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August 22
*Associated Press – “UN:  Death toll from Syrian civil war now tops
….. and now add ISIS crossing their
borders … we must pray for the innocent ones! …
*The Telegraph – “Ukraine accuses
Russia of ‘direct invasion’ as aid convoy crosses border”
-Alarming build-up of Russian troops on Ukraine border …
-Invasion! …
*Zero Hedge – “The Fed’s track
record:  $389,863 spent for every job
created .. at best”
…… Oh well .. We’ll just print more
money …..
*Reuters – “Islamic State threat
‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen’: 
…. This opening statement was made by
Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense …. quite different from the President’s
remark .. ‘These people are JV’ …….. Typical confusion at the top continues
Also ,,,
-Senator:  ISIS developing plan to
‘Blow Up’ major U.S. city …
-FBI, Homeland Security warn police t be alert …
-General: ‘We must destroy now’ …
*Reuters – “Gaza rocket strikes
Israeli Synagogue, wounding several people”
-Mortar bomb kills 4-year-old …
-Bibi:  ‘Hamas will pay heavy
price’ …
*Drudge Report – America’s Moral Decline
-New Show:  ‘Dating Naked’ …
-‘Sex-Box’ reality show to put couples on display …
-HBO defends scenes of violence & rape …
-‘Performance Artist’ vows to have sex with someone new every day –
Sex-crazed narcissist …
-‘So You Think You Can Shock?’ – Prizes take back seat at MTV awards
show …
*CBS/Miami – “Miami broke:  Thousands stand in heat and sun for free box
of food”
…… Signs of the times ……
August 23
*Weather Network – “Ready to
Blow:  Iceland’s Bardarbunga Volcano sees
strongest quake yet – Sub-glacial eruption has begun”
-568 earthquakes in single day! …
-Red Alert …
-Significant ash emissions likely …
…. This is potentially a ‘very big one’
that could affect much of Europe and beyond …
*Breitbart – “Overwhelmed and no
outbreak:  30 U.S. states plus D.C.
requested help with possible Ebola cases”
-Spreading:  Nigeria confirms 2
new alarming Ebola cases …
-2nd Plague?  WHO says 70 died
from hemorrhagic illness in DRC – Denies outbreak of Ebola …
-Number of Ebola deaths are massively underestimated, warns WHO …
-Outbreak accelerating:  Ebola
death toll surges to 1420, with more than 2600 cases …
*American Free Press – “Fleeing
Iraqi Christians reveal horror of Islamic State”
…. Jesus said we would be persecuted
… We here in America have been extremely blessed … so far …
*USA Today – “Russian convoy arrives
in Ukraine amid shelling reports – Crisis escalating”
*Xinhuanet – “China tells USA:  ‘Keep Your Distance”
-Strongly-worded statement rejects criticism of jet encounter …
-USA sends 2nd Carrier to Asia amid tensions …
…. What they’re talking about is our
close-in surveillance of their country … We most likely would feel the same
way if the situation was reversed ……
*Breitbart – “Buchanan:  Obama will ‘set the country completely on
fire’ with Executive Amnesty by Labor Day”
-America on brink of ‘Civil War’ …
-Chaos in the streets ‘coming to a city near you’ …
August 24
*Fox News – “State of Emergency
declared after massive 6.0 earthquake hits northern California”
-Hundreds injured, 3 critically …
-Strongest in decades …
-Widespread damage & power outages …
-Early-warning system gave 10-second alert …
*Reuters – “6.4 magnitude quake
strikes coast of Chile”
*Huffington Post – “California
drought leaves homes without water”
…. This is now happening in the San
Joaquin Valley where individual wells are drying up …
*Breitbart – “Anti-Israel protesters
in London ‘Celebrating’ Hitler”
…. I guess they think the leader of a
nation that murdered 6 million of their fellow human beings is one of the ‘good
guys?!’ …… Like sheep being led to slaughter …..
*World Net Daily – “Churches
warned:  ‘Tidal wave of Gay Theology’
Comment from article:  “Evangelist Scott Lively, who was sued
for Bible preaching, sees lesbian worship singer Vicky Beeching as a harbinger,
and forecasts a coming tidal wave of ‘infiltration’ of the Church by promoters
of the ‘gay’ agenda.”
…. Aren’t we already seeing this? …
and it will increase as we draw ever closer ……
August 25
*ABC News – “Strong 6.9 earthquake
strikes central Peru”
… That’s the 3rd 6+ quake to hit the
