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September 12
*Deutsch Welle – “Ebola
Virologist:  Fight against Ebola
outbreaks in Sierra Leone & Liberia is already lost – 5 million people
could die”
-Cases double in DR Congo …
-Death toll hits 2400:  WHO …
*Red State – “Obama’s Iraq strategy
unraveling … Didn’t take long for that to happen”
…. Nobody out there seems too
interested in helping America right now … and who can blame them! … This
President has never stood by anything he’s promised … ‘Red Lines’ included
… Simply, they don’t trust him!
*BBC – “Islamic State fighter
estimate triples – CIA”
*Reuters – “Russia faces new U.S.,
EU sanctions over Ukraine crisis”
-Russia warns U.S. against strikes on ISIS in Syria …
-Russia reduces gas supplies, as EU imposes sanctions …
*CNN – “Mystery Virus spreads to New
*Climate Depot – “NOAA:  246 cold temp records in first 10 days of
-Some by as much as 16 degrees! …
-Frost to grip Northeast …
-Wyoming buried in 20 inches of snow! …
*Bloomberg – “$2.66 Trillion: Tax
revenues hit record through August – but – we still ran a deficit of $589
*CP U.S. – “Satanists sell out
controversial Oklahoma ‘Black Mass’ event, will stage Exorcism despite
Christian protests”
*Campus Reform – “Penn State yanks
Bibles after atheists complain”
-Group claims they encourage ‘killing of non-believers and gays …
…. Seems they have us mixed up with
Muslims! …
*Times of Israel – “Israel tells
U.S. it will act if ISIS reaches Jordan”
…… You can count on one thing here
… if Israel draws a ‘red line,’ it actually means something …
September 13
*CNN – “Ebola in the air?  A nightmare that could happen – ‘Would be one
of the most devastating things to ever hit the world’ “
…. So says Dr. Michael Osterholm,
Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the U. of
Minnesota …… To me, this headline has the overtones of the 4th Horseman of
the Apocalypse ….. So because this is supposed to happen in the Tribulation,
does that mean the Rapture of the Church is imminent? .. or … Hmmmmmm ……
*Hindu – “Two Indonesian Volcanoes
undergo multiple eruptions – evacuations ordered”
-Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano sulfur fumes affecting people 800 milers
away! …
* – “Mad Science:  ‘Genetically modified micro humans’ to be
‘farmed’ for drug testing by 2017”
…. I have no words ….
*Reuters – “Pope says world’s many
conflicts amount to ‘piecemeal’ World War 3”
…. “There will be wars and rumors
of wars …”
*Reuters – “Pope to marry couples
‘living in sin’ “
… The 20 couples have either lived
together or already have children, or both …. The ceremony is meant to show
how the Church is becoming more ‘inclusive’ …. Simply, it is another step by
the Catholic Church to be more ‘worldly’ … All it does is add to the already
long list of scriptural errors in Catholicism …..
*Fox News – “Children of Arizona gun
instructor killed by Uzi offer prayers for 9-year-old accidental shooter”
….. This is a rare thing in today’s
world …..
September 14
*Reuters – “EU seeks Billions of
Euros in attempt to revive economy”
… At least they’re trying to do it
without borrowing it … most likely, they will end up just ‘printing’ it!  …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Arab-Israeli
conflict:  Netanyahu says ISIS, Hamas, Al
Qaeda all branches of the same ‘Poison’ Tree”
*The Telegraph – “California’s
‘Epochal’ drought:  How much longer can
the state last?”
…. It’s anyone’s guess, but most all
are saying that its NEVER been like this before, and if the rain doesn’t come
by October, it could well end up being a massive economic disaster for the
world’s 7th largest economy …
*Hollywood Reporter – “TV’s first
‘Intersex’ character to debut”
… Oh look! .. Another new term for
perversion! .. This is how the story goes … “MTV’s teen comedy ‘Faking
It’ is poised to break new ground on the small screen in its second season when
it explores what it’s like to be born ‘Intersex.’ ..  ‘Intersex’ is a physical condition that
occurs when a person is born with both male and female chromosomes but their
bodies typically develop as female. 
About one in every 2000 people are born with ‘intersex’ traits and the
condition is as common as people with red hair.”
…. Amazing! … If you are born with
female body parts, I would have to think that these chromosomes won! ….
Another ridiculous rationalization for justifying sin …..
