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October 3
*Arutz Sheva – “Khamenei calls for
Muslim unity for Israel’s ‘annihilation’ “
… This is the true leader of Iran …
The Ayatollah … and this nation is currently disguising itself as ‘moderate’
so as to be allowed to acquire nuclear capabilities … Once they achieve this
goal, the moderate stance will disappear and their true nature will emerge ….
*The New York Times – “With dry taps
and toilets, California drought turns desperate”
…. Pray for rain for those poor souls
*Reuters – “North Korea prepares
launch site for longer-range rockets”
-For 1st time, Russia has more deployed nuclear warheads than U.S. …
-China gaining ground on America militarily …
*Drudge Report – “Ebola fear hits
-Maryland scare …
-Top Virologist:  Liberia’s
airport checks ‘useless’ .. a ‘disaster’ …
-Pressure grows to restrict air travel from Africa …
-CDC:  ‘We can’t shut border’ …
-Paper:  The Great
Catastrophe!  When will world wake up?
-Doctor:  ‘Going to consume every
third world country on the planet’ …
-Bishop plans mass exorcism to drive out ‘demons’ …
-White House:  ‘We have it under
control’ …
…… I love the last line … I feel so
much better! …
*World Net Daily – “Poll:  51% of democrats support criminalizing ‘hate
speech’ “
…. That would include me, because I
don’t and won’t support homosexuality or abortion .. and that’s just for
starters! …… I will go until I can’t …
October 4
*The Weekly Standard – “HHS prepares
for Flu pandemic:  ‘Could cause over 60
million deaths worldwide’
…. They are saying it is a severe Flu
strain that could quickly evolve into a pandemic …
*International Business Times –
“ISIS to attack U.S. with Ebola? 
Report claims Jihadists ‘to send infected militants’ to America to
spread disease”
*Reuters – “European economy at a
crossroads – Next few weeks could prove to be 
a ‘make or break’ moment”
…. They just finished the summer
quarter and it was bad! .. The fall quarter could prove to be catastrophic! …
*News.AZ – “6.0 quake strikes
*Bloomberg – “Ebola fears in U.S.
boost sales of emergency supplies”
-‘If you wait until Pandemic happens, the supplies dry up very quickly’
…. Not a bad idea to have  some stuff to sustain you for even a few
weeks …..
October 5
*Yahoo.News – “U.S. journalist with
Ebola to arrive in Nebraska Monday”
-Scare in Kansas City …
-Could reach France, UK by end of month …
-Hot sales on emergency supplies …
-Schools to install temperature monitors …
-CDC Director:  Travel ban would
make outbreak worse …
-How did situation get so out of control?
*The Associated Press – “Israeli
leader:  White House criticism
Comment from article:  “Israel’s PM dismissed a recent White
House rebuke of Israel:  Settlement
construction, saying in comments broadcast on Sunday that the criticism goes
‘against American values’ “
…. not to mention that we are their
‘supposed’ closest ally ….
*World Net Daily – “Dissension at
the top:  Military Generals blast Obama’s
order of troops to fight Ebola”
-‘The purpose of our soldiers is to fight a war, not medical battles’
…. Seems to be dissension at most all
levels of our government these days ….
October 6
*Reuters – “Sierra Leone records 121
Ebola deaths in a single day”
-Man dies of deadly Marburg Virus in Uganda – 80 people placed in
quarantine …
*Arutz Sheva – “Temple Institute
raises $100K for Third Temple plans”
… It is prophetic … it will be built
before the Lord’s return ….
*Christian News – “Target releases
new commercial featuring Lesbian women preparing room for baby”
…. That’s the plan! .. Make it an
‘every day’ normal thing, and more and more will accept it …..
*The Jerusalem Post – “Report:  Concerns mount that Hezbollah, Lebanese Army
could cooperate against Israel”
… Several incidents on their respective
borders has heightened tensions ….
*The Washington Examiner –
“Antibiotic-resistant superbugs spread across U.S.”
