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September 30, 2014
“The Spirit clearly says that in
later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things
taught by demons.”  (1 Timothy 4:1)
In order to be a ‘watchman’ of God’s
Word, I believe one needs to be a-political, so as not to be swayed by the
human emotion of the political arena. … But as I watch the news events
unfolding with each passing day, I can no longer remain mum on what I see as
pure deception concerning the leadership of our nation right now. … Allow me
to share a few examples …..
*May 28, 2014 – “America has rarely been stronger.” .. Barak
Obama …
*July 14, 2014 – “I think that there have been a number of situations
in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has
substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the
‘tranquility’ of the global community.” ..
Press Secretary Josh Earnest …
*July 20, 2014 – “The United States of America has never been more
engaged in helping to lead in more places than we are now.  In every fundamental issue of conflict today,
the United States is in the center leading and trying to find an effort to make
peace where peace is very difficult.  I
think the President is on the right track and I think we have the facts to
prove it.” .. Secretary of State John Kerry …
This indicates nothing less than purely
‘deceived’ minds! … and tragically, I truly think they believe these lies!
… Simply, it is an extraordinary assessment of America’s foreign policy
‘condition.’  … When one looks at all
the cold hard facts – both of the disorder consuming most of the globe, and
then of exactly how much America is contributing to these problems – the simple
fact that our Secretary of State would even consider the situation with pride
is downright frightening!
Lets look at just a few more facts
directly attributed to this current leadership team …
*Since 2008, we have witnessed the complete ‘brush-off’ of our
traditional allies …
*Our President has embarked on an ‘apology tour,’ basically blaming
America for most 
all the world’s ills …
*Reduced the size of our military which allows our most dangerous
enemies to rise to
power …
*Arab outreach has fallen flat …
*The so-called ‘pivot to Asia’ has never materialized …
*’Red lines’ once drawn ‘vanishing’ before the world’s eyes, allowing
nations like Russia
to operate in total aggressive modes, knowing they will be unchallenged
(Syria & Ukraine
as classic examples)
*The softening of sanctions against Iran which will ultimately lead to a
nuclear ‘bomb’ …
*The virtual ‘abandonment’ of our closest ally in the middle east …
Israel …
There’s so much more, but you get the
point. … When our President can stand before us and tell us that radical
“Islam is on the run” .. it is beyond my comprehension, especially
when all the facts point to just the opposite! .. It is on the rise! … Just
look at Iraq for a moment .. Islamic death squads are gang-raping and
mass-murdering their way across the land. … Syria’s ongoing civil war has
claimed at least 190,000+ lives – with no end in sight. … Libya’s civil war
forced us to close our embassy in Tripoli. … Jews are fleeing persecution in
Europe …
Africa is aflame with abductions of young
girls being placed into slavery & Christians being slaughtered by the
hundreds. … Doesn’t seem to be on the run to me! …
Switching gears for just a moment, just
this week our President Obama was touting his record on the economy. ..
Obviously another delusional observation by our illustrious leader.
Once again, let’s back up this with some
brief facts …
*Our national debt, is rapidly approaching $18 Trillion, making us the
greatest debtor 
nation on the planet! …
*92 million Americans are out of the labor force – 23 million are either
unemployed or
under-employed …
*The number of people on food stamps, welfare and disability are ALL at
record highs … 
and all this comes at a time when tens of thousands of illegal
immigrants are pouring 
across our southern border …
*America’s big cities are exploding with increasing violence …
Once again, I must re-visit our leaders
and their insistent message that the world is now more ‘tranquil’ than ever
before. … Has anyone besides me noticed any of the headlines lately?! ..,
They are laced with topics like “Human Catastrophe” ..
“Plague” .. “Pandemics” .. “Rare Mystery
Diseases” .. “Chaos in the Streets Across the World” ..
“Economic Doom Looms” …….. A couple of specific examples ….