*The Local – “German Newspaper
targeted by Neo-Nazis”
-“Jews – Kill them” …
-“We’ll get you all” …
*The New York Times – “Doc warns of
Airborne Ebola”
-Black market emerges for blood serum …
-Epidemic outpacing global response …
-Liberians on their own …
-Doctors race to stop Ebola time bomb …
*World Net Daily – “Mystery streak
of light across U.S. West”
-‘This had something coming out of it’ …
September 15
*The Washington Examiner –
“CDC:  Prepare for Ebola”
-State Department orders 160,000 hazmat suits …
-200,000 from Ebola countries have visa to enter USA …
-Expert predicts 1.2 million deaths if Ebola virus goes airborne …
-Case worker:  ‘In decades of
humanitarian work, I’ve never seen such suffering .. like something out of a
horror movie’ ..
*The New York Times – “ISIS at the
-Revealed:  Agents find 9/11
terror message draped across border fence …
-Feds hid incident from public …
-Quran books found …
Comment from article: “Militants for
the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria have traveled to Mexico and are just
miles from the U.S. … They plan to cross over the porous border and will
‘imminently’ launch car bomb attacks.”
…. Curiously, the Obama Administration
and Homeland Security say there is no real evidence this is true. … As usual,
the are ‘leading from behind’ ……
*CNS News – “College students sign
petition in support of ISIS”
…. It was an experiment by a journalist
…. turns out these students had absolutely no clue as to who or what ISIS is!
… Maybe the college needs a course on ‘understanding before signing’ …
*Capital Weather Gang – “Bright
fireball streaks across mid-Atlantic, northeastern sky”
…. This is the 2nd one in the last
couple of days …..
*The New York Times – “The Great
-It was a time of weakness …
-It was a time of hatred …
-It was a time of Fever …
-It was a time of Disorientation …
…. The story line is based upon the
current American ‘condition’ …
*CBS News – “Midwest ‘Mystery Virus’
jumps to Canada”
-Children treated in Rhode Island …
-Thousands likely infected …
*Fox News – “CIA Insider warns
’25-year Great Depression to strike America’ “
-Many inside the U.S. intelligent community fear a single flashpoint
could soon sink America’s economy …   
…. As for an economic collapse, I totally agree! … As to the length?
September 16
*Newsmax – “ISIS, in magazine, warns
of ‘Armageddon’ against U.S., West”
… Their plan is to ‘take down’ the
Roman Empire once and for all …
*The Weekly Standard – “Obama
confusion:  No boots on the ground – but
– Boots on the ground”
-Obama mulling combat role for troops in Iraq ‘case by case’ …
-More confusion:  Deciding which
Syrian rebels to arm …
-Vatican warned ISIS wants to assassinate Pope …
-ISIS shoots down Syrian war pane …
-ISIS sympathizers threaten pipe bomb attack on Times Square …
-Qaeda branches urge united Jihadist front …
*Drudge Report – “World War E”
-U.S. pledges 3,000 troops to fight West Africa’s Ebola crisis …
-Outbreak ‘ballooning’ into humanitarian catastrophe …
*Business Insider – “America on the
verge of losing its place in the world as #1”
…. Comment from article:  “As Alexander, Rome and Great Britain
fell from their positions of absolute global dominance,
so too has the U.S. begun to slip.”
*CP U.S. – “America’s Christian
heritage under threat, say Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Tony Perkins at ‘Star
Spangled Sunday’ “
*World Net Daily – “UN to dump flood
of Muslim refugees on U.S.”
Comment from article:  “The Obama Administration has been
‘greasing the skids’ for the Syrian refugees for months, WND has learned, and
the refugees will soon be dumped on American cities  throughout the U.S.”
…. Are we totally sure he’s not a
*The Jerusalem Post – “Israeli
Defense Minister Ya’alon says ‘coming year will not be quiet on the security
front.’ “
…. It most likely won’t be for anyone!
*FX Street – “Earthquake of 5.6
magnitude hits near Tokyo”
*Mail Online – “Dozens of Christians
‘including women & children’ are arrested in Saudi Arabia after tip-off to
state’s Islamic Police Force”
*CBS News – “RG3 told by NFL not to
wear ‘Know Jesus, Know Peace’ shirt for his press conference”
…. They say it’s because it wasn’t a
‘Nike’ … but … in other interviews that same day, other players wore
‘non-Nike’ shirts, and nothing was said …..
