October 17
*Zero Hedge – “Researchers expect over
20 U.S. Ebola cases in weeks – ‘You don’t want to know the worst case’ “
-Alert in U.S. expands to Ohio …
-New York City told to ‘get ready’ …
-Ebola travel bans enacted by nearly 30, countries, but not USA …
-Ebola epidemic may not end without developing vaccine, scientists warn
-Ebola epidemic spreads to the last untouched district in Sierra Leone
*The Weather Channel – “Direct hit
Bermuda – Super-storm Gonzalo slams island – 43 foot waves”
*CNS News – “Reverend Billy
Graham:  ‘America is just as wicked as
Sodom and Gomorrah ever were’ “
…… and look what happened to them! ..
*Scientific American – “The rise of
all-purpose anti-depressants”
Comment from article:  “Anti-depressant use among Americans is
skyrocketing. .. Adults in the U.S. consumed four times more anti-depressants
in the late 2000s than they did in the early 1990s. .. As the third-most
frequently taken medication in the U.S., researchers estimate that some 10% of
the population is taking an anti-depressant.”
… Just proves that ‘material wealth’ does
not bring peace and happiness ….
*CBS Tampa Bay – “Satanic group wants
to put display in Florida’s Capitol rotunda showing devil descending into
…. It’s weird to me why people would
support this apparent evil! …. pure deception! …
*World Net Daily – ” ‘Christian-right’
lumped with ISIS, Boko Haram”
-Human rights foundation’s ‘Manifesto for Secularism’ demands ‘freedom
to criticize religion …
…. There’s more and more of these kinds
of groups rising up every day! .. Maybe they need to team up with the Mayor of
Houston ….
*Fox News – “Nuclear reactors near
active volcanos in Japan called unsafe”
…Ya Think?! .. I wonder what genius came
up with this! … Just goes to show how ‘clueless’ we humans really are …
Putting any radiation-contamination potential in one of the most geologically
unstable pieces of real estate in the world pretty much says it all! …
October 18
*CBS News – “Ebola turns Dallas
hospital into a ghost town – Virus could destroy U.S. health care system”
-British big pharma warns Ebola vaccine will come ‘to late’ to halt
spread …
-World fears mount that Ebola battle being lost in West Africa …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Global
Agenda:  It keeps getting worse,
…. So says several Israeli economists –
they are seeing a return to the devastating global economic patterns that
existed right before the crash of 2008 … and they’re not the only ones ….
*Y-Net news.com – “Lebanon being
pulled into war with Islamic State”
… It just keeps getting closer and closer
to Israel …
*Yahoo News – “Ebola is ‘Disaster of
our Generation’ says aid agency Oxfam”
-Chief executive Mark Goldring warns – The world is in ‘the eye of the
storm’ …
*Associated Press – “Fear-guage
flashes wild week on Wall Street”
Comment from article:  “Europe’s economy sputters, oil prices
plunge and stocks start swinging wildly .. Wall Street’s long-dormant ‘fear
index’ now predicts more turbulence ahead.”
-State of Europe’s banks could send new jolts …
*Spokane Spokesman-Review – “Ministers
who refuse ‘Gay’ weddings face fines, jail”
-Idaho Chapel sues city to prevent enforcement of ordinance …
*The New York Times – “Mega-Pastor
signals shift on ‘Gay’ Marriage”
-‘The world is changing, and we want to stay relevant as a Church’ …
… The pastor is Brian Houston, and his
Church is Hillsong, based in Australia. … This church’s youth membership is
vast .. it reaches about 100,000 weekly worshipers at campuses in a dozen
cities, including New York and Los Angeles … and it’s cultural reach is
broad. … They are now joining the ranks of the ‘fallen’ ….
October 19
*he Mail – “Mutant Ebola:  Leading U.S. scientist warns deadly virus is
already changing to become more contagious”
-Liberian deaths far higher than what’s been reported …
-Hospitals gird for Ebola panic as Flu season looms …
-Military preps teams for Ebola response in USA …
*BBC – “Catholic Synod:  Gay Rights groups ‘disappointed”
Comment from article:  “Catholic ‘gay’ rights groups say they
are ‘disappointed’ after Bishops rejected proposals for wider acceptance of
‘gay’ people, which had the Pope’s backing. 
The call to ‘accept and value’ homosexuals was in a draft report, but
failed to win the backing of two-thirds of the Bishops at the Synod in
… Good for them! .. They at least got
this right …. 
*BBC – “Record Nicaragua rains:  Downpours leave 22 dead”
… Looks like another year of ‘records’
*Drudge Report – “A Disintegrating
-Riot Police deploy tear gas as college Pumpkin Festival turns to mayhem
-Troopers called as high school football game turns ugly …
-Database of New Yorkers deemed too ‘mentally unstable’ to carry guns
grows to 40,000+ names …
-Creepy Clown sightings go nationwide …
-Growing number of Americans taking anti-ddepressants …
-3-tear-old beaten to death in New York City …
-Dad kills kids, self after argument with wife …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Swastika
graffiti on Temple Mount”
*Yahoo.News – “Nine real technologies
that will soon be inside you”