….. Their will be Pestilences ……
October 7
*Peru This Week – “6.0 magnitude
earthquake hits southern regions of Peru”
*Reuters – “Rare eclipse Wednesday
will show darkened moon and rising sun together”
….. This is, in fact, the second of the
four blood moons which has brought forth much ‘prophetic’ discussions of late
… John Hagee’s book,  ‘Four Blood
Moons,’ goes into great detail as does Mark Blitz of El Shaddai ministries ….
really interesting stuff! ….
*Reuters – “IMF downgrades world
economic outlook”
-Stocks slump worldwide – bonds rally on growth concerns …
-Weak German output numbers sends Europe into reverse …
-Dow falls 270+ points …
-Japan on brink …
*BBC – “U.S. rebuff to Gay Marriage
Comment from article:  “The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected
appeals against gay marriage in five states – Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia
and Wisconsin … The move increases the number of states where same-sex
marriage is legal to 30 plus the District of Columbia”
…… Just another nail in America’s
coffin … judgement has always come to disobedient nations, especially those
who claim to follow the true God …
*Reuters – “White house rejects
Netanyahu’s criticism with withering response”
…. The ‘turning of our backs’ on God’s
chosen people adds another nail! …
October 8
*The Weekly Standard – “U.S.
General: ‘If Ebola reaches Central America, here will be mass immigration to
*ABC News – “Bad Moon Rising:  Trouble on the way – is ‘blood moon’ one more
omen world spiraling towards greater peril?”
…. Some think so, including me … This
rare ‘blood moon sequence, coupled with certain Jewish holidays, not to mention
a myriad of other Bible prophecies ….. in my book, it is way beyond
coincidence! … It’s close!
*Reuters – “6.2 earthquake hits
….. Earthquakes & Lightning
(Mexico) .. Hurricanes ablowing (Japan) .. Rivers Overflowing (Scotland) .. all
sounds like the Credence Clearwater Revival song ‘Bad Moon Rising’ …. I
didn’t know John Fogarty was a ‘prophet!’ …
*International Business Times –
“Ebola:  ‘Attack patients with
Napalm to defeat virus’ rails pro-life U.S. politician”
…. His name is Todd Kincannon from
South Carolina … and needless to say, his comment has sparked massive
outrage! …. I wonder if prayer might not be a better solution? ….
*RT News – “WHO says Ebola spread
‘unavoidable’ in Europe due to extensive travel”
-Liberia burns bodies as fears run rampant …
-Spanish officials mystified how nurse contracted Ebola – ‘We followed
protocols, she was in a full-body suit …
*The Economic Collapse – ” ‘There
will be Pestilences’:  Why are so many
deadly diseases breaking out all over the globe right now?
Comment from article:  “Ebola, Marburg, Enterovirus and
Chikungunya – These diseases were not even on the radar of most people coming
into 2014, but now all are headline news.”
…. We who know …. know …..
*Townhall – “Political cartoons
along with political jokes, humor and pictures becoming most interesting”
…. and that is because they are using
more & more biblical depictions, such as ‘The Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse,’ etc …. It’s no wonder with so much craziness going on everywhere
*The Daily Caller – “At least 10
ISIS fighters have been apprehended at U’S. border, claims California
…. If this proves to be true, I wonder
just how many were undetected coming across? …
October 9
*The Hindu – “Super Typhoon Vongfong
takes aim at Japan and U.S. Military bases”
*Reuters – “U.S. Fed frets over
strong dollar, global woes- Dow plummets 335 points!”
…. What does a ‘strong dollar’ do to
America’s economy?  ..  It slows it down because our stuff becomes
too expensive. …… Talk about volatility in the markets?!  Tuesday, Dow down 270+ points – Wednesday,
dow up 270+ points – Thursday, down down 335 points! … Think there might be a
few ‘bubbles’ out there? …
*The Hindu – “Magnitude 6.8 quake
strikes near Raster Island”
-6.4 hits China’s southwest Province of Yunnan …
…. Here come the 6+ quakes again!
