July 19

Angeles Times – “Ebola death toll tops 600, spreads to 4 more counties in
Liberia — WHO losing fight to contain outbreak”

*Reuters –
” ‘Convert, Pay Tax, or Die’ .. Islamic State warns Christians”

   -Ultimatum sparks Christian exodus from
Iraq’s Mosul …
…. Such
a ‘loving’ god they serve! ..
Report – “Anti-Israel protests rock Paris – Thousands rally in

   -Obama warns Netanyahu over mounting
civilian casualties

   -Hamas fighters slip through tunnel – 2
Israeli soldiers killed …

Tribune – “22 shot in Chicago over 12 hours, including girl, 11, killed at

…. Think
of it this way … When we saw a headline like this, say 10 years ago, it was
major front-page news …. Now it’s just ‘another day’ in this rapidly
disintegrating society …..
Angeles Times – “Update:  80% of
California is now in ‘Extreme Drought,’ new data shows”

   -Water wars hit Los Angeles …

   -People stealing water any way they can …

   -Fear spreading …

July 20

*BBC –
Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until November”
Ridiculous! .. What an absolute waste of time … All of last week’s talks
weren’t focused on Iran’s nukes, but how long this next extension will be! …
This just gives ‘Persia’ more time to finish up the bomb they’ve sworn to drop
on Israel. … Just another display of complete incompetence concerning our
State Department, specifically John Kerry and his illustrious leader ….
*BBC –
“Monster storm hits southern China leaving death and destruction – biggest
storm in at least the last 4 decades”

*Reuters –
“Turkish PM Erdogan says Israel ‘surpasses Hitler in barbarism’ “
… Wasn’t
it just a short time ago that Turkey basically supported israel? … Another
nation pulls away as Israel’s overall isolation increases by the day. …
another prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes …..

Report – “Bloody Sunday:  Death Toll

   -70 Palestinians & 13 Israeli soldiers
killed …

   -Hamas claims capture of Israeli soldier …

   -UN schedules emergency session …

   -Thousands flee major battle in Gaza …

   -Hot mic: 
John Kerry mocks Israel by saying ‘A hell of a pinpoint operation’ …


Report – Virus Alarm Sounded

   -Fatal mosquito virus found in Massachusetts

   -West Nile reaches Tulsa …

   -Chikungunya fear in Palm Beach …

   -Warnings in Maryland …

   -Kentucky on watch …

*USA Today
– “Cracks in Economic Foundation”

   -OECD fears middle class civil unrest coming

Economic ‘improvement’ comes from government payouts …

   -Economist Marc Faber sounding warning bells

   -BRICS shake up global economic architecture

Rosenberg – Gaza War Update

   -PM Netanyahu calls the nation of Israel to
prayer and fasting during the Gaza war …

   -Hamas defies humanitarian truce it asked
for …

   -Growing signs of a much longer, more
intense IDF operation in Gaza …

*World Net
Daily – “Stunning:  CBS airs
violently anti-Christian song”

…. This
one reaches new levels of out-and-out blasphemy. .. The lyrics declared this
… “I wish the Virgin would’ve had an abortion.” …….. I would
hate to be these people on the soon-coming Judgement Day … Come Lord Jesus!
July 21

News – “Powerful 6.9 magnitude quake strikes off the coast of Fiji”

*The Post
– “Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Japan’s northeast coast”

News – Billionaire warns:  Yellen
collapse ‘will be unlike no other’ “

from article:  “Another horrific
stock market crash is coming, and the next bust will be ‘unlike any other’ we
have ever seen, according to Jeremy Grantham, co-founder and Chief Investment
Strategist of GMO, with assets of $117 Billion.”

…. He
goes on to say that new Fed chief Janet Yellen is ‘ignorant’ and will all but
kill the economy. … He’s not alone in this thinking … Hedge fund manager
with a spotless prediction record, Mark Spitznagel, thinks pretty much the same
way, as does Warren Buffett … Any ‘idiot’ (like me) knows that it’s not ‘if’
the market crashes, but ‘when’ ……
Report – Gaza War Update

7 more IDF soldiers killed …

   -‘Resistance’ will defeat Israel:  Hezbollah chief …

   -Arab rifts may complicate search for truce
…… And
Anti-Semitism mounts ….

   -French Minister slams ‘anti-Semetic’
protests in Paris …

   -Tense atmosphere …

   -Online forums overflow with hate …

   -Hundreds denounce Israel at Embassy in
Cyprus …

   -Anti-Jewish leaflets found on cars in
Chicago …
*World Net
Daily – New MTV Motto:  ‘Incest is
Hot!’  – Forthcoming teen show features
‘Sibling Perversion’ “
…. The
world keeps finding ways to ‘top itself’ in reaching new normal ‘lows’ …..
July 22

*The Daily
Caller – “John Kerry not wanted in Middle East”
… This
was stated by former Ambassador Michael Oren – He attributes this to all of
Kerry’s failed peace attempts as well as the current administration’s poor
relationship with both Israel and the Palestinians …..
News – “IRS settles with atheists, agrees to crack down on churches for
‘electioneering’ “
Basically, it comes down to this … most American churches are involved in the
Fed’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt program. .. This ruling says that if they, the church,
backs any political agenda, they will lose this tax-exempt status. …. In
other words, by ‘getting in bed with the government’ on any level allows them
to dictate what we can, or cannot say or teach! … Why on earth do we even
allow this to happen? .. All this does is allow the ‘rulers’ to get their
secular claws into our ‘spiritual flesh’ .. and especially since these same
rulers have totally removed God from their way of life! ….. 