Implantable Smart Phones – self-explanatory …
Healing Chips – self-explanatory …
Cyber Pills that talk to your doctor – self-explanatory …
Bill Gates’ Implantable Birth Control – self-explanatory …
Smart Tattoos – besides looking cool, they will perform tasks like unlocking
your car or entering mobile 
phone codes with a finger-point …
Brain-Computer Interface – having the human brain linked directly to a computer
is a dream (or
nightmare) of sci-fi …
Smart Dust – arrays of full computers with antennas, each much smaller than a
grain of sand, that can
organize themselves inside the body into as-needed networks to power a
whole wide range o
complex internal processes …
Meltable Bio-Batteries – made to re-charge these internal devices …
The Verified Self – this technology could be used to ID every single human
being on earth …
…… If anyone doubts that technology is
not yet here to implement ‘The Mark of the Beast’ is in complete denial!
..  (see Revelation 13) ….
*The Los Angeles Times – “Hong Kong
near Breaking Point”
-Both sides warn of crisis as clashes continue …
-Violent street fights rage …
…. This could have far-reaching effects,
especially on the world economy … Hong Kong is the 3rd-largest financial
center in the world! …
October 20
*Iceland in Review – “3 big
earthquakes hit Bardarbunga volcano in 24 hours”
…. This is the massive volcano in Iceland
that’s been active of late ……
*Town Hall – “Trusting this
Administration on Ebola, or anything else, is insanity”
-Poll:  64% believe America ‘out
of control’ …
-Crowd of Democrats walk out of Obama speech …
-News pundit:  ‘He ran as Messiah,
but now is the ‘false prophet’ …
…. This is now the opinion of the vast
majority of Americans. .. In my opinion, a sad ending to what could have been a
great moment in America’s history. .. We must pray for these leaders, because
time is fast running out for this once great and greatly blessed nation …
*Y-Net News.com – “Hamas admits
rebuilding tunnel network in wake of Gaza conflict”
…. Here we are, spending millions on
rebuilding this place, and they are repeating one of the main reasons for the
destruction! … Their entire focus is to destroy Israel, period! …
*World Net Daily – “Psychiatry
professor sats ‘Transgenderism’ is a mental disorder”
…. His name is Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the
Distinguished Service Professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
…….. Finally, we hear from someone with psychiatric knowledge  who is willing to profess the truth   and
say that homosexuality is not ‘normal’ …… It’s about time! ..
*Epoch Times – “World War 3:  Vladimir Putin threatens West with Russia’s
5,000 nuclear warheads”
Comment fro article:  “Putin has raised the specter of nuclear
war for the third time in the past two months as he and western countries such
as the U.S. clash over the Ukraine conflict, which has been bringing light to
other deep-seated animosity.”
*USA Today -“Pope Francis:  ‘God is not afraid of new things’ “
… Call me a nut-job if you want, but I
think this relates directly to his softening his follower’s hearts of coming
technology … things like the ‘Mark of the Beast/ for example … Remember,
Revelation 17 makes it clear that the Vatican and its leader will become the
‘Great Harlot’ .. the soon-coming world church that will be the ‘partner’ of
the anti-christ …..
*Fox News – “Rights Fight:  Ministers facing arrest for saying ‘no’ to
same-sex marriages”
…. Same story .. different day …. This
one is taking place in Idaho after an elderly couple who own a wedding chapel
refused to perform a ‘gay’ marriage. .. Now they face jail time and possible
fines! …
October 21
*Bloomberg – “Africa:  Ebola doctors at breaking point – a major
wave of infections is about to wash everything away”
-‘This constant feeling that the boat is sinking’ …
-Cases rise sharp;y in Sierra Leone …
*CP U.S. – “Mike Huckabee asks pastors
across the U.S. to send sermons, bibles to Houston mayor”
Comment from article:  “Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
said pastors across the U.S. should send thousands and thousands of bibles and
sermons to the Houston mayor who demanded pastors turn over their sermons to
the government due to their objection to an LGBT discriminatory city
… Good for you, Gov! … We need more
leaders like you! ….
*The Weather Channel – “Strong 6.0
earthquake strikes Ecuador & Columbia”
-5.0 rattles communities in Alaska …
*The Telegraph – “Parents outraged as
Toys R Us sells ‘crystal meth’ Breaking Bad dolls”
… But they say they’re only sold to kids
aged 15 & up … that certainly should solve the controversy, since 15
year-olds are so mature! ….
*Bloomberg – “Brazil drought crisis
worsening as Sao Paulo nears ‘collapse’ “
…. The whole country, like California, is
in dire straights …..
*CBS News St. louis – “Police
Chief:  ‘Very unlikely’ Officer Wilson
will be charged in Ferguson shooting”
-Protester:  ‘All hell is going to
break loose’ …
…. He’s most likely correct, if this
turns out to be the verdict. … Considering the current ‘mental condition’ of