Americas in just two days!
*Right Side News – “Putin’s
Pride:  Danger to the world”
Comment from article:  “Vladimir Putin is proudly boasting of
his nation’s ‘offensive & defensive’ weaponry which is so advanced that
‘other armies in the world’ do not yet have their equal.”
…. The ‘King of the North’ flexing its
muscles …..
*Zero Hedge – “Russia, others ask if
America still fit to ‘participate’ in solving international problems”
….. Great question! … Many of us are
asking the same question right now … our leader is so detached …..
*ABC News – “American Special
Ops:  ISIS is an incredible fighting
…. These guys, who are considered the
best in the world, are amazed at just how advanced this militant outfit is …
which is just more bad news for America, as well as the rest of the world
*Truth Revolt – “Former President
Jimmy Carter to give Keynote Speech at Muslim convention in Detroit”
…… While many are surprised, I am not
… This guy has a documented history of anti-Semitism …..
*CNS News – “Gaza children cheer for
rockets to hit America”
…. That’s what they do …start them
out young to hate …
*Fox News – “More White House
officials at Michael Brown’s funeral that Margaret Thatcher’s”
-No rep to Memorial Mass for beheaded journalist …
….. Many think that since we’ve elected
a black president, racism in the country has increased … maybe this is proof
of their suspicions …..
*Live Science – “Hundreds of Methane
Plumes erupting along East Coast”
… and, as usual of late, scientists are
baffled ….
* – “Summer Finale: Stocks
rally to new record”
-EU set to ‘pump’ currency …
….. And why shouldn’t they ‘pump it’!
… America has been doing it for some time, and look at its stock market! …
They might as well create their own ‘bubble’ as well … it might buy them a
bit of time before the fall ….
**The Washington Post – “Ukraine
says Russian forces cross border in tanks, armored vehicles”
…. Not letting up …..
August 26
*Christian News – “Top U.S. Military
Officer:  ISIS has ‘apocalyptic
end-of-days vision’ that must be defeated”
-White House at ‘tipping point’ on Islamic State …
-ISIS ethnic cleansing:  670
prisoners murdered in Shia prison massacre, UN reports …
*The Washington Free Beacon – “Feds
creating database to track ‘Hate Speech’ “
… Trust me when I say that those of us
who are ‘literal, Bible-teaching’ witnesses for the Lord will be near the ‘top
of the list’ …
*BBC – Iceland Volcano:  Bardarbunga hit by 5.7 earthquake”
*CBS News – “Expert urges California
nuclear plant closure over earthquake threat”
….. Seems like a great idea … Who
needs another ‘Fukushima?’ …
*The Washington Post – “Alarm grows
as Ebola outbreak spurs more flight cancellations, border closures”
-Liberian Doctor who received rare Ebola drug ‘Zmapp’ dies …
*The New York Times – “Hamas &
Israel agree to extended Gaza ceasefire”
…. Wonder how long this one will last?
… Hamas has already broken some 11 previous ceasefires …
*World Net Daily – “Satanic ‘Black
Mass’ gets green light from U.S. city”
-Concerns mount about ‘dark powers’ that this invites into our community
…… and they are absolutely right
about this concern! .. Satan is like a ‘roaring lion’ right now and is looking
to get his foot in the door wherever he can …..
August 27
*ABC News – “Third Doctor dies from
Ebola in Sierra Leone – had no contact with patients”
-Canada pulling Ebola lab team from Sierra Leone …
-WHO pulls team after 2nd worker contracts virus …
-Chinese exodus from Ebola-hit Sierra Leone …
-CDC Chief:  Ebola outbreak ‘much
worse than we ever feared’ …
-Different Ebola strain kills 13 in the Congo – 2nd outbreak adds to
fears virus may be unstoppable …
-WHO:  High death toll of medics
hampering Ebola control efforts …
-Ebola has upper hand, says U.S. health official …
*The Telegraph – “Netanyahu’s
Cabinet in revolt over Gaza ceasefire”
-Israel’s fragile coalition government is threatening over the ceasefire
agreement, which the PM agreed to without a vote …
*The Week – “City Council in Flint,
Michigan considers using Scientology booklet to restore ‘moral fiber’ “
….. I’m shocked! .. but not really ….
*Bloomberg – “Argentine Peso
continues plunge – officials say currency under attack”
…. Whatever the reason, this country is
