be conducted as a public event to help educate the public about
Religious Satanism. .. The ritual has been toned down to meet the laws of
Oklahoma and the rules of the government building. .. Enjoy the delights of the
…. Can you even begin to understand how
anyone could believe that satan possesses any ‘delights?’ … Also, these same
people that believe in satan has to know that the ‘other side’ exists! … Why
on earth would someone willingly choose the ‘dark side?’ … This is blasphemy
and will be met with a severe judgement from God!
July 4

*Arutz Sheva – “Third Day of
Riots:  Clashes on Temple Mount”

Comment from article:  “Arab rioters attacked police on the
Temple Mount Friday afternoon, unimpeded by restrictions imposed on Muslim
worshipers to access Judaism’s holiest site due to ongoing violent riots in
… Seems there’s trouble in the Holy
City …

*CNN – “White House celebrates LGBT
Pride Month”

…. It’s bad enough for our government
to accept it … but now we celebrate it! … Any person or nation that
applauds any type of sin is asking for its own destruction …
*Noosa News – “6.3 earthquake
strikes north of New Zealand”

*Yahoo News – “HGTV’s booted Benham
Brothers say Christians ‘must be willing to die’ to stop ‘gay’ marriage”
….. Sadly, they are right …. If we
cave in to any sinful lifestyle, regardless of what society says or thinks, we
are guilty of it all! …
*The Fiscal Times – “The next
Financial Crisis is brewing right now, and regulators are missing it”
Comment from article:  “You may not see it on the front pages
of your newspaper, but close examination reveals an extreme unease from banking
regulators about the current trajectory on Wall Street.”
…. and why shouldn’t they feel uneasy
… it’s all built upon borrowed, non-backed, worthless currency … a
foundation built upon sand! …
… and the ‘signs of the times’ continue
to come at an alarmingly increasing pace! …. It is truly amazing to watch it
all unfold as we move ever closer to our Lord’s triumphant return. … Just
look at what the Prophet Daniel said in his chapter 12, verse 4 which
says,  “But you, Daniel, shut up the
words, and seal the book until the time of the end;  many shall run to and fro, and knowledge
shall increase.” …… Are we running to and fro? … Has knowledge
increased in these times? … A resounding YES on both accounts! … When we
read these passages that were written some 2600 years ago and see their 100%
accuracy, how can it be that anyone could NOT believe the truth! …. and there
are hundreds more that have come to pass with the same 100% accuracy! ….
Sadly, I think we do know the reason. …
Just how many people out there really have any idea of anything the Prophet
Daniel said? …. or for that matter, what Jesus Himself said. … We must tell
as many people as we can about what is going on today! … No matter what your
own ‘gift’ may be, God has a use for it! … Find out what it is and put it to
work … it’s time for us Christians … the remnant … to ‘take off the bibs
and put on the aprons!’ ….. Time is so short, and for many, that last chance
to hear the truth is almost over ….
OK .. Hear I go sermonizing again … but
I just can’t help it! …. The choice between ‘eternal bliss’ or ‘eternal
damnation’ is immeasurable! …. So .. stop right now and think of someone
you’ve been putting off talking to .. and GO TO THEM! …. Chances are they
could be ‘eternally’ grateful ….
Love you all and am praying for you
constantly! ….. Keep praying for me as well because we know the enemy will
come against us as we ‘turn up the heat’ ….. and just remember .. we will be
victorious in the end! ….. Hallelujah!
Until next time,

