October 21, 2014
“If the world hates you, keep in mind
that it hated me first.  19) If you
belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but
I have chosen you out of the world.  That
is why the world hates you.  20) Remember
the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’
If they persecuted me, they will persecute
you also. ” (John 15:18-20) …
Is persecution of Christians on the rise,
or what! .. I want to point to just two examples of this in todays’ commentary.
.. First, let’s look to the pure evil being demonstrated by this so-called
Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Turkey that is taking place as we speak. …
Just a couple of days ago, we posted an ‘Urgent Prayer Request’ from
missionaries that are on the front lines over there right now. … If you read
the request, what is taking place is beyond what most of us ‘comfortable’
American Christians can even fathom! … They are actually showing up at our
Arab brothers and sister homes, taking their kids  and then demanding that they denounce Jesus
Christ as their Savior, and if they refuse, they then take them into the
streets and behead them right before their parent’s eyes! … and here is an
amazing fact  … according to the
request, NOT ONE child has denounced Jesus as their Savior! ….
OK .. For a moment, just imagine that you
live in a place where your enemy is roaming the streets .. and as you hide, you
and your family are filled with the fear that one of them will knock, or kick
in your door. …….
and then, imagine that they do come and
take your children and actually behead them right before your very eyes! …..
When I first read this urgent request, I
thought about this for a minute .. my children when they were young .. and now
my grandchildren .. and I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around this kind
of utter demonic thing! … I still can’t! … But guess what! … Our brothers
and sisters in Christ in those lands are actually experiencing this right now!
… We must pray ………………..
So far, we live in a land where we don’t
have to face this kind of madness … so far … and sadly, most of us don’t
even think much about it …. simply, it’s ‘out-of-sight .. out-of-mind’ …
The real truth is, we have become what Revelation 3:14-22 describes has the
true condition of the last-days Church .. the one that has become fat and lazy,
complacent, rich and in need of nothing … or so it thinks!
Well, this should be a wake-up call for
every one of us who actually do our best to follow the true teachings of the
Bible. … This brings home the reality that Christian persecution is coming,
is now here, and will only increase as we move ever closer the end of the
‘Church Age.’ ….
So now we have seen a first-hand report of
the atrocities taking place in those ‘other places’ … so what about here in
America? (the second example) ……. Of course, it has not fallen to near the
levels we just talked about, but we are seeing increasingly ominous signs that
the ‘true’ Christian positions are coming under increasing attacks…. Just
this week, we see another wedding chapel, owned by an elderly Christian couple
in Idaho, being sued because of their refusal to perform a ‘gay’ wedding. .. We
know for a fact that other Christian businesses have lost such cases, many
times forcing them out of business. …
But the one I want to talk about most this
week is what just took place in Houston, Texas. … There we saw a ‘militant’
lesbian mayor call out ‘certain’ Christian pastors, actually subpoenaing them
for copies of their sermons and other related Church materials. … As more
details emerged, the pastors being subpoenaed were only the ‘conservative’ ones
who preach against the acceptance of sinful lifestyles, including
homosexuality.  ……. Fortunately, the
outcry from the public has forced this mayor to back down, for now. …
Currently she is ‘spinning it’ a different way, but has not lost her fervor for
her position, as some pundits are reporting. … We’ll watch this one closely
The real danger here in America is that we
have, for the most part, pushed God completely out of our society .. in almost
every walk of life … and tragically, many of our Church leaders are ‘selling
out’ the true doctrine’ and giving in to these devious unscriptural ways! …
Why? .. Because it’s not popular! .. Judgement preaching is not popular! … It
doesn’t fill the seats or the collection plates! …
The bottom line is this …. For those of
us who try our best to live up to the ‘literal’ teachings of the Bible, our
persecution will only increase as we draw ever closer … If we look back to
the first-century Church, we saw how persecuted they were (see Acts, chapter 8)
.. and why? .. Because their way wasn’t the way of the world. .. Even Christ
Himself, as well as the apostles, were persecuted .. and every one of them,
excluding John, were martyred because they taught judgement and the
consequences of a sinful lifestyle! … Should we be, or do any less?! … The
only true light that any person will ever experience will come only from his or
her accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and thus claim their
promise of a glorious eternity with Him! … Hallelujah!
2nd Timothy 3:12 says this …
“Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be
Those of us who know the biblical teachings
of these last days are fully aware that this increasing persecution would be
one of the prevailing societal conditions .. And knowing this then, now we must
be strong and powerful witnesses to those who are searching .. those who are
unsure .. those who truly want to change their eternal fate. …  If we sometimes feel weak and unsure, let’s
try and remember the courage these children in Iraq and Syria demonstrated,
knowing that their fate was certain death. … I pray I will have even a
glimmer of what these true heros of the Kingdom have shown!
Finally, I am asking that you pray for our
persecuted brothers and sisters all over the world. … They need our covering
desperately, and right now! … Also, please tell as many as you can about the
plight of these people … spread the word and get the ‘prayer warriors’ going
…. With prayer and trusting, we will ultimately prevail! ….. Hallelujah
Until next time,

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