our collective nation, it could evolve into a disastrous state of civil chaos!
…… Signs of the times …
*The Wall Street Journal – “American’s
gloom marches into second decade”
… This is simply the result of a nation,
once blessed by God, turning away and succumbing to worldly sinful ways. … Id
she doesn’t repent, I seriously doubt there will even be another decade left!
*World Net Daily – ” ‘Evil’ may
suspend next presidential election”
-Woman who prophesied Reagan’s shooting speaks again …
Comment from article:  ” ‘He showed me that if Christians don’t
start praying more than they ever have, the next presidential election is not
going to take place .. That it’s going to be suspended because evil is going to
arise.’ “
…. Whether she is a true prophet or not,
I have no clue. … but I do know this … I’ve thought the same thing may
happen .. that powers much greater than the ’empty-suited’ Obama are at work to
bring this nation to its knees ….. We’ll know soon enough! ….
*Fox Business – “Russia, Ukraine
meeting over energy dispute as Ruble plummets”
…. The reason for the Ruble crash? ..
Falling oil prices and western sanctions … Russia has already entered into
serious recession, and this only magnifies their problems. … The real worry?
.. Putin! .. What and how will he respond to his nation’s dilemma? .. The ‘King
of the North’ is being forced into a corner! .. The result could be very
dangerous ….
October 22
*Christian Headlines.com – “100,000
atheists are ‘unbaptized’ “
Comment from article:  “The National Secular Society offers
certificates to atheists who want to revoke their baptism. .. It estimates that
100,000 people have downloaded such documents drom their websites over the past
five years.”
…. It says that ‘man’s love will grow
cold’ in these last days, and that they would abandon God ….
*International Business Times – “At
least 11 banks to fail European stress tests: 
… Basically, it’s a ‘health’ report to
see how they would perform under financial duress …. not good! ..
*World Net Daily – “Saudi s sound
alarm on Obama ‘caving’ to Iran”
… Of all the blunders he has made as our
president, this could clearly be the biggest! … If they get nukes, they will
use them! …
*UPI – “Russia prepares militarization
of Arctic”
… The bear is on the prowl! …
*USA Today – “The United States of
Comment from article:  “The U.S. is in a perpetual state of
national emergency – 30 separate 
emergencies to be exact”
… and why? ..Where is God? … Oh yeah ..
He’s been removed from our society! …
*Yahoo News – “Feds readying for
Executive Amnesty”
-Paper:  Obama plans to open
‘Immigration Flood Gates’  after election
-Will ‘transform America into nation no one will recognize’ …
-White House ducks question on 34 million new immigrant IDs …
-Top lawyer at ICE resigns weeks before implementation …
*Th Local – “Denmark’s Central Bank to
stop producing money”
…. Another country going the ‘cashless’
route … Soon he world will be, and it will provide the perfect scenario for
the anti-christ’s ‘Mark of the Beast’ ….
*Drudge Report – “Pre-election
voter-fraud surfacing”
-Colorado voter fraud:  Thrown-out
ballots being used …
‘Harvesting’ – Democratic workers ‘picking up ballots’ door-to-door – helping
people to fill them out …
   -850 New York City voters over 164 years old!
-Illegals discovered on North Carolina’s voting rolls …
-Illinois voting machines change GOP votes to democrat …
October 23
*Reuters – “Bond funds stock up on
treasuries in prtep for market shock”
… Fears of a struggling European economy
along with potential changes in Federal Reserve policy ultimately dragging down
corporate profits, U.S. corporate bond funds are more than doubling down in
treasury holdings instead of corporate debt. ……. A lot of words that simply
imply ominous signs of increasing economic stress down the road ….
*Newsroom America – “Global surge of
Great Earthquakes from 2004-2014”
….Once again, the Bible is proved right!
.. Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21 speaks clearly of increasing pestilences
in the last days .. earthquakes being one of them …
*BBC – “Honduras drought puts
thousands ‘at risk’ of hunger”
… Like earthquakes, famine is another
end-time sign coming to pass …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Violence in
capital continues as Palestinians hurl stones at Kindergarten in East
-Jerusalem Mayor calls for tough crackdown against wave of Palestinian
unrest …
*Yahoo News – “California community of
Porterville’s wells run dry in ‘extreme drought’ “
…. This is really sad for these folks ..
and it’s only the beginning, unless rain comes, and soon!
*ABC News – Man accidently texts Probation
Officer – asks for pot”
… and they want to legalize this stuff?!
“But mark this:  There will be terrible times in the last
days.  2) People will be lovers of
themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their
parents, ungrateful, unholy,  3) without
love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the
good,  4) treacherous, rash, conceited,
lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God –”  … 2 Timothy 3:1-4 …