on the brink …..
*The Washington Examiner – “CBO:  National Debt doubles since financial
…. and there seems to be no end in
sight …. or is there? ……
*Fox News – “Football Chaplains
replaced by ‘Life Coaches’ “
… This is happening in Orange County
high schools in Florida …
*Fox News – “Texas School removes
plaques honoring God”
…. The removal of God from our society
continues forward in high gear ….
August 28
*The New York Times – “Russian
troops invade Ukraine”
-Ukraine forces retreat as two columns of Russian tanks enter Ukraine
-‘Huge loads of arms’ pour in from Russia …
-Russian troops fighting alongside rebels …
*The Washington Free Beacon – “Iran
begins arming Palestinian terrorists”
-Promises ‘the annihilation of the Zionist Regime’ …
*The Local – “Mohammed is now the
most popular name — in Oslo”
…. Last week it was Britain! …
*Breitbart – “Obama’s DOJ sues
Minnesota city for rejecting Islamic Center”
… The Muslim population is exploding in
this state and one city is trying to ‘slow it down’ … so what happens? .. The
Feds come in to support the Muslims! .. Oh, and by the way, this is the same
place where the three Americans came from that were killed fighting for ISIS!
….. Makes one wonder …..
*Breitbart – “WHO warns disease
caseload could reach 20,000”
-Ebola countries isolated as airlines stop flights …
-Virus mutating …
-Uncontrollable? – Nigeria reports 2 new cases …
*World Net Daily – “Preacher stuns
with ‘Michael Brown is Jesus’ rant”
Comment from article:  “An Episcopal Church minister in
Virginia declared in a sermon that God ‘became Michael Brown,’ the black teen
who was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri.”
…. This is the kind of garbage that
really hurts the true Church of Christ … it is simply delusional! …  and it just gives the doubters more reason to
doubt! …..
*Fox News – “Prayer for injured
florida teen football player sparks atheist outrage”
… and just guess who is upset? … The
Freedom From Religion outfit based in Wisconsin … These people need to
get  an ‘eternal’ life …
Talk about Christ’s prophecies concerning
the ‘end times’ coming true! … Jesus said that just before His coming, we
would see an increase of many signs He specifically gave for us to watch for
… false teachers  deceiving the masses
… wars & rumors of wars … famine (drought) and earthquakes in many
places … pestilences in many forms … signs in the sun, moon and stars
Well? … Jesus said that these signs
would be like “Birth Pains” …. simply meaning they would
continually increase in both frequency and intensity until …… Several
newscasters have said in just the past two weeks that there is so much going on
right now, they just can’t seem to keep up with them! …
There is no doubt things are accelerating
at an ever-increasing pace. … I remember a ‘watchman’ named Elbert Peek who
died in the early 1990’s and was in his late 80’s … He said that when he
first became interested in Bible prophecy, he had to “scratch around like
a chicken to find even one sign.”…. But just before his passing, he
said, “but now, I’m just waiting for the Trumpet to blow!” …. and
that was some 20+ years ago! … I wonder what brother Elbert would say now?
…. I’ve been following the prophecies since the mid 70’s and cannot even
believe how fast things are happening … and it is increasing at an
exponential pace each and every day!
Bottom line? … Time is so short right
now. …. For those who don’t follow this stuff, or for the non-believers, it
has to be difficult to even begin to comprehend … and I think that is why
they ‘stick their heads in the sand’ so as to make it all go away  … Hence, The Days of Noah! …. But for
those of us who ‘get it,’  it is an
incredibly exciting time! … Just to know Jesus is so close to coming is
overwhelming … I can’t wait! … Hallelujah!
Let’s keep praying for one another .. but
also for those who do ‘have their heads in the sand’ … We need to pray for
their salvation … Their time for decision is very short .. and it will be the
most important decision they will ever have to make … a decision as to where
they will spend eternity ……………. Shine the light, brothers &
sisters! … Jesus is Lord and He will be victorious! … Hallelujah!
Until next time,