*Drudge Report – “HHS:  ‘There may be more cases in U.S.’ “
-CDC Chief:  Intensity of Ebola
spread unseen since Aids …
-Customs Agent:  ‘We’re not
prepared’ …
-Marine Corps holds Pandemic outbreak drill …
-Feds scramble to calm public as fears grow …
-Plane cleaners strike at La Guardia – say they are ‘in over their
heads’ …
-Nurse showing symptoms in Australia …
-Panic:  Building in Paris on
lockdown – 60 quarantined …
-Brit dies of Ebola in Macedonia – hadn’t visited an infected nation …
-War of words in Madrid over failures surrounding infection …
*Joel Rosenberg – “With the
Epicenter on fire, Israel’s leader holds another Bible study in his home”
…… Like I’ve said many times, we need
more leaders like Mr. Netanyahu …..
*Christian Post – “Huckabee
threatens to leave GOP over ‘gay Marriage’ “
Comment from article:  “Former Arkansas governor and potential
2016 republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee issued a warning to
republican leaders that if they abandon long-held positions against same-sex
marriage and abortion to appeal to moderate voters, then he would become an
…. These kinds of ‘principled’ people
are becoming rare in today’s American political landscape … Sadly, most will
say or do most anything to get elected! ….
“There will be pestilences ….
”  .. (see Luke 21:11) …. Jesus
prophesied this to be the case just prior to His triumphant return. … Well?
… Just looking around, even the most uninformed person knows that something
is afoot …. We see Ebola, and now this upcoming Flu season, to be possible
coming Pandemics … Marburg has broken out in Africa, a virus ‘cousin’ to
Ebola, Enterovirus … Chikungunya … antibiotic-resistant superbugs …. Like
one article pointed out, these things weren’t even on our radar at the
beginning of 2014! … What else is in store for us remains to be seen, but
certainly no one can deny that ‘Pestilences’ are on the rise, just like the
‘birth pangs’ described in Matthew 24 ….  
But still, to me, the one ‘sign’ that keeps
rising up each week of late is the world’s rapidly declining economy. .. We
said during the ‘quiet’ time this summer that it would become a huge story
starting this fall , and it has! … Just this week, Wall Street saw its worst
performance since May of 2012 … 200 & 300 point swings were the norm! …
But let’s now bring in another factor
into this ‘money’ mix. … If you remember, we entered the Shemitah Year on
September 25th … the last year of the 7-year cycle that under Jewish
tradition is the year of financial ‘cleansing’ … So why does this matter? …
Without going into great detail right now, let me share just this much. … Two
‘Shemitahs’ ago (2000-2001), America witnessed the first breach of her homeland
with the event of 9-11. .. What happened after that? .. The American stock
market witnessed its largest crash several days later on what is referred to as
‘Elul 29,’ the final day of the Shemitah year. … Exactly 7 years later
(2007-2008), America again saw the other biggest stock market crash it has ever
experienced, again happening on the same exact day, ‘Elul 29,’ the final day of
the Shemitah year! … So, beyond any logical odds, America’s two largest stock
market crashes took place on the same days, exactly 7 years apart! ….
OK, so what is next? … As previously
mentioned, we have now entered the next Shemitah cycle. .. It began on
September 25, 2014 and will conclude on September 13, 2015. … In the previous
mentioned Shemitahs, the two years were full of market turmoil, leading up to
their huge crashes. … Will this one prove to be the same? … It certainly
has started out that way! … Guess we will know in less than a year ….
I know this explanation is very brief.
… If you want more detail, read Jonathan Cahn’s “Harbinger” … You
can also add John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” into the mix, which is
another amazing factor in all this taking place right now. … In fact, we just
witnessed the 2nd of four blood moons two days ago (October 8th) ….. Fascinating
stuff! ….
OK … I need to close this up for now.
… Remember this, if Jesus is your Lord and Savior, none of this stuff should
scare you. … In fact, it’s just more signs of our Lord’s soon return! …
Love you all and am praying for each and
every one of you. .. Please pray for me as well as we move ever closer …..