*American Free Press – “Moscow warns
against panic as Ruble plunges to historic lows”
…. The cause? .. Tensions with West
over Ukraine, new sanctions, and falling oil prices …..
*Drudge Report – “Showdown:  Militia flood border”
-Safety concerns mounting …
-Arrests …
-More members coming …
…… These ‘Militia’ members are those
who basically ‘take the law into their own hands’ … generally ultra-right
extremists …
.. Some say this could all lead to Civil
War ….
September 17
*USGS – “Deep 7.1 quake strikes 25
miles from Guam”
-4.0 felt across western Washington …
-Multiple quakes shake Oklahoma …
*Christian News – “Southern Baptist
Convention unanimously votes to boot congregation for supporting
…. The Church is located in the Los
Angeles metro area ….. Glad to see the Convention ‘sticking to the Bible’s
teachings …
*World Net Daily – “Satanists
handing out religious literature at New York City schools”
…. If it were Christians handing out
literature, they would be thrown out …
*The Blaze – “Lava flowing from
Philippine Volcano – thousands flee”
… There goes another one! …
*CNBC – “Expect the unexpected:  More 9.0 mega-quakes are coming”
… Seismologists say they are concerned
about huge quakes along America’s West Coast and the entire Pacific Ocean’s
‘Ring of Fire’ …..
*BBC – “China’s Central Bank to
inject $81 Billion into system”
… Last week, it was the EU … Russia’s
Ruble is falling apart … America is nearly $18 Trillion in debt and is still
printing ‘Monopoly Money … But hey, the ‘experts’ are telling us it is
getting better! …
*Drudge Report – ” ‘Mystery’ illness
spreads to Virginia”
-Now 16 states …
-Doctor:  Feds ‘tight-lipped’ –
may be from illegals pouring across border …
*Fox Business – “Fed pledges to hold
rates near zero for ‘considerable time’ “
-Dow Jones closes at another record high …
September 18
*Tico Times – “113 Dead:  Number of Chikungunya cases in El Salvador
tops 16,000 – Virgin Islands declare Epidemic”
…. Another one!
*Ancient Origins – “Scientist
dismissed after ‘soft tissue’ found on Dinosaur fossil”
Comment from article:  ‘The Scientist, whose analysis of the
Triceratops horn was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, is also
an evangelical creationist, and claimed that the finding supports the view that
the Earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs roamed the planet around 4,000
years ago.  The university claims the
scientist, Mark Armitage, was fired for allowing his religion to interfere with
his work.”
…… How dare he speak his mind! ….
*The Associated Press – “Red Tide
off northwest Florida could hit economy”
Comment from article:  “It’s like Florida’s version of The
Blob. … Slow-moving glops of toxic algae in the northeast Gulf of Mexico are
killing sea turtles, sharks and fish, and threatening the waters and beaches
that fuel the region’s economy.”
*The Washington Times – “Air Force
dumps ‘So Help Me God’ from Enlistment Oath”
…. Another ‘slap-in-the-face’ to this
once Christian nation …
*The Washington Post – “Majority of
Americans cannot name three branches of government”
…. The actual number is 36%! … and
they vote!
An incredible time we are living in! ….
Each week we are seeing an incremental increase in events that can only lead to
the inevitable ‘prophetic conclusion’ of the age …..  I think this ‘New York Times’ article posted
on the 15th says it all …
“The Great Unraveling”
      *It was a time of Weakness
            *It was a time of Hatred …
            *It was a time of Fever …
            *It was a time of Disorientation
Look for a moment at 2 Timothy 3:1-4 and
see if it doesn’t fit our time perfectly! …… “But mark this:  There will be terrible times in the last
days.  2) People will be lovers of
themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their
parents, ungrateful, unholy,  3) without
love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the
good,  4) treacherous, rash, conceited,
lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God – ” …… There doesn’t seem
to be much left to add to this very precise summation of the days we are
currently living in! ….