August 26, 2014
This week I just want to visit with you
about something I find fascinating … and that is the apparent passiveness of
our current leader, President Barack Obama. …. From a ‘worlds-eye’ view of
things, it is almost shocking to observe! … We saw just this past week how he
briefly acknowledged the beheading of an American journalist, and then
immediately run to the golf course to high-five it with his buddies! … Being
on vacation is one thing, but to show such blatant disrespect to this
journalist’s family is beyond anything I can even try to justify. …
To support the obvious disconnected
behavior of this President, let’s briefly review a few recent news headlines
that define it quite clearly … First, we saw in a story from Fox News from
August 7th … ” ‘Lethargic’ Obama seems to have no interest in discussing
Hamas, Russia.” … Now moving to August 12th, we see this story from The
Drudge Report … ” ‘Make the world go away’ – Obama vacations as the
world descends into chaos” …. There’s more, but we all get the picture
here …..
So now, the next obvious question would
be this … why is this happening, and what is the extended result of these
actions (or lack of them)? … First, let’s remember that God does nothing by
accident .. or chance. .. There is always a specific reason! …. What, then,
could it be here? … I’m so glad you asked! …
To start, we are seeing end-time Bible
prophetic events exploding all around us … Israel’s increasing isolation
(Zechariah 12 & 14) … Famine & drought … all kinds of pestilences
in the form of rising drug-resistant diseases, record weather events, the increasing
signs of civil breakdown in societies all across the globe … increasing wars
& rumors of wars (see Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21) … signs in the
sun, moon & stars (Luke 21:11 & 25) … world unity of churches &
other religions ultimately evolving into the world church and partner of the
end-time world leader (Revelation 17 & 18) … and the globalization of
nations which will soon evolve into a one-world government (Daniel 7 &
Revelation 13) …
OK .. now back to America and its passive
leader. … In order for this all to happen .. to even consider the possibility
of a world government and leader, there cannot be a civil and benevolent world
super-power in existence. … America has to ‘fall back into the pack’ in order
for all these things to take place! …. Our current leader is the perfect man
to see that this happens! … From is attitude and actions, he doesn’t seem to
care at all how far America slides backward …. Again, God NEVER makes a
mistake. .. He, and only He, puts whomever he wants, whenever He wants, in the
places He desires. … It is all part of His plan! …
In looking at the last two commentaries
I’ve posted, we saw where Israel, after receiving clear signs of warning from
God, reject those warnings, and the ultimate result was its destruction.
..  So, too, America received a clear
warning on September 11, 2001 that she was vulnerable and needed to turn her
collective face back to God in order to survive going forward. … And again in
2008, she received another clear sign that earthly wealth was not going to