Until next time,

October 7, 2014
There’s a movie re-make of the “left
Behind” series being released this week and, as expected, it is drawing a
lot of interest from all across the board … both positive & negative. …
If you’ve read the series written by Dr. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins,  you know that it tackles the ‘End Times’ and
the coming ‘Rapture’ of the true Church of Jesus Christ.  .. Basically, it takes on the sudden and
cataclysmic disappearance of Christ-followers in the final days of the ‘Church
Age.’ … Needless to say, many conservative Christian leaders are instantly
ripping the project apart, primarily because it is ‘coming out of Hollywood!’
…. I must admit that it makes me somewhat skeptical as well because of their
general legacy of distortion so as to make it more palatable to the public ..
the recent release of ‘Noah’ being a classic example … it’s all about the
money, you know! ….. 
But in this case, I am staying more
open-minded because of the impact the book series had on my and my wife’s lives
when it came out originally. …. Long story short, we were the absolute
classic example of the ‘prodigal’ christian couple at that time. .. I was  involved deeply in the ‘corporate America’
life and as a result, we just didn’t have the time to pay attention to God, let
alone involve ourselves in the Church. .. But then, my wife read the first book
and simply said that it was time for us to ‘get our act together’ and get back
to God! ..
She, as is most always the case,
absolutely right! …. So we did, and I thank God most every day for her
realizing how far we had gone astray and what dangerous ground we were treading
upon. …..
Back to the movie … I was encouraged to
know that the original producer, Paul Lalonde, was once again in charge of the
project. … To give you an idea of his thinking, let me share this quote …
“I’ve found Bible prophecy to be a great way to reach out to people who
may not necessarily be open to evangelism. 
I wanted to put Bible prophecy on the big screen rather than just
videos, like the original movies, to put the message of Bible prophecy in front
of a much bigger audience, and not just church-goers.”  … During the process of making the film,
Mr. Lalonde resisted all outside sources of financing in order to keep total
control of the content of the script. .. He said, “We wanted to hold true
to the scriptures and make sure we didn’t change any of the biblical
realities.  We didn’t do a ‘Noah’
script.  What I want is when people walk
out of the theater, they;’re asking, ‘Is that really the Bible?’  And, unlike ‘Noah,’ the answer is yes.”
For Lalonde, the ultimate goal is to
reveal how imminent and relevant Bible prophecy is to all audiences, regardless
of their religious background. 
“What I like about “Left Behind” is that it is a
Bible-based movie, it’s a biblical story – it just hasn’t happened yet.  It is a biblical movie like ‘Noah’ or ‘Son of
God’ or ‘Exodus,’ but nobody’s in sandals. 
This is the modern world.  This is
today .. and the great thing about the Rapture and about the immanency of the
Rapture is this could literally happen this afternoon.  So that’s the great takeaway for people.  We’re not talking about something that
happened 4,000 years ago or 2,000 years ago; 
this is very relevant today. 
Plus, you’ve got sort of as ‘Twilight Zone’ theme going on here with
people disappearing – I think it will be very eye-opening to people who are
outside of that core Christian audience to see that this is something
prophesied in the Bible and worth looking into.”
I’ve used much of Mr. Lalonde’s quotes
here today because I totally agree with him! .. We have to be relevant to all
the lost souls out there. .. Sometimes we have to get ‘out if the box’ to touch
those who otherwise wouldn’t pay a bit of attention to us. .. And we can do
this without compromising the word of God.
… I rant about this because I’ve
personally witnessed the manmade ‘rituals’ in today’s churches, and quite
frankly, most ‘seekers’ will not respond to it because they simply can’t relate
to it. …. No, we are not “of the world,” but we are certainly in
it, and in order to reach those who are going to be ‘left behind,’ we have to
put it into a form that will ‘tweek their interest’ …. that will make them
want to look deeper into the truths of the Holy Scriptures.  …. OK, end of mini-sermon .. for now ….
So what exactly is the Rapture? … I
will share a brief quote here from Joel Rosenberg, which explains it quite well
… “While the Bible does not indicate precisely when the Rapture will
happen, the Holy Scriptures do teach that all true followers of Jesus Christ
will be removed from the earth prior to the beginning of the Tribulation.  Because God has not chosen believers to
suffer the wrath of the Tribulation, people who have received Jesus Christ as
their Savior and Lord prior to the Rapture will thus be rescued from the worst
of the persecution, wars, natural disasters, and judgements that the Book of
Revelation, the Book of Daniel, and other Scriptures explain will occur during
the seven years leading up to the Day of the Lord.  People who are not born-again believers in
Christ at the moment of the Rapture will remain on the Earth.”
