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September 9, 2014
Last week, I talked about the
‘Osteenization’ of America’s Church … the pure deception and utter distortion
of God’s Word that is now prevalent in the vast majority of our nation’s
churches. … The ‘Laodicean Effect’  has
now become the dominant theme of America’s Christianity today, which is …
” … I am rich;  I have acquired
wealth and do not need a thing. … ” 
(Revelation 3:17) … But, like many other parts of scripture, the
remainder of the passage is left out, or overlooked! … This is a perfect
example. .. The verse finishes with this … ” .. But you do not realize
that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” …. Sadly, this
prophetic illustration is ‘spot on.’ … Also last week, to support this truth,
we looked at 1 Timothy 3:1-4 which stated that in the last days, people would
be lovers of self, money, and pleasure. … Well? … And incredibly, the
‘watered-down, sterilized’ teachings coming from today’s pulpits contribute
directly to these sinful traits!
…. Osteen’s comments are a classic
example of exactly what I am talking about! ….  
Let’s be honest … sin is running amok
in today’s America … and it has increased exponentially since we as a society
have removed God from the public place, along with the Church becoming nearly
impotent … The separation of Church and State has to be considered a complete
success, and the church’s condition leaves little left to combat this rampant
Now because of this, I believe that
America’s days are numbered. … We already know about our nation’s moral
decline .. how the ‘gay’ agenda has become the ‘moral measuring stick’ .. how
the family has all but disintegrated .. the rising slaughter of our inner-city
kids .. the rapid economic decline …. you know all the rest. … This is the
kind of stuff that happens when God becomes an afterthought .. a hinderance to
the ‘tolerance’ movement. …
Let me share two more issues that are in
the news right now that add to the devil’s ‘chaos agenda’ for this country …
*Atheism – We are seeing a plethora of atheist churches rising up all
over the nation .. and people , mostly young, are flocking to them because
there is basically no judgement … the overriding comment being that it
removes their guilt from their lifestyles … And what about the “Freedom
From Religion  Foundation” based in
Wisconsin? … They are experiencing much success in removing what’s left of
God  from places like public schools, the
military, townships … the list goes on … 
and all the while the Church is teaching everyone how to get earthly
wealthy and happiness!
*Satanism – Has anyone noticed the rise in Satanism as of late? … In
just the past few weeks, we’ve seen a raging debate in Oklahoma over a Black
Mass, and as of today, because of society’s tolerance policies, it looks to be
going forward. … We are also seeing other Black Masses being discussed in
other locations.
… In an article from just two days ago,
a Detroit Free Press headline said this … “Satanists bring Devil to
Detroit” … In looking a little deeper, the organization behind this is
the ‘Satanic Temple’ based in New York. .. They say this will be their first
chapter outside the state. … Detroit is the first of 15 chapters to be
announced in the coming weeks. …  The
group’s tenants include free will, compassion toward all creatures, respect of
other’s freedoms – including the freedom to offend – and beliefs supported by
scientific understanding. … They also say, “we believe in a
metaphorical, literary construct of Satan. .. He’s a symbol of human nature,
the thirst for knowledge.”  ….
Upon scanning the rest of this story, I
found no reference to their ‘religion’ being based on the Bible’s most evil
character. …. They seem to be totally oblivious to the dangerous territory
they presently occupy! … The other sad truth is their propaganda about free
will and personal freedoms … it is incredibly inviting to the young people of
our society! … This is what they want in life .. to be free and do what they
want without the pressure of consequences! 
(Sounds like some of the sermons I’ve heard in ‘Christian churches)…
Seems like something that would originate from satan, doesn’t it?!
So what do I think is in store for this
fallen nation? … As I’ve said before, I truly believe America has raced past
the ‘point of no return’ concerning God’s judgement. … In looking at today’s
headlines, and seeing all the chaos befalling us, we know beyond a shadow of a
doubt that all this cannot continue for much longer.
… I am going to ‘step out’ here and
make a ‘prediction’ as to what I feel is going to happen … Because of
America’s greed .. her love of money .. I think we are going to see a complete
economic collapse of the system as we know it .. and I think it will come in
within the next 12-13 months. … As this takes place, we will see increasing
civil disorder in the streets … maybe even evolving into a civil war. ..