sustain her future. … Only God can do that. … So, did this once-great
country turn her face back to God? … Did she repent and place her future in
God’s hands? …. The answer is an obvious & resounding NO! .. Let’s look
at just some of what is taking place to prove this point ….
*Continuing to turn her back on God by removing Him completely from
society (see 1 Timothy 4:1 & 6:20-21) …
*The massive moral collapse that started some 50+ years ago is
accelerating at a breath-taking pace …
*Greed, wealth, & laziness has become the norm (Revelation 3:17) …
*A once-strong and focused Church that has, for the most part, sold out
to the ways of the world (see 2 Timothy 
4:3-5, Matthew 24:11, 2 Peter 2:1, 1 Timothy 4:1) …
*The continuing killing of unborn babies, now surpassing some 55
million+ (The Ten Commandments) …
*The recent turning away from God’s chosen people, Israel and the Jews
…….. and much more, but enough for
now …
Is there still time for America to change
course and return to God? …. Only God knows that, but I personally think,
because of all the prophetic occurrences taking place right now, that it is too
late, and America will soon face the wrath of God. … Ezekiel 7:3 says this
…. “The end is now upon you and I will unleash my anger against
you.  I will judge you according to your
conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.” … Wow! …
What a powerful indictment! …. God is a loving and patient God, but He has
His limits … and I believe we have raced past the ‘point of no return’ …..
So again, where does that leave those of
us who do know the truth? … to those of us who realize these things are going
to take place? … that the end of things as we know it is upon us!? ….. Any
good soldier knows the answer to these questions …. we must take the battle
to the streets! .. We must turn on the light of God and shine it as brightly as
we can while there is still time! … We must spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
to as many unsaved ears as we can! …. It is time to ‘take off the bibs, and
put on the aprons! … It is time to go to work for Jesus! …..
This scripture shows a clear view of what
is coming and should place an urgency in each of our hearts … “The great
day of the Lord is near – near and coming quickly.  Listen! 
The cry on the day of the Lord will be bitter, the shouting of the
warrior there.  That day will be a day of
wrath, a day of distress and anguish, a day of trouble and ruin, a day of
darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness ….. ” (Zephaniah
That is what these next few weeks and
months are going to look like! … Is that scary or what?! …. But we, the
brothers & sisters in Christ, can show those who are lost just how bright
its going to be just after these days of gloom and darkness. … We need to
shout out the fact that yes! .. There is hope! .. You don’t have to be afraid!
….. Jesus is coming to save the world! … Hallelujah!
Let us pray for one another for strength
to prevail in these coming final days of wrath on this nation, and ultimately,
the whole world. … We must stay strong in our knowledge of the coming hope.
… That alone will be a powerful witness to many in this quickly dying world
Until next time,