As for scriptural support, 1
Thessalonians 4:13-18 says it clearly, 
“Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those fall
asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope.  14) We believe that Jesus died and rose again
and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep
in Him.  15) According to the Lord’s own
Word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of
the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep.  16) For the Lord Himself will come down from
Heaven, with a loud voice, with a loud command, with the voice of the Archangel
and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.  17) After that, we who are still alive and
are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in
the air.  And so we will be with the Lord
forever.  18) Therefore, encourage each
other with these words.” … Hallelujah! …  I can’t wait! 
There are more Scriptures that support
this position, including Revelation 3:10, but for the sake of time, I will
leave it here for now …..
OK … Let’s wrap it up .. Admittedly, I
have not seen this new movie yet, but just looking at Mr. Lalonde’s comments,
and having read the series, I would have no problem telling non-believers to go
see this movie. … How can it hurt? … Some will say, even before seeing it,
that it is total junk and will mislead everyone who sees it. .. But remember my
own personal story? … Who knows .. just maybe they will begin to seek, and
even more importantly, find the answers to their questions concerning their
eternal destination.
May our great God richly bless you all!
.. and remember, keep your ears tuned in, because the Trumpet is going to blow
at any moment. …. Hallelujah!
Until next time,

September 26

*Chicago Tribune – “Powerful 6.2
magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska near Anchorage”
-Earthquake swarm rattle California’s Mammoth Lakes …
*Arutz Sheva – “88 Senators to John
Kerry:  Hand Gaza to Palestinians”
…. Their reasoning? ..  Hamas has absolutely no interest in peace, so
just maybe the Palestinians would be a better neighbor for Israel. …. They
certainly could not be worse, but either way, until they recognize Israel’s
right to exist, it isn’t going to matter …
*EU Observer – “Russia threatens EU
states with gas cut-off”
…. It’s obviously over their sanctions
concerning Russia … not good to be beholden to an ‘enemy state’ …
*Yahoo News – “California Burns –
and there’s worse to come”
…. The whole state is now considered to
be in ‘Extreme’ drought conditions with no relief in sight ….
*International Business Times –
“ISIS overruns Iraqi Army base near Baghdad, executes 300+ soldiers”
-U.S. 1st Infantry Division headquarters ordered to Iraq …
-Islamic State crisis:  3,000
European jihadists join fight …
*Newsweek – “Iran begs to be allowed
‘in from the cold’ “
… They claim to be ‘moderate’ and will
help fight the extremists – that is, of course, if they are allowed to develop
their nuclear program. … What a crock! .. Aren’t these the same ‘moderates’
that have sworn the destruction of the great and little satans .. The U.S. and
Israel? … They just want the bomb! …
September 27
*ABC News – “Mystery Virus probed in
paralysis cases in 9 Colorado kids – CDC investigating”
…. Another ‘mystery’ virus?! .. How
many is that now? … End-time ‘Pestilences’ are all over the place! ..
*Reuters – “Japan’s Mount Ontake
Volcano violently erupts with no warning – leaves many presumed dead”
*Farmer’s Weekly.UK – “FAO warning
over new Bird Flu strain”
*The New York Times – “Outbreak of a
respiratory illness escalates among children – mystifies scientists”
…. Once again, the experts are
‘baffled’ …
*Politico – “President Obama:  Ebola a ‘National Security Priority’ – Top
security advisors summoned to the White House”
-Death toll climbs above 3,000 …
-Sierra Leone widens Ebola quarantine to 3 more districts …
*Yahoo News – “Al-Qaeda-linked
militants in Yemen fire rockets at U.S. Embassy – say retaliation for air
*Breitbart – “Woman Beheaded in
-Report says ‘beheader’ linked to Al-Qaeda …
-Celebrated terrorists on Facebook …
-‘Sharia Law’ is coming!!!