Certainly the government has been preparing for it with all their militaristic
purchases. …  Will it be the end of
America? … Will it be her death nell? … Possibly, but I think the best-case
scenario is a much-reduced lifestyle .. a third-world’ condition. …
Why do I make these ‘predictions?’ (it is
NOT a prophecy & I’m not setting a date) … It is because of all the
Biblical evidence that is manifesting all around us … Blood Moons, Shemittah
years, birth pains, pestilences, wars & rumors of wars ……. No one can
deny that God’s judgement is now here. … I believe He has ‘had it’ with this
selfish, morally depraved, I/me attitude society. …. He is about to
“spit us out of His mouth.” 
(see Revelation 3:16) …. We are about to witness what is to happen to
a people that has removed God from its society! .. How sad for a nation that
really had a chance to repent, but rejected it …..
When Jesus taught about the Seven
Churches in Revelation, chapters 2 & 3, He always spoke of a remnant that
would exist in the Church. … Are you part of that remnant, or have you joined
the ways of this fallen world? … Jesus said that ‘He was  ABOUT to spit us out of His mouth’ … notice
he said ‘about’ … that simply means that anyone who turns away from their
sins and the sins of this world will ‘join His team’ to do battle for the lost
in these final times! …. Everyone still has a chance! … Hallelujah! ….
Shine the light and tell people about Jesus as often as you can, while there is
still time! …. God will give us the strength to endure these final remaining
battles … Hallelujah!
Pray for me as I pray for each of you…
and remember, you are never alone out there … God will NEVER abandon His
soldiers! …..
Until next time,


August 29
*The Extinction Protocol – “Papua,
New Guinea’s Tavurvur Volcano blows its top in major eruption”
-Small volcano eruptions spotted in Iceland – alert level raised to
‘Red’ …
*National Public Radio – “Ebola
rapidly mutating as it spreads across West Africa”
-Dogs feasting on Ebola victim carcasses in Liberia …
-Death toll passes 1500 as outbreak accelerates …
-Another doctor dies in Nigeria …
*The Hindu – “Magnitude 6.1
earthquake rattles southern Japan”
-5.6 hits southern Greece …
-5.2 strikes Guatemala …
*The Daily Caller – “DOJ to give
money from Bank of America settlement to liberal activist groups”
….. The article goes on to list the
beneficiaries of this $16.6 Billion settlement money, every one being of the
far-left persuasion. …. So how does this affect us Christians? … These are
the same groups that do most everything they can to remove God from our society
*Drudge Report – “Feds warn of
attack on southern border”
…. Won’t be long before something major
takes place …. Judgement on America is coming in many forms ..
*Reuters – ” ‘Don’t mess with
Russia,’ Putin says”
-Declares east Ukraine ‘New Russia’ …
-Eyes Arctic …
-Poland forces Russian Defense Minister’s plane to turn back …
-Finland’s fighter jets on alert after breaches …
…… The ‘Bear’ is restless ….
*CP U.S. – “Devil worshipers
confident Black Mass in oklahoma will happen despite petition”
Rights activists march outside Harvard Square after Black Mass cancelled …
-Man claims to be ‘Dark Lord,’ burns Bible outside mission in Arizona
….. “Be sober, be vigilant,
because your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom
he may devour.”  (1 Peter 5:8) …
*CBS News – “Report:  Pope Francis is ‘in the crosshairs of ISIS’
-Italy steps up security …
-‘Britain facing greatest terrorist threat in history’:  Prime Minister Cameron …
-Terror chatter soars as 9/11 anniversary approaches …
-Laptop found details plot to weaponize ‘Bubonic Plague’ …
*The Independent – “Rise of deadly
pests threaten world food system”
….. “And there will be great
earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be
fearful sights and great signs from heaven.”  (Luke 21:11) …
*The Associated Press – “Brazil’s
economy, once an emerging-market darling, falls into recession”
… Just a few days ago, it was Argentina
… it will spread …
*CNBC – “Wall Street celebrates best
August in 14 years!”