“The Breadth of Global Instability the Likes We Have Never Seen”
(Wall Street Journal – July 13) … The New York Times followed up a week later
with this one .. “Rarely has a president been confronted with so many
seemingly disparate foreign policy crises all at once – in Ukraine, Israel,
Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere … ” … This one seems to sum it
up quite well … “Is Global Chaos the New Normal?”  (The Los Angeles Times – July 29) …..
Doesn’t seem too tranquil, does it ….
The bottom line is this … America’s
leaders can live in their ‘delusional bubble’ all they want, but the facts are
proof that they are indeed delusional! … So now, as is always the way of our
great God, there is a reason for everything .. He is always in control! …
Simply, I believe that these particular leaders were ‘placed’ in their
positions for specifics reasons. … America came into being for specific
purposes, two of which I will point out here .. 1) To spread the Gospel of
Jesus Christ throughout the world, and 
2) to ‘be there’ for Israel as she became a state in 1948. .. Without
America, I don’t believe this would have happened. … Certainly there are
other things, but for now we will leave it here. …
So what happens to America now? …
Keeping it brief and simple, this nation has, for all intents and purposes,
abandoned the God of Heaven who allowed her to come into existence! … If we
look back into either biblical or secular history, any nation that threw away
their moral values and turned their backs on God’s laws, including His chosen
people, they have ALL fallen!
Is it America’s turn? … As a ‘watchman’
of God’s Word, I believe it is. .. I believe we as a nation have crossed the
‘point of no return’ in regards to abandoning our God. … I also believe it is
necessary for America to either fall, or at least ‘fall back into the pack of
nations’ in order for the next phase of biblical prophecy to take place. …
When the world’s remaining super-power fades from the scene, and as the world’s
economic condition continues on its path of self-destruction, that is when we
will see a new ‘global order’ emerge on the world scene, and out of it will
come a charismatic leader who will appear to have all the answers to the human
dilemma … non other than the ultimate anti-christ of all anti-christs, the
minion of satan! … The ”First Horse of the Apocalypse’  in Revelation 6:1-2 gives us a glimpse of
this character. .. He comes on a white horse wearing a crown, showing power and
authority, and has a bow in his hands. .. But their is no mention of arrows,
meaning he will come in power, but will conquer through other means besides war.
… It will be because of economic chaos raging all across the globe (see the
third horsemen – vs. 5-6)
America is imploding before our very
eyes! .. Besides our being financially bankrupt, we have also seen our people
being deceived with ‘the things of evil.’ … Look at the insatiable appetite
Americans have for pop culture – for celebrities, sporting events and all the
other forms of entertainment. … Think for a moment about the sheer blindness
of the average Americans who are totally oblivious to what is about to befall
them! … and a huge part of why they are like this is because their elected
leaders are lying to them! … The poor souls are being deceived and don’t even
realize it! .. That’s why when they say “Peace, peace; when there is no
peace.”  (Jeremiah 6:14) … That’s
when ……..
What we must do going forward as
Christians is to remember to shine as much light as we can, while we can. …
We need to continue to pray for our leaders that their eyes would be opened to
the truth of our Savior Jesus Christ .. our ONLY Savior! … We also need to
talk to as many as we can and tell them their is ‘a way out’ of the coming
calamities about to increasing befall this nation and planet. … Jesus Christ
can, and will, remove all fear from the hearts of those who put their trust in
Him. … Hallelujah!
If you have eyes to see and ears to hear,
be forewarned. .. Let’s let the scriptures tell us why .. “While people
are saying, ‘peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as
labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:3) ….
Until next time,

September 19
*BBC – “Ebola Health Team of 8
‘found dead’ in Guinea:  700 new cases
reported in one week – outbreak accelerating”
-UN:  Ebola threatens global
peace, security …
-Sierra Leone:  6 million people
confined to homes …
*Christian News – “False Christs
arising worldwide claiming to be 2nd coming of Jesus”
Comment from article:  “A number of false christs have been
arising in various nations worldwide, claiming to be the 2nd coming of
Christ.  While many are following these
self-proclaimed messiahs, others are speaking out against these cults, being
mindful of Christ’s words in Matthew 24:5, “For many shall come in my name,
saying,  ‘I am Christ,’ and shall deceive
many.’ “
…… Thank goodness at least some of us
have enough Bible knowledge to be able to discern who these nut-jobs are!