*CNS News – “Price of beef & bacon
reach all-time high”
*The Telegraph – “China’s terrifying debt
ratio poised to breeze past U.S. levels”

… All
the while I thought America had the ‘corner’ on this debt thing … their debt
ratio just surpassed 250% of GDP! … They, too, will come tumbling down! …. 

*The Hill
– “CDC Director warns of ‘post-antibiotic era’ “
…. says
there’s lots of diseases emerging that current known medicines have absolutely
no effect on ….. scary!!
July 23

*Fox News
– Purged by ISIS, Iraq’s Christians appeal to world for help”

   -1800 year-old church in Mosul torched …

*Newsmax –
“Ben Stein:  ‘Jew hatred’ exists in
America’s media”

…. No
duh! .. and what happens to nations that go against God’s chosen? … the
‘Judgement Clock’ is ticking …
*BBC –
U.S. halts all airline flights into Israel”

   -Hamas calls it a ‘great victory’ …

…. Many
say this is a ‘boycott’ of israel by America over the Gaza ‘invasion’ … Why?
.. Do we see any airline suspensions in Iraq? .. Afghanistan? .. Ukraine? ..
Syria? …… Makes one wonder …..
news – “Chikungunya continues to spread across the U.S.”

   -MERS virus may now be ‘airborne’ …

July 24

Week – “Earthquakes are rising in Oklahoma:  2300+ tremors reported since January”
Morning News – “Earthquakes increasing in the UK:  Highest in decades”
…. and
the scientists are baffled! …
*Reuters –
“Iran’s Supreme Leader calls for the end of ‘murderous’ Israeli
Sadly, world opinion puts him in the majority …. just think about that for a
minute! ….
“Deadly ‘Superbug’ is spreading in U.S./ hospitals”
….. It’s
an ‘antibiotic-resistant bacterium and nothing known to medicine phases it ….
Guardian – “Japanese monkeys’ abnormal blood linked to Fukushima
Just wait – humans are next! ..
*Fox News
– “Report:  Russia firing artillery
into Ukraine in escalation of conflict, Pentagon says”
Ukraine .. Afghanistan .. Iraq .. Syria .. Israel .. Nigeria .. Sudan .. the
list of ‘wars & rumors of wars’ grows by the day ……

July 25

News – ” ‘We will not tolerate your religion!’ – School fires scientist
for questioning evolution”
from article:  “A legal defense
organization filed a lawsuit this week against California State University,
alleging that the school fired a biologist for discovering evidence that
contradicted evolutionary theory.”

…. It’s
sad when they won’t even consider ‘another’ possibility ….
“6.0 earthquake hits southeast Alaska – No Tsunami expected”

*ABC News
– River in China mysteriously turns ‘Blood Red’ overnight”

This sounds so ‘Biblical’ …….
Report – Gaza War Update

   -Hamas morale collapsing …

   -Paris bans pro-Palestinian protest over
violence …

   -Officials call for ‘Day of Rage’ in West
Bank …

   -Hezbollah leader vows to support Gazans …

   -Israeli Cabinet rejects Kerry ceasefire
proposal …

   -Ambassador blasts CNN for biased reporting

week passes, and again we see prophecy unfolding at an ever-increasing pace!
… It’s simply amazing to watch! … I feel sorry for all those who are
clueless as to why all this is happening … But then again, that too, is
prophecy ….

As I said,
much is happening, but two issues really stand out for me this week. … The
first is the increase of nations experiencing turmoil … increasing economic
hardship .. wars and rumors of wars … the constant destruction of all moral
balance ……. Simply, we are seeing the unraveling of the existing global
order right before our eyes! …. and what will be the finale to all of this?
… the soon-coming ‘New World Order’ 
… and who will step into the limelight and put it all together? …
The ‘Beast out of the sea’ described in Revelation 13 – the Anti-Christ! …..

And guess
who else is ‘showing their true colors?’ …. None other than the Anti-Christ’s
‘partner in crime’ .. the World Church and its leader, the Pope! ….. Just
look at what he pulled off this week … he goes to the Holy Land and first
meets with the palestinian leaders .. those sworn to Israel’s destruction ..
and calls them ‘brothers!’ …. He then meets with Israel’s leaders and reports
mostly say that the reception there was a lot less cordial. … Finally, he
asks leaders of both the Jews and the Arabs (Muslims in this case) to come to
the Vatican to pray with him in the next few weeks. … Again I ask, which god
will he decide to pray to? … Oh, that’s right, I forgot … He thinks that we
all serve the same god! …. Anyway, The ‘Harlot’ described in Revelation 17 is
none other than who this Pope represents …. Rome and the Vatican will be the
partner of the coming world ruler, and this week’s events just makes it clearer
to those who ‘watch’ …..

OK .. I
know I’m going ‘off the deep end’ once again, but hey, this stuff is amazing!
.. and it’s just more proof that our Lord’s return is imminent! … Hallelujah!

I’m outta
here for another week, Lord willing,  but
know that I am fervently praying for each and every one of you. …. If you are
anything like me, it gets really hard sometimes .. and that’s because the enemy
of our great God is ‘turning up the heat’ at each and every opportunity he
gets. … For those of us who do our best to serve the Lord, that’s who he
focuses on the most. … But, Hallelujah, our Lord is stronger and will
ultimately be victorious! …. I can’t wait for that day! ….. Stay strong and
keep witnessing to anyone and everyone when the opportunity arises. … Time is
short and there is work to be done …….

Until next



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