…. Wall Street has created a giant
bubble and within, all appears rosy … but “Main Street’ shows the real
condition of the economy … over half of Americans are on some sort of federal
aid! ….
*Fox 4 – “Mystery:  Missouri hospital treats hundreds of children
for ‘unusual’ virus — experts are baffled”
*Fox News – “Homeland Security/FBI
National Domestic Threat Assessment omits Islamist terrorism”
…. Who are these people?! .. What
planet do they live on?! .. Radical Islam should be at the very top of any
‘threat’ list! …
August 30
*Resilience – “A big summer story
you missed:  soaring oiul debt”
…. The story goes on to say that
because of everything else going on, this huge problem has pretty much been
‘pushed under the table’ … The facts ate these:  Over 100 of the world’s largest energy
companies are running out of cash. … The listed 127 firms generated $568
Billion in cash while their expenses totaled $677 Billion! …… What they
will do is anybody’s guess, but the bottom line is this … it will translate
to another major blow to the world’s already terminal economic condition …
*American Free Press – “Saudi King
warns West will be Jihadist’s next target”
-‘Europe in month’ & ‘America in another month’ …
*The Washington Post – “Closer to
-Ukraine says Russian tanks flatten town …
-Polish President warns of ‘Empire’ ambitions …
August 31
The Extinction Protocol – “Iceland
Volcano erupts again, one day after scientists declared eruption over:  Aviation warning raised to highest
*Fox News – “Microchip implants
‘commonplace’ in the next decade”
…. The ‘Mark of the Beast’ technology
is upon us! …
*World Net Daily – “Experts:  ‘Imminent’ ISIS threat to U.S. power
….. If this should somehow happen,
either by means of a terrorist attack or a solar flare, welcome to the ‘3rd
World Net Daily – “Christianity’s
central doctrine being twisted – Biblical scholars warn preachers are leading
public astray”
…. They go on to say that ‘Hyper-Grace’
is the new rage, mostly found in Pentecostal & Charismatic circles. 
– Basically, it is the message that
‘refuses to take a stand against sin, and rarely, if ever, does it mention the
need for repentance or topics like hell and judgement …
*World Net Daily – “Did Joel
Osteen’s wife commit ‘blasphemy’?”
-Critics:  ‘They’re certainly not
following the Biblical Jesus’ …
Comment from article:  “Victoria Osteen, wife of mega-church
minister Joel Osteen and co-pastor of the Houston, Texas Lakewood Church is
under fire for comments being called ‘blasphemous’ during a recent Sunday
morning service. .. Osteen, addressing the church’s large congregation as her
husband stood by nodding his head in agreement, said,  ‘I just want to encourage everyone of us to
realize when we obey God, we’re not doing it for God – I mean, that’s one way
to look at it – We’re doing it for ourselves, because God takes pleasure when
we’re happy. .. So I want you to know this morning:  Just do good for your own self. .. Do good
because God wants you to be happy. .. When you come to church, when you worship
Him, you’re not doing it for God really. .. You’re doing it for yourself,
because that’s what makes God happy, Amen?’ ” 
…… Seems to fit her new book which is
titled ‘Love your life’ … Critics are slamming these comments as ‘age-old
sins of idolatry’ – that it’s not about God, but about us. … Seems she
believes God exists to make us happy rather than Holy …..
September 1
*Tribune – “Ebola becoming harder to
treat – U.S. experts:  Rapid mutation
could ‘render treatment and vaccines ineffective’ “
-Ebola kills 5 Sierra Leone researchers before their study on outbreak
is published …
*BBC – “Syria conflict:  Fresh clashes erupt in Golan Heights”
-Conflict near israeli border: 
IDF on high alert …
*Christian News – “Millions of
Locusts ‘like the plagues of Egypt’ swarm Madagascar’s capital”
*The Telegraph – “Specter of 1929
crash looms over FTSE 100 as traders take on record debt”
-The possibility of a stock market crash looms large as international
traders borrow record amounts to invest in rising stock markets …
…. Yeah .. Like loaning people money to
buy stocks from them to make their portfolios look better! … It’s crazy out
there! …..