*The Daily Caller – “Pew Poll:  Liberals ignore religion, value teaching
‘tolerance’ “
Comment from article:  “A new Pew Research Center survey shows
that liberals think teaching tolerance to children is far more important than
instilling religious faith. .. The poll also showed that conservatives thought
just the opposite.”
*The Washington Times – “Putin says
he could have troops inside Poland ‘in two days’ “
-Russian nuke bombers intercepted near Alaska …
-Buzz northern Europe – intentionally violate Swedish air space …
….. looks like Putin is taking the ‘war
rhetoric’ to a whole new level
*The Associated Press – “U.S. troops
heading into Africa soon for Ebola fight”
-Doctors:  ‘Irresponsible’ …
…… Doesn’t make any sense to me,
either! … Why not send doctors & nurses? ……
*The Telegraph – “Super-rich in big
rush to buy gold bars”
-Economist Marc Faber:  ‘Bubbles
everywhere!’ …
*The Washington Post – “Senate votes
to approve Obama’s plan to fight islamist militants”
-Disagreements mount on how to fight war between Obama and military
leaders … 
…… The Congress votes to arm Syrian
rebels … but have they forgotten this ‘flashback’ story? … “Syrian
rebels pledge loyalty to Al-Qaeda” …. What on earth are they thinking in
this huge ‘D.C. bubble?’… They seem totally clueless! …
*The Atlantic – “Obama Architect announces
‘Optimal Age of Death’ “
-Rahm Emanuel’s brother:  ‘Living
too long is also a loss.’ …
…. He goes on to say that 75 is the
‘optimal’ age …. I knew these ‘sickos’ had an ulterior motive ….
September 20
*Newsmax – “Mutated Ebola Virus could
spread like flu, says Purdue University Biologist”
-Unknown Avian virus strikes poultry farms in Nepal …
-Venezuela on alert over mysterious, deadly disease – 10 dead …
-Ebola cases now double every 3 weeks – as many as a half-million could
be infected soon …
*Al Arabiya News – “Thousands of
Syrian Kurds enter Turkey, fleeing ISIS advance”
…. According to most reliable sources,
the Kurds are about the only ‘ground forces’ capable of fighting these
extremists ….
*The Jerusalem Post – “ISIS fight
requires ‘Genocidal’ Israel leave Palestine, Iran says”
…. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas
Araghchi, speaking before the UN Security Council, said that Israel’s actions
in Gaza ‘can only be called genocide,’ and said that such actions were a
rallying cry for the Islamic State. …
*The Daily Caller – “America’s most
popular pastor doesn’t know the Bible”
…. The article goes on to say that Joel
Osteen said this in a recent sermon … “God said in Numbers 11:23,  “Moses, is there any limit to my
power?” … Then he continued, 
‘Moses, you saw me part the Red Sea, stop the sun for Joshua, keep three
Hebrew teenagers safe in the fiery furnace, don’t you realize that I can bring
water without rain?  … There is no limit
to God’s power.’
…. There’s just one problem! ..
According to the Bible, Moses was dead before Joshua asked God to stop the
setting of the sun, and long before the three Hebrew youths were spared from
the furnace … a sad & dangerous commentary for one so popular …..
