September 30, 2014
“The Spirit clearly says that in
later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things
taught by demons.”  (1 Timothy 4:1)
In order to be a ‘watchman’ of God’s
Word, I believe one needs to be a-political, so as not to be swayed by the
human emotion of the political arena. … But as I watch the news events
unfolding with each passing day, I can no longer remain mum on what I see as
pure deception concerning the leadership of our nation right now. … Allow me
to share a few examples …..
*May 28, 2014 – “America has rarely been stronger.” .. Barak
Obama …
*July 14, 2014 – “I think that there have been a number of situations
in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has
substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the
‘tranquility’ of the global community.” ..
Press Secretary Josh Earnest …
*July 20, 2014 – “The United States of America has never been more
engaged in helping to lead in more places than we are now.  In every fundamental issue of conflict today,
the United States is in the center leading and trying to find an effort to make
peace where peace is very difficult.  I
think the President is on the right track and I think we have the facts to
prove it.” .. Secretary of State John Kerry …
This indicates nothing less than purely
‘deceived’ minds! … and tragically, I truly think they believe these lies!
… Simply, it is an extraordinary assessment of America’s foreign policy
‘condition.’  … When one looks at all
the cold hard facts – both of the disorder consuming most of the globe, and
then of exactly how much America is contributing to these problems – the simple
fact that our Secretary of State would even consider the situation with pride
is downright frightening!
Lets look at just a few more facts
directly attributed to this current leadership team …
*Since 2008, we have witnessed the complete ‘brush-off’ of our
traditional allies …
*Our President has embarked on an ‘apology tour,’ basically blaming
America for most 
all the world’s ills …
*Reduced the size of our military which allows our most dangerous
enemies to rise to
power …
*Arab outreach has fallen flat …
*The so-called ‘pivot to Asia’ has never materialized …
*’Red lines’ once drawn ‘vanishing’ before the world’s eyes, allowing
nations like Russia
to operate in total aggressive modes, knowing they will be unchallenged
(Syria & Ukraine
as classic examples)
*The softening of sanctions against Iran which will ultimately lead to a
nuclear ‘bomb’ …
*The virtual ‘abandonment’ of our closest ally in the middle east …
Israel …
There’s so much more, but you get the
point. … When our President can stand before us and tell us that radical
“Islam is on the run” .. it is beyond my comprehension, especially
when all the facts point to just the opposite! .. It is on the rise! … Just
look at Iraq for a moment .. Islamic death squads are gang-raping and
mass-murdering their way across the land. … Syria’s ongoing civil war has
claimed at least 190,000+ lives – with no end in sight. … Libya’s civil war
forced us to close our embassy in Tripoli. … Jews are fleeing persecution in
Europe …
Africa is aflame with abductions of young
girls being placed into slavery & Christians being slaughtered by the
hundreds. … Doesn’t seem to be on the run to me! …
Switching gears for just a moment, just
this week our President Obama was touting his record on the economy. ..
Obviously another delusional observation by our illustrious leader.
Once again, let’s back up this with some
brief facts …
*Our national debt, is rapidly approaching $18 Trillion, making us the
greatest debtor 
nation on the planet! …
*92 million Americans are out of the labor force – 23 million are either
unemployed or
under-employed …
*The number of people on food stamps, welfare and disability are ALL at
record highs … 
and all this comes at a time when tens of thousands of illegal
immigrants are pouring 
across our southern border …
*America’s big cities are exploding with increasing violence …
Once again, I must re-visit our leaders
and their insistent message that the world is now more ‘tranquil’ than ever
before. … Has anyone besides me noticed any of the headlines lately?! ..,
They are laced with topics like “Human Catastrophe” ..
“Plague” .. “Pandemics” .. “Rare Mystery
Diseases” .. “Chaos in the Streets Across the World” ..
“Economic Doom Looms” …….. A couple of specific examples ….
“The Breadth of Global Instability the Likes We Have Never Seen”
(Wall Street Journal – July 13) … The New York Times followed up a week later
with this one .. “Rarely has a president been confronted with so many
seemingly disparate foreign policy crises all at once – in Ukraine, Israel,
Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere … ” … This one seems to sum it
up quite well … “Is Global Chaos the New Normal?”  (The Los Angeles Times – July 29) …..
Doesn’t seem too tranquil, does it ….
The bottom line is this … America’s
leaders can live in their ‘delusional bubble’ all they want, but the facts are
proof that they are indeed delusional! … So now, as is always the way of our
great God, there is a reason for everything .. He is always in control! …
Simply, I believe that these particular leaders were ‘placed’ in their
positions for specifics reasons. … America came into being for specific
purposes, two of which I will point out here .. 1) To spread the Gospel of
Jesus Christ throughout the world, and 
2) to ‘be there’ for Israel as she became a state in 1948. .. Without
America, I don’t believe this would have happened. … Certainly there are
other things, but for now we will leave it here. …
So what happens to America now? …
Keeping it brief and simple, this nation has, for all intents and purposes,
abandoned the God of Heaven who allowed her to come into existence! … If we
look back into either biblical or secular history, any nation that threw away
their moral values and turned their backs on God’s laws, including His chosen
people, they have ALL fallen!
Is it America’s turn? … As a ‘watchman’
of God’s Word, I believe it is. .. I believe we as a nation have crossed the
‘point of no return’ in regards to abandoning our God. … I also believe it is
necessary for America to either fall, or at least ‘fall back into the pack of
nations’ in order for the next phase of biblical prophecy to take place. …
When the world’s remaining super-power fades from the scene, and as the world’s
economic condition continues on its path of self-destruction, that is when we
will see a new ‘global order’ emerge on the world scene, and out of it will
come a charismatic leader who will appear to have all the answers to the human
dilemma … non other than the ultimate anti-christ of all anti-christs, the
minion of satan! … The ”First Horse of the Apocalypse’  in Revelation 6:1-2 gives us a glimpse of
this character. .. He comes on a white horse wearing a crown, showing power and
authority, and has a bow in his hands. .. But their is no mention of arrows,
meaning he will come in power, but will conquer through other means besides war.
… It will be because of economic chaos raging all across the globe (see the
third horsemen – vs. 5-6)
America is imploding before our very
eyes! .. Besides our being financially bankrupt, we have also seen our people
being deceived with ‘the things of evil.’ … Look at the insatiable appetite
Americans have for pop culture – for celebrities, sporting events and all the
other forms of entertainment. … Think for a moment about the sheer blindness
of the average Americans who are totally oblivious to what is about to befall
them! … and a huge part of why they are like this is because their elected
leaders are lying to them! … The poor souls are being deceived and don’t even
realize it! .. That’s why when they say “Peace, peace; when there is no
peace.”  (Jeremiah 6:14) … That’s
when ……..
What we must do going forward as
Christians is to remember to shine as much light as we can, while we can. …
We need to continue to pray for our leaders that their eyes would be opened to
the truth of our Savior Jesus Christ .. our ONLY Savior! … We also need to
talk to as many as we can and tell them their is ‘a way out’ of the coming
calamities about to increasing befall this nation and planet. … Jesus Christ
can, and will, remove all fear from the hearts of those who put their trust in
Him. … Hallelujah!
If you have eyes to see and ears to hear,
be forewarned. .. Let’s let the scriptures tell us why .. “While people
are saying, ‘peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as
labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:3) ….
Until next time,

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