*WHTR – “Indiana churches vandalized
with Quran verses – ‘Infidels’ “
*Joel Rosenberg – Israel facing enormous
pressures from all sides — Please pray for one full hour for the peace of
….. Bible prophecy coming true right
before our eyes! … Israel’s isolation grows daily (Zechariah 12:3) …
September 2
*Chick Publications – “So now we
have ‘Gay Theology?’ “
Comment from article:  “First, it was Matthew Vines and his
book, ‘God and the Gay Christian’ … Now, a much more prominent ‘Christian’
comes out, publicly shouting down anyone who tries to present the truth
… Well-known Evangelical recording  artist and commentator, Vicky Beeching, has
just revealed that she is ‘gay.’ .. In a recent interview on British TV, she
appears opposite Evangelical attorney Scott Lively who attempts to present
God’s view on homosexuality. .. Beeching refused to hear his side, repeatedly
interrupting right over the top of Lively’s comments.”
…… Like we already know, we who
adhere to the ‘literal’ Word of God are now an ever-increasing minority … and
are not ‘popular’ … We must pray for Ms. Beeching and all those like her. …
*Right Side News – “End-Times are
near:  ISIS plans to kill millions in
Europe and the U.S. through Bubonic Plague and other diseases”
…. Signs of the times ….
*Peru This Week – “5.8 quake strikes
*BBC – “Ebola outbreak:  West Africa food harvests ‘at risk’ “
…… “There will be famines and
earthquakes in various places …” 
*The Verge – “More than one in three
wild boar in Germany are too radioactive to eat”
…. The cause? .. Chernobyl! … and
this happened some 28 years ago! .. Just wait .. Fukushima is just beginning!
*The Associated Press – “Austerity
debate flares as Europe recovery fades”
…. Europe’s economy will soon fail,
setting the stage for the coming world leader ….
*The Telegraph – “Putin:  ‘I can take Kiev in two weeks’ – warns
European leaders”
*Drudge Report – “Second American
journalist beheaded:  Taunt President
with statement ‘I’m back Obama’ “
*CBS News – “CDC Director:  Ebola outbreak ‘is spiraling out of control’
-‘Going to get much worse in very near future’ …
-Another American doctor infected …
-Mystery:  Congo outbreak
‘genetically unrelated’ to West African strain …
-Wire:  World losing battle to
contain …
*The Weather Channel – “It
begins:  Snow blankets Alaska, Wyoming –
on Labor Day!”
…… All signs, including the Farmer’s
Almanac, point to an extremely cold winter … many more records will fall …
*Discovery News – “Nightmarish
Cricket that eats anything is now invading the U.S. — no end in sight”
-Massive Bedbug problem spreads in New York City …
….. ” .. There will be pestilences
… ” …
*Drudge Report – World Chaos 
-Pakistan gripped with fear as protests mount … 
-South American countries facing bankruptcies, chaos …
-NATO creating force to protect east Europe …
-African continent chaos rising through disease, radical Islam, famine
-EU in for turbulent times, says leaders …
-Israel’s isolation nearly complete …
…… Wow! .. Looks like the Bible
dictated this headline! .. just like so many others … Are we close, or what?!
*The Washington Free Beacon – “Seal
Team 6 parents call for ‘bumbling’ Obama’s resignation”
-‘You are not up to the job – you know it – we know it – the world knows
it’ …
…. They are so right! .. It is really
hard to understand how this totally incompetent man became our president …
But then, nothing happens without God’s knowledge … it is all part of His
plan, and I think we know what that is … the ultimate fall of the world’s
lone super-power …
*Joel Rosenberg – “We are watching
genocidal conditions emerging in the Epicenter and grave threat to West rise,
but Western leaders are doing little or nothing”
…… Signs of the times …
September 3
*Reuters – “Ebola death toll tops
1900:  400 deaths reported in one week –
prepare for alarming rise in numbers as outbreak spreads”
-Call to send in military to West Africa to help curb epidemic …
-Outbreak morphing into nightmare …
-CDC:  ‘Window is closing’ on any
efforts to ever contain Ebola outbreak …
*RT News – “Ground trembles, smoke
rises, as lava gushes from fissure near Iceland Volcano”
*Christian –
“India:  Hindu extremists pass laws
restricting Christianity”
… It’s spreading ….