August 15

*New York Times – “Europe economy stalls as Germany stumbles”

Comment from article:  “The Euro-zone economy stalled in the 2nd quarter, raising the ugly prospect that the region’s meager recovery has lost momentum just as it faces fresh headwinds from Russia and Ukraine. .. The gloomy numbers out of the Euro-zone, whose roughly $13 Trillion economy accounts for 17% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product, join a litany of similar sour reports this week from Asia, all pointing to signs of sudden weakness among many major economies.”

….. We’ve known this was coming … it’s now here, and it will only continue to get worse …..
*World Net Daily – “Achtung!  German now in top U.S. Army position”

Comment from article:  “In an unprecedented move, a German officer has been appointed to a key command post over the U.S. Army in Europe.”

…. For the ‘doubters’ out there, this is just another ‘piece of the puzzle’ concerning the coming globalization of the world’s governments. … Thanks, brother Victor, for sending me this story … and I love your comment .. ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ …..
*Extinction Protocol – “Pulitzer-Prize winning author Laurie Garrett, writer of ‘The Coming Plague’ warns, ‘You are not nearly scared enough about Ebola’ “

….. She’s done a ton of research on these kinds of things …. she should know! …

More Ebola News …
   -No stopping Ebola’s spread in Philippines, says leading doctor  …
   -5 illegal immigrants detained in Albania with Ebola symptoms …
   -Korea Air suspends Kenya flights – cuts all ties with African continent …
   -Nigeria reports another Ebola case – Experts warn magnitude of crisis not understood nor comprehended …
   -Fox News poll:  More than 6 in 10 worried about Ebola spreading to U.S. …
   -Ghana now joins growing list of ‘infected’ nations …
   -Ebola outbreak scale ‘vastly underestimated’ – WHO …

YNet News – “Nasrallah:  ‘Islamic State is a monster coming to devour region’ “

Comment from article:  “Hezbollah’s leader says,  ‘Everyone should be concerned’ by Islamic State, which he dubbed an inhumane monster.”

….. Wow! .. This is the leader of Hezbollah saying this!

*National Post – “Growing number of Atheist churches in Bible Belt”

…. and sadly, many people are really happy about this! …

*Red State – “Has Russia invaded?  Ukraine enters a critical state”

…. The rumor is that an armored Russian unit actually crossed the border … we’ll see ….

*Christian News – “Study reveals most American pastors silent on current issues despite biblical beliefs”

….. and I believe the main reason is because it will ‘risk’ their popularity! .. Nowadays in America, it’s all about ‘how many come’ .. how much money donated .. and popularity, which translates to power … It reminds me of what Christ said in Revelation 3 about the 7th Church – Laodicea – “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.  But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” (verse 17) ….. and as for popularity .. was Jesus popular? .. were His disciples popular? .. are truth-seeking, judgement-professing preachers popular today? … You know the answer ….

*Breitbart – “Document:  Homeland Security predicts rise of ‘Anti-Government’ violence”

… Duh! .. Guess that’s why they’re buying up all the guns & ammo! …

*Market Watch – “Does George Soros know something we don’t about the stock market?”
   -Investment ‘outflow’ hits record …

… All of a sudden, he seems ‘bearish’ and is pulling out much of his money … hmmmmmmmmmm …  

*Zero Hedge – “77 Million Americans have debt in collections — Record”

August 16

*Jerusalem Post – “Iran says ‘little chance’ of reaching nuclear deal with West by November”

…. I’m shocked! … but not really … Iran has NEVER wanted a deal with the West! … They just wanted to buy time to finish their ‘bomb’ program … I just wonder if John Kerry ever really understood this …. He’s not ‘the sharpest knife in the drawer’ …

*Associated Press – “Islamic Fighters kill scores of Yazidi men – kidnap women and girls in Iraq”
   -Co-opted into service as wives of fighters …
   -UK PM warns ISIS coming to streets of London …
   -U.S. air strikes on ISIS part of operation to retake key Iraqi dam …

*St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “After day’s calm, storm erupts in Ferguson”
   -More looting …
   -Governor declares emergency, imposes curfew …
   -Chaos at press conference …
   -Armed store owners fend for themselves …
   -Black Panthers lead massive march …
   -Media draws map to home of cop …

*Reuters – “African Ebola outbreak like ‘Wartime’ – Food shortages threaten”
   -Aid workers flee …
   -Mob destroys Ebola center …
   -Warnings issued over bogus cures …
   -Liberia gives experimental drug to three doctors …

August 17

*Standard Media – “Fears of new Ebola infections, as clinic looted in Liberia’s largest slum – 29 Ebola patients fled, carrying infection”
   -Struggling Liberia creates ‘Plague Villages’ in Ebola epicenter – potential refugee nightmare …
   -Lockdown:  Using a tactic unseen in a century, countries cordon off Ebola-racked areas …
   -Kenya closes borders to travelers from Ebola countries …
   -Three suspected of Ebola quarantined in India …

*Fox News – “State of Emergency – Governor Nixon imposes curfew in Ferguson”
   -One person shot, seven arrested in overnight clashes …
   -Protester carries wooden cross …
   -Unrest shows poverty grows fastest in suburbs …

*The Week – “Europe is in an Epic Depression – and it’s getting worse”

…. Like we’ve said …..