-‘America & Israel wicked’ …
-Muslims in Oklahoma shout ‘Praise Allah’ following press conference …
*The Weekly Standard – “1 in 4
Americans 25-54 not working”
… But wait! .. Don’t the Feds say that
the unemployment rate is at 6.1% .. and all is better?! … Don’t believe it
for a minute!
*The New York Post – “Tapes showing
meek oversight of Goldman Sachs are about to rock Wall Street”
….. Long story short .. the tapes tell
all about how the Fed ‘cozied up’ to financial institutions instead of ‘tight’
regulation. … I’m shocked! .. but not really … I don’t know why people
continue to be surprised by this stuff! .. The ‘big money’ boys & girls are
constantly making deals to ‘help’ one another, in many cases regardless of
basic ethics. …….. I used to be ‘close to the top’ in corporate America …
I know!
*World Net Daily – “Denmark:  Christians flee Muslim-dominated areas”
… It’s happening all over Europe …
*Zero Hedge – “Moody:  Public Pension Funds face $2 Trillion
-Liabilities are crowding out spending for services, roads, schools …
and most everything else!
September 28
*The Telegraph – “Palestinian leader
lays out plans for UN statehood vote”
-Denounces Israel as ‘genocidal war machine’ …   
… Of course they want everything rolled
back to the 1967 borders, which Israel will not, and cannot ever agree to. …
It virtually takes away their barriers of protection … Oh, and look what
happened in Gaza when Israel gave that to them?!
*Jerusalem Post – “Analysis:  Israel increasingly anxious over world’s
flexibility to nuclear Iran”
… and they well should be! .. These
same people have sworn their complete annihilation! ..
*UPI – “Iran threatens to attack
Islamic State ‘deep into Iraqi territory’ “
… They say they are coming ‘way too
close’ to their border and warns them to stay away …… Nobody likes these
guys! …
*Drudge Report – “California
-Daily water allocations per house in California …
-Dozen northern California communities may run out of water in 60 days
-Harvest much smaller than normal across crops …
* – “Economists Warn of
Looming Global Crisis”
-‘Poisonous combination’ of record debt, slowing growth …..
….. Duh!
*World Net Daily – “Russia threatens
to retaliate against U.S. Military”
-Warns airspace over Syria under protection of Moscow …
…. It gets more interesting by the hour
September 29
*CBS News – “U.S. quietly preparing
for Ebola outbreak”
-CDC issues guidelines for funeral homes – how to dispose of bodies …
-U.S. hospitals gearing up – ‘Not a question of if, but when’ …
-Dallas hospital confirms patient in isolation for potential Ebola …
*Hurriyet Daily – “Turkey lashed by
mega-storm roaring across Black Sea”
*ABC News – “New mosquito-borne
illness spreading across Latin America – ’10 days of unbearable pain’ “
…… Another one! ..
*Weather – “4.9 quake in Peru kills
at least 8, damages hundreds of homes”
… it was a shallow one & hit a
remote village …..
*Charisma News – “Death threats
against Christian leaders emerge from ‘gay’ rights activists”
Comment from article:  “The world’s largest gay-activist
organization last week issued a report called ‘The Export of Hate’ that called
out a network of American conservative Christian leaders ‘who are working tirelessly
to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn.”
…. These are the same people who demand
‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’ .. that is unless you disagree with them!
*Ynet News – “World won’t listen to
Netanyahu’s UN speech”
Comment from article:  “Sick and tired of hearing about Hamas
terror and IDF’s successful operations, western world is preparing to impose a
solution on Israel & Palestinians.”
…. This ‘solution’ won’t bode favorably
for Israel. … I watched his speech, and the headline was accurate. … There
were many empty seats. … But I have to tell you, if the world had more
leaders like this one, we would have a lot less problems than we do now …
He’s straight-to-the-point and backs his statements with common sense,
directness, and facts. … Good job, sir! … 
*Town – “Obama sits down
with ’60 Minutes,’ blames everyone but self for ‘burning world’ “
…. So what else is new! ..