*Zero Hedge – “Just how bad is
Europe’s banking system?  ESI bonds bid at
just 2% of face value”
Comment from article:  “Just three weeks ago, everyone was a
believer — bonds were trading well above par — Europe’s recovery was on track
— But today, the ugly truth is exposed as Bloomberg reports this –International
Debt Bonds attracted potential buyers at just 2% of face value!”
…. The story goes on to say that it is
all nearly worthless! .. and it makes me look like a prophet .. I NEVER was a
believer, and why? .. Just like America, printing money out of thin air and
increasing debt will always fail! .. It’s just common sense, and not ‘wishful
thinking’ … look out! .. it’s coming!
*The Washington Free Beacon –
“Missing Libyan jetliners raise fears of suicide airliner attacks on
…. The total missing is 11 commercial
jetliners …
*The Washington Free Beacon – “FBI
National Domestic Threat Assessment omits Islamist terrorism”
…. What was listed? .. white
supremists, black seperatists, militias, abortion extremists are the main
domestic threats …. Why is it that those in charge today seem incapable of
saying negative things that are tied to Islam? ….. Weird! ….. 
*Reuters – “Venezuelan Socialist
Party swaps God for Chavez in new Prayer”
…. Indicative of the spiritual
‘out-of-control’ world today ….
September 4
*Time – “Uncontainable:  Ebola spreads to southern Nigeria with 3
cases confirmed and 60 more at ‘high risk’ “
*Business Insider – “Draghi says ECB
to purchase asset-backed securities”
… What it means is what I’ve been
saying all along … the fancy words amount to no more than their central bank
printing money to head off a looming EU member debt crisis. … It may help in
the short tem … like here in America … but it’s just a band-aid and its
effects won’t last long ….
*The Daily Caller – “Atheist group
gets religious expression banned from H.S. football games”
…. It’s coming to a school near you!
As I’m closing out his week’s news, I saw
this tweet from Franklin Graham … “As I read the news, I can’t help but
wonder if we are in the last hours before our Lord Jesus Christ returns to
rescue His church and God pours out His wrath on the world for the rejection of
His Son.” ….. Wow! … It is exactly how I feel these days! …. It is
simply amazing just how fast it is all ‘coming together!’ … 
… And then, just after viewing this, I
heard President Obama’s closing speech regarding the just concluded NATO
conference in Wales … Of course, as usual, he used many words but did not say
a whole lot … but the overriding point of his discussion was the coming
together of the international community … the unity of nations to confront
whatever it needs to confront. … Now, if you follow this end-time scenario
stuff as closely as I do, you can see how this fits perfectly into the coming
globalization of this world … how America continues its step ‘backward’ as a
super power …. and how this makes Brother Graham’s comments even more
realistic! …. I’m telling you as clearly as I can right now …  after following Bible prophecy for nearly 40
years, I have NEVER seen anything even close to how it is out there right now!
… The Lord’s return is upon us! … Luke 21:28 says it clearly .. “When
these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your
redemption is drawing near.” …. Hallelujah!
Oh, and one more thing before I close
this out … He has to come quickly! … Did you notice all the stories about
the scourge of bugs and creeping things coming upon us? … that one story this
week from Discovery News that said .. “Nightmarish cricket that eats
ANYTHING is now invading the U.S.” 
.. ????… That’s good enough for me! …  We need to get out of here! … Come Lord
If the Lord doesn’t come this week, I
will share more news with you once again … but … don’t forget to share
Jesus with as many as you can, while you can …. difficult times are here, and
they will continue to get worse before the Trumpet blows. … Sharing Jesus
will help the lost release their fears and will bring joy to their hearts just
knowing there is a better world coming! … Hallelujah!
Until next time,
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