Looking at all these news outlets each
week,  usually one thing will ‘pop out’
at me. … This week was no exception. …. Are you noticing all the economic
upheaval taking place just under the surface? … The reason I say it this way
is because we don’t see this stuff in the mainstream headlines. .. I seem to
always have to go to the ‘less obvious’ sites to find it. ….. Let me
highlight just a bit of what I’m talking about …
*Both China and the European Union just this week pumped Billions of
dollars into their economies to try and ‘stimulate’ their sagging markets …
*Russia’s Ruble is at historic lows after sanctions by the West …
*The majority of South America’s nations are on the brink of economic
‘implosion’ …. Argentina just defaulted on her debts .. Brazil is going to be
next …. the list goes on ……
*Japan’s economy, the world’s third-largest, is teetering on
‘self-destruct’ … They also ‘infused’ large sums of money to try and stave
off the inevitable …
*California, the world’s 7th-largest economy and a major player in the
world’s food chain, is suffering huge debt problems and an epic drought that is
causing the state to run out of water! …
*And, of course, the good old USA! … We are nearly $18 Trillion in
debt .. our jobless numbers are at all-time highs, when taking into account
those that ‘aren’t being counted’ … This year, through August, we have seen a
record $2.66 Trillion in tax revenues, but are still running an annual deficit
of nearly $600 Billion! … We just keep spending it faster than we take it in!
… But then, we are seeing stock market records almost daily! … Why? … The
top 10% is taking it all while leaving the rest of us in total decline and
eventual ruin …
You get the picture … These same top
10% could care less about national borders 
… only about the ‘bottom line’ … This mentality is the perfect setup
for the coming ‘Globalization’ of the world’s nations …. This will happen,
and is the end-time scenario needed to fulfill Bible prophecy. … It is just
‘around the corner!’ …
OK .. I could go on for hours, but this
isn’t supposed to be a commentary, which it almost is! … Anyway, I’ll stop
here for now but promise to ‘keep at it’ as long as I’m allowed and we are
still here. …. Just remember that these are all signs of our Lord’s imminent
return! … Hallelujah!
Until next time,

September 16, 2014
“But mark this, there will be
terrible times in the last days.” 
(2 Timothy 3:1) ….. Also, Luke 21:25-26 goes on to say,  ” … On the earth, nations will be in
anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.  26) 
Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world
…. “
Ok, now as an example, today’s Drudge
Report headlines start out with this …
*The Great Unraveling …
*It was a Time of Weakness …
*It was a Time of Hatred …
*It was a Time of Fever …
*It was a Time of Disorientation …
Wow! … and this is a secular news
site!…..  But today, most all the
world’s news outlets are full of just these kinds of stories … stories like
“A World in Turmoil” .. “The World’s Nations in Despair” ..
‘International Political Upheaval” .. “World Economies
Unraveling” ……. stories talking of many ‘signs in the sun, moon and
stars’ ..  of diseases, plagues and
emerging pandemics .. of famine & drought .. increasing civil chaos ..
Christian persecution & martyrdom .. I could go on for hours with so much
more despairing news ….
Yes, the world appears to be ‘on fire’
right now. .. Every category of Biblical prophecy seems to be exploding all
around us. .. And as a result, people are afraid today! … In fact, many are
‘scared to death!’ .. For those of us    
Christians who are ‘paying attention’ … we who are ‘tuned in’ .. many
of us feel like we are living in the final moments of the Church Age. .. The
mounting crises, the signs of ‘great shaking’ .. all signs are evident, even to
secular newscasters, who are coming right out and saying that ‘we can’t keep up
with all that is taking place all around us.’ …… and, according to the
Bible, it will only continue to increase as we move ever closer …..
So now, for every follower of Jesus
Christ, the question of the hour is this … ‘Will our faith endure what is
… Simply, I believe the most important
issue of this hour has to do with what is called ‘enduring faith.’ .. Will the
faith of God’s people endure the terrible shaking of all things? .. the intense
trials and testings of which no previous generation has faced? ..
Jesus promised,  ” .. he who stands firm to the end will
be saved.”  (Matthew 24:13) … When
Christ spoke this, He had just described the frightful trials to come upon His
disciples – false messiahs .. wars and rumors of wars .. nation pitted against
nation .. upheavals in the natural world .. earthquakes and pestilences ..
persecution and martyrdom (see Matthew 24:4-12). … When those days arrive,
Jesus said,  “For many will come in
my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ, and will deceive many.” (vs. 5) …
What would be the impact of all these things on the church, on those who call
themselves by His name? .. Jesus states very clearly,  “Because of the increase of wickedness,
the love of MOST will grow cold.” 