September 2l
*The Watchers – “45 liters of live
Polio Virus released into Belgian rivers”
…. It was an accidental release into
the environment, authorities say – human error is the reported cause …
*BBC – “Ukraine Conflict:  Ceasefire ‘in name only’ – NATO”
… Reports say that both sides are
firing artillery at one another …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Senior
Iranian Official:  ‘Ready to work with
U.S. to fight ISIS, but wants nuclear flexibility’ “
…. What?! .. By us, meaning John Kerry,
even asking Iran to work with us in any capacity is completely nuts! .. Here we
are, trying to  arm ‘moderate’ Muslim
rebels and talking with a radical Muslim state that has sworn our, as well as
Israel’s, complete destruction is totally beyond comprehension! …… Believe
me when I say, we are trying to ‘make a deal with the devil!’ …
*Drudge Report – “Troops arrive in
‘Hot Zone’ “
-Sierra Leone’s Ebola shutdown uncovers 70 dead bodies in capital …
-New aid worker attack in Sierra Leone amid curfew …
-Thousands cross border into neighboring countries …
September 22
*Dispatch – “As Ebola deaths rise,
dark omens & religious prophecies abound that disease heralds the ‘end of
the world’ “
of the Dead:  The unending flow of
corpses overwhelms death collectors …
-CDC warning to U.S. airlines: 
‘Treat any body fluids as though it is infectious’ …
*South China Morning Post – “Dengue
Fever outbreak in China worst in decades”
* – “U.S. admits there is a
much scarier terrorist group than ISIS”
…. It’s called ‘Khorasan’ and it is
said to have concrete plans for attacking targets in USA ….
*The Daily Caller – “Catholic
Cardinal McCarrick embraces Islam”
… He claims that Islam shares
foundational rules with Christianity …. Just another move toward ‘world
religious unity’ prophesied to happen in Revelation 17 …..
*EU Observer – “Europe needs new
stimulus to ward off crisis, U.S. Treasury warns”
… Wasn’t it back on the 14th that they
were seeking billions of ‘unborrowed’ funds? … Guess it didn’t come ..
.. so now what? …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Israel:  ‘The Syrian War is not our conflict, but we
are preparing for the day this changes’ “
… and it will come eventually … see
Psalm 83, & ultimately Ezekiel 38 & 39 …
*Reuters – “World leaders gather at
UN in shadow of Islamic State, Ebola crises”
September 23
*Jewish World News – ” ‘Not Islamic’
Comment from article:  “President Obama declared in his recent
address to the nation that ‘ISIS’ is not Islamic”
….. The article goes on to ask the
question, ‘How does he know that? .. Has he studied Islam and its history and
concluded that ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban,
Jamaat.e.Islami, Lashkar.e.Taiba, the various Palestinian terrorist groups, and
the Muslim terror groups in Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere are also all
NON-Islamic?’ …….. Sadly, our leader appears ‘delusional’  to most of the world ….
*Fox News – “U.S., Arab allies
launch first wave of strikes on Syria”
-Islamic State calls for strikes to kill civilians of nations attacking
them …
…. It begins …
*Drudge Report – “Over one million
Ebola cases by end of January”
-Outbreak far worse than authorities acknowledge …
-Paper:  Could outbreak last
forever? …
*The Wall Street Journal –
“Venezuela seeks to quell fears of disease outbreak”
… The disease is the mosquito-borne
Chikungunya .. it is spreading, and it now is killing!
*ABC News – “Obama to announce
Executive Action on climate”
…. One huge problem … China &
India are not on board … They are the two most-populated, and biggest
polluters of all! .. Also, prophecy tells us of chaotic times in the last days,
and ‘pestilences’ include climate issues … I doubt Obama, or any one else for
that matter, can legislate prophecy ….
*Chicago Tribune – “Chicago:  2 Dead, 31 Wounded in weekend shootings”
*Reuters – “Most Americans think
religion losing influence”
….. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. …
Since the efforts to push God out of our society began some 50 years ago, the
country has literally flushed all moral values ‘down the proverbial toilet’
*World Net Daily – ” Get Ready:  Biblical ‘Shemitah’ begins this week”
-Best-selling author warns America of God’s 7-year judgement …
Comment from article:  “Mark your calendars and hold on to your
hats, the next 12 months could be a wild ride for America and the world.  The Biblical ‘Feast of Trumpets,’ also known
as the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown Wednesday, September 24th, which also
marks the appearing of a new moon.”
…. But this is NOT just any new year!