*Joel Rosenberg – “Netanyahu at UN
warns ‘militant Islam is on the march,’ from Hamas to ISIS, but greatest threat
is a nuclear-armed Iran”
*World Net Daily – “Ben Carson:  2016 election may not happen”
-Likely GOP candidate warns, “There is a potential ‘because of
growing anarchy’ …
…. I think I mentioned that a couple of
years ago …
*Catholic News Agency – “Pope:  Satan seduces by disguising evil as
…. On this issue, he is absolutely
right! .. Isaiah 5:20 says,  “Woe to
those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light
for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
September 30
*Iceland on Review – “25,000
Comment from article:  “Around 25,000 earthquakes have
registered on Icelandic Metropolitan Office’s equipment since August 29th. …
The eruption is one of the largest in the world. … All in all, 39 quakes over
5.0 have been recorded, most on the rim of the Bardarbunga crater.”
*Reuters – “Stocks head for worst
quarter since Euro crisis, dollar soars”
… Just more signs …
*Arutz Sheva – “Hamas:  Israel the source for all world evil”
…. I think they have it backwards …
*Voice of America – “Hong Kong
protesters set Wednesday deadline for reforms”
… Both sides are digging in. .. If this
continues to escalate, it could pose major implications for the world’s
financial markets. .. Hong Kong is one of the major ‘players’ … Could this be
one of the predicted ‘flash points?’ …
*Yahoo News – “Ebola-hit Liberia
staring into the abyss”
Comment from article:  “With its collapsed health service, sick
and poorly equipped security forces and broken economy, Ebola-hit Liberia finds
itself on the brink of complete societal breakdown, experts warn.”
…. This is but a glimpse of soon-coming
worldwide conditions. .. There is only one way out …. Jesus!
*National Journal – “Ron Paul thinks
there should be more secessionist movements in the U.S.”
… Wasn’t it just yesterday that Dr. Ben
Carson said that there may not be a 2016 election? … A sad state of affairs
*David Stockman’s Contra Corner –
“Debt Churn:  Feds borrowing $8
Trillion a year”
…. He goes on to say that despite the
‘propaganda’ numbers coming out of Washington, the real numbers are much higher
and he says he has the proof. .. One example – The Feds say our deficit this
year will be well under half a trillion, while Stockman says it will be well
over $1 trillion! …… Anyone surprised? ..
*Breitbart – “Report:  Obama skips nearly 60% of daily intelligence
-Mag:  claim innocence, blame
subordinates, hope people forget …
…. Hard to manage anything, let alone a
nation, when you don’t pay much attention to details … This also explains a
lot of the totally incompetent decision-making .. or lack of it …
October 1
*Drudge Report – “Ebola in
-Dallas diagnoses first case in U.S. …
-Second possible case in Dallas …
-At least 12 thought to be exposed …
-Ebola patient had contact with school-age kids …
-Experts question 2-day delay in admitting first patient – told
officials on initial visit was from liberia – then
sent home …
-Top Doc:  More will be infected
-Feds unprepared for pandemic …
*The Washington Post – “Mass graves
being prepared in Liberia – doctors refusing volunteers – ‘too late to fight
outbreak’ “
…. What a tragic story! … We must not
forget to pray for these poor people …
*CBS News – “Mystery Virus continues
spread across nation”
-Rhode Island child dies from complications …
-‘Caribbean’ mosquito-borne virus now spreading across U.S. …
-WHO warns of MERS surge in Africa …
*Jerusalem Post – “Monitor:  Islamic State beheads 7 men, 3 women in
-Oklahoma beheading is first of more to come in U.S. …
*Arutz Sheva – “Iran killed
physicist who refused to build bomb, says sister”
… Netanyahu sounds smarter by the day!