(vs.12 – emphasis mine). …
Lately I’ve had many fellow brothers and
sisters tell me of their worry and fear for their families, for the country,
and for themselves as well. … Who can blame them in these crazy times! …
But the one question that  has to be at
the front of all our thinking in this hour is this …  and I ask each of you personally .. do you at
present have an abiding trust in the Lord that will hold up when the world
descends into chaos? .. Or will you waver in times of affliction, as the
fearful things Jesus said would begin to appear on the earth? .. When that hour
comes to pass, will your love for the Lord endure? .. Or will it grow cold, as
Jesus predicted would happen to so many believers? …. I ask these questions
not to judge or condemn anyone concerning his or her walk with Christ. … I
ask them only because these are the questions Jesus Himself put to all who
would choose to follow Him. 
The following are just a few verses I
have chosen to share with you. … I would suggest you read them .. even
memorize them.  .. As the times grow
worse with each passing day, they just may be the one thing that will sustain
you in a dark moment …….
*Isaiah 35:4 .. “Say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong, do
not fear; your God will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will
come to save you.’ “
*Isaiah 41:10 .. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be
dismayed, for I am your God.  I will
strengthen you and help you;  I will
uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
*Psalm 46:1-2 .. “God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present
help in trouble.  2) Therefore we will
not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of
the sea …”
Remember this … we may see dangers on
all sides, including a devil and his principalities who want to drown our faith
in doubts. .. But we also have a fiery guard of angels surrounding us! .. And
we have a God who promises  to carry us
through any disaster we face. .. I ask you this .. Do you want to face the
coming storm with quiet confidence and peace of mind? … Then die today to all
your own ways and means of protecting yourself. .. Commit the keeping of your
life wholly to God’s care. .. He is your good and loving shepherd .. and He is
faithful to see you through it all! …
I Leave you with this …Jesus said this
when teaching His disciples … “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give
you.  I do not give to you as the world
gives.  Do not let your hearts be
troubled and DO NOT BE AFRAID.”  (John
14:27 – emphasis mine) …That is His promise to each and every one of us who
put our trust in Him. …. No matter how difficult it may become before He
comes for us, we know that we never have to fear. … He is always there for
us! … Hallelujah!   
Until next time,


September 5
*Extinction Protocol – ” ‘We are
about to witness a human catastrophe that could destroy large portions of a
continent’ ” (Deseret News)
-Grim Ebola prediction:  Outbreak
is ‘unstoppable’ – says U.S. virologist …
-Sierra Leone contemplates nationwide shutdown …
-Global Crisis:  Calls intensify
for international military response …
*CNS News – “Record 92,269,000 not
in labor force:  Participation rate
matches 36-year low”
…. But wait! … DC says it’s getting
-Fed:  Only richest 10% see
incomes rise under Obama …
….. Seems that’s what happens under the
guise of Socialism … the middle class disappears! …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Former
Israeli President Shimon Peres and Pope Francis discuss proposal for a ‘UN for
Religions’ “
…. The Pope is showing a keen interest
in this possibility. … Also, the Pope pointed to the Pontifical Council for
Interreligious Dialogue as a focal point for ‘Interfaith Peace Initiatives.’
…… This is HUGE! .. This is Revelation 17 unfolding right before our eyes!
… The possible beginning structure for the soon-coming world church is upon
us! ….
*Red State – ” ‘Beware America, they
are coming for us’ – Retired Lt. General McInerney”
…… He went on to say that ‘America
should be at DefCon 1,’ which is our highest state of readiness and implies an
attack on the homeland is imminent …..
-U.S. fears ISIS smuggling radioactive materials …
*National Weather Service –
“California Drought to intensify”
*The Washington Times – “Nearly half
of Americans want God out of pledge”
-The government should not be endorsing religion in any way …
…… and we wonder why our nation is
diminishing? …
September 6
*Telesur – “6.1 Earthquake shakes
Easter Island”
*The National Journal – “Japan’s
economy headed for total collapse”
…. Here goes another one .. and this is
the world’s 3rd-largest economy! …
*BBC – “Deadly Plague and Botulism
microbes found in U.S. lab”
Comment from article:  “A number of long-forgotten deadly
microbes have been uncovered in U.S. government labs”
….. I just wonder how much more of this
stuff is floating around? …
*Detroit Free Press – “Satanists
bring Devil to Detroit”
…. This movement is really growing
across the country ….. Satan’s final fling!