.. It is the sabbath year, or ‘Shemitah’ year – a year laid out by God as a day
of rest  .. often translated as ‘the
release’ or ‘the remission’ and is applied to the ‘wiping away’ of debts as
well as resting the land. …… Messianic Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn believes
he has unlocked the mystery of the Shemitah’s meaning as it applies to
modern-day nations. .. He goes on to say that nearly every major U.S. stock
market collapse since the early 1900’s has occurred during the Shemitah — 2001
& 23008 as examples — could 2015 hold the same fate?
*CNBC – “Billionaires hoarding
mountains of cash”
-Claim they are ‘waiting for optimal moment to make further investments’
… What a load! … Right now the
markets are at all-time highs! .. When does it get better? … The real
‘translation’ is this .. they expect the highs to vanish! …it’s all going to
‘come tumbling down!’ …
September 24
*Yahoo News – “Ebola Wars:  Liberia warns outbreak may force region back
into civil war”
-‘Without vaccine we may not be able to stop this epidemic’ warns
virologist …
-Dead corpses dumped in rivers …
-Virologists warn of ‘complete breakdown of society’ …
-Virologists now claim Ebola cases to hit 1.4 million by mid-January …
*Fox News – “Strong magnitude 6.3
quake rocks northern Chile”
*The Blaze – “How farmers in Israel
are preparing for a rare Biblical event that starts this week”
Comment from article:  “Many Israeli farmers have spent months
preparing for a biblically-mandated event that comes just once every 7 years,
in which fields and orchards managed by Jews in the Holy Land must lay fallow
for the entire year, and it begins Wednesday with the start of Rosh Hashana,
the Jewish New Year.”
… and it stands for so much more! …
*Arutz Sheva – “Police ambushed by
Muslim rioters on Temple Mount”
…. Another place of major prophetic
significance under major duress ….
*My Way – “World leaders meet with
multiple crises on agenda”
Comment from article:  “Facing a world in turmoil from multiple
crises ranging from wars in the mideast and Africa to a deadly scourge of Ebola
and growing Islamic radicalism, leaders from more than 140 countries open their
annual meeting at the UN on Wednesday with few solutions.”
… and our own President, in his speech,
pushed for ‘International Unity’ (or globalization) as the best solution going
forward …..
*Christian Post – “100 Christians,
including children, arrested during major house church raid in China”
*Seattle Times – “Study:  Nature, not humans, behind West Coast
…. and who’s in charge of nature? ..
Notice they NEVER mention His name? …
September 25
*The Telegraph – ” ‘I’ve never seen
this amount of bodies before’ – livestock incinerator imported from Europe to
cremate corpses”
-Overflowing treatment centers – entire families now becoming infected
-Italy stages Ebola evacuation drills …
-Nurses Union says U.S. not ready for cases, an outbreak would be ‘pure
pandemonium’ …
*Weather – “Fukushima, Japan rocked
by two 5+ earthquakes in one hour, epicenter near nuclear plants”
-6.3 quake hits Solomon Islands …
-5.1 tremor rocks southern Indonesia …
…… Looks like the ‘Pacific Rim’ may
be waking up after a brief slumber …
*Town Hall – “During UN speech,
Obama praises ‘moderate Muslim’ who called for slaughter of U.S. troops”
… Anybody else worried about this guy?!
… and what’s really scary? .. Nearly half of Americans still
‘unconditionally’ support him!
*The Washington Times – “Obama’s
breathtaking naivete at the UN”
Comment from article:  “President Obama on Wednesday delivered
a speech at the UN filled with his usual soaring rhetoric on global
collectivism and the importance of international norms. .. But the President
also displayed a shocking naivete about global affairs, religion, Islam – a
pollyannaish interpretation of the state of the world and America’s role in
…,. It is shocking .. However, words
like ‘collectivism’ and ‘international norms’ play right into the ‘global order
of things’ .. Remember, America must either fall, or at least diminish on the
world stage for the ‘next stage’ of prophetic events to take place ….
*Forbes – “Japan:  Apocalypse now or Apocalypse later”
…. The general consensus is that their
economy is doomed! .. As to when is the only question … Remember this .. This
is the world’s 3rd-largest economy and its demise will affect the entire global
financial community.