*Drudge Report – “California’s epic drought sets off crop failure alarms”

… This is big! .. Not only does it cut a large percentage of the food supply, but it also affects prices in an already weakening economy …

*Bloomberg – “Los Angeles infrastructure crumbling – No money to fix it”

…. Buckling roads and sidewalks, deteriorating storm drains ….. you name it, it’s falling apart …

*Fox News – “Hotel chain removes Bibles from rooms”

… The chain is ‘Travelodge’ … and the reason is for ‘diversity’ … There’s that word again …..

August 18

*YNet News – “Ukraine:  ‘We destroyed Russian military incursion’ “

…. If this is, in fact, true, what will happen next? .. What will Russia do? ..

* – Strong 6.2 earthquake hits Iran near Iraqi border”

*Associated Press – “Obama sending Attorney general Holder to Missouri”
   -Holder ‘takes over’ …
   -Protests deteriorate into violence, mayhem …
   -Lawmakers wear bullet-proof vests …
   -Run on gas masks …

*The Guardian – “Police tell Detroiters to buy guns in city riven by race issues and crime”

…. This is really amazing! .. What they are really saying is two things:  ‘We’re broke and can’t afford the means to protect you,’ and ‘we have no desire to go into your neighborhoods’ ……… Signs of the times …

* – “Document:  Army preparing to use lethal force against ‘unarmed civilians’ during ‘full-scale riots’ in U.S.”

…. Like has been mentioned many times, why else would the Feds be buying up tons of ammo? ….

*Drudge Report – “Streets on Fire”
   -15 people shot in 8 hours in New York City …
   -7 killed, 29 wounded in Chicago …

*Los Angeles Times – ” ‘Severe’ Drought now covers 99.8% of California, report says”

August 19

*New York Times – “Ebola death toll tops 1200, with 84 new fatalities – Outbreak rapidly spiraling out of control”
   -Woman found dead in her apartment in Austria – possible Ebola …
*Breitbart – “Muhammed is now Britain’s most popular boy’s name”

*Arutz Sheva – “Pope Francis:  I only have 2-3 more years to live”
   -Pope Francis speaks out about his poor health for the first time, indicates the possibility of early retirement …

…. So what about St Malachy’s 12th century prophesy? … This Pope, according to Malachy, was to be the last one …. Just maybe he is! …

*Reuters – “Islamic State message to America:  ‘We will drown all of you in blood’ “

…. Sweet people! …

*The Washington Times – “Despite sanctions relief, Iran aids Hamas with missile technology”
   -Tehran linked to missile tech used against Israel …

…. So much for our ‘brilliant’ negotiating skills … All our people can achieve is when the next meeting will take place .. and even that hasn’t been easy for these geniuses ….

*BBC – “Iceland raises Bardarbunga Volcano alert to Orange – Monstrous volcano awakens after 100+ year slumber”
   -Hundreds of small, intense earthquakes rock the area …

*World Net Daily – “Rocket barrage hits Tel Aviv, collapses truce talks”
   -50+ rocket attacks in just the past 2 hours …

August 20

*3 News – Erupting volcano off the coast of Japan poses Tsunami threat”

*Bloomberg – “Ebola spreads to Congo after 10 people die with Ebola-like symptoms”
   -Virus reaches Germany – 600 quarantined …
   -Nigerian Doctor thought cured from Ebola drops dead …
   -Quarantine Police:  Shoot-on-sight orders given to soldiers at Liberian border …
   -Air France crews call for flight cancellations …
   -More than 100 die in 2 days …
   -Up to 30,000 in need of drugs …

*News Max – “ISIS beheads American Journalist: American General says it shows ‘absolute evil’ “
   -Warning:  ISIS preparing for move against U.S. …

*YNet News – “Israel:  ‘It’s time to abandon truce talks, reach decisive victory over Hamas”
   -Gaza terrorists continue to pound southern Israel with rockets …
….. Can anyone blame Israel for wanting to ‘finish’ it? … Hamas has broken the ceasefire agreement 11 times!