September 7
*BBC – “U.S.strikes ISIS militants
at Iraq’s Haditha Dam”
-Syrian air strikes target Islamic State stronghold …
-Kurds retake strategic mountain from ISIS …
-Boko Haram offensive looks to form ‘copycat’ caliphate in Nigeria …
-Henry Kissinger:  ‘Iran a bigger
problem that ISIS’ ….   
-Former Mossad Chief:  There are
signs of support for Islamic State in Israel …
*Observer – “Wealthy French Jews
flee Anti-Semitism”
-‘There is a real tension, a real undercurrent of hostility’
….. Man! … Anti-Semitism is exploding
all across the globe!~ …
*Fox News – “Rare virus suspected to
be infecting kids across U.S.
-Children’s hospitals in 10 states report spike in respiratory illnesses
*The Blaze – “Doctor:  Ebola virus cases may be unreported by as
much as ‘double’ or ‘triple’ “
-More contagious than we’re being told …
-Aid group:  Sierra Leone lockdown
won’t halt spread of virus …
September 8
*Reuters – “Record rainfall floods
Phoenix, closes roads & schools”
-Governor declares ‘State of Emergency’ …
….. Phoenix?!
*ABC News – “Small Meteorite strikes
near Nicaragua’s capital – leaves 39-foot crater, 16 feet deep”
*The Jerusalem Post – “Israeli
politicians praise Sisi plan to give Palestinians land for a state in
… This plan would expand Gaza to 5
times its current size. … Latest word is that Abbas of the Palestinian
Authority has rejected it ……. figures …..
*Fox News – “Shelling, other clashes
throw Ukraine cease-fire into deepening peril”
-Putin weighing closing air space over new West sanctions …
*The Associated Press – “Japan says
economy contracted 7.1% in 2nd quarter”
…. This is BIG! … Another devastating
blow to this teetering economy – the world’s 3rd-largest …
*Bloomberg – “Price of milk hits
all-time high”
…. An awful lot of ‘all-time highs’ in
the food category lately ….
September 9
*Reuters – Ebola Exploding:  15 more countries now at risk “
-Ebola death toll rises to at least 2,296: WHO …
-Nigeria:  Number of cases hits 19
-4th Ebola patient coming to U.S. hospital for treatment …
-Homeland ill-prepared for Pandemic – doesn’t have enough drugs to
protect Secret Service …
*The Independent – “Only 11
countries in the world are free from conflict”
…. The story goes on to say that ‘the
world as a whole has been getting less peaceful every year since 2007 – sharply
bucking a trend that had seen a global move away from conflict since the end of
World War 2 …..
*Cincinnati Enquirer – “Hospital
sets patient record as ‘mystery’ virus spreads”
Comment from article:  “Medical officials admitted a record
number of children to a local hospital over the weekend because of what they
believe to be a rare respiratory virus spreading throughout the country.”
*CBS News – ” ‘Anti-Semitism’
-‘Hail Hitler’ stray-painted in New York …
-Swastikas across Miami – 3rd time in 2 months …
September 10
* – “World Health
Organization says Ebola will claim 20,000 lives in next 6 months”
-Exhibiting characteristics it could go ‘Pandemic’ …
-Ebola death toll skyrockets by almost 200 in one day! …
-Senegal now has recorded new cases …
-Ebola ‘devouring everything in its path’ …
-UN Rep calls Ebola a ‘Latter Day Plague’ …
*Miami Herald – “Raging floods kill
over 440 in India & Pakistan: 
Heaviest torrential rains seen in 50 years!”
*The Daily Caller – “Ted Cruz booed
off stage at Middle East Christian Conference”
… The event was held in DC … When
Cruz made the statement, “Christians have no greater ally than
Israel,” the crowd immediately began to yell ‘stop it’ and ‘get off the
stage.’ .. Before exiting, Cruz said this – “Those who hate Israel hate
America .. those who hate Jews hate Christians .. If you hate the Jewish people
you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ.”
…. Wow! .. We need more leaders like
this! .. and the sad thing? .. These Middle East Christians simply don’t
understand the true teachings, as brother Ted pointed out. .. We are told to
‘love our enemies’ .. and so much more …..