Pandemics .. drought .. hunger ..
super-storms .. terrorist attacks .. rising satanic groups .. Christian
persecution .. collapsing world economic infrastructure .. disintegrating moral
values .. wars & rumors of wars .. civil chaos …….. looks like another
‘normal’ week on the world scene, doesn’t it!?

Just a quick glance at a few of this week’s
headlines …

*Jerusalem Post – “It just keeps getting worse”

*Drudge report – “A Disintegrating Society”

*USA Today – “The U.S. of Emergency”

*The Wall Street Journal – “America’s gloom marches into 2nd

and then this one …

*CNS News – “Reverend Billy Graham: 
‘America is just as wicked as Sodom & Gomorrah ever were’ “

Those of us who know the Bible’s teachings
concerning these things knew that all this would begin to take place, and then
accelerate as we draw closer to the glorious return of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. … But still, it is difficult to watch happen, isn’t it? … Our
human nature makes us wonder sometimes about how we ourselves will fare during
these final throes of the Church age .. not to mention our concern for those
who are clueless and lost … Let me close with this Bible passage ……

“Then you will be handed over to be
persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of
me.  10) At that time many will turn away
from the faith and will betray and hate each other,  11) and many false prophets will appear and
deceive many people.  12) Because of the
increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,  13) but he who stands firm to the end will be
saved.” … Matthew 24:9-13 …

For those of us who stand firm, WE WILL BE
SAVED! … Therein lies the hope of our faith! …. Yes, things will continue
to get worse before they get better, but just remember this … it will not
last for very much longer. … Also remember that our Lord will not give us
more than we can handle ….  Revelation
3:10 says it all …

… “Since you have kept my command to
endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to
come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.” … He
WILL keep us from the hour of trial! … Hallelujah!

Hang in there, and never lose sight of your
eternal hope that is in Jesus Christ!

Until next time,


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