Without a doubt, the one thing I’m mostly
focused on this week is the beginning of the Jewish New Year, which also is the
beginning of the ‘Shemitah’ year. … As I’ve written about in previous
commentaries (“The Shemittah Consequence” – August 12 – and
“Shemittah – Blood Moon Events – Coincidence?” – August 19), the pure
evidence brought forth by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is way beyond
coincidence! … I usually always enter into new research with caution &
skepticism because of all the crazy stuff that is out there in today’s world
… but this is a whole different matter … after looking deeply into the
Rabbi’s work, there is no doubt in my mind that God has shown him clear
‘promptings’ as to what has already taken place, and what will soon follow in
regards to America and the rest of the world. …
In short, Wednesday at sundown (the 24th)
marked the beginning of this next Jewish holiday cycle. ..  In previous cycles, 2001 & 2008 being
clear examples, America has been impacted with great economic chaos… In this
new cycle .. September 25, 2014 thru September, 13, 2015, because of previous
events, could this same kind of financial chaos impact America and the world
again? …. All one has to do is look around at the many stories relating to
the world’s economic distress, and it is not difficult to think that just maybe
it is all true! … Economic analysts across the globe are all saying ‘there
are bubbles everywhere!” .. Most any kind of civil or natural event could
trigger a devastating ‘domino effect’ in world markets.
Have I gone off the deep end? … I
suggest you read “Four Blood Moons” by John Hagee, and then read
“The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn. .. Also, go back and read my two
commentaries previously mentioned.
… I think once you finish this process,
you may have a whole new outlook as to what is soon to transpire on this planet
….. I know this .. if you have even the slightest interest in this stuff, you
will come away with many questions and thoughts ….
OK … I’m outta here for another week
… Love you all and will be praying for each of you .. and God knows exactly
who each of you are! … Hallelujah!
Until Next time,

September 23, 2014
Yesterday I received this e-mail from an
old neighbor and good friend and I feel a strong ‘urging’ to share it with each
of you. ….. Here it is ……….
“In my daily readings from the Billy
Graham devotional, the below verse from Romans was the topic of his message. ..
Romans 12:1 says, ‘Therefore, i urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of
God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to
God – this is your true and proper worship.’ 
…. “What I wanted to share was his
message. Here it is:  In a book called
‘The Age of Longing’ we read that an American girl married a radical
revolutionary in Paris.  She had lost her
faith at an American University – lost all the religious faith she had, and all
the things her parents had told her.  She
was asked why she married him.  She said,
‘He’s the first person I have ever known who believes something strong enough
to die for it.  Although I don’t believe
exactly as he does, I was attracted to this man who had found a cause.’  ….
I find that young people today are
looking for a cause, and they are not looking for something easy. …. Some
time ago a university student in Moscow told one of my colleagues,  ‘You Christians say that you are going to win
the world, but we’ve done more in 50 years than you’ve done in 2000 years.  And do you know why?  It is because you are not committed.  We are. 
We will win, you’ll see.’
My friend closed the e-mail with this
thought … “This really hit me in terms of the ‘passion, commitment and
intensity’ of other causes, while Christianity is beguiled in ‘milktoastedness,
fear, ritual,and complacency’. … I am praying I can bring passion, commitment
and intensity to our faith in Jesus Christ.’ “
Wow! … I, too, share my friend’s
passion for ‘upping the level’ of our commitment to and for our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ!
Zephaniah1:12 says that He (God) will
“punish those who are complacent .” …Also, we find one of the most
sobering passages in our Bibles which is found in Revelation 3:15-16 which
says,  “I know your deeds that you
are neither cold nor hot.  I wish you
were either one or the other!  So,
because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of
my mouth.”
In this passage, Christ was talking
specifically to the Church of Laodicea, the last of the seven churches spoken
of in Revelation, chapters 2 &  3. ..
It was evident that this church had become very complacent in their faith and
actions. .. Scripture tells us that they were ‘rich and in need of nothing’ …
and here’s a sad fact … this description of the church in Revelation has
become so well-known that the word ‘Laodicean’ actually appears in the dictionary!