*Christian News – ” I stand by my
point:’  Joel Osteen’s wife unrepentant
over remarks of worshiping God ‘for self’ “
…. Anyone surprised? … By repenting,
or apologizing, she would most likely damage her book sales – ‘Love Your
Life” – not to mention that this is exactly the ‘false doctrine’ she and
her husband are peddling to the world! … 
1 Timothy 4:1 says this … “The
Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow
deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” .. (Also see 2 Timothy
4:3-5 … “itching ear” theology) …
*ABC News – “Strong 6.5 Earthquake
hits off eastern Indonesia” 
*Drudge Report – “Obama ‘declares
war on ISIS”
-We will destroy them …
-‘You will find no safe haven’ …
-Says Islamic Stare ‘is not Islam’ …
… Huh?
*The Associated Press – “Scientists:
‘Extreme’ Solar Storm heading to Earth”
…. Scientists day it’s been several years
since a solar storm of this size has come at us. … They are hoping it will
‘skim above the planet’ and not cause many problems. …..Guess we’ll know soon
enough …
*ETF Daily News – “Professional
Investors preparing for a Stock Market crash”
… One of them being George Soros, which
has made his fortune by ‘timing’ the market … and again, we’ll know soon …
*The Los Angeles Times –
“Long-termed unemployed still at record levels”
-Welfare recipients can use debit cards to buy Marijuana …
*World Net Daily – “Sexually
explicit Satan Statue pops up in Vancouver”
…. I won’t go into the details ….
September 11
*Newsmax – “Researchers: 20% chance
Ebola will spread to U.S. within 2 weeks”
*The Associated Press – “Putin
promises new weapons to fend off Western threats”
-Putin under Satan’s influence, says leader of Kiev Orthodox Church …
-Russia stokes tension with West by cutting gas exports to Poland …
* – “Volcanic
eruption in New Guinea creates Sonic Boom”
-Iceland’s volcanic fissure eruption ongoing – Caldera sinks some 20
meters …
*CNBC – “Marc Faber: ‘McDonald’s
tells us why the market will collapse’
… Why? .. Faber believes the fast-food
giant’s 3.7% fall in August shows an example of the damage being done by
central banks … and the harbinger of more bad news to come. …. This guy has
an uncanny track record … He’s most always right!
*The Washington Times – “D.C. Public
Schools homework assignment asks 6th graders to compare Bush to hitler”
-Parents outraged …
-School refuses to identify teacher …
…… and we wonder what’s going on with
our kids? …
*The Telegraph – “Millions more at
risk in Ebola outbreak, British study says”
-Spreading like wildfire …
-Devouring everything in its path …
-‘Terrifying evolution’ of virus …
Wow! … Another amazing 7 days of
obvious ‘Birth Pains!’  ….. Headlines
like “Human Catastrophe” .. “Plague” ..
“Pandemic” .. “Rare ‘Mystery’ Viruses” .. it’s incredible
just how fast just these types of stories are coming at us! ..
And then “There will be wars and
rumors of wars” … One article said that only 11 countries out of nearly
200 are free of conflict right now! … When our own President stands up and
says that are world is more peaceful than ever makes one wonder on which planet
he resides! …
Then of course, we are seeing increasing
famines & drought .. more record weather patterns .. solar flares ..
pestilences increasing in every possible category .. it is exactly what Jesus
told us in Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21! …. It’s as if Jesus Himself is
writing today’s headlines! ….
And have you noticed the increase of
Satanism & Atheism? … All of a sudden, the headlines are full of all
kinds of stories relating to these subjects … Until just recently, we rarely
saw much about this stuff … but now? ……
And to tie it all together are these two
subjects that are also ‘rearing their heads’ more & more with each passing
day … the economy & the movement towards a world unity of religions. (See
Revelation 17 & 18)  … Of course
most of you know that I believe the catalyst for the globalization and eventual
one-world government will come through the collapse of the world’s economy,
which we will soon see. … and now also, we are seeing more and more signs of
the ‘interfaith movement’ which is being promoted on many fronts including the
Pope & Protestant leaders alike. … This will evolve into the one-world
church which will partner with the global government, and will ultimately be
led by none other than the ‘anti-christ!’ …. There’s so much more, but I need
to close this for now. .. I will be writing about all of these things in the
days to come .. that is if the Trumpet doesn’t blow first! ….
Praying for you all and love you as well
… Keep the faith in these coming difficult days, and always remember that the
Lord will NEVER abandon those of His! …. Hallelujah!
Until next time,
Note: … We are now on Facebook
Please tell your friends and family .. and remember, our sole purpose is to
make people aware of just why the times are like they are … and to NOT be
afraid! … Understanding leads to wisdom, which will ease the fears that so
many have today …… God bless you all! …..
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