July 1, 2014

“Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road
that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road
that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  (Matthew 7:13-14) ……
I’ve had it! … I’m sick and tired of
the Word of God being corrupted at almost all levels, and especially by today’s
church! … Just in the past few weeks we’ve seen the Pope bring false
religious leaders such as Mormons and Muslims to his ‘place of business’ to
share in prayer and come up with false hope for all mankind under the guise of
‘inter-spiritualism’ and ‘ecumenical unity’ … with one exception … we
‘fundamentalists’ who take the Word of God literally. … We are being painted
as the ‘enemies of God’s   church’
And then just last week, we saw yet
another large protestant denomination (PCUSA) ‘sell out’ to the sin of ‘gay’
marriage … a modern-day compromise that is entirely against the teachings of
the Holy Scriptures! …  And now this
week, guess what is going to happen in another established church? … Let me
share a quick ‘promotional’ now with you ….
*Tibetan monks coming to Newberg First United Methodist Church*
… “Newberg First Methodist Church
will be hosting The Gaden Shartse Monks from India on Monday, July 7 at 7:00
PM.  Part of the Nobel Peace Laureate
Program, the monks are on a U.S. fund-raising tour.  During the program the monks will do a dharma
talk on Karma and a group healing, a ritual of purification and has three
stages:  purification and removing of
negatives;  removing subtle negative
imprints;  and, offering protection. …
“In the purification the Lama
instructs participants through visualizations and ritual and then pours radiant
nectar and rays of light into their mind and body.  Next for the removing subtle negative
imprints the Lama instructs participants through visualization and ritual and then
takes the negative subtle imprints and transforms them into inexhaustible
Bliss.  He will then summon the negative
forces and will use the Bliss to appease them. 
Finally, he disperses the negative forces and instructs them not to
“In the third stage (protection) the
Lama creates a diamond-like impenetrable layer of light around and within the
participant. …. Please see the attached flyer for details.” … Tom
Struck, NMA Secretary.
 No, I did not make this up! … I know it
sounds like a fairy tale, and, quite frankly, it is! … Simply, this is
nothing other than pure blasphemy! …. For ‘Christian’ Church leaders to
invite this type of false religion into its midst, and then subject their
members to it, is nothing other than ‘spitting on the teachings of our Holy and
true God! ….. It was bad enough when we witnessed all the ‘new fads’ entering
our churches today … wealth teachers, Dominion Theology, seeker-friendly, the
removal of all judgement preaching … you know the drill … Well now we are
seeing all the religions of the world who boast false gods entering through the
front doors as well. … If ever we wondered when we would begin to see the
world church coming into existence, well here it is! … The forces of evil are
coming at God’s Holy people and true remnant with all the fury they can
There are many scriptures that talk about
false teachings … let me share just this one for now … “But there were
also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers
among you.  They will secretly introduce
destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them –
bringing swift destruction on themselves. 
2) Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth
into disrepute.  3) In their greed these
teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.  Their condemnation has long been hanging over
them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.”  …. 
(2 Peter 2:1-3) … I suggest you read, and then dwell on this entire
chapter …..
OK .. so here’s my appeal … There are
hundreds of you who visit this sight weekly, and I want each of you to stop and
take a hard look at your church ….. those you fellowship with .. and yourself
as well. … Are the leaders you serve under ‘doing it right?’ … Is the Holy
Bible the final source of your daily and weekly teachings and instructions? …
Is the Word being preached from the pulpit pure and uncompromising? … Is your
church thinking of joining the times by deciding to eliminate some of the
‘old-fashioned’ teachings in order to suit today’s current society? ………
Look hard and be totally honest  when you
are sizing it all up.
Just so you know, it wasn’t too long ago
when I had to face this situation myself. … When I finally ‘woke up,’  I couldn’t believe how close I had come to
falling into the false teachings that had sprung up all around me! … and when
I approached the leadership with my concerns, with Biblical support, those
concerns fell on deaf ears, so I fled.  …. If you find yourself in the same
situation, try and do the same thing … approach those who are in charge and
share your concerns. … Remember this, if you know something’s wrong and you
ignore it, you will share in the consequences of the deception. …
Churches die spiritually because we
Christians ALLOW doctrinal error to slip into the membership. … FIGHT it! …
and if there is no change, then FLEE it! …. To quote Pastor David Jeremiah
…… “Surrounding us today are church buildings which are no more than
clerical caskets, lined in rich satan, gilded in gold, and buried in
complacency.” …. Sounds just like the condition of the last of the
7-church teachings of Christ in Revelation, chapters 2 & 3 … Laodicea.
….  “Because you are lukewarm – neither
hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.  17) You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired
wealth and do not need a thing.’  But you
do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful , poor, blind and
naked.”  (3:16-17) ….
So what should our churches look like
today? … There is a perfect model we can follow in Acts 2:42-47
… Here we see a fellowship of believers
who praised God .. they devoted themselves to the teachings of scripture
..   .. they ate together .. they prayed
together .. they had all things in common .. they sold possessions and goods
and gave as anyone had a need .. they met together as often as humanly possible
…… simply, they had a passion for God and was willing to sacrifice, even to
the point of martyrdom … and it was a miracle-working church! … Should we
want or expect anything less?!
In Matthew 25:35-36, Jesus shows us an
example of what we should, as individuals and churches, be doing as Christians
… He showed us that we are to feed the hungry, give drink to those who
thirst, invite strangers in, give clothing to those in need, care for the sick,
visit those in prison ….. Sadly, these priorities are not the main focus of
the churches today … seems we’ve become too busy with our own lives to get
these sorts of things done ….
OK … I’m done .. for now. … I just
pray you all will do an honest evaluation of just what your fellowships are all
about. … It could make a huge difference in not only your life, but also all
those you come in contact with. … We still have a bit of time left before the
‘Trumpet blows,’ so let’s shine as much of the ‘true’ light of God as we can
…. hallelujah!
Until next time,
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