*World Net Daily  – “Shemitah author answers critics:  ‘Judgement is coming’ “
-‘God still raises up, pulls down empires’ …
*World Net Daily – “Many
‘Christians’ will never see heaven”
-Richard Rives warns those who take Jesus’ name, but not His laws …
…. You mean like those ‘lukewarm’ ones
mentioned in Revelation 3? … Jesus is quite specific when He says,  “I am about to spit you out of my
mouth.” … The road is wide but the gate is narrow .. please take a close
look at your ‘walk’ .. don’t take it for granted … 
October 2
*Drudge Report – “Ebola Panic:  Parents pull children from schools”
-Up to 100 at risk of exposure in Texas …
-Patient family in lockdown …
-Scare in Hawaii …
-UN fears it could go airborne …
-Doctor says ‘CDC lying’ …
-‘Preppers’ stock up on supplies …
*RT Live – “U.S. tanks arrive in
Baltics – Poland requests greater U.S. Military presence”
…. That may prove to be difficult to
do, since we are cutting back the military and giving what we have left to
‘moderate’ Muslims ….
*Reuters – “Islamic State committing
‘staggering’ crimes in Iraq:  UN
… Here’s  brief list … mass executions, abducted
women and girls as sex slaves, and child soldiers, to name just a few ……
‘Wonderful’ people! 
*Reuters – “Global stocks slump as
ECB disappoints, U.S. rate debate rages”
…. The ECB is Europe’s equivalent of
the Federal Reserve … They keep saying they have ‘potential’ solutions to
help revive the EU’s sagging economy, but nothing seems to be ‘put on the
table’ … That’s because the only thing left is to ‘print monopoly money’ like
the U.S. has, and continues to do, which eventually will cause ‘implosion’ of
any semblance of economic stability …..
*Fox News – “UN Showdown:  U.S. in bind as Palestinians push UN
resolution demanding broad Israeli withdrawal”
…. What they want is for Israel to
withdraw to the pre-1967 war borders … but it won’t happen! … Israel knows
it will be doomed if it does. … It will be ‘interesting’ to see what our
president does next ….
As usual, never a dull moment concerning
today’s news headlines … I know I say it almost every week, but it is truly
amazing as to just how much crazy stuff is going on all around us! ..

Highlighting just a bit, I’ll start with
this Ebola thing … it’s finally here in America! ….  One headline went as far as to say it is
“a National Security Priority” (Politico) … We’ve been watching it
from almost the very beginning, and now we are seeing it turning into a
possible Pandemic. … And as for Liberia, the folks fighting it over there
have all but given up. .. It is completely out of control! .. One commentary
described the country as “Staring Into the Abyss” … How tragic for
these people! …

Then there’s the continuing stories
sliding in just under the radar about the world’s rapidly deteriorating
economic climate. …. I mean it’s just not a few isolated places .. it’s
pretty much global. .. Like I said a few weeks ago, I just wonder if it will
survive these next 12 months without some catastrophic occurrence taking place
…. We’ll know soon enough …

And, of course, when the world needs her
the most, America seems to be slipping further and further back into the pack.
… It is simply unbelievable to watch this nation’s leadership display such
blatant incompetence on any given day .. and it’s not in just one thing .. it’s
pretty much all across the board! … A sad commentary for a once proud nation

 And finally, we see the pressure building at
an alarming rate on Israel. … This week was the annual meeting of nations at
the UN, and of course Israel is always one of the main stories coming out of
it. .. First of all, the Palestinians are putting pressure on everyone to force
an approval of a Palestinian State which would require Israel to withdraw to
the pre-1967 borders. .. Needless to say, Israel cannot and will never concede
to these demands because she would not be able to defend herself against all
those sworn to annihilate her.

… Then there’s the Iran thing …
Israel’s greatest fear is that the world will give in to her nuclear demands.
.. PM Netanyahu, in his speech at the UN, said that this is the greatest threat
to world peace! … Sadly, half the people left the room when he spoke in a
show of protest against the Jewish State. …. Let’s call it what it is. The
Bible tells us in Zechariah 12:3 that Israel will face isolation from ALL
nations in the last days. … With America’s apparent ‘withdrawal’ as her
greatest ally, this prophecy appears to be coming true. …. Just more proof
that we are on the doorstep of the final moments of this age …..

Love you all, and keep the prayers
coming! … Know that they will be coming your way as well. .. and don’t forget
to share Jesus with as many as you can. while there is still time. .. The
Trumpet will blow at any moment and we want as many as possible to be with us
in Glory! … Hallelujah!

Until next time,

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