.. It signifies those who are ‘mediocre, half-hearted, not fully committed to
what they are doing.’ … Here’s another sad fact … In the ‘dispensational’
approach to the teachings of the seven churches, this one (Laodicea) is meant
to represent the last church just prior to Christ’s glorious return ….
today’s church! …. look around and tell me it doesn’t fit!  ….
So what does this ‘lukewarm condition’
really describe? .. It is people who CLAIM to be God’s people, but do not live
according to His teachings. .. Lukewarm people claim to be in God’s ‘inner
circle’ but don’t bother to obey His commands. … When Jesus says,  “I know your works” (Rev. 3:15),
He’s talking about the way we live! ..
So, is this lukewarm condition the same
as being cold? .. ABSOLUTELY NOT! .. Those who are lukewarm are leading
‘fraudulent’ lives, thus causing great harm to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! ..
How, you ask? .. They claim to be Christians but are lead by worldly appetites.
.. This becomes a ruinous and destructive testimony! … If one thinks about it
for even just a second, we realize that it is much worse than being a ‘cold’
person. .. They at least admit that they don’t much care about God or His
teachings. .. At least they’re not a bunch of phonies play-acting their piety!
Bottom line? .. The lukewarm ‘believer’
doesn’t allow God’s righteousness to affect them … and that is a tragedy! ..
The lukewarm have experienced the purifying, all -consuming fire of God’s
presence .. they’ve heard about Christ’s victory over sin .. yet they accept
these facts with a yawn! … It’s no wonder Christ feels the way He does about
this ‘condition’ .. and that He wants to ‘spit it out of His mouth!’ ….
Pastor David Jeremiah, in his book
‘Escape the Coming Night,’ quoted this story, which I believe sums up today’s
‘Laodicean’ church more clearly than anything else I’ve seen. … It is titled
‘The Dead Church Sermon’
… Here it is …
“A certain minister had a reputation
for being eccentric.  One Sunday morning,
he told his congregation that he believed his church was dead.  You can imagine the murmurings from the pews
when he said,  ‘Come back tonight, I’m
going to preach the funeral service of the church.’  The members were shocked;  the attendance for the evening service was
larger than it had been in years.
“In front of the pews was a casket
and as people sat in stunned silence, the pastor delivered the message.  After the last ‘amen,’ the pastor said,  ‘Some of you may not agree with me that this
church is dead.  So that you may be
convinced, I am going to ask you to view the remains.  I want you to file by the casket, one by one,
and see who is dead.’
“In preparation for this unorthodox
presentation, the minister had placed a mirror in the bottom of the
casket.  It is obvious who everyone saw
when he came to view the deceased.”
If you think about this even a bit
seriously for just a moment, it is actually quite scary! …
OK, so is there any good that can come
out of this? … Is there any hope for all these lukewarm souls? … The answer
is a resounding YES! .. In the same passage in Revelation 3, verse 19
says,  “Those whom I love I rebuke
and discipline, so be earnest and repent.” 
… There is hope for all, even the lukewarm. .. It is Christ’s love
that causes Him to speak in this way. .. Here we see the ‘Gospel of Grace’
reaching out to even the most lukewarm among us. .. Simply stated, Jesus is
telling us that no matter how stale or complacent we’ve become, His loving
forgiveness is always there for us. …
Jesus’ love can awaken even the most
mediocre commitment, and He offers this in verse 20 when He says,  “Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
i will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”  … Then in verse 21, He says,  “To him who overcomes, I will give the
right to sit with me on My Throne, just as I overcame and sat down with My
Father on His Throne.” …. Could there be any better news for the lukewarm
souls?! … We must always remember that Jesus does not want any to be cast
away or lost. …..
In conclusion, Christ’s offer of
salvation for each of us is real .. but we must NEVER take this offer for
granted! .. I implore each of you to search your hearts right now … don’t
wait another moment if you need to ‘get right’ with Christ! … Remember His
words .. these two words .. that can instantaneously change everything …
SIMPLY KNOCK … He will open the door for you! … Hallelujah!
Until next time,


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