*Arutz Sheva – “Saudi paper ‘Understands’ global call to kill Jews”

…. Of course they ‘understand’! .. They’re Muslims!

*BBC – “Shares in South Africa’s banks fall after Moody’s downgrade”

…. There goes another one! …

*CNS News – 109,631,000 Americans on Welfare”
…. That’s over 35%, people!

*Chicago Tribune – City spiraling out of control”
   -9-year old shot multiple times, dies …
   -Mayor losing control …

*CBS-Charlotte – “High school student suspended for saying ‘Bless You’ after classmate sneezes”
   -Teacher says, ‘we’re not going to have ‘godly speaking’ here’ …

August 21

*U.S. News – “WHO:  Death toll from West Africa Ebola outbreak rises to 1350”
   -says, ‘There is no end in sight to this virus’ …

* – “Ominous signs point to ISIS connection at U.S. southern border”
   -Americans bracing for new wave of terror …
   -ISIS has 12,000 foreign fighters, hundreds of Americans …
   -More British Muslims fight for ISIS than Britain …

*Yahoo News – “Ukraine warplane shot down as clashes kill dozens”

*Truth Revolt – “Temple University Jewish student punched in face and called ‘Kike’  in anti-Semetic attack”

*International Business Times – ” ‘National Day of Rage’ in 37 U.S. cities”
   -Police protect white protesters from black mob …
   -Black cop kills white man – media silent …
   -Feces smeared on police cars in New York City …
   -Holder:  ‘Change is coming’ – tells students he was victim of racial profiling …
   -Of 163 arrests since shooting, only 7 from Ferguson …

*Daily Signal – “Government fines farmer for not hosting ‘Gay’ marriage in his barn”

….. What on earth has happened to America .. and in such a short time!

Late August is usually the ‘quiet time’ in world happenings in relation to Bible prophecy, but not so this year! …
We are seeing cracks all through the world’s economic structure, which usually takes place in September/October … and what makes it even more unique is the U.S. stock market is setting records during this time! … This is amazing, and to me is pure proof of the ‘Days of Noah’ symptoms that are prevalent, especially in America today …

And this ISIS thing! .. Even the leader of Hezbollah, which is another Muslim terrorist organization, calls them ‘monsters’ … and their threats toward America are, in my opinion, very real … especially with the porousness of our southern border. … Even Texas Governor Rick Perry recognizes this and has warned of their agents entering the country ……

It’s really going to get ‘interesting’ over these next few months, believe me. … Prophetic signs in most all categories are increasing by the moment. … and then when you consider the ‘Shemittah’ & ‘Blood Moon’ signs along with all of it, I’m wondering if we will even get through September of 2015! … No, I’m not setting a date, but I am warning my fellow brothers and sisters of the ‘season’ … It is here!

Know this .. I love each of you, and am praying for you constantly, and God knows exactly who you are. … Please pray for me as well as we all need the strength to endure these coming chaotic days that lie just ahead … May God bless each of you! … Hallelujah!

Until next time,


Note #1 .. Mary & I want to welcome brother Victor Sampson to our ‘Light in the Darkness’ team. … He will be partnering with Mary to help with the technical side of the site as well as promoting future growth. … We are thrilled to have him with us!

Note #2 – In case you are interested, I will be speaking at Chehalem Valley Baptist Church in Newberg this Sunday night. … I will be addressing the ‘Seven Churches” o Revelation, chapters 2 & 3, and how they relate to today’s Church. … Join us if you can. .. We would